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Simulation of business operations in a relaxing environment The local couch co-op feature in Spiritfarer is a huge boon to the game.

Spiritfarer’s co-op features and how to set them up will be covered in detail in this tutorial.

Spiritfarer Multiplayer Explained

In addition to being adaptable, Spiritfarer’s multiplayer mode is a wonderful illustration of how local couch co-op might be implemented. Stella and her cat Daffodil can be controlled by either you or a friend via a shared screen on the same console or computer.

Both Stella and Daffodil are able to cook, feed the spirits, plant and water seeds, and navigate the ship. Using the Foundry or chopping down trees can be done by both players at the same time.

Daffodil can’t converse to Spirits or advance questlines that require Stella to speak to them, which is the main difference. The in-game camera can also be affected by co-op. The camera will begin to zoom out as the two players get more away. As a result, it’s possible that items will be obscured and that platforming parts will be impacted.

Spiritfarer Guide: How To Set Up Multiplayer (Local Co-op)

How To Set Up Multiplayer (Local Co-op)

Make sure both of your inputs are connected in and ready to go before you start playing in Spiritfarer’s multiplayer mode. Simply plugging in two controllers, or a controller, mouse, and keyboard, should do the trick on PC. It is necessary for the second player to have an account if you’re playing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch. Be aware that Spiritfarer does not have an online multiplayer mode.

The Start menu’s Options > Controls option can be used to switch between controllers if you’re having trouble associating one with a specific character.

It’s possible to re-arrange the controls and inputs in this section to your taste. Restart the game after reconnecting your controllers if all else fails.

How to play Spiritfarer co-op

Even though Spiritfarer doesn’t specifically mention a cooperative mode in-game, you can still play with friends. There is no online multiplayer mode as of this writing.

Prepare a second controller for your friend so they can join you in the game. Connect your controllers if you’re playing on a console and if you’re playing on a computer, log in to your accounts. A cooperative game can be started from a previous save file or resumed from the beginning if you’ve logged in with two controllers and two profiles (console only).

How Spiritfarer co-op play works

Stella, the protagonist of Spiritfarer, is always controlled by the first player in a two-player game. Daffofil, Stella’s cat, will be played by player two.

Daffodil is a cat, although she can perform the same acts as Stella in the single-player campaign, other from the fact that she cannot communicate with other characters. Players two won’t be able to start missions or interactions with NPCs, but they’ll be able to help maintain and run the ship.

Playing Co-Op Multiplayer

In order to proceed, make sure you have two distinct controller inputs for PC, Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. It’s possible to use two Switch Joy-Cons, a keyboard and a mouse on a PC, or two Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controllers. It’s a requirement if you want to play Spiritfarer in cooperative mode.

Sign in to your Xbox Live/PSN profiles or connect your control pad to your PC when at the main menu screen with your numerous controller inputs ready.

The co-op mode should be activated when you start a new game or continue with an existing save, as long as there are two control methods/user profiles to choose from.

How Co-Op Works in Spiritfarer

Daffodil, Stella’s cat, joins her in her voyage, thus each player will control one of the two characters.

All the things you can perform in single-player mode will be available to Stella. Stella’s abilities can be duplicated by Daffodil, the second player in the co-op game, allowing you to significantly improve your ship management skills.

Spiritfarer Guide: How To Set Up Multiplayer (Local Co-op)

There’s only one thing Daffodil can’t do, and that’s talk to other characters. This means that all of Daffodil’s interactions will be handled by Stella, the player character.

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  • More than a million Spiritfarers have been sold in advance of the release of the Farewell Edition
  • Next week, Spiritfarer will have a free Jackie and Daria update.
  • New Spirit Beverly, Buildings, and Improvements to the Quality of Life are Included in the Free Update for Spiritfarer.
  • The PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Spiritfarer are getting a stunning physical edition.
  • Sales of Spiritfarer have surpassed the half-million mark as a new free content update goes live.

How to Play Spiritfarer Co-op Multiplayer with Friends

Online co-op and combination co-op (local and online) aren’t available in the game. What it does include is a two-player co-op mode on a single screen. Friends may now gather around the couch and have a good time while the game is being played.

For consoles, you must login in to Xbox Live or PSN once you have your separate inputs for each participant (two). Connect the computer’s inputs. Co-op Multiplayer for Spiritfarer can be played this way.

Stella is the primary character, and she is joined by Daffodil, her cat. Co-op works like this: One player takes on the role of Stella, while the other takes on the role of the adorable cat. There is one thing that the player who is Daffodil should keep in mind when choosing a character. Daffodil is a cat, so it can’t talk to other characters, but it can do everything else.

Check out Gamer Tweak for more Spiritfarer stuff, such as how to fast travel and how to get Jellyfish. Is this game all about caring for your spirit companions and then releasing them into the afterlife? If you don’t know, it is. Even though you’ll be spending time with your loved ones, the experience is both calming and emotional. It’ll be a while before we have to say goodbye again.

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Is Spiritfarer a good coop game?

The co-op in Spiritfarer is among of the best on the Switch.

Can you play as daffodil in Spiritfarer?

Player two can take control of Daffodil, a blue-eyed cat with a cream-colored coat in cooperative play. Stella’s companion Daffodil follows her around at all times.

How many hours is Spiritfarer?

Relax and unwind for hours on end with this comfortable and soothing game. After 30 hours of gameplay, you’ll need at least 50 additional hours to fully enjoy Spiritfarer. The boat, the character, and even the cat may be customized to reflect your unique personality and sense of adventure.