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When it comes to Overwatch characters, Mei stands out for her ability to slow down opponents, block off vital areas, and control the crowd.

In this Overwatch Mei guide, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your freeze-gun-wielding climatologist in battle.

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Mei Abilities and Role Explained

Although Mei is a potent damage hero, her kit is best used for crowd control, trapping and distracting the other team.

Despite her tank-like abilities (self-healing and temporary invulnerability), she lacks the defenses to be effective in the role of tank.

If you have the appropriate person to use Mei’s Ultimate, it’s capable of reversing practically any battle’s outcome.

How to Use Endothermic Blaster

A short-range frost stream hurts, slows, and eventually freezes enemies for 1.5 seconds using Mei’s Endothermic Blaster, a freezing pistol with two modes of firing.

While it takes more ammo to use, the Blaster’s secondary fire can deliver more damage to a target because it goes in a straight line and doesn’t bounce back.

When Mei’s position and the opponent dictate which mode to utilize, combining the two will give you the best results.

In addition, the icicle missiles have a 0.4-second casting period, during which Mei is susceptible, while the primary freezing pistol requires 30 shots before a target freezes.

How to Use Cryo-Freeze

Mei’s Cryo-Freeze is one of the finest abilities in her arsenal because it surrounds her and renders her immobile and invulnerable for four seconds.

Most debuffs are ineffective against Mei at this period, and she can recover up to 150 health for the duration of Cryo-Freeze, or less if Mei actively cancels it early.

When no healers are available, Mei can use this ability to heal herself and prevent fatal Ultimates like D.Va’s self-destruct.

It’s a great way to capture the enemy’s attention and open the door for allies to take advantage of it when used in conjunction with Mei’s other abilities.”

How to Use Ice Wall

To complement Cryo-Freeze, Ice Wall is a simple physical construct that can divert, separate, or dissuade adversaries from the goal.

After clicking the ability’s button/key, Mei will begin to build five 5-inch-tall ice pillars on a flat surface, with the option to change the pillars’ orientation from side to side or front to rear.

For those who have chosen to use Mei’s Wall option, Mei will produce a wall from the ground, elevating any players beneath it to the wall’s height and breaking off in portions that overlap the battlefield.

There are various ways to take out Ice Wall, including by the opposing team, Mei, or by using a moving payload. It can even be taken out after its 5-second endurance has expired.

How to Use Blizzard (Ultimate)

When Mei uses her Ultimate ability, she summons a weather-altering drone to a certain area of the map, which slowly arcs toward the position from which Mei is currently standing.

It’s possible to impede an opponent’s mobility till they’re absolutely immobile with the drone’s ice tundra once it reaches the ground.

Because Blizzard’s freezing effects begin to take effect in 2.5 seconds, all of the foes within its radius have a chance to flee before they’re frozen, but they’ll still have absorbed some damage.

Because the other team will still be able to attack Mei before she is frozen solid, use Ice Wall or Cryo-Freeze in the center of the Ult to keep them at bay.

Mei Strengths

The more sophisticated Mei’s playstyle is, the less evident her strengths may be when you’re just getting started.

When confronted with a really competent Mei, however, you’ll know just how aggravating dealing with Ice Walls or getting frozen by her freeze-gun can be.

Some of Mei’s friends and maps don’t work well with her distinctive combat style, but there are a few that do.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Mei?

  • Incorporating Dead-Eye and Blizzard, McCree is able to annihilate any Mei-frozen targets swiftly.
  • In addition to using Blizzard to pierce through frozen opponents, Hanzo may also use Dragonstrike to do so.
  • During Blizzard, the Reaper can use Death Blossom to obtain a large team kill by activating the ability.
  • Self-Destruct and Blizzard can be used together by D.Va to keep the enemy from focusing on Mei.
  • It allows Mei to play more aggressively and more meticulously with her Ice Wall placements thanks to Reinhardt’s extra layer of defense.

