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You can choose to use the Colossus, the game’s largest and most durable Javelin, early on. It’s a great option if you’re willing to take any damage while charging into the area, knocking adversaries to the ground, and possessing some incredibly powerful artillery strikes. Anthem’s Javelin, Colossus, has a lot to offer, so here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this Javelin.

Colossus skills and style of play in Anthem

The Anthem’s Colossus wields the most clout. Try the Interceptor or the Storm if you want an agile class or an elemental ability. Colossus is an armored tank designed to withstand greater damage than regular tanks. You’ll take a lot of damage, but you’ll also be able to unleash some big explosions along the way.

As a giant, you’re bringing these skills to the table:

Fierce combat in the area that will be affected

A unique feature of the Colossus’ melee attack is that it may simultaneously strike many adversaries and do damage in the tiniest area. In the case that you land this form of assault, the greater harm you’ll inflict on the enemy.

Charge Your Shield

You can lessen the damage you take by using your shield, and you can even attack with it. You look like a Captain America mech clone. To protect the fire from spreading to the other crew members, you are an excellent candidate.

The most powerful Heavy Assault Launchers you can get for the Anthem Colossus build

As ranked by us, here are Anthem’s most effective Heavy Assault Launchers:

Siege Cannon: Probably the Colossus’s most convenient weapon, unleashing a single explosive shell over an enemy. Aiming for the enemy is more difficult.

A dangerous short-range fire attack that does decent damage over time, the flamethrower is a lethal option for any character.

The flak cannon is similar to the last one, except it can fire more than one round at a time. Despite its attractive appearance, this weapon is ineffective against one victim at a time.

Although it has a large amount of ammo, the Venom Spitter’s range is limited and it might be difficult to aim at flying foes.

Railgun: The adversary will be pushed forward by this weapon, which is charged before each fire.

The most effective Ordnance Launchers for the Anthem Colossus build

This is the desired order of business for us:

Firewall of Mortar Using mortar, you may see how the walls will look before they’re fired. Keeping foes afloat or preventing adversaries you don’t want from being able to keep them away is a good usage of this tactic.

Firearms Mortar Similar to the Siege Cannon detailed above, it isn’t much of a help when it comes to combining weapons.

Coil of Lightning It has the ability to stop lightning attacks on an opponent quickly and may simultaneously hit up to ten opponents. In combination, it is incredibly potent. There are a lot of weak strikes, and that makes it a dull game to play.

in which a mortar has been blown up Flak guns with more artillery-based damage in certain ballparks.

In terms of this list, Shock Coil is perhaps our least favored option. It’s a simple device, but it has the potential to cause significant harm to those in your immediate vicinity. There is a little advantage to using Lightning Coil.

The best support gear that will support you during the Anthem Colossus build

Shield Pulse – Shield Pulse – Any support equipment will work for this, but it truly depends on what kind of character you’re in. When you activate Shield Pulse, it reduces nearby teammates’ damage by 33%.

It’s time to go to war! Being able to take advantage of Colossus’ excellent tanky characteristics Using this, you can divert the attention of your adversaries’ weapons toward you. No, this isn’t a last resort for cowards….

Best combinations for Anthem’s Colossus

Combos create an area of impact damage in Anthem and you’ll have to consider it, regardless of the Javelin you’re using during the game. Weapons that have a detonator and a priming are suggested. The Forge’s user interface depicts these as stars and circles, respectively. To date, they are our two most beloved loadouts in the game.

First preference:

Flamethrower, as a first-line of defense

Lightning Coil is the detonator.

Once activated, the Lightning Coil instantly sets an enemy ablaze and then unleashes itself, delivering a continuous and consistent combination.

Option two:

Mortar for a Firewall

The Siege Cannon’s detonator

Its Firewall Mortar confines your enemies to a smaller area, allowing you to use the brutal but effective fire of your Siege Cannon to eliminate them.

The best Colossus weapons available in Anthem

There is a distinct disconnect between the game’s rifle weapons and the Colossus, which is designed to burst into action at short range. Lighter cannons and machine guns seem to be better suited to the Javelin’s speed and maneuverability. When you use it, you can take out a large number of foes at once. Consider using a shotgun or grenade launcher if you want a different approach. The two can be used interchangeably when the situation necessitates it.

Best Colossus Components in Anthem

There are 10 components specifically for Anthem’s Colossus in Anthem in addition to the other components that are accessible to all Javelins within the game. These are the ones we’ve found most useful when playing through Anthem.

Colossal Stock Augmentation can be useful and also Colossal Storage Augmentation. You’ll need the first if you want to boost the size of your magazine by 35 percent. Adding the second to your ammo will do the same thing. With more time on the clock, you have a better chance of winning the fight.

