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For 1v1 matches, D.Va is a tank with great health and decent mobility, making her ideal for closing gaps with foes with ease.

Become a better D.Va player with our Overwatch D.Va strategy guide, which will show you how to master the mech-piloting pro gamer’s skills.

Check out our Overwatch Beginner’s Guide if you’d want to learn more about hero roles, team composition, and winning strategies.

D.Va Abilities and Role Explained

As a nuisance to the other team, D.Va is able to draw the attention of squishy Support and Damage heroes.

Her defensive choices aren’t as strong as those of Tanks like Reinhardt or Orisa, hence she’s best used in dive comps.

However, there are a few techniques to making the most of D.Va’s arsenal, and we’ll go over each of them in more detail below.

How To Use Fusion Cannons

There are two cannons aboard D.Va’s mech that shoot constant shotgun rounds that provide 0.6-2 damage at a falloff range of 10-20 meters. These are her Fusion Cannons.

It’s a good thing that D.Va doesn’t have to reload, but it comes at the cost of her moving at a 40 percent slower rate when she’s firing.

As a result, the optimal strategy is to encircle your foes and unleash hellfire in order to maximize your chances of a kill.

Due to the dispersion of her Fusion Cannons, this becomes increasingly difficult to pull off the farther away the target is, so keep to medium to close range and aim for the upper body.

How To Use Light Gun

The Light Gun, a rapid-fire automatic blaster that deals 14 damage each round at a rate of 7 shots per second, is what D.Va will use if her mech is destroyed.

While D.Va loses a lot of power and the ability to defend herself without her mech, the Light Gun actually offers certain advantages over the Fusion Cannons.

One of the advantages of the Light Gun is that it doesn’t suffer from damage falloff, allowing her to continuously and reliably take down foes at great distances.

When she’s not in her suit, her hitbox is even smaller, but she loses half her health, from 300 to merely 150 HP (plus 300 Armor).

How To Use Defense Matrix

By activating her Defense Matrix, D.Va’s mech can quickly and effectively absorb any projectiles aimed at it while it is in mid-air.

Defense With a one-second cooldown and a two-second duration, Matrix is best used for short bursts of protection rather than a long-term barrier.

With a range of up to ten meters, Defense Matrix is an excellent way for D.Va to protect friends from burst damage when the going gets tough.

This needs D.Va to stand immediately in front of her teammate for Defense Matrix to activate, which makes it less effective against flankers or several players.

How To Use Boosters

When D.Va activates her Boosters, her mech is propelled forward for two seconds with a +118 percent movement boost.

During this phase, you have control over D.Va’s direction and she deals 10 damage and knocks back any enemies she hits.

Aside from the Fusion Cannons, D.Va has the ability to play more aggressively while the Boosters are active, which allows her to hunt down injured adversaries.

Finally, you can engage D.Va’s Defense Matrix while flying, effectively turning her into a mobile shield that can literally push foes away by striking them.

How To Use Micro Missiles

D.Va may also use her Micro Missiles, which fire a barrage of strong missiles in a straight line, striking the first opponent it reaches while also causing splash damage within a 1.5-meter radius.

If D.Va is stunned or her mech is destroyed, you can activate Micro Missiles at any time and it cannot be interrupted.

Her secondary fire and Micro Missiles work well together to take out lone attackers, although they are less efficient against large groups of foes.

Micro Missiles can be fired when the Defense Matrix is up to exert strong pressure and fast develop ultimate charge, while reducing the amount of damage taken.

How To Use Self-Destruct (Ultimate)

After ejecting from her mech, D.Va’s ultimate is one of the most powerful in the game, dealing anything from 100 to 1000 damage in a 20 meter radius.

You can surprise the other team by mixing several abilities before D.Va’s Self-Destruct detonates, like as employing her Boosters to fly forward.

D.Va may launch her mech into corridors, land somewhere the adversary didn’t expect, or lengthen its journey time to catch them off-guard if she chooses to so.

Heroes who survive the initial blast from Self-Destruct may still be sent into a hole or off a cliff as a result of the powerful blast.

D.Va Strengths

D.Va is an excellent addition to teams with a high percentage of self-sufficient heroes that don’t require continual shielding.

It’s easier for her to divert the enemy’s focus away from the main objective with her improved mobility and versatile ultimate.

That being said, D.Va’s style of play isn’t for everyone, therefore we’ve compiled a list of the finest heroes to team up with.

Which Heroes Combo Best With D.Va?