Mei Weaknesses

Due to Mei’s extremely focused gameplay, she can only be used in certain game situations.

When Mei’s teammates don’t follow up on her Ice Walls with major plays, her plans tend to fall apart without good chokepoints.

Not only can most heroes handle her, but she’s also a bothersome nuisance that can be hard-fought against by a surprising number of characters.

Which Heroes Does Mei Struggle Against?

  • During Mei’s frozen state, Junkrat has the ability to set traps beneath her and do high damage at close range.
  • Orisa – Uses her shield to gain an advantage in ranged combat while fending off Mei’s freeze.
  • Winston – Winston’s rapid mobility and deployed shield make him difficult to freeze, allowing him to sneak through backlines and catch Mei off guard.
  • At 100% charge, Zarya can force Mei to use Cryo-Freeze while her bubble is cooling down, allowing her to erase Zarya’s freezing effect.
  • By keeping a safe distance, Pharah can avoid having to use her primary fire and Ice Wall abilities on Mei.
  • Another hero who can pick off Mei from a distance is Widowmaker. While Widowmaker can be prevented with Ice Wall, there are better uses for the ability.
  • With his excellent mobility and ability to heal himself and his allies, Lucio avoids being frozen by Mei’s combinations.
  • Reaper — Has a close-range edge over Mei and can temporarily transform into Wraith form, making him invulnerable.
  • McCree — Mei can’t use her Cryo-Freeze to save her life if he stun-locks her.

Overwatch Mei Lore

Expert in climatology, Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou excelled in creating new features that allowed her to adjust the climate in places like Asia, where it was becoming a problem for certain species. During her career as a doctor, Mei’s groundbreaking work was recognized around the world and received widespread appreciation for her discoveries.

Mei was part of a task team sent to Antarctica to set up a monitoring post for the planet’s biosphere years later, during the initial Omnic invasion. A polar storm cut off all connection between the base and the rest of the globe during her time there, triggering a profound change in her personality.

Mei froze herself in a cryostasis before the arctic storm took their lives, so that her body would be preserved and she would not age while she remained in the cryo chamber. Nine years later, Mei awoke and reunited with Snowball, her droid from the first film.

After that, Mei found a letter from Winston in which he urged the Overwatch troops to join and battle against the forces that have been ravaging the globe for the past few decades.

Mei Overwatch weapons

After Mei’s final broadcast, a new chapter in her life began.

Mei is unique among damage characters in that she can adapt her style of play to fit the situation based on the range of her weapons.

Blaster of Endothermicity

    • Rounds cost 2.75 cents each.
  • -20 percent at first, then -2.85 percent per tick after that (max. -70 percent )
  • At 20 meters per second, the speed of the projectile.
  • It can reach a maximum distance of 10 meters.
  • Ammo: 120
  • Assault weapon ammo consumption: 20 rounds per second
  • 1.5 seconds for a new page to appear on the screen
    • 1.3 seconds (frozen)

A concentrated, short-range jet of frost from Mei’s blaster hurts, slows, and eventually freezes opponents.

Blaster of Endothermicity

  • Damage: 75
  • In this case, the spread angle is at its narrowest.
  • At 115 meters per second, the projectile’s speed.
  • 0.8 shots per second is the rate of fire.
  • Ammo: 120
  • Shots: 10 per round of ammo
  • 1.5 seconds for a new page to appear on the screen
  • 0.4 seconds were spent casting.

IMPORTANT: Mei’s blaster can also fire icicle-like missiles out to a medium range.

Mei Overwatch abilities

As a support character, Mei has a few unpleasant abilities that aren’t as well suited to dealing damage as her strong weapons are. As adversaries cannot pass or shoot through Mei’s Ice Wall, she is able to hold choke points for short periods of time.

If Mei is able to freeze many adversaries to prevent them from reaching on point, then the opposition team is effectively out of the game for the time being.