Another component that has been valuable to us is: Explosives Expert can increase the damage you take from blasts by 15 percent, which is a major benefit when a skill triggers an explosion—which happens frequently for the Colossus. Even Colossus’ Ultimate can make use of this technique. Overclocked Regulator is a good option if you want to use fire and lightning. It will enhance the damage done by both by 35%..

Colossus Ultimate in Anthem

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Colossus to experience the Ultimate As many as three missiles can be fired at the same time by the Ultimate, causing immense destruction over a large area. You can launch it in flight, too this is a good option to rid a group of enemies who are weaker. That sure is a big explosion.” You will likely make the individuals you’re playing with think that way.

Although the Colossus has an array of skills available, however, there are some that are more effective than others. Create the most powerful Colossus models available on the market by following the advice in this article. Additional Anthem guidelines can be found at:

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Colossus Javelin Melee Ability

Anthem’s Javelins each have their own distinct melee abilities, and the Colossus is no different. The ability known as ‘Heavy Smack’ allows the Colossus to hit the ground from the air on the ground, destroying any enemies that are smaller beneath it, as well as knocking down bigger ones and allowing them to be vulnerable to attack.

Colossus Javelin Launcher Attacks

The other Javelin types in Anthem include grenade capabilities but the Colossus is a shoulder-mounted launcher, thanks to its huge dimensions. Below, we’ve outlined the five abilities that can be added to the Colossus’s shoulder launcher.

  • The mortar with the most powerful explosives One explosive is detonated that has the most impact on the surrounding region.
  • In order to produce the most damage, burst mortars fire a small number of mortar rounds at a vast area.
  • The Firewall Mortar is a mortar that shoots a stream of fire across the battlefield, engulfing anyone who dares to cross it. It is extremely dangerous.
  • Using arcs of electricity, the lightning coil strikes a random target in front of the colossus.
  • The Colossus’ shock coil sends forth an energy pulse that deals damage to all around opponents.

Colossus Javelin Wrist Launcher Abilities

However, like every Javelin course in Anthem, the Colossus can be customized with a wrist launcher instead of a mortar launcher on its back. We’ve outlined the many options for wrist launchers below.

  • Heavy cannon – Fires just one massive rocket in a specific direction.
  • A single massive rocket is shot from a heavy cannon in a specific direction.
  • Shoots an arc of small-range bullets aiming towards a large number of adversaries in an area.
  • Railgun — A single, high-damage laser is fired at a single target.
  • Shoots one projectile of acid that continues to inflict pain on foes.

Colossus Javelin Support Abilities

Anthem’s Javelin exosuits all have two support abilities, and the Colossus is no exception. Both skills are described in great depth in the following paragraphs:

  • Using the Taunt, any foes within a given radius can target Colossus with their attacks.
  • Everyone within range receives a resistance-reducing bonus from Deflector Pulse.

Colossus Javelin Ultimate Abilities

Siege Cannon is the ultimate ability of the Colossus Javelin in Anthem. The Colossus is equipped with a massive cannon and launches it to the sky to unleash multiple projectiles over a zone of the battlefield to create an incredibly devastating effect.

How to change Javelin in Anthem

As soon as you obtain the Javelins, it’s a breeze to swap out your weapons.

When you’ve reached Level 8or 16 or 26 and you’ve unlocked an entirely new Javelin within the Forge The next screen that you’re presented with within the Forge is the Loadout screen which is where you can make the standard selection of gear and weapons. Once the Forge has been started, this is what you will see.

The Loadout Screen in the Forge.

Simply click Triangle, Y, or R (for PlayStation / Xbox / PC) and follow the prompts in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Users will be redirected to the Javelin website as a result of clicking on this link.

To begin the game, simply select your favorite Javelin and exit out. When you leave the Forge, your visual or Javelin alterations were not recorded, which is a strange anomaly. If you glance at your outfit on the podium and notice it’s not changed even after you’ve made the tweaks you can simply go back to the Forge and exit the Forge again and it will alter inside Fort Tarsis.

The Javelin Screen in the Forge.

Also worth noting: you can possess up to 5 different build options (also known as ‘Loadouts’) for each Javelin kept in the Forge that allows you to jump between them. A great option for a Colossus with two distinct builds, one for solo play and the other for team play. This is how you would use it. If all you want to do is try something new, this is it!

This guidance on classes, however, should be revisited over time as the game’s community grows and the finest designs emerge. Visit the main Anthem instructions and Walkthrough Hub page if you’d like to see an overview of the different Anthem explanation sites we offer.