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So, you’ve made the decision to work for yourself? I can assure you that you’ll be in good company here. Like Destiny and Warframe, Anthem is an action RPG “looter shooter.”

Nonetheless, Anthem stands out for its unique navigation, which meets every Iron Man fantasy you can imagine. As opposed to Destiny, Anthem places a greater emphasis on character abilities rather than gunplay. It’s critical to coordinate your talents with those of your friends in order to defeat more strong foes, especially at a higher difficulty setting.

In order to get the most out of Anthem, there are a few things you need know before getting in your Javelin and hitting the open road. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of helpful hints. Keep an eye on our other Anthem guides for further information:

Choosing the Right Javelin

The four Javelins in the game will eventually be yours, but you’ll probably prefer one above the others. When choosing a class, it’s important to know which of the four available options best suits your play style.

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One of the game’s most formidable tanks, the Colossus Javelin has a large life bar and defensive shield options. In order to keep your comrades safe, your primary objective as the Colossus is to divert attention away from them and onto yourself.

Battle Cry, a support ability that taunts adversaries and summons them to attack you, aids in this goal. The Colossus is the only Javelin capable of using heavy weapons like Railguns and Mortars, while being the weakest flying Javelin.

The Interceptor Javelin is best compared to an Assassin in terms of speed and lethality, although it lacks the durability of the other classes. Those who enjoy fast-paced fighting and don’t mind jumping in and out of battle frequently would enjoy this Javelin.

In addition to three leaps, the Interceptor class has the most agility of any other class, and can easily avoid enemy fire.

Due to its low health and armor, this class is the least forgiving of all the classes in the game. In order to inflict damage on your opponent, you’ll have to stay in close range with the Interceptor’s close-range skills.

The Ranger is the “jack of all trades,” Javelin, capable of fulfilling several roles and versatile enough for many playstyles. The Ultimate ability of this class, which shoots a barrage of devastating missiles at many targets, makes this class excellent at dealing out damage.

Ranger’s main strength lies in taking out a single target with its Ultimate. The Ranger, despite being less nimble than the Interceptor, is more mobile than the Colossus and Storm.

This class is essentially a wizard, a master of the elements who prefers to deliver damage from afar. Because of its reliance on the Storm’s incredibly potent ice, fire, and lightning strikes, this Javelin is the most vulnerable.

With the Storm’s ability to replenish its shield while hovering, most of your time in the air will be spent blasting down at foes.

Sniper rifles and other long-range weaponry are well-suited to the Storm. The Storm’s elemental abilities make it the greatest class for dealing AOE damage, while being the weakest of the four classes.

At levels 2, 8, 16, and 26, you’ll be able to use a different Javelin. In order to have a better grasp on the suit’s capabilities during the main tale, it’s best to begin with whatever one piques your attention the most.

You won’t have to wait long to try another Javelin if the first one doesn’t satisfy your curiosity.

Taking to the Skies

Flying in Anthem is a fantastic experience, but getting used to it can take some time. The longer you stay in the air, the more likely you are to overheat your suit, so keep an eye on your meter and land as soon as you see it filling up.

In spite of the fact that there are a few ways to lengthen your flight time, such as tying on special bonuses, or gliding through water to cool off your engines, your heat meter must be constantly monitored.

By gliding up and down in a wave formation rather than in a straight line, you can stay in the air for longer because flying lower causes your suit to cool down less.

Furthermore, it’s easy to overlook the importance of flight in warfare. With Anthem’s wide-open spaces, you have more options than the usual shooter to place your Javelin.

Equipping Gear and Weapons

Changing Javelins, customizing their appearance, adjusting your weapon and ability loadouts, disassembling weaponry, and crafting blueprints are all possible when visiting the Forge.

A range of characteristics, like damage output, armor capacity, flight time, and so on, can be improved by crafting or finding specific gear. As a result, you should expect to spend a lot of time here optimizing your character builds.

