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To aid her other players in Overwatch, Mercy uses her Caduceus Staff for healing and enhancing their skills, making her the game’s guardian angel.

With the help of this Overwatch Mercy guide, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your time as the bright scientist and peace activist.

To learn more about Overwatch’s fundamentals, such as hero roles, team composition, and winning strategies, see our Beginner’s Guide to Overwatch.

Mercy Abilities and Role Explained

Mercy’s playstyle differs from that of many other Overwatch Supports in that she focuses on a single-target healing technique known as “pocketing.”

With her ability to switch between healing and enhancing her teammates’ damage in an instant, she can help her squad break through enemy defenses and focus their firepower in a pinch.

Although her weapon damage is modest and her mobility is low, Mercy’s ability to revive comrades with Resurrect makes her an invaluable member of any team.

How to Use Caduceus Staff

Using Mercy’s Caduceus Staff, she may create a healing tether that extends 15 meters and heals at a rate of 55 per second for ally targets.

Mercy’s damage-increasing tether turns to a damage-increasing tether when she holds down the Caduceus Staff’s secondary fire.

Although we advocate rotating between the two, depending on your team’s position and what they require, you may find yourself healing more than boosting damage, and vice versa.

Caduceus Staff’s maximum range or moving out of your line of sight can break either of the tether’s ties. This is true even if the ally you’re targeting is in your direct line of sight for only a few seconds.

How to Use Caduceus Blaster

D.Va’s Light Gun and Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster are both secondary weapons. The Caduceus Blaster can fire a stream of fast-moving projectiles, similar to that of D.Va’s, at a pace of 5 rounds per second.

The Caduceus Blaster’s close-range potential should not be underestimated, even if its damage is limited to long range, especially if you can reliably land headshots with it.

Additionally, if Mercy changes back to wielding the Caduceus Staff after a short wait, the weapon will automatically reload, saving you valuable time in-game.

In general, you should prefer to increase the damage dealt by an ally rather than use Mercy’s Blaster, as doing so leaves the rest of your squad vulnerable to attack.

How to Use Guardian Angel

Mercy’s mobility is severely restricted by default, and her Guardian Angel skill is an absolute need if she wants to navigate the area and avoid death.

Even if the teammate is dead or in the grave, Mercy can fly over to them and heal, enhance damage to the targeted teammate’s vitals and even bring them back from the dead.

In the Mercy-specific commands panel, you may also manually pick who you wish to fly to and adjust these settings for tethered allies, which are auto-targeted by default.

To swiftly heal or flee a potential threat, Guardian Angel’s 1.5-second cooldown and 30-meter range make it ideal for hopping between teammates.

How to Use Resurrect

It used to be possible for Mercy to resurrect her whole squad using Resurrect, however this has since been modified to only allow her to bring one person back to life within a 5-meter radius.

You can still move and perform skills while your buddy has been revived by another teammate, but you will be vulnerable for a short amount of time while they are invincible.

In a pinch, it can be quite helpful, but only if you use it wisely, as it has a 30-second cooldown that doesn’t reset after you’ve been killed.

Tanks should be given priority over all other members of the team, although bringing back a Support or DPS with their Ultimate ability fully charged can be more useful.

How to Use Valkyrie (Ultimate)

In addition to enhancing her other abilities, Mercy’s Ultimate Valkyrie grants her unrestricted air mobility as well as unlimited ammunition for her Caduceus Blaster when used.

In addition, allies within a certain radius of the teammate she’s presently targeting will have their healing and damage-boosting tethers temporarily divided.

Valkyrie is a great way for Mercy to make a comeback since she can focus on many targets and quickly move over the map without relying on her teammates, despite the fact that it isn’t as potent as her initial Resurrect.

However, Mercy’s vulnerability to snipers like Widowmaker and Hanzo is increased when she flies high in the air, so keeping her mobile and unpredictable is critical to her survival.

Mercy Strengths

Although Supports like Ana and Baptiste are better at healing many teammates at once, Mercy is the best healer in the game.

With both Resurrect and Valkyrie at her disposal, Mercy can play a big role in setting the tone and pace for battles and is often the driving force behind every comeback.

Mercy has the ability to set the tone and speed of engagements with the help of Resurrect and Valkyrie, and she is often the catalyst for a team’s comeback in any given matchup.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Mercy?