  • Winston and D.Va are a tank tandem that excels at ambushing and killing lone adversaries.
  • Running both D.Va and Wrecking Ball reduces the protection provided to your Supports and DPS, but when combined with other fast-moving heroes, they may be a powerful tool.
  • Discord may be applied to foes by Zenyatta, and D.Va can then track them down and finish them off.
  • Lucio — Can boost D.Va’s mobility with Speed Boost; one of the more self-sufficient Supports.
  • When D.Va needs to focus on trapping attackers, Reinhardt can fill the Tank position with his shield, allowing D.Va to focus on the Self-Destruct.
  • In the sky, both characters rule, although Pharah is countered by hitscan and sniper heroes, which happen to be D.Va’s finest targets to fight.
  • Mei – Can use Blizzard to freeze fast-moving enemies before D.Va can finish them off with Self-Destruct, which is a common problem for heroes like D.Va.

D.Va Weaknesses

In terms of shielding her teammates, dealing with dangers that are outside of her effective range, and dealing with huge numbers of adversaries, D.Va is at her weakest.

In addition, her mech’s massive hitbox often causes attackers to target her particularly, which isn’t a bad thing as that’s what Tanks are supposed to do.

To be fair, certain heroes are better than others at combating D.Va, so we’ll go into deeper detail about the most important characters.

Which Heroes Does D.Va Struggle Against?

  • Zenyatta — D.Va’s Orb of Discord and her mech’s wide hitbox make her vulnerable to Zenyatta’s long-range strikes.
  • It is Zarya, one of D.Va’s greatest dangers, who can amass huge charge from your Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles before responding with a supercharged beam.
  • Outside her mech, D.Va is vulnerable. But with his long-distance jumping, Winston complicates her situation even further.
  • If the fight is going against her, Tracer can out-damage D.Va at close range and quickly flee if things go against her.
  • Aside from Tracer, Reaper can out-damage D.Va at close range and has good escape methods to run from fight.
  • It is possible to freeze D.Va before she is blown apart by Fusion Cannons and self-heal using Cryo-Freeze.
  • Genji – D.Va may be unable to keep up with Genji’s speed, as his Swift Strike is unaffected by Defense Matrix.
  • Defense Matrix has no effect on the Hook of Roadhog, who can take down D.Va’s mech in two headshots.

General Tips for Playing D.Va

The unusual playstyle of D.Va, while not the most difficult Overwatch hero by any means, needs a different approach than most other characters, including certain Tanks.

In terms of finishing off weaker foes, she is excellent, but requires a lot of coordination compared to protected tanks like Reinhardt or Orisa, who can shelter themselves from damage.

As a summary, here are five general guidelines to keep in mind as you approach matches in the future.

  • D.Va is a great flanker and harasser, so don’t get too caught up in your role as a Tank.
  • Defense Matrix is a great tool for dealing with Ults like Pharah’s Barrage and McCree’s Deadeye.
  • Before activating Self-Destruct, have a plan in place so you know exactly where it will land.
  • Remember that you can stop your Boosters in mid-use by performing a melee attack or pressing the key for Boosters again..
  • As long as your next mech isn’t ready, your primary goal should be to land a lot of headshots while you’re out of your suit.



Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles are the two primary weapons in D.Va’s mech. Her primary weapon is the Fusion Cannon, which may be fired at will and does not require reloading. In order to be most effective, the Fusion Cannons must be used within a range of 10 to 20 meters.

Only if the player manages to land all of her Micro Missiles on a target will she be able to unleash a barrage of rockets with a maximum damage of 126. Fusion Cannons, with their endless ammo and eight seconds of cool-down time, allow players to worry less on ammo conservation. She can melt shields with her weapons, but she may also utilize her melee assault to inflict lethal damage on low-level foes.


Additionally, D.Va’s kit includes Boosters and Defense Matrix, two powers that characterize her skills. Her greatest asset is the ease with which she can go to new heights. You’ll need to use your Boosters frequently to get across the battlefield or to the top of a cliff. When facing an opponent that has poor positioning, employ the Boosters to go up close and finish the job.

Unlike the Defense Matrix, which shields your team from incoming bullets, the Defense Matrix is a forward-facing array. Because it only lasts for two seconds, don’t squander it on inaccuracy or beams. With this key, Supports can be protected from flanker fire or from devastating Ultimates such as the Graviton Surge or Death Blossom of Zarya. Defense Matrix, despite its short response time, can be just the ability you need to keep your teammates in motion and avoid toxicity.


The wink face!

D.Va’s Ultimate, Self-Destruct, is used by other players to wipe out the opposing team in Overwatch. Even though it appears simple from the outside, Self-Destruct can be tough to master. Map geometry, optimal time, and launch distance are only some of the many considerations needed to make good use of the data. Despite the fact that Self-Destruct can be activated in the middle of combat, this is usually not the best option.