  • There could be up to 200 people in total.
  • Time allotted: no more than four seconds
  • 12 seconds of cooling off

NOTE: Mei immediately creates a wall of ice around herself. Even though she is imprisoned, she receives healing and is immune to damage.

Wall of Ice

  • The five pillars of the
  • The maximum range is 35 meters.
  • 3 x 8 meter area of effect
  • Up to five seconds
  • 12 seconds of cooling off

A large ice wall is created by Mei, which obstructs lines of sight, impedes movement, and prevents strikes from taking place.

Battlefield: Blizzard Edition

  • More than eighty-five percent of that time
  • Initially, move at a pace of 50%, then reduce it to a speed of 20% every second (max. -70 percent )
  • At 20 meters per second, the speed of the projectile.
  • Radius of influence: ten meters
  • 0.5 seconds of casting time (throw)
  • 425 milliseconds

A weather manipulation drone is used by Mei to spread wind and snow across a large region. Blizzard-caught foes are slowed, but those who wait too long will become solid.

How to play Mei: tips

It’s hard not to be intrigued by Mei’s damage output, which can be applied at close range as well as out to a considerable distance. Because she can set up anywhere on the map and deal two kinds of damage with her Endothermic Blaster, she’s an asset to any team seeking to make a point.

In a pinch, Mei’s powers can save your life and buy you some time. However, a good strategy is to utilize Cryo-Freeze when a large group of foes is in your path. Then, as soon as you emerge from the ice, use your ultimate ability to instantly freeze a large number of opponents. Having the ability to adjust quickly when it comes to Mei’s skills will be a wonderful asset to your team..”

Mei Overwatch Skins

Mei Overview

Mei is a difficult character to understand, and we’re not going to waste time putting that into context.

Despite the fact that she is a damage-dealer, her skill set is heavily geared around protecting herself. However, putting in the time and effort to become proficient with Mei is a huge return. When she’s not frozen, she’s a real pain to deal with, and the damage she can do after she’s frozen is very frightening. You’ll also get a substantial tactical edge if you master Ice Wall placement and its varied applications!


  • Using her ice powers, she can make her opponents easy prey for herself and her comrades.
  • Nearly any difficult issue she faces may be overcome with a combination of her abilities.
  • She has a powerful Ultimate that can disrupt and freeze adversaries in groups in a variety of circumstances.
  • Disrupting the enemy’s team and leading them into disorder will give her own team an advantage.
  • With her freeze, she is able to wipe down most of the Heroes in the game with a single strike.


  • Mid- to long-range damage is quite low due to her weapon’s poor bullet drop-off rate.
  • Genji and Lucio, for example, are difficult for her to freeze because of their agility.
  • For her Ultimate to be effective against frozen and slowed opponents, she will require the assistance of her squad.

Mei’s Abilities

In this section of our Overwatch Mei 2021 guide, we’ll go over all of Mei’s abilities in detail.

Endothermic Blaster

The Endothermic Blaster is the name of Mei’s frost-based weapon. Its primary attack is a short-range spray of ice that slows down and eventually paralyzes the heroes it encounters. Any opponent trapped in this arc of freezing air will be slowed to a crawl. The more time they spend in the stream, the more slowly they move.

Mei’s weapon freezes a victim for 1.5 seconds after sustaining the spray for 2 seconds, rendering them unable to move or perform any action. To bring her prey back from the brink of death, Mei must spray them for an additional two seconds.

Secondary fire from Endothermic Blaster shoots a 75-damage long-range icicle (150 when landing as a headshot). While it does take some time to travel as a projectile, it does so at a quite high rate. Mei is also capable of firing two icicles every second, making her an extremely dangerous attacker when aiming for the head.

This secondary fire should only be used on targets that are at least mid-range away, as the icicles have a significant drop-off in damage. When you’re dealing with a less mobile hero, it’s a great way to harass them because the icicles inflict a lot of damage even with body shots.

