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As a result of her teammates’ assistance, Brigitte is considered one of the most frustrating Overwatch heroes by many gamers.

Brigitte, despite her lack of mobility, has a shield that shields her from incoming damage and allows her to carry her friends to victory after she has time to set up.

Here, we’ll go over the finest tips, methods, and strategies for playing as Brigitte, the mechanical engineer turned squire in the Overwatch Brigitte guide.

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Brigitte Abilities and Role Explained

Having Brigitte as a support/tank allows her to absorb very little damage and keep her squad well-supplied through passive and active healing.

Her shield-wielding ability grants her greater protection at the expense of mobility, much like Reinhardt’s.

Thus, Brigitte performs best when she’s near her teammates, disrupting flankers and keeping an eye out for her comrades’ safety.

You’ll need to put in some time and effort to get the hang of Brigitte’s abilities, especially because they all have cooldowns.

How To Use Rocket Flail

With her Rocket Flail, Brigitte’s only weapon, she can inflict some damage, but it’s not much.

Brigitte’s passive ability, Inspire, is activated whenever her flail strikes an enemy, thus Rocket Flail is useful for this purpose.

To set up a combination, Brigitte’s flail is better than Reinhardt’s hammer because it doesn’t have any knockback effects by default.

For the most effective use of Rocket Flail, we advocate engaging in close-quarter clashes with your teammates.

How To Use Repair Pack

Allies within 30 meters of Brigitte receive 110 HP of passive healing per two-second burst from her Repair Pack charges, which can be used up to three times.

Once the hero has reached maximum health, any remaining healing is transformed into armor, which protects him for the next five seconds or until he takes damage.

Each charge has a six-second cooldown, which means that Brigitte’s capacity to heal substantially decreases once she’s used up her three charges.

As a result, we advise keeping a spare charge on hand in case of emergency, as well as favoring other healers and low-health DPS above tanks.

How To Use Whip Shot

Brigitte launches her flail in the direction she’s facing to knock back adversaries when Whip Shot is activated.

While casting this ability, Brigitte suffers a -50 percent mobility penalty and receives a cool 70 damage.

Aside from knocking down adversaries and activating Brigitte’s healing aura, Whip Shot leaves her vulnerable.

Using Whip Shot as a last phase in your attacking combo is encouraged.

How To Use Barrier Shield

Unlike Reinhardt’s (500 HP), Brigitte’s (250 HP) Barrier Shield can only shield her and a teammate standing behind her.

You can reduce Brigitte’s movement penalty by switching back and forth between shield and no-shield while you’re pushing forward if you keep her shield up.

When Brigitte unleashes her Shield Bash, which sees her charge past foes and knock them unconscious for a brief period of time, Barrier Shield has a nifty trick up its sleeve.

With Shield Bash, Brigitte has one of the most devastating abilities in her kit, allowing her to stun her enemies as they begin performing their Ult.

How To Use Rally (Ultimate)

When used properly, Rally is one of the best support Ultimates in the game and may swiftly tip the scales in your team’s favor.

The aura generated by Brigitte’s activation grants her and her teammates with 15 armor every half a second or until they reach 100 armor.

As a result of this, Brigitte will be able to play more aggressively and heal her teammates with Inspire.

For the best results, use Rally as close to the start of a huge encounter as possible. This will allow your team time to gather armor and gain momentum.

Brigitte Strengths

With the help of her teammates, Brigitte is able to outperform herself despite her subpar damage output.

If she has a tank nearby, she can stay in the forefront for lengthy periods of time thanks to her high health pool (200 HP, 50 Armor) and Barrier Shield.

The following is a list of the most renowned heroes whose playstyles naturally match Brigitte’s.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Brigitte?

  • Reinhardt – Brigitte can shield and heal him while he recharging his shield.
  • Brigitte can benefit from Roadhog’s large health pool and self-healing abilities, which relieve some of the load on her.
  • To protect Brigitte, Zarya uses Projected Barrier; to deter speedier opponents, Brigitte can employ Shield Bash.
  • With Brigitte’s heals, Reaper can play more aggressively than Brigitte. Both characters are excellent at close-range combat.
  • A high-mobility hero that threatens Brigitte can be hacked by Sombra, making it easier for her to take them out.
  • Can take use of Brigitte’s ability to disrupt teams and rack up damage without being seen.
  • Doomfist – Brigitte and Doomfist can work together to put pressure on the opposition team while taking use of the Inspire/Repair Pack heals.

Brigitte Weaknesses

When it comes to Brigitte’s abilities, you’ll need a solid sense of spatial awareness and cooldown management in order to employ them.

Having her shield taken away leaves her vulnerable and unable to perform the majority of the healing, making her an automatic backup healer.

There are a number of heroes who are capable of defeating Brigitte in a one-on-one fight, and we’ve compiled a list of those below.

