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For your javelin to be as powerful as possible, you will need to upgrade your equipment frequently. In spite of Anthem’s abundance of loot, you’ll need to start crafting in order to obtain particular weapons..

Crafting is rather complex, but the game doesn’t do a good job of teaching it to players. So we’ve put up this guide to help you get the most out of Anthem. Check out the rest of our Anthem guides here:

Common, Uncommon, Rare & Epic Weapons

Weapons in Anthem come in a variety of rarities: Common (White), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), and Epic (Red) (Purple). Some of them are quite awful, but there are also some truly excellent ones.

You’ll discover that various rarity weapons offer distinct advantages that complement your javelin’s powers as you locate them.

Depending on the class you’re playing, the action you’re about to embark on, and your preferred playstyle, you’ll use different weapons in battle. The following is a complete inventory of all available weapons:

Assault Rifles

  • Assault Rifle — Long-range weapon. This weapon has a large magazine capacity and a respectable rate of fire.
  • Warden — A three-bullet burst-fire weapon with a medium-to-long range. Accurate aiming is needed to maximize ammo capacity.
  • The Hammerhead is the most powerful AR on the market, although it has a sluggish rate of fire and little ammo capacity. Effective against a single target.

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Marksman Rifles

  • Mid to long-range, with a reasonable rate of fire and ammo capacity. Scout
  • Mid-range, rapid fire rate: Anvil. The weapon does a lot of damage, but it has a lot of recoil and a very small ammo capacity.
  • Guardian — Three-bullet burst firing at a distance of great distance. Once you become adjusted to its recoil, this weapon can inflict devastating damage.

Sniper Rifles

  • Fast fire rate and ammo quantity make the Whirlwind a hybrid between a sniper and an AR. Sniper Rifles that use this weapon do much less damage.
  • It is possible for a single bullet fired by the Deadeye to hit nearly all adversaries.
  • Bullets detonate on impact with the Devastator. The best SR you can get.


  • Balanced fire rate, damage, and ammo capacity in Scattershot.
  • Two-bullet burst shotgun, Vengeance. At close range, this weapon deals a tremendous amount of damage.
  • The Constrictor has a high rate of fire and a large ammo supply. It gets better and better with each shot.

Heavy Pistols

  • Optimum balance between rate of fire and damage.
  • A high damage output at the expense of a high rate of backlash. Close-quarters combat is a breeze with this weapon.
  • Intense damage delivered in a rapid burst with the barrage attack. Useful for blitzing your enemies with a steady stream of ammunition.

Machine Pistols

  • It does a decent amount of damage and has a decent rate of fire. Suitable for novices.
  • Rapid-firing handgun, but it comes at a steep price: a hefty amount of recoil.
  • In terms of accuracy, Trajector is the best MP in the game.

Light Machine Guns

  • Fastest LMG, but with a modest amount of damage. Attracts adversary attention.
  • Never-say-die — Good damage output and ammo carrying capacity. LMG has a wide range of applications.
  • Gun with low rate of fire and ammo but high damage output is known as the sledgehammer.


  • High ammo capacity and rapid fire make the Cloudburst an excellent choice for a fast-moving weapon. Useful for blitzing your enemies with a steady stream of ammunition.
  • The Mauler has a low rate of fire, but a high rate of single-bullet destruction. A single shot may be fired in a matter of seconds, making it an excellent weapon for taking out lone enemies.
  • Torrent – Mini-gun with rapid fire. It gets better and better with each shot.

Grenade Launchers

  • Bombardier – Uses grenades that explode after bouncing off the ground.
  • Aftershock – Uses sticky grenades that detonate after a set amount of time has passed.
  • Grenades that can be detonated remotely are fired by the Lurker.

Masterwork & Legendary Weapons

Masterwork (Orange) and Legendary (Yellow) weapons are available in addition to the weapons you’ll find in normal drops.

As soon as you reach the 25th level, Masterworks and Legendaries can drop from any assignment on the Hard difficulty, whereas Legendaries can only be found on Grandmaster difficulty. Attempting to complete Strongholds on a higher difficulty will result in more potent treasure.

In comparison to the weapons found at lesser rarities, these are far more powerful and each one comes with a unique bonus that makes it incredibly useful in combat. The following is a complete inventory of all available weapons:

Assault Rifles

  • When you hit an adversary five times with Ralner’s Blaze, they catch fire. (Hammerhead’s ancestor)
  • A raging inferno is unleashed when three enemies are hit with Divine Vengeance. In the Warden family,
  • Elemental Rage – When you hit an Elite adversary, your elemental damage increases by 5% for 10 seconds. As many as twenty stacks are possible. Defendant is a derivative of this word.
  • Pyrrhic Victory – An air explosion occurs when an enemy is killed or hit ten times. This weapon is based off of the assault rifle.

