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What you need to know about attracting new passengers in Spiritfarer is here. Become acquainted with a new group of passengers by joining in the fun!

As you sail through Spiritfarer’s realm, several spirits can be persuaded to board your ship.

A quick explanation of each Spirit will be provided in this book, as well as instructions on how to obtain new passengers on your boat.

How To Get New Passengers

At times, getting new passengers on board Spiritfarer can be difficult.. The game’s open-world layout and progression mechanism, which is dependent on talking to NPCs, can make it difficult to maintain track of the primary path. It’s easy to miss specific characters when you’re running across a huge ocean fulfilling requests.

You should review each island you’ve already visited to see if there is one you missed if you’re stuck and haven’t found a new Spirit in a while. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for the colorful aura that surrounds Spirits you can summon.

Obols and crafting materials should be your primary priority if you need a specific ability or boat upgrade before you can advance farther. If all else fails, scavenge the entire map for treasure. Spiritfarer has a lot of open water, but if you look hard enough, you might locate an island in a place where you didn’t expect it.

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All Spirit Passengers

Lost souls from the dead who now inhabit Spiritfarer’s world are shown as spirits. It’s Stella’s role to care for them and assist them in their transfer to the afterlife by taking them to the Everdoor when they’re ready.

Once on board Stella’s ship, guests’ true identities will be revealed as a variety of animal forms. Stella is tasked with not only delivering them to the Everdoor, but also taking care of all of their needs once they arrive there. For each of the game’s 11 spirits, we’ve written a brief description.


In her fantasy world, Gwen is a tall female deer who hails from a well-off social class. In Alt Harbor, she’s the first Spirit you encounter, and she can be hired just by talking to her. Weaving is her specialty, so she’ll teach you about the Loom and the Jellyfish mini-games.


When Atul was alive in his former life, his uncle was Stella’s best friend, a brightly colored frog. When the Sticky Fingers quest is completed, the second or third Spirit you’ll face will be discovered in Barkensheim Creek.

Atul is a skilled handyman who can provide Stella with wood planks and wild berries foraged from the area. Finally, he shows you how to play the new Thunderstorm sidequest.


Summer is depicted as a vegan snake in a robe who inspired Stella to become a nurse. Before or after Atul, depending on your strategy, you’ll run into her.

After unlocking the Double-Jump ability from the Shrine, she can be found in Hummingberg. Playing music for crops to grow faster is Summer’s specialty, and she’ll do it for you! The Dragon mini-game allows you to collect Quartz, Aluminum, Silver, and Gold.


As a red and black bird, Gustav is a snooty art collector. Furogawa, Japan is where he lives, however he wants you to retrieve his missing Woodblock Print before joining your group.

After unlocking the Icebreaker Upgrade for your boat, you’ll be able to follow his directions. He’ll occasionally give you precious goods, perform music, and cook sushi for the rest of the team as a respected collector. The Firefly Event is the name of his mini-game.


As a mouse, Alice appears to be a nice old lady who has lost her memory. When you meet her, you’ll be asked to restore a lost sheep to her corral before she joins you.

She’s a great cook and will occasionally feed you. You can also customize the looks of Stella and Daffodil using her clothing, which offers additional possibilities as you progress through her journey.

Spiritfarer Guide: How To Get New Passengers - GamingScan


Astrid is a chattering female lion who is concerned about worker’s rights and has a difficult connection with Giovanni. Visit Bottom Line Corp. after recruiting Summer and Atul and you’ll run into her.

The ability to double-jump is required before you can hire her, so make sure you have a mailbox installed on your ship. She is a skilled smelter and can supply you with ore and fish when needed.


A fungus assumes the form of a tiny toddler named Stanley. After bringing at least one Spirit to the Everdoor, you’ll be able to uncover a mysterious seed in the fishing mini-game and use it to recruit him. The seed should be planted in a garden and harvested when it is ready.

You may see Stanley emerge from the ground when you remove it, and he may hide in the Captain’s cabin until you construct him a house. Stanley enjoys drawing and will provide you with a variety of trinkets as a result. To play the Dust Shades mini-game, you must first build his Playroom.


Her adulterous spouse Giovanni is shown as a masculine lion in the painting. In order to meet him, you must complete Astrid’s Humble Abode questline, which takes you back to many of the Central Region’s islands.

