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Most of your time as a Spiritfarer will be spent at sea. Some areas are inaccessible until you’ve made more progress building your ship in the game.

It is possible to gain most upgrades around the world, although some can only be obtained at certain points in the story.

You can only earn Spirit Flowers by assisting others on your ship through the Everdoor.

We’ll show you how to get Spirit Flowers and tell you what you can do with them.

Spiritfarer Spirit Flower

The only way to get a spirit blossom in this game is to transport all of the spirit’s requirements on board your ship. The Everdoor will allow them to return to the underworld once they’ve fulfilled all of their wishes.

After they exit the Everdoor, the Spirit Flower will be waiting for you in your ship’s cabin. You can see the spirits’ requests by pressing the TAB key on your keyboard.

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How To Get Spirit Flowers In Spiritfarer

Finding a Spirit passenger and getting them to join your ship is the first step in obtaining a Spirit Flower When you get close enough to an NPC that may be hired, you’ll notice a bright glow around their bodies. There are 11 Spirits that can be obtained from various islands.

You’ll need to satisfy the wants of the Spirits on board your ship in order to sail through the Everdoor until you hear from them. Spirits each pursue a unique route, and each path has its own set of rules. You may only need to cook a unique food or visit a new location in order to impress your date.

Spiritfarer: How to Get Spirit Flowers

After a Spirit has passed through the Everdoor, Stella will return to the ship on her own. Using your boat, navigate to the Spirit’s dwelling and retrieve the Spirit Flower that was left there as a gift for you. The following parts go into greater information about the procedure:

  1. Engage your inner self in your work.
  2. Don’t hold back on anything.
  3. They will be in Everdoor.
  4. In the event that you return to your ship,
  5. Step into the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Spirit flowers can be harvested from them.

List of Spirit Flowers In Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer Gwen Spirit Flower

Spiritfarer Alice Spirit Flower


Using it can improve Stella’s ship.

Lilacs symbolize love, innocence, and rebirth.
Spiritfarer Summer Spirit Flower


Using it can improve Stella’s ship.

Plants that produce flowers need little more than water and sunlight to grow.
Spiritfarer Astrid Spirit Flower

Calm and patience are symbols of Oxeye Daisies.
Spiritfarer Giovanni Spirit Flower


Using it can improve Stella’s ship.

Among the many positive connotations attached to mallow flowers are those of protection, love, and healing.
Spiritfarer Atul Spirit Flower

The Borage Starflower symbolizes strength and courage.
Spiritfarer Gustav Spirit Flower


Using it can improve Stella’s ship.

A symbol of purity, commitment, and rebirth are white lilies.
Spiritfarer Bruce and Mickey Spirit Flower


Using it can improve Stella’s ship.

Symbols of joy, love and remembrance can be found in the red poppy.
Spiritfarer Stanley Spirit Flower

Mickey and Bruce are two of the best friends in the world.

Using it can improve Stella’s ship.

The Yellow Fennel plant’s flowers are an elegy for the power and loyalty that have been taken from them.
Spiritfarer Elena Spirit Flower


Using it can improve Stella’s ship.

You must follow the instructions in the following table if you want to collect Spirit Flowers. For some reason, Summer and Giovanni’s Spirit Flowers cannot be used to improve Stella’s boat.

Another thing to take note of is the fact that Buck is the only Spirit without a flower to gather. Rather than abandon the ship, he prefers to stay on board with Stella until the game is over.

Spiritfarer How To Upgrade Ice Breaker

If you want your ship to be capable of breaking ice, head to Albert Shipyard. The Spirit Flower is required to accomplish this upgrade.

Upgrade your ship in the shipyard once you’ve gathered all the resources you need. As a result, ice-bound islands will be accessible again.

Iron can be found in the Hoseki Quarry (X= -137, Y= 28).

You may read more about Oak Plank in our previous blog post.

The cloth you require can be made by growing, harvesting, and weaving linen plants.

Check out our previous post about the spirit flower.

How To Upgrade/ Decorate Gwen House Fully

It is your responsibility to help Gwen complete all of her tasks before she leaves the ship. Gwen’s house will be totally redecorated as one of the demands.

After clicking on “upgrade,” select Gwen’s house from the drop-down menu to customize the house’s look and layout. Furniture for your home can be obtained there in three different styles. It will be necessary to use a few standard materials for this furniture.


How to get fat in Spiritfarer?

Sunflower seeds and olives can be ground in the crusher.

There is a lot of cooking involved in the Spiritfarer’s job, and the spirits themselves have a wide range of cuisine preferences. You may have to feed a specific spirit a specific kind of food in order to establish a plot. For Atul, Bruce, and Mickey, that means frying the chicken in a little oil. Spiritfarer’s fattening ability is a late-game unlock that isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Oil-producing foods like sunflower seeds and olives can be ground up with the use of a Crusher in Spiritfarer to help you gain fat. You may be wondering, “How do I get a Crusher?” As soon as possible, Bruce and Mickey will tell you that you need to build a crusher, and they’ll provide you with the blueprints. You’ll have plenty of fat once you’ve gathered all the ingredients needed to build the Crusher.