Marksman Rifles

  • The enemy’s weak points are amplified by 65 percent when you hover and fire while doing so. (Based on the Guardian)
  • In order to recharge shields, use the full magazine (Derived from Scout)
  • For a period of five seconds, hits deliver a 50% reduction in recoil. It’s possible to stack this effect three times. (Anvil’s offspring)
  • Electric damage can be dealt by Yvenia’s Thunderbolt if it is discharged (Derived from Marksman Rifle)

Sniper Rifles

  • Truth of Tarsis – A chain combination is triggered if you hit an enemy’s weak area while they are under a status effect. An ancestor of Devastator
  • When you hit an adversary three or more times, they become immobilized and unable to respond to your commands. Derivative of Wrecking Ball
  • Wyvern Blitz – Increasing weapon damage to weak places on the enemy by 40% when hovering while firing. As if by a dead eye


  • For five seconds, reloading with Papa Pump increases damage with 150%. Stacking is allowed up to two times. From Scattershot, this is a variation.
  • Rolling Carnage: For 20 seconds, weapon damage is increased by 50%. It’s possible to stack this effect three times. (From the Latin vengeance, hence the name)
  • Recharging shields by 35 percent is possible if you fire an eighth shot in a row. (Derived from the Constrictor)

Heavy Pistols

  • When hovering, the Avenging Herald’s damage is doubled. It is based on Blastback.
  • For 5 seconds after striking two enemy weak spots, damage increases by 150 percent. “Resolution” is derived from this.
  • Close Encounter – For 10 seconds, weapon damage is increased by 75% by dashing. (From the word “barrage”)

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Machine Pistols

  • After using a melee strike, Vassa’s Surprise restores 25% of your magazine’s ammo. Hailstorm (derived from this)
  • Whenever a Garretus’ health is depleted, damage is increased by 125% for a period of 10 seconds. Trajector (derived from)
  • Weapon and melee damage is increased by 110 percent for five seconds when you hit an Elite or higher enemy at close range. It’s a diminutive of Fulcrum.

Light Machine Guns

  • Creates an explosion of lightning while reloading. (From the word “relentless” derived this word)
  • When you hit an adversary, your fire rate improves by 10% for 10 seconds. Stacking is allowed up to ten times. This word has its origins in the Sledgehammer.
  • Strengthened Will – For the following 20 seconds, firing the last bullet in the clip reduces the weapon recoil by 50%. Stacking is allowed up to two times. Havoc is derived from this.


  • For five seconds after striking an opponent with the Fist of Stral, damage is increased by 10%. Stacking is allowed up to ten times. Cloudburst (derived from the word)
  • Increased magazine size and base damage by 100% with Endless Siege. (Analogous to Torrent)
  • The Last Stand – Damage is increased by 125% for 10 seconds whenever health is lost. “Mauler” (derived from this)

Grenade Launchers

  • AOE acid attack triggered after hitting an adversary with Sentinel’s Vengeance. Aftershock (derived from this)
  • To add insult to injury, killing an enemy will enhance your resistance to status ailments by 75% for 10 seconds. A shortened version of Bombardier
  • Balm of Gavinicus – Recovers 25% of your armor after hitting two opponents with it. Attributed to Lurker
  • Invokes Gawin’s Vengeance, which releases an explosive grenade that explodes into four fragments. This weapon is based on the Grenade Launcher.

Crafting Materials

In addition to weaponry, you’ll need to gather a wide range of crafting materials in Anthem in order to enhance your equipment. List of all crafting materials and where they can be found:


  • Completing World Events, Missions, Strongholds, obtaining the necessary weapons, and growing Faction Loyalty are all ways to get them.
  • Completing weapon-specific challenges improves a weapon’s blueprint.
  • Completing ability-specific challenges enhances Javelin skills.
  • The Arcanists reward increased loyalty with weapon sigils.
  • Loyalty to the Freelancers is rewarded with ammo and armor components.
  • Strengthening one’s bonds with the Sentinels is the key to gaining new abilities and elements.

Weapon Parts

  • Obtainable by unlocking containers in missions and in Freeplay.
  • Dismantling certain weapons yields this item.

Javelin Parts

Equipment that is no longer in service can be salvaged and repurposed into javelins

Chimeric Compound & Chimeric Alloy

  • Harvested from rocks, minerals, and vegetation during missions and Freeplay.

Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Masterwork Embers

  • While harvesting and opening chests in missions and Freeplay, random drops can be found.
  • Items of varying rarity can be obtained by destroying them.
  • Obtainable by completing Legendary Contracts and Strongholds at a higher level of difficulty than normal.


It is possible to improve upon weapons and gear that you currently own through crafting. More damage is dealt and stronger secondary qualities are acquired when you raise the rarity of already-owned items.