The ammo capacity of the Endothermic Blaster is 200. Each icicle of her secondary fire consumes 25 seconds of her primary fire each time you channel it. This implies that you can dependably shoot eight icicles before having to reload your clip.

Ice Wall

In Overwatch, Mei’s Ice Wall is one of the most crucial and most difficult abilities to perfect. As soon as activation is made, the ability will construct 500-healing, four-second-long lines of frozen pillars. Ice Wall may be oriented in any direction by repeatedly using the ability to hit it.

Overwatch’s Ice Walls behave in the same way as any other wall or barrier. It is possible for them to impede the line of sight and to negate damage in the process. Mei’s Ice Walls can be used by characters with particular terrain-based skills, such as Lucio’s Wall Ride. Regardless of how much health a payload has remaining, it will crash through Ice Walls.

Because there are so many potential uses for this skill, it is difficult to master. Ice Walls can be used to prevent escape and flanking. Your only defense against an enemy Hero escaping is to place an Ice Wall in front of their avenue of escape. It’s possible to utilize Ice Wall to protect yourself from a powerful ultimate, such as Solider 76’s Tactical Visor.

You can disturb the other team by obstructing their line of sight using Ice Wall. An Ice Wall strategically positioned to split the enemy team in two will effectively prevent them from benefiting from healing and make weaker Heroes more vulnerable. Ice Walls can hinder an adversary team’s strategy by placing them in strategic choke spots and corners of the battlefield. As an additional effect, you can place an ally Hero at the top of the Ice Wall when it is erected. This can be used to sneakily lift an ally over a wall that they would otherwise be unable to get over with their current abilities.


At first glance, Cryo-Freeze appears to have a limited application, yet it may be put to creative use in a variety of ways. When activated, Mei turns into a block of ice, making her impervious to harm for up to four seconds. Likewise, any afflictions she’s been subjected to will be undone. Mei can self-heal for up to 150 HP over the 4-second duration of her frozen state. Cryo-Freeze can also be canceled at any point, halting the healing effect.

To protect yourself while all eyes are on you, you’ll employ this skill the most. Your teammates should have plenty of time to rally around you if you use the four seconds provided. Use those four seconds to devise an escape strategy in case assistance arrives too late. Cryo-cooldown Freeze’s won’t begin until either the 4 seconds have gone or you actively cancel the ability.

Cryo-Freeze can be utilized for more than just self-defense. It can also be employed in a variety of ways that will benefit your team. Using the block of ice Mei makes to shield you from enemy Ultimates like D.Va’s Self-Destruct and Reaper’s Death Blossom is a viable option for friends.

Run up to McCree as he activates his Ultimate and Cryo-Freeze in his face for another cheeky tactic! Deadeye’s effects will be nullified by this. Cryo-Freeze, then immediately cancel and activate Blizzard, is a clever strategy for dealing with a large gathering of foes. Because of the chaos, you should have enough time to use your Ultimate to freeze a few opponents!

Blizzard (Ultimate)

Overwatch’s Blizzard Ultimate is one of the most user-friendly. Snowball, Mei’s drone, will be launched onto the ground in front of her when activated. For 5 seconds, the drone will begin spraying frost in a broad circle around it. The primary fire of Endothermic Blaster is analogous to this effect’s primary fire. Over time, it will inflict small quantities of damage. Blizzard freezes enemies for 1.5 seconds if they take 3.5-second damage. Enemies must be inside the drone’s line of sight to be affected by its effect.

Blizzard is easy to use because you don’t need to aim it very accurately. However, it takes some experience to figure out the best time to let Snowball loose. Most players these days will react quite quickly to Blizzard’s activation, which means you’ll need to pick the right time and place to use it. One common way is to toss the drone behind your enemies to catch them off-guard. You can also activate Blizzard near enemies that another ally’s ability has already hindered. One of the best ways to use Blizzard is when you have the high ground and have several enemies beneath you who haven’t noticed you yet. This should give the drone ample time to at least slow them down enough to force them to scramble. Blocking escape routes with Ice Wall in tandem with Blizzard is good to practice when you want to take your Mei to the next level.