How to get Ash wood in Spiritfarer?

Ash trees should be felled in Oxbury and other eastern towns.

Ash trees and logs are collected as part of Spiritfarer’s development. East of the map is where you’ll find ash trees. This section can only be accessed with the fourth figurehead upgrade, the Rock Destroyer. Installing this improvement will make sailing to Oxbury or any of the nearby islands considerably simpler. If you get off your boat and visit Oxbury Park, you’ll see a lot of Ash trees!

How to get Bottled Ectoplasm in Spiritfarer?

Become a passenger in Stanley’s chamber and interact with the aquarium’s beetle.

The Bottled Ectoplasm of Spiritfarer is one of the most difficult commodities to acquire. A set of events must take place in order to gain access to this resource. The first person you’ll want on board is Stanley. Unlike the island’s other spirits, you cultivate him in your own backyard rather than looking for him. To raise Stanley, you’ll need a red package of mysterious seeds. In the Eastern region (beyond the rock barrier), you can catch these by fishing or scavenging crates from wrecks. Keep a look out for a red mushroom after planting the seed in your garden. As soon as you take it out of the earth, Stanley is born! Passengers can care for Stanley and finally enter his room. Talk to the beetle in the aquarium in his quarters to begin an event that requires you to collect ghosts aboard your ship and store their essence in bottles.

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How to get Comet Rocks in Spiritfarer?

Set sail for the Eastern region’s comet emblem with Giovanni as a passenger.

The comet landing spots marked on the map can be reached once Giovanni has boarded your ship. It’s possible to activate these by engaging with Giovanni in the Eastern region of the map. There will be a spot on your ship that looks like it was set on fire if a comet collides with it. Running over these locations will lead to the discovery of Comet Rocks and Glim. Like the mini-games in Spiritfarer, such as catching lightning, getting Comet Rocks shouldn’t be an issue

How to get Fireglow in Spiritfarer?

Go to the firefly sites on the map with Gustav, who can be taken as a passenger in the northern area.

Fireglow can be found by sailing to the correct place on the map with Gustav as a passenger. Once you’ve entered the area, you can initiate the event by engaging with Gustav. You’ll need to bump into fireflies in the same way that you bump into jellyfish in order to collect them. If you’re successful, you’ll need to plant and harvest Fireglow seeds from your garden for your renovations and construction projects.

How to get Nebula Fibre in Spiritfarer?

With Alice as a passenger, set sail for the larval hotspots in the western part of the map.

Getting Alice on board your ship is the first step. Once she’s in your party, head to the map’s larvae icons. When you enter these places, you’ll find Alice in the middle of your deck with a mother-larvae. Talk to her at the beginning of the event. Small bugs that crawl around your spacecraft must be collected and returned by you. Bring back more to up your fiber intake. The Nebula Fibre can be used to create Nebula Thread on the Loom.

How to get a Spirit Flower in Spiritfarer?

Take a ghost inside the Everdoor.

Rare and valuable are Spirit Flowers in Spiritfarer. Those who accompany the departed until they reach the Everdoor and are free to walk on are given Spirit Flowers. Bring your boat back to the spirit’s abode and go fetch a flower from the house where you let it go. A single Spirit Flower can be found on a nearby plant. With these resources, you can progress further in the game.

How to get Tchotchke in Spiritfarer?

Tchotchkes are the name given to the items in Spiritfarer’s Tchotchke category.

Your quest may take you all around Spiritfarer if you’re looking for a Tchotchke. Unless you’re paying close attention, you’ll see a tab in your inventory named “Tchotchke.” When it comes to decorating his dorm room, Stanley is on the hunt for a Tchotchke. One of these tchotchkes will fulfill his Tchotchke-cravings.

How to get Silk in Spiritfarer?

Mulberry planted trees can yield silk when harvested.

Another “how-to” question that is frequently asked and has an easy response. Purchasing or looting a Mulberry seed is all that is needed to put it in your orchard, water it, and gain all the benefits. Silk is produced by Mulberry trees, and you can collect some when it’s ripe for harvesting. To prevent the long wait for Silk, sow a few seeds.

How to get Silica Powder in Spiritfarer?

Quartz can be ground into a fine powder in the Crusher.

It’s an understatement to suggest that this resource contains false or misleading information. Quartz can be obtained once the first dragon has been harvested. Quartz isn’t used much until you need Silica Powder. Silica Powder in Spiritfarer can only be obtained by crushing quartz in the Crusher. This could cause Silica Powder to fly out of the machine. You’ve learned something you hadn’t previously known.

More “how-to” questions about Spiritfarer exist, but we hope to have addressed the most challenging ones. Because of a lack of progress, grinding for hours on end detracts from the game’s emotional and intriguing story. If you haven’t yet encountered any of these issues, our Spiritfarer beginner’s guide may be exactly what you need to set sail.