You can expect Giovanni to offer you jewelry from time to time because he has a thing for expensive gifts. The Meteor Shower mini-game is also introduced to you by him.

Bruce and Mickey

When it comes to speaking their opinions, these two brothers, who are made up of an ox and a bird, don’t hold back. After unlocking the Rock Destroyer upgrade from Albert’s Shipyard, you’ll need to travel to Southpoint Docks in order to recruit the group. The Pulsar Rays event is the mini-game they’re linked to..


Stella’s sister’s buddy Buck is depicted as a baby green bird to honor the memory of the friend who died when Buck was only a child. After unlocking the Bounce ability from the Shrine in Oxbury, he may be located atop Hikarishima Lighthouse.

Buck will be the last Spirit aboard your ship and cannot be released at the Everdoor, regardless of the order in which you enlist each Spirit. With him, you’ll get your first taste of the XP Potion mini-game and other such tasks.


It’s clear that Elena is an extremely rigorous and hard-nosed tutor to Stella the dog dressed in her robes. In Crow’s End Inc., after unlocking the Mist Cleaner 1000 ship upgrade, she can be discovered on the top of a hill.

Having Elena on board doesn’t give you any advantages; instead, she gives you three challenges to complete in the Pulsar Rays, Thunderstorm, and Gold Dragon mini-games.

The More, The Merrier

Gwen will leave us to continue our Spiritfarer job after building a Field. There will be a request for us to locate two new passengers in two separate locations: Hummingberg, which we already know about, and Barkensheim Creek, which we have never been to before. There are two ways to get to each location, and we’ll go through them in that sequence for the sake of brevity and clarity.

Getting Atul to join

To begin, head to Barkensheim Creek, which may be located at 5 / 117 on your map. While you’re there, take care of business; it’s a good idea you’ve already established a routine: fishing in the morning, cooking some of the catch, taking care of the plants, and then attending to the passengers. Sailing is a great way to spend your vacation, but don’t let it pass you by.

To reach the island from the boat you’ll need to dock your little boat on the left side of the vessel. You’ll be able to cut down some trees and gather some berries on your way to the island’s north end. I guarantee you’ll come upon a long-forgotten soul. Ask him about the Sticky Fingers request to find out that he accidentally dropped his lemon into the water and now wants it back. To retrieve the dropped lemon, simply enter the water and dive (press jump and down at the same time) onto the shining point. Once you’ve spoken to the soul again, he’ll be eager to join your team.

Take a seat near the bow of your ship, which is the part of a ship that’s most to the right, and wait for the spirit’s full form to emerge. Uncle Atul is delighted to meet you, and he’s looking forward to spending time with you.

He’s more pleased, though, to see a fishing rod in your hand. We’ve previously covered fishing on the last page, so we won’t go into detail here. However, once you’ve caught one fish and returned to Atul, he’ll instruct you to fish.

If you chat to Gwen, she might be able to give you a tip about what we should do next.

Getting Summer to join

Set out towards Hummingberg, the shrine where we’ll be using our Obols and where, coincidentally, the next wandering soul awaits us there. Once more, while you’re on the road, get things done around the house.

snaring blasts of lightning

If you plan on traveling to Hummingberg, you should expect to encounter harsh weather. The Ship will eventually come to a complete halt in the middle of the action. The reason for this is that you’ve reached another “minigame,” similar to the one where you catch jellyfish.

Talk to Atul, and he’ll encourage you to capture lightning bolts by pointing them out to you. Accept his offer without hesitation; there is no risk involved, and you will acquire essential ingredients as a result.

Simply move around your ship’s deck and try to stand on spots where sparks appear. A lightning bolt will then fall and you’ll be able to collect it, giving you the Lightning in a Bottle material. This minigame is extremely similar to the prior one in terms of its main aspect. Let too much time go by without stepping on a sparking location, and the lightning bolt will strike it and you’ll miss your chance. After a period of time, the minigame will end and you’ll be able to resume your adventure.

Take a trip to the massive Altar after you get at Hummingberg. In addition to the fact that Gwen pointed it out to us during our previous visit, it’s difficult to miss because it’s a massive monument that stands out as an Altar among the town’s other houses.

Spiritfarer Guide: How To Get New Passengers - GamingScan

Double-jumping is now possible after interacting with the Altar, a special ability or perhaps an ability upgrade. To reach the next spirit, who is also in Hummingberg, you’ll need to double leap. In the Racoon Inc. Shop at the end of town, there is a stairway leading up, which you may now access by jumping twice. To find our ghost, travel to that location and then turn right till you come to a dock. Moreover, she won’t ask for anything and will simply head to the ship.