Which Heroes Does Brigitte Struggle Against?

  • Brigitte’s shield can be ripped apart by Orisa, who can use Fortify to counteract the effects of Shield Bash.
  • The shield of Brigitte’s can be destroyed in a matter of seconds by Bastion, just like Orisa.
  • If you time your Uppercut and Seismic Slam just right, Doomfist can knock out Brigitte.
  • Brigitte’s best hope against Genji is to keep her shield raised and move for cover.
  • With a few well-placed headshots, Hanzo can take out Brigitte from a distance.
  • A fully-charged headshot from Widowmaker can one-shot Brigitte.
  • By bouncing grenades off walls, Junkrat can get behind Brigitte’s shield; she is too sluggish to avoid his RIP-tire.

General Tips For Playing Brigitte

By staying near to tanks and damage heroes, Brigitte can lead her team to win in a match.

Shield Bash’s ability to stun and even interrupt Ults cannot be emphasized, despite her lack of mobility and low damage output.

Here are a few additional general pointers for when you’re taking on the role of Brigitte.

  • Avoid the Shield Brigitte will be exposed if you go into enemy territory without the rest of your team.
  • Brigitte’s shield may be used to shelter Mercy as she revives a teammate.
  • Because Brigitte lacks burst healing, she should not be the primary healer.
  • As an offensive or defensive tactic, Rally might help your squad survive a conflict or just keep them alive.
  • Save Shield Bash for interrupting Ults and emergency escapes rather than spamming it.
  • Be aware of flankers moving towards your team’s backline and heal teammates within range if you’re using Brigitte, who performs best near the frontlines.



    • Radius of 20 meters, 15 healings per second
    • over 30 meters / 3 charges / 6 second cooldown: 110 healing in 2 seconds

Who’s up for some fun?

Inexperienced players should be aware that healing is the major objective of the character when playing as a Support/Tank hybrid. It’s not as simple as some of her other healing methods, but she does have two ways to keep allies going. The most reliable way is to use the Inspire ability, which is triggered every time the Rocket Flail hits an adversary. Brig will then be able to automatically heal any nearby teammates. With this skill, she can fight as a member of the team even if she is critically injured.

Inspire’s radius can’t always keep up with a player’s teammates, and this can be frustrating for a player. The good news is that if you’re having trouble with Brigitte in Overwatch, Repair Packs can help. Despite the fact that they cover considerable distance, the packs do not place a high value on accuracy. When this hero uses the ability to heal or shield an ally attacking the enemy backline, the forgiving nature of the ability comes in handy. Keep in mind that there are only three charges available, and the cooldown period is not particularly brief either. In order to have at least one or two doses on hand at all times, use sparingly.


    • Melee: 35 damage across a range of six meters.
    • This spell deals 70 damage and lasts for 4 seconds before going down.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of healing, you’re probably wondering how to put an end to the pain. The Rocket Flail, a short-range melee weapon akin to Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer, is her primary weapon. An ability called Inspire is activated whenever a player hits an enemy and heals their friends. Because of this, it is critical to pursue the tanks and inflict some damage. However, adversaries may choose to play from a distance or use their most powerful abilities. In these instances, use Whip Shot’s long-range and knockback to get the job done. Brig supporters can keep up Inspire at any distance by using a short cooldown. When playing Brigitte, practice these maneuvers to win games and level up quickly in Overwatch.


    • 250 hp / 85 hp regenerated each second / 5 second cooldown if destroyed / 5 second cooldown
    • 5 damage, +470 percent movement speed, 6.85 meters, and a 7-second cooldown are all included in this spell.

This character’s kit has a lot to offer, including ways to protect as well as ways to attack and heal. A Barrier Shield is included in the box, same like Reinhardt’s. However, it is much more compact and cannot withstand nearly as much damage as the larger model. Due to its limited range, it is mostly used to protect the hero from an initial burst of fire or a retreat to cover. For a limited time, players can use this gadget to protect a vulnerable ally. A cooling-down period will prevent you from using your shield again if it is deactivated.

Shield Bash is one of the reasons for being cautious with Barrier Shield use. Whenever Brigitte comes into contact with an enemy, this ability instantly incapacitates them. If you don’t know how to use crowd control, you’ll have a hard time shutting down your enemies. This stun can be used to stop an opponent from attempting to flank or dive onto a teammate. Reaper’s Death Blossom and Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter can be prevented by this. The 7 second cooldown means that players will want to use their power wisely and not simply whenever they feel like it.