Practice combining her Booster ability with Self-Destruct in the training zone. In order to shoot from afar and catch unsuspecting foes, you can harness the bomb’s momentum from Boosters. Using this strategy will improve your launches if you get a handle on the time and distance. It is possible to use corners and diversions while retaining a secure posture by triggering from distance.

Although landing an Ultimate that deals 1000 damage to all adversaries within range shouldn’t be easy, there are a few tactics that are guaranteed to work every time. Supports should always be targeted for Self-Destruct because of their limited escape mobility and importance to the composition of the squad.

It is, however, one of the finest methods to produce epic outcomes by combining it with allied Ultimates that limit enemy mobility, such as Sombra’s EMP, Sigma’s Gravitic Flux, or the aforementioned Graviton Surge. Do not be dismayed if your Self-Destruct fails at the end of the day. The best usage of this tactic would be to move your team through a bottleneck or regain control of the goal. Don’t activate it if your entire team is dead, because you won’t be able to benefit from its power.


As a result, you’ve either activated Self-Destruct and wiped off the whole opposition force… or not. What are the next steps? D.Va ejects with 150 health and a Light Gun when the player engages Self-Destruct or the mech’s life runs out. In Overwatch, she has a “second life” that allows her to continue fighting even after she’s been killed. Because she goes from being a tank to a glass cannon, players will need to be wary. Her Light Gun deals good damage and keeps her safe from the harrassment of the Damage characters she has to face.

The Call Mech, her secondary Ultimate, is charged when you play it safe with the Light Gun from a distance. When she uses this Ultimate, she summons a new mech, allowing her to return to her tanking duty. Smart players will kill Call Mech in the two seconds before it lands, causing her to deal damage to nearby adversaries. The best time to use your mech is when your team has an edge and you can call it in from a safe spot.



It is time to learn how to become a superb D.Va player now that you understand her powers. She’s a Tank, but she’s also a lot more than that. To allow Damage and Support characters to focus on their strengths, Tanks are commonly used in video games. Even so, flying into battle and taking heavy damage is a recipe for disaster for fans. Although her mech has 400 health and 200 armor, she is best deployed as a “off-tank.” This means that she should assist her team in a variety of ways other than being the driving force behind the conflict. You can use your high health and Defense Matrix to fight off attackers by remaining in the back alongside your allies. To help her Damage friends out, D.Va can also use her mobility to harass weaker adversaries.


Your team’s choice of characters, particularly the other tank, has a significant impact on how effective she is as a tank. D.Va can participate in the “Dive” strategy when paired with Winston, a mobility tank. In order to safeguard Winston, his mech-suited ally flies in to use Defense Matrix on the player with low health. To give you an idea of how she can protect and harass, this is a very simplified description. Tanks like Reinhardt, Orisa, and Sigma, all of which have shields, are ideal for D.Va since they allow her to be more aggressive while also keeping the enemy at distance. This is also true with Zarya, since her Projected Barrier may protect the user as they are boosting into fight and her Ultimate combos effectively with Self-Destruct. Consider selecting another tank if Roadhog and Wrecking Ball leave D.Va to face the bulk of the damage because of their limited armor.


Finally, we get to the question of which Maps are best suited to her outfit. Verticality and open space are both important considerations in this situation. She is able to ascend to the top of the mountain in a matter of seconds, as indicated above. A variety of maps like Dorado, Numbani, or Horizon Lunar Colony provide numerous opportunities to exploit vertical advantages. Her Self-Destruct is most effective when the opposition team can’t run and hide behind a wall, which is why she needs a lot of open space. While no map will be entirely in open spaces for the duration of the game, there are a couple that provide enough of open space for the launching of Self-Destruct missiles. D.Va is a difficult character to master in Overwatch, but if you follow the advice given in this tutorial, you’ll be playing her in no time.

“I play to win!”

Tank D.Va is the first thing you notice about her. This implies that she is primarily responsible for taking the brunt of the enemy’s attacks and shielding her teammates from harm. Her equipment, on the other hand, allows her to be infinitely more versatile.

The Fusion Cannons are D.Va’s primary weapon of destruction. When used at close quarters, these cannons can be effective despite their low damage output. Shotgun-like fire pattern, but small drop-off distance: this is the reason. While firing the cannons, D.Va’s movement is greatly restricted. Although the cannons don’t require reloading, it’s easy to put pressure on the enemy using them.

When D.Va uses her Micro Missiles, which are linear splash projectiles that deliver seven damage per missile on a direct hit and two to four damage every splash, she can fire a magazine of 18 missiles at 11 per second, dealing two to four damage per missile per splash. Just as with Fusion Cannons, the missiles are most lethal when fired at a relatively short distance. Once launched, the missiles deal 126 damage if they all hit their intended target. You can use this ability in conjunction with any other ability, which means that it won’t cancel any other abilities when triggered.