As with Atul, once you’ve boarded the ship, you’ll be able to see the spirit’s full identity emerge: it’s Summer, an old acquaintance. The More, the Merrier request has been closed.

Constructing more buildings

We’ll need to build two more structures as soon as we get our new passengers on board. While the first one was opened very immediately, it might take a little longer for the second.

The Garden

As soon as Summer joins the team, we should expect her to urge that we construct a Garden. The Garden is similar to the Field, except each has seeds that the other does not.

Fortunately, it will be simple to put together. The Garden requires 10 maple logs and 5 lightning in bottles, both of which you should have on hand if you followed our directions to the letter up to this point. If you’re running low on either Maple Logs or Lightnings in Bottles, don’t panic: head to an Island to harvest more (and it could even be one you’ve visited previously if enough time has elapsed).

Build the Garden as soon as you have the materials, and Summer will be waiting for us outside when it’s finished. You can plant and water some seeds with her to get the hang of it. Then, when Summer is near the Garden, chat to her again. In the Garden, she’ll show us how to play music for the plants.


Gardening is similar to using the Field in most respects. One advantage of the Garden over the Field is that you can play music to the plants to stimulate their growth.. It’s possible to do so by entering by its left-facing entrance, pressing F to make your Everlight transform into a guitar, and pressing the corresponding buttons as they cross the golden line.

While it will take time for plants to grow, it will be faster than in the Field and you may utilize your free time to gather additional plants while on a lengthy journey.

All you have to do to fulfill this request is play music till the plants grow five times their original size.

Usonia 1

It may be some time before the second request we’re going to talk about in relation to structures comes to light. Gwen will request that we build her a private residence after a while since she is tired of sleeping in the Guest Room and sharing it with others.

To access Gwen’s Lodge, you’ll need 10 Maple Logs and 2 Limestone, which can be purchased at the Blueprint Station for 10 Maple Logs. When it comes to building Gwen’s Lodge you should already have these materials on hand, but in case you don’t: Logs are gotten from cutting trees and Limestones from mining particular rocks, so head over to an island and grab them.

An Old Aqcuaintance

After building Gwen’s Lodge, we received a final request, albeit we don’t know how to fulfill it. Nonetheless, we’ll include it here. Gwen will summon your attention at some point and direct you to a mutual acquaintance that has been causing her nightmares.

His location will be marked on your map as ‘Quartz Dragon,’ by her. You’ll run into a dragon if you go sailing there. After speaking with Summer, you’ll be given the opportunity to lend a hand to this dragon, who appears to be in need.

Hop on the dragon’s head and break off the rock on his head in a simple mini-game. Rocks litter his body, so go ahead and break every single one of them until you go back to his head, where you’ll smash the last one to complete the minigame and the player’s request.

As we progress through the tutorial, we’ll be able to obtain improvements for our ship and blueprint station, as well as requests to construct and modify amenities onboard.


Does Spiritfarer have multiple endings?

The fact that Spiritfarer doesn’t have numerous endings is a good thing to know and comprehend. Spiritfarer’s finale isn’t precisely the same as the game’s original ending, thanks to post-launch changes…. Spiritfarer’s finale awaits you once that’s done.

Spiritfarer Guide: How To Get New Passengers - GamingScan

How many souls are in Spiritfarer?

All the ghosts scattered around the map must be helped to travel through the Everdoor, allowing them to move on and accept their deaths. Twelve ghosts can be found scattered across the map. Each of these can be found here.

What happens when you take Stella to the Everdoor?

As more characters pass through the Everdoor, Stella comes to terms with the fact that she has done everything she could in her life and that there is no use in attempting to outlive death any more.. To summarize, the entire game takes place in Stella’s head while she dies.

Who is Giovanni to Stella?

Giovanni. As the husband of Astrid, Giovanni came to be known as Stella’s adoptive grandfather. “Carpe diem” was the mantra of his life. Simple pleasures such as good food, good clothing, and of course women were all he ever wanted in life.

As a means of attracting new passengers, you’ll need to find a way to persuade him or her to join your ranks, and you’ll need to be prepared to do so. 20% to 20% of the harvest