Mei Strategies

Aiming isn’t a problem with Blizzard because you don’t have to be precise. Snowball can be released at any time, but the optimal moment necessitates practice. If you want to employ Blizzard’s activation successfully, you’ll need to pick the correct time and place. If you want to get your opponents off guard, a frequent tactic is to throw a drone behind them. You can also use Blizzard near adversaries who have already been slowed by an ally’s ability. Blizzard works best when you have the upper hand and several adversaries beneath you who haven’t seen you yet aren’t paying attention to you. At the very least, this should allow the drone to slow them down enough to cause them to scramble for cover. When you’re trying to improve your Mei, it’s a good idea to use Ice Wall and Blizzard in tandem to close off escape routes.

Mei’s Gameplan & Role

Mei may be a tough character to get to grips with, but she’s quite easy to slot into any team composition. Because there are no specific Hero synergies or counters, you may be confident that she will be useful if you know how to use her well.

Mei may be a tough character to get to grips with, but she’s quite easy to slot into any team composition. Because there are no specific Hero synergies or counters, you may be confident that she will be useful if you know how to use her well.

Ally Hero Synergies

Mei may be a tough character to get to grips with, but she’s quite easy to slot into any team composition. Because there are no specific Hero synergies or counters, you may be confident that she will be useful if you know how to use her well.

Mei may be a tough character to get to grips with, but she’s quite easy to slot into any team composition. Because there are no specific Hero synergies or counters, you may be confident that she will be useful if you know how to use her well.

Mei Counter Picks

In spite of the fact that Mei may be a difficult character to understand, she is a great fit for any squad. Hero synergies and counters aren’t well defined, so if you know how to use her well, she’ll be a great asset.

Mei Ability Combos

When used in conjunction with Mei’s Endothermic Blaster, a powerful combo can be unleashed on virtually any foe, even those with low health.

You can deal 380+ damage with two consecutive icicle headshots after freezing a target with the primary fire. A melee attack can add an additional 410+ damage if the target is somewhat above average in health or is being healed. To be safe, avoid using this combo against Reinhardt or any other heavy tank.

Mei Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Overwatch Mei 2021:

  • Meteor Strike from Doomfist can be mitigated in part by a strategically placed Ice Wall.
  • Endothermic Blaster freezes any high health tank, followed by Blizzard for 7 seconds of immobility.
  • Endothermic Blaster can be used to prematurely end Reaper’s Death Blossom effect by out-rangeing it and freezing him.
  • Reduce Winston’s mobility choices by placing an ice wall in the midst of his barrier.
  • When in doubt, erecting an Ice Wall on the side of the majority of the enemy Heroes will drastically lessen their efficacy.
  • The sooner your Ultimate recharges, the more damage you deal to tanks.

Alternate Hero

Some of us love to inflict death blows with as few shots as possible, but Mei is a patient and steady style of opponent. Hanzo might be a better choice for those of us with sharp eyes and rapid reactions. We’ve taken a look at his abilities and teamwork, and we’ve found the ideal approach to maximize them!


Is Mei good in Overwatch?

Keep a look out for foes that can use crowd control in addition to Mei, the Overwatch hero. In the grand scheme of things, Mei is an excellent asset to any team because of the utility she gives and the amusement she brings when foes are caught out because of their lack of knowledge or underestimation of Mei.

Is Mei hard to play?

Even though she’s difficult to master, Mei, when played correctly, is one of the game’s most potent nuisance heroes. Mei’s learning curve in Overwatch may appear daunting, but if you grasp her skills and playstyle, you can routinely wreck shop with her.

What is Meis job Overwatch?

Overwatch hero Mei is a Damage hero.