D.Va’s Boosters ability comes in handy when trying to get closer to the action. D.Va can fly in any direction, even upwards, with a speed of 12 meters per second for up to two seconds and a range of 24 meters with the help of Trigger Boosters. Since her boosters only have a five-second cooldown, D.Va’s ability to engage foes on high ground is made possible in large part by her ability to move vertically. Additionally, D.Va’s increased mobility allows her to return to a fight more quickly or retreat to help healers or other DPS who are in need.

Is this easy mode?

Defense Matrix is D.Va’s primary tool for survivability and defense of teammates, in addition to her health pool of 400 health and 200 armor. Incoming bullets will be deflected by a forward-facing target array that is activated by this ability.

When completely charged, Defense Matrix can last for up to two seconds, and it takes eight seconds to fully recharge. To activate again, you must wait two seconds. A visual indicator on the screen will indicate when the ability is gone. As a result, D.Va players must be mindful of this cooldown in order to take advantage of it on crucial enemy abilities..

When D.Va’s Boosters are on cooldown, the Defense Matrix will allow her to shield herself. Zarya’s Graviton Surge, for example, may be “eaten” by Defense Matrix when combined with her other abilities to suffocate many other heroes. With the press of the right mouse button, you can effectively make the adversary waste a skill they’ve worked so hard to acquire.

However, aggressively pushing high grounds with D.Va, she also protects her allies from flankers. With Defense Matrix activated, D.Va can easily boost toward a support in need of assistance while doing damage to the attackers with her special strike.

The Light Gun, which provides 14 damage each shot, will be available to D.Va if her mech is destroyed. Once her out-of-mech ultimate has been charged, she can summon a second mech to join the fight.

Nerf this!

Self-Destruct is D.Va’s primary ultimate. Enemy players will be alerted by the classic “Nerf this!” voice line that a nuke is about to be dropped on them, and the repercussions can be catastrophic.

At 1,000 damage per second, Self-Destruct will melt any heroes within a 20-meter radius. However, as the vocal line telegraphs the ability, it can be relatively easy to avoid it.. A three-second fuse means the ability can be used while hiding under cover. Players are safe as long as they are not in the line-of-sight of the ability.

You can buy time for your colleagues’ return by using Self-Destruct to clear off an area of interest. To say it isn’t lethal would be an understatement, since triggering Self-Destruct shortly after Boosters transforms it into a terrifying missile as D.Va emerges from the mech.

When an enemy’s Reinhardt or Orisa shield is about to shatter, launching the bursting mech with Boosters into a throng of foes is a smart approach because the shields can no longer protect them. An advantage of launching it from above is that it can swiftly alter the line of sight.

D.Va serves two purposes in the current three tank and three support meta. Ana’s heals and abilities, Zenyatta orbs, and Graviton Surge are all devoured by her Defense Matrix throughout a long teamfight, making her an a valuable tool for dealing damage to the enemy. First of all, her ultimate, coupled with a friendly Graviton Surge or a well-timed Reinhardt Shatter, can instantly win a fight because Zenyatta’s Transcendence and Lucio’s Sound Barrier aren’t great counters for her.

The matchups

Strong against

Projectile heroes

All projectile-shooting characters, even hitscan heroes like Soldier:76 and McCree, are doomed by Defense Matrix. Even if they manage to hit D.Va, the damage they take will be negated.

D.Va’s boosters, Micro Missiles, and Defense Matrix will quickly push heroes like Widowmaker, Hanzo, Soldier: 76, and McCree to the ground.

Weak against


Even if D.Va is acquitted, the Russian bodybuilder will demolish her. Defense Matrix can’t protect D.Va from Zarya’s primary fire, therefore she’ll have a hard time dealing with her. Because of this, it’s feasible to play the game in an advantageous way if you have competent D.Va on your side.

Mei and Reaper

Mei’s ability to breach D.Va’s Defense Matrix and freeze her in place makes her a nightmare for D.Va, preventing her from leaving with Boosters. It’s a different scenario, however, when it comes to Reaper’s massive headshot hitbox, which may rival D.Va’s damage output and decimate her health pool.


Is D.Va good in Overwatch?

D.Va has been through a variety of metas since the game’s inception, but she remains a valuable asset to any squad. D. Va’s kit boasts one of the strongest ultimates in the game, as well as some excellent crowd control and respectable damage.

Is D.Va easy to play?

It’s a misconception that she’s simple to play because of this. D.Va is a forgiving character, and this is somewhat true. The difficulty of playing her correctly is one of the reasons she is a go-to choice for professional players.

Is D.Va a tank?

D.Va is a tank character in the game who can deal a steady stream of damage while also neutralizing incoming strikes for a brief period of time. This means she can get out of her costume and ask for help before it’s too late.