Six components and two weapons can be attached to each Javelin, however not all of them will be available at the beginning… More spaces and rarer things will become available as you progress through the game.

The six rarity levels in Anthem are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterwork, and Legendary, with the latter two being the most difficult to get.

Upon returning from a task, you can check your rewards and see how they compare to what you currently have in your inventory at the Forge. Making sure you have the greatest equipment before you take on a difficult job will ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

As you continue, you’ll have to destroy less powerful equipment because storage space is limited. The game has a feature that makes organizing a little easier.

Despite the fact that Anthem starts you out with a good quantity of cash, we advocate hanging on until the endgame because gear is given out often and whatever materials you’ve earned may be better spent later.

Performing Combos

There is a lot of emphasis on class-specific abilities in Anthem, which is why gunplay isn’t as prominent. The combo system in Anthem’s fighting is probably the most exhilarating aspect of the game.

Primers and Detonators are the two main types of abilities in Anthem. Primary and detonator symbols are depicted as circles with dots and stars with four points, respectively.

A red sign appears above the enemy’s health bar when they are hit with a primer, indicating that they now have a status effect.

A detonator can be used to detonate an adversary once they’ve been prepped. Javelins each have their own unique combination effects.

The Interceptor can envelop itself in an aura that freezes, burns, or poisons nearby enemies, while the Ranger may do massive damage to a single target. Storm can distribute status ailments to nearby enemies.

When it comes to timing your combos and collaborating with your teammates, practice is essential. Combos are vital in endgame battles and make Anthem’s combat feel much more engaging, so it’s well worth the effort. Check out our advanced combat guide if you’ve ever had trouble triggering combinations.

Assembling Your Squad

In Anthem’s sprawling open world, players will face ferocious foes and discover a plethora of new places. As a result, solo players may find the game to be overwhelming.

It’s easier to perform combos and complete more difficult tasks when you have the support of a full squad, which not only increases your firepower and offers you the ability to be revived if you die.

Don’t be afraid to use the game’s matchmaking system when you don’t have any pals who play Anthem and are struggling to deal enough damage.

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It’s far simpler to grind with the support of a group, and you might even meet some amazing players along the way.


You shouldn’t waste your resources crafting in the game’s early missions; the game will give you adequate supplies, so saving those materials for later is preferable, when you can use them to make something much better and less likely to become obsolete after a few hours due to the rapid pace of the game’s development.

For the Endgame, save consumables.

Consumables can boost your abilities and weaponry in a variety of ways, but it’s best to hold on to them until you’re much, much further into the game- perhaps even the endgame. You don’t need to use consumables to go through the campaign, but they will come in useful when you’re grinding out Legendary Contracts, or when you’re entering Strongholds.


Although this should be obvious, it’s even more critical considering the game’s looter shooter nature. Crafting is, of course, reliant on the number of resources you have on hand, so be sure to stock up. When you see these in the wild, don’t stop to consider whether or not you’ll need them in the near future; instead, just keep farming them until you do. Speaking about the vast expanses of the universe, I should mention…


Anthem’s progression is heavily reliant on things like Expeditions, Challenges, and the like, but whenever you can, take use of the game’s open world or freeplay features. It’s not only a wonderful way to harvest materials and level up, but it’s also a great way to participate in events that are only available in freeplay.


Just because Anthem is a third-person shooter doesn’t mean that you can just run and shoot your way through the game. If all you do is aim and fire until your foes’ health bars are empty, you won’t get very far in the game, which expects you to mix and combine a variety of powers and techniques. So, what are your options now?


The fighting in Anthem is based on the use of combos. What you want to accomplish is inflict diseases on unshielded adversaries with primers, and then use detonators to make them go boom. Pay close attention to the combos and the combo system in general because that’s what the game wants you to accomplish. Each Javelin also has different abilities unique to combos, which may also be highly useful in battle settings.

Find out which elements work best in different situations and use them accordingly.