Chimeric Alloy, Chimeric Compound, and Weapon Parts are all generic crafting materials in Anthem. Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Masterwork are the four Ember crafting resources. As far, it is unclear whether or whether there are Legendary Embers.) In conclusion, Anthem’s Javelins include individual crafting components for each of the four classes: Ranger, Interceptor, Colossus, and Storm.

There are a lot of things to cover in this area.


Crafting resources in Anthem can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • The general-purpose crafting ingredients Chimeric Alloy and Chimeric Compound are used in nearly every Anthem item.
  • In order to build new weapons, you’ll need Weapon Parts.
  • The use of embers is limited to the creation of rare blueprints. If you want to craft a rare (blue) item, you’ll need Rare Embers.
  • For example, Javelin-specific materials can be used to manufacture items like support and fighting skills for various Javelins.


Crafting is an other matter entirely. Another challenge is tracking down the individuals in question. Look no farther than here:

  • The Chimeric Alloy and the Chimeric Compound appear in missions and Freeplay as plants and rocks, respectively. They can also be obtained through the disassembly of specific pieces of equipment.
  • During missions and Freeplay, Weapon Parts are stored in part containers. When dismantling some weapons, you can also find them.
  • It is possible to get embers as a result of harvesting. You can also obtain them by destroying rare things.
  • Dismantling pieces unique to each Javelin produces Javelin Parts. Components such as Ranger Components and Interceptor Components are examples of this.

All of these items are also available for purchase from Prospero’s Vanity Store. You can also purchase them from Sayrna if you’ve unlocked her Regulator Store. Coins are required to purchase any weapon or component that requires them, and that can quickly add up.

Anthem crafting: how to get embers, upgrading blueprints, inscriptions | Rock Paper Shotgun


Crafting in Anthem requires knowledge of its blueprint.

Relatively rare blueprints determine its stats, recipe, or resources needed to make the item they’re based on. All of Anthem’s weapons and armor come with a blueprint. For as long as the appropriate supplies are available, you can make it (with the possible exception of Legendary tier gear).


Certain challenges must be completed before blueprints can be obtained. These can be found under the Challenges tab in Anthem. To see what you need to do and the reward for finishing the Challenge, click here. The more difficult the challenge, the more rare the blueprints become.

Each blueprint requires a different type of challenge to be completed in order to be upgraded.

  • Weapons are obtained by completing Challenges using weapons. To complete a Challenge, you must use a specific weapon to make a kill.
  • To earn weapon sigils, you must have a high level of devotion to the Arcanist faction.
  • Loyalty to the Freelancer faction yields items such as ammo and armor.
  • Loyalty to the Sentinel faction results in increased abilities and elemental components.
  • Challenges that require you to have an ability equipped for a set number of missions are the source of Javelin abilities.

How to Unlock Blueprints

Unlocking the appropriate blueprints is a critical part of the crafting process as well. There are a variety of ways to go about this, so I’ll go over each one separately.


The blueprints for the most common weapons are unlocked the first time you use them. After then, you’ll have to complete tasks with the weapon equipped in order to get the higher rarity versions.

Please keep in mind that killing 10 legendary adversaries does not unlock the Epic version of a weapon. After completing the Uncommon and Rare challenges you’ll be able to begin your epic challenge!

You must kill adversaries in order to complete these quests. A blueprint’s rarity determines how many and what kind of adversaries you’ll face in order to access it:

  • Get this weapon once you’ve slain fifty enemies with it.
  • The weapon’s rarest feat is to kill 25 Elite adversaries with it.
  • Epic: Use the weapon to annihilate 10 legendary foes.
  • With this weapon, you must defeat ten Legendary foes.

To complete these challenges, you merely need to hurt the enemy, not deal the death blow. Open the Challenges menu and select either gear or weapons to see your weapon and gear blueprint progress.

Gear (Abilities)

By completing tasks with the Ability enabled, gear blueprints can be obtained. The difficulties are as follows:

  • Accomplish four missions or world events on Normal+ difficulty while having an enchanted item in your inventory
  • With the ability equipped, complete eight missions or world events on Normal+ difficulty.
  • Complete 12 missions or world events with the ability equipped on Normal+ difficulty.
  • Achieve Masterwork by completing 35 missions or world events on Grandmaster 1+ difficulty with the ability equipped.

Anthem’s Faction and Rep system allows players to get access to blueprints for various parts and sigils. It’s best to check out the Anthem faction and reward guide for more information.

These blueprints can only be unlocked by following these instructions:

  • All three Sentinel tiers will have an increase in Sentinel Rep.
  • All three ranks of the Freelancer will benefit from an increase in Freelancer Rep.
  • Each rank of Arcanist gets a rep boost from the weapon sigils they wear.
  • Elemental: Complete Strongholds.

Elemental: Complete Strongholds.