    • Up to 100 armor per second / +30% movement speed / 8.5m radius and 10s duration / 15 armor per 0.5s

Rally is a great option if you’re searching for an easier-to-learn playstyle than most ultimate abilities. Activating it allows her to move faster and give a significant amount of protection for the team.. Armor reduces the amount of damage taken by half and is particularly handy against weapons like shotguns and sonic booms. To go back into the fight or to make a huge push alongside the team, she can use the speed boost. In Overwatch, Brigitte’s Rally up ability alone does not make her impenetrable, so don’t be afraid to take a few risks and make sure your friends have adequate protection. Generally, use her Ultimate to withstand a lethal surge of damage or to shield several weakened comrades from the effects of a single strike.



When Brigitte first appeared in a game, she could serve as both a tank and a support simply by showing up. These days, she’s more of a Support character with some modest Tanking abilities. Her days as a main character are long behind her. From the protection of the backline, the hero can launch Rocket Flails or Repair Packs to begin the healing process. As a result, she is spared the danger of dying as a result of having to stand in the open all the time. For other support or squishy DPS, she works as a “tank” by stunning and absorbing damage from attacks. In a team combat, use defensive elements such as healing and allowing allies to push the envelope to stay alive.


With team composition in Overwatch, Brigitte may be less adaptable than certain other Support characters. In the company of Tanks like Reinhardt and Zarya, she makes a great choice. As a result, she is able to stay in the fight while maintaining Inspire’s high level of activity. Going into battle with Sigma or Roadhog isn’t the worst thing you can do, either, because they both have shields and personal healing that they can use to lessen attacks. It’s best to pair Brig with a major healer like Ana, Mercy, or Moira, whose healing is more reliable. The speed increase and two types of healing that Lucio provides in a radius make him a good choice for her, but she’s better off with him.

On the plus side, this support character gets along well with many other DPS members. Because of the presence of heroes like Torbjörn and Bastion in the bunker, Brigitte can remain in the back and protect the others. Consider teaming her up with a heavier brawler like Reaper or Mei in order to make a good defensive unit. The first time she was launched, she was a powerful counter to the Dive composition in Overwatch. Tracer, Genji, and Doomfist may all benefit from her fast Repair Packs, which can let them survive while harassing the opposition team.


Choosing Brigitte will require some experimenting with the various terrain and game settings. Nepal and Lijiang Tower control maps are strong because of their tight goals. As a result, some of the opposition’s players find themselves in close proximity to her. Maps like Hanamura and Volskaya Industries, which have several difficult choke places, may be overcome by her in Assault mode. With Rally enabled, the squad is able to withstand a significant quantity of enemy concentrate fire. If you’re going to be escorting someone, Junkertown or Havana aren’t the worst places to be.

The fact that he is one of the more divisive characters in Blizzard’s shooter is well known. Being able to challenge dominant characters and methods without having to reach a high skill ceiling drastically altered the game’s dynamics. Throughout the years, the creators have put a lot of effort into mending her mechanics, although to varied degrees of success. However, she is still a popular choice for professional players. Her kit works best with a well-coordinated group, as her Whip Shots may both heal teammates and disrupt opponents. In the absence of an exclusive Tanking duty for this hero, supporters can still play defence. Brigitte in Overwatch can be a very rewarding character to play if you play it cautiously and intelligently.

Brigitte’s Weaknesses

When you play Brig, the elephant in the room is the short effective range and the restricted heals. In order to heal outside of Repair Pack cooldowns, Brig is unable to replenish her crew after the combat. It is normal for Brig to utilize all of her Repair Packs and watch as her team is whittled down and decimated by her opponent’s defensive playstyle. It can be tough to land a whip on flying characters like Pharah and Echo, therefore Brig players may have difficulty dealing with them.

Brig’s worst nightmare is to face another Brig. It’s essentially mutually assured disaster because it’s impossible to protect oneself from another Brig and you can’t escape away from each other. Things are extremely dangerous for you when your tank line is anything than Rein/Zarya/Brig when you encounter them.

Brig is the most difficult support because of the necessity to being on the front lines of fight in order to be effective. You can be easily taken out if you don’t pay attention to enemy cooldowns like Hook/Halt. Brig players must know when to stand firm, when to retreat, and when to push.


What is the best way to play Brigitte overwatch?

In Overwatch, Brigitte’s Rally up ability alone does not make her impenetrable, so don’t be afraid to take a few risks and make sure your friends have adequate protection. All in all, use her Ultimate to spare yourself and your friends from being killed by a devastating blast of damage.

Is Brigitte good overwatch?

Brigitte, a flex healer in Overwatch, is favored by gamers because of her tankiness and ability to heal large areas. … As a result of her wide and distinctive set of abilities, Brigitte has gained a devoted following in the Overwatch community.

How do you master Brigitte?

The following are some general guidelines for playing Brigitte:

  1. Avoid the Shield Brigitte will be exposed if you go into enemy territory without the rest of your team.
  2. Brigitte’s shield may be used to shelter Mercy as she revives a teammate.
  3. Because Brigitte lacks burst healing, she should not be the primary healer.