If you want to pass through battle scenarios more quickly and efficiently, you should keep in mind that some elemental attacks have a greater impact on certain types of adversaries. A blue shielded enemy is vulnerable to ice strikes, while yellow health bars are more vulnerable to fire and acid attacks.


It goes without saying that each Javelin has an Ultimate ability that can be used to cause huge damage through lethal attacks. However, you must also pay close attention to the powers’ more subtle impacts. It’s possible to go on to your next target while your ghost continues to inflict damage to your previous one, such as with the Interceptor, which has the ability to fend off an enemy’s melee strikes for a few more seconds following a burst of attacks. Just remember that if you can, take advantage of each javelin’s ultimate ability to your benefit as much as you can!

Your JAvelins need to cool down

Even while Anthem’s main selling point is the ability to fly around in a mech suit like Iron Man, it does not imply that you will be able to fly forever. Javelins might become overheated after long periods of flight, so keep an eye out for that while you’re playing. Dive into water, soar over water, or fly over waterfalls to reduce the temperature of your jets.

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There are sigils in the game that provide you advantages and boosts to your equipment. These may be really handy, and provide some truly valuable benefits, such as allowing you to fly longer before needing to cool down, so don’t ignore these. You should examine the Sigils and choose the ones that best suit your play style.


If you want to get experience faster, you should keep an eye on your feats. You can complete them while doing other things, so it’s a good idea to keep track of your progress. With these, you’ll win medals for completing certain tasks, which are comparable to challenges (which we’ll discuss in a moment). So, while you’re out on missions or expeditions or anything, try to play in a way that allows you to simultaneously perform these feats. These medals can go from bronze to silver to gold as you complete additional milestones for that action. It’s worth it because you’ll gain a lot of valuable experience.


With Anthem’s “challenges,” it seems like they’re just counters that keep track of the various acts you’ve taken in the game, as well as any milestones you’ve reached. But don’t overlook these, as the prizes for these are quite significant. Rewards will provide many of the blueprints you’ll need to create some of the better items in the game, which is a need unless you’re just in it for the story. Even though you’ll have to accomplish a series of tasks midway through the campaign, it’s worth it to keep hacking away at things early on to ensure that your progress isn’t slowed down too much. Another perk of completing all of the daily and weekly challenges is that you’ll receive a continuous flow of coins.

system of allegiance

It’s a good idea to employ the Alliance system in Anthem in order to acquire coins faster- and obviously, you’ll need coins in abundance (unless you just want to spend real money on microtransactions). As long as you have friends who are also playing Anthem, everyone on your friends list can contribute Alliance experience, which in turn generates cash for the entire Alliance. In order to make some money in Anthem, look for high-level players (or those who you know will be playing a lot of the game) and add them as a buddy if they aren’t already.

Add a little more difficulty to the task at hand

Anthem can be challenging when played alone, especially in activities designed expressly for cooperative play, but when you’re playing with a group, the majority of activities benefit from playing at a higher difficulty level. Of course, if you play with others, you’ll get better prizes, but there are some activities in Anthem that can be a touch too simple. In contrast, Strongholds aren’t in that category, but you shouldn’t underestimate their complexity (since else, what would be the point?). Instead, invest in stronger equipment and weapons, and only take on the challenges when you are ready.


You may expect to spend a lot of time grinding with legendary contracts once you’ve completed the campaign because of their difficulty and their repeatability and dynamic nature. It’s recommended to face these with a group of gamers rather than on your alone because they’re extremely difficult.


Should I Salvage in Anthem?

Take cautious when salvaging your belongings.

What is the max gear score in Anthem?

As long as you have one piece of legendary 75 power gear, you will have the maximum possible power score of 75 in the game, as the game does not take level 1 gear into account.

Can you buy ammo in Anthem?

Ammunition in Anthem: How to Get It. In-game ammunition is represented by the green icons you’ll see all around you. You may refresh your ammo by just walking over these items…. You should only collect these goods if you’re actively looking for ammo.