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With Baptiste’s arrival on Overwatch’s roster, players can expect a highly-trained healer who can also offer DPS.

Baptiste, despite his lack of mobility, is a significant asset to any squad thanks to his Immortality Field ability.

As a combat medic in the Overwatch Baptiste guide, we’ll go through the finest tactics, tricks, and strategies.

Our Overwatch Beginner’s Guide is a great place to learn about hero roles, team composition, and the best ways to win.

Baptiste Abilities and Role Explained

With a powerful kit that can take time to perfect, Baptiste is another skilled floor support hero like Ana.

Baptiste’s healing skills can help him and his team survive, even though his design is heavily influenced by Soldier: 76.

Amplification Matrix and Biotic Launcher allow him to quickly line up rounds at medium to long range, which is where he excels.

Baptiste is a hero that might be tempting to play offensively, but a smart player can often get more value out of this hero by assisting their teammates with heals and buffs.

How To Use Biotic Launcher

It’s Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher, the first weapon in his arsenal, which has two modes of fire: one that deals damage and one that heals his teammates.

As Baptiste’s crosshair rises, his accuracy and recoil control are rewarded by three-round bursts of hitscan that reward both.

To heal teammates inside a 3-meter AoE with 60 HP, Baptiste can use the secondary mode, however it has no impact on him.

The amount of damage that Baptiste deals is negligible unless he connects with a headshot, therefore it’s best to focus on healing your allies rather than dealing damage yourself.

How To Use Regenerative Burst

Regenerative Burst is your best option for healing yourself and your team if you spend most of the match inflicting damage.

A heal-over-time effect is applied to Baptiste and any close allies within a 10-meter radius after activation.

After reaping the benefits of Regenerative Burst, allies who leave its area of impact will continue to heal.

A 13-second cooldown means that you should only use this ability sparingly, ideally when two or more allies are in critical condition.

How To Use Immortality Field

The best ability in Baptiste’s arsenal, Immortality Field, can frequently be the difference between a team winning or losing a strong push.

For up to 5.5 seconds, it uses a generator to keep Baptiste and any of his comrades’ HP above 20% in a 6.5-meter cone of protection.

It’s a great way to hold a point and buy some time for your team if you have teammates with less than 20% health.

However, the generator can be damaged by adversaries, removing the field’s benefits early. Use cover and blind places to your advantage when placing the generator.

How To Use Exo Boots

He gets some much-needed mobility thanks to his Exo Boots, which allow him to jump higher after a short charge period.

You must initially squat for around a second before jumping in order to charge Baptiste’s boots.

As long as his battery is charged, Baptiste may leap over nine meters into the air, giving him an advantage over foes who are still on the ground.

In spite of their usefulness in positioning Baptiste, the Exo Boots are ineffective as a means of rapid escape because of the time it takes to fully charge them.

How To Use Amplification Matrix (Ultimate)

Any projectiles that cross through the Amplification Matrix’s visual barrier will be dealt 100 percent more damage and heal themselves.

After activation, hitting the Ultimate key again before constructing allows you to change the barrier’s orientation.

It’s most effective when you and your allies can do a lot of damage to a lot of enemies in a small area.

Keep in mind that the EMP from Sombra will still destroy the Amplification Matrix if you use one of Roadhog’s Chain Hook or Brigitte’s Whip Shot.

Baptiste Strengths

In order for Baptiste to do a good job of ensuring that his teammate’s health is maintained, at least two tanks are required.

If you want to avoid taking more damage than Baptiste’s 200 health pool can withstand, place yourself in the backline of your squad. On the contrary, Baptiste relies on his teammates more than most heroes, and we’ve compiled a list of his most effective allies below.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Baptiste?

  • With the Amplification Matrix’s effects, both B.O.B. and Dynamite substantially benefit.
  • turret mode, Bastion may fire through the Amp. Matrix to inflict tremendous damage.
  • To increase the damage of McCree’s Deadeye and OHKO any enemy, he can employ Amp. Matrix.
  • Soldier: 76 – The Amplification Matrix, like McCree’s, increases the lethality of the Tactical Visor.
  • Playstyles such as Roadhog and Whole Hog benefit from Amp. Matrix’s Amp. Matrix.
  • It is simpler for Baptiste to heal Reinhardt because of his large hitbox. He can OHKO most heroes with Fire Strike when it goes through the Amp. Matrix.
  • As long as you’re near Baptiste’s Amp, Zarya can set up Graviton Surge. Matrix can vaporize an enemy team in a matter of minutes.

Baptiste Weaknesses

When you get into the thick of things, Baptiste’s flaws come to light..

While his Exo Boots help him to get a better view, he lacks the mobility that a squishy Support hero needs to survive.

He also has a hard time dealing with heroes with large health pools, and his Immortality Field cooldown makes him even more susceptible.

Baptiste’s kit can be overcome by a wide range of heroes, therefore we’ve compiled a list of those below.

Which Heroes Does Baptiste Struggle Against?

  • It is Ana’s Sleep Dart, long-range snipes, and an anti-healing grenade that Baptiste is vulnerable to.
  • Genji – Has the ability to track Baptiste down and kill him anywhere on the map.
  • Baptiste can be pulled out of the Immortality Field by Roadhog’s hook.
  • Sombra – Baptiste’s abilities to heal and survive will be drastically reduced if Sombra hacks him.
  • When Winston uses his shield to block Baptiste’s healing, he has a good chance of taking down the Immortality Field.
  • With his Dragon Strike and the ability to snag Baptiste’s location, Hanzo is a dangerous long-range threat.
  • Hanzo-like Widowmaker can snipe Baptiste and activate the Immortality Field, just like Hanzo does.
  • As Baptiste can’t keep up, Wrecking Ball can knock foes off the Immortality Field.
  • He enjoys disrupting teams’ backlines, which is where Baptiste is frequently deployed.

General Tips for Playing Baptiste

If you want to play like a pro at Baptiste, you’ll need to invest in a lot of practice time because of the high skill floor.

In Immortality Field, his distinctive equipment can make or break a team fight, even though he’s a terrifying choice.

Here are some additional suggestions to help you along the way; they include a variety of strategies and techniques that may not be immediately apparent when playing Baptiste.

  • Holding down both the primary and secondary fire buttons on Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher allows him to employ both the primary and secondary fire at once.
  • Consider the Biotic Launcher’s healing projectile when rehearsing how to deploy Immortality Field’s generator.
  • You’ll almost always come out on top if you use Regenerative Burst in the beginning of a team fight.
  • When Sombra casts her EMP, you can prevent it from disrupting the Immortality Field by throwing it at her as soon as she begins to cast.
  • With his Immortality Field, Baptiste has the ability to keep himself alive as he prevents or delays a fight by physically blocking the entrances that attackers are pushed through.

Baptiste’s Weapon – Biotic Launcher

The Medic SMG is Baptiste’s primary mode of attack. This is a three-round burst sub-machine gun for the mid-range. According to the creators, this is a great weapon for the character.

For a maximum of 15 bursts, you’ll be able to shoot around 45 rounds before having to reload.

As an added bonus, the secondary fire of the Medic SMG is incredibly potent. The Biotic Launcher can be fired with the right mouse button, which instead releases a healing grenade. Ten of these healing shots can be fired before you have to pause to reload your weapon.

To be clear, reloading in either of these firing modes will replenish both magazines simultaneously.

Splash healing is given to those in the vicinity of the explosion when the grenade detonates. This ability can be used