  • The combination of Zenyatta’s healing powers and Mercy’s can offer a considerable amount of healing over a long period of time.
  • Having Mercy by his side allows Reinhardt to play more aggressively and absorb damage in return for shielding her.
  • If left unchecked, a Pharah with good aim and a pocket compassion by her side can become an unstoppable force in combat.
  • Among the finest DPS characters in the game, Mercy’s Ashe works well alongside other DPS heroes who can take full advantage of her damage boost ability.
  • In between shield setups, Sigma, a frontline DPS/tank hybrid, relies on Mercy to restore his limited health pool.
  • A well-placed bastion turret with Mercy-boosted damage can spell disaster for the enemy side if it isn’t dealt with..

Mercy Weaknesses

Small healthpools, poor mobility and weak damage are just some of Mercy’s flaws that make her one of the finest healers in the game.

Mercy’s powers, such as Resurrect, have the terrible side effect of leaving her vulnerable for several seconds when used in isolation.

As a result, if Mercy’s allies don’t stand up to the plate and defend her, there are a slew of heroes who might deal serious damage to her.

Which Heroes Does Mercy Struggle Against?

  • In most cases, Roadhog will use his hook and left-click combo to pull Mercy out of harm’s way, killing her in one shot.
  • Winston – If there are no adjacent tanks to defend Mercy, he can catch her off guard and quickly eliminate her.
  • If D.Va is anything like Winston, she’ll get right up close and fire missile after missile at Mercy.
  • Quick enough to get past tanks and strike Mercy from the back, Tracer is a deadly threat.
  • In the event that Mercy is left unattended, Genji is capable of destroying her.
  • Sneaks through teams’ backlines and rips through soft supports like Mercy, which he enjoys doing.
  • Mei – Has the ability to freeze Mercy and block her from the rest of the squad with Ice Wall.
  • It’s not uncommon for Sombra to sneak into the backline, where Mercy tends to congregate, like Reaper.
  • With a single shot, Widowmaker may kill Mercy and prevent her from lingering for too long.

General Tips for Playing Mercy

With Mercy, you can keep your team alive and win battles when things look gloomy in the most unexpected ways.

But at higher ranks, where players have a better understanding of game mechanics and can find ways to isolate and focus damage on her, she may be a difficult character to play against.

With the right team behind you, you’ll be OK, but here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Take a break from healing and go into hiding until you’ve recovered. Mercy will heal herself passively while you’re not receiving damage.
  • Mercy can feather her hops by pushing and holding the jump button while in the air, allowing you to stay close to airborne companions and fend against foes.
  • Because she doesn’t have the ability to self-heal and instead relies on her friends to deal out long-range damage, Mercy works effectively with those characters.
  • Consider whether or not you can safely land on your feet without dying before activating your Guardian Angel.
  • Pay attention to what your teammates are doing and seek for ways to maximize damage from Ultimates that are being used by others.

Overwatch Mercy lore

Mercy, a.k.a. Dr. Angela Ziegler, is a world-renowned doctor who served as a peace ambassador before the Omnic Crisis and the creation of Overwatch.

For more than a decade now, Dr. Ziegler has been recognized as one of the world’s leading surgeons for her groundbreaking work in nanobiology, which has paved the way for the development of new treatments for critical illnesses and disorders. Ziegler found this technique to be clever enough to test on her own body, and she has been able to use it to cure herself after suffering significant injuries.

In response to Ziegler’s discoveries in the nanobiology sector, Jack Morrison (Soldier 76) contacted her and asked if she would join the Overwatch medical research team in their battle against the Omnics.

After being persuaded by Soldier 76 to join the Overwatch team, Mercy initially resisted, fearing that her study might jeopardize the lives of other soldiers in combat.

Mercy accepted these assurances and has since become an integral part of Overwatch, since her medical knowledge has saved numerous lives throughout combat.

Mercy Overwatch weapons

Mercy’s main weapons is her Caduceus Healing Staff, which she uses to either augment damage or heal her teammates. Caduceus Blasters are essential for every soldier, and Mercy possesses one in case she ever needs it.

If your squad relies on healing to win in battle, you will most likely be using one of her staff’s two purposes.

Caduceus Staff

  • Damage: Damage is increased by 30%.
  • 60 per second for healing
  • a maximum range of 15 meters

NOTE: Mercy connects to an ally via one of two beams. Maintaining the beams allows her to either heal or inflict more damage on an ally.

Healing and damage-amplifying beams are generated by the primary fire and secondary fire, respectively, and focus on a close ally. As long as the target is within their line of sight, they will remain for 1.3 seconds before moving on. Mercy does not need to gaze at her target in order to maintain a connection with them.

Caduceus Blaster

  • 20 points of damage
  • Angle of spread: Identify
  • In other words, the projectile is traveling at no speed.
  • 5 rounds per second is the rate of fire.
  • 20 rounds of ammo
  • 1.4 seconds for a new page to load.

Mercy pulls the trigger on her sidearm and fires a round. It’s best used for self-defense in an emergency situation.

Mercy Overwatch abilities

Mercy possesses some of the finest support abilities in Overwatch, excluding her Caduceus Staff. If her companions are killed during a conflict, she is able to revive them thanks to medical studies she’s done.

In addition, the bionic wings she wears allow her to float through the air, allowing her to reach her teammates more quickly. When Mercy uses her wings to magnify the spread of the Caduceus Staff to more than one teammate, it is her ultimate ability.

    • After a one-second respite from injury, the healing rate increases to 20 health per second.

Mercy heals itself over time, so be aware of this.

    • 2 m/s vertical speed (down)
    • Period of validity: Until the event is terminated

The Valkyrie armor Mercy is wearing allows her to descend from great heights at a more leisurely pace.

    • An average speed of 17 m/s.
    • a maximum of thirty meters
    • 1.5 seconds of recovery time

Notice: Mercy flies toward her allies so she can help them in the most critical of situations.

    • Restores an ally’s health to 100%.
    • Move quickly; you’ll be assessed a -75% penalty.
    • 5 meters is the maximum permitted range.
    • The entire casting process took a total of 1.75 seconds.
    • 30 seconds of cooling off
    • Gain in ultimate charge: 0

Mercy can bring back a deceased ally with full health.

    • It’s all about the chain damage: (30 percent per target)
      • 60 watts per meter squared (Allies)
      • 25 miles per hour (Guardian Angel)
    • 100 m/s for the projectile (Blaster)
      • range of +100% (Guardian Angel, Caduceus Staff)
    • Unlimited ammo (Blaster)
    • The entire casting process took just under a minute.
    • For 15 seconds.
    • 1820 points is the total price.

IMPORTANT: Obtain the capability of flight. There is an improvement to Mercy’s skills.

How to play Mercy: tips

Mercy’s kit allows her to move around the battlefield and assist allies in need of HP, which is an important part of playing a Support character in Overwatch. Going into team fights, it’s probably preferable to have a game plan for who will heal whom when and how. Tanks, on the other hand, should always take precedence in team battles because they are the ones that are on the front lines and will quickly run out of HP.

Boosting one of your Damage characters at the start of each round is also a good idea. With a boost, they’ll be in a terrific position to take early headshots, which might result in an easy elimination.

You must stay alive at all costs when you play Mercy; nobody wants to engage in a team fight without the support of a healer. You can take advantage of your guardian angel while you’re in danger by using their power to help you flee.

Last but not least, you should only use Mercy’s Resurrect ability when absolutely necessary. Use it when most of your allies are still fighting, and if you can use it on a tank player, you’re great!

Overwatch Mercy skins


How do I get better at Mercy in Overwatch?

Mercy’s task gets a little easier when there are two healers on the team. Maintaining the health and well-being of all your teammates is more important than reviving a few of them. Make sure your teammates’ health is high enough to withstand any damage that they take.

What is the best way to play Mercy?

Look at a nearby ally and press the ability; Mercy flies over and stops right in front of the ally. For your own safety, and for the safety of your allies, mastering this skill is absolutely essential to learning and practicing.

Is Mercy good in Overwatch?

She is especially good when paired with allies who have no means of self-healing, or allies capable of dealing a lot of long-ranged damage like Pharah or Junkrat. When up against opponents with consistent, long-range damage (such as Soldier: 76 or Hanzo), Mercy is an excellent pick for keeping her team alive.

Pharah and Junkrat, as well as allies with no ways of self-healing, benefit greatly from her presence in a team with her. Against long-ranged enemies (such as Soldier: 76 or Hanzo), Mercy is a strong choice for ensuring the survival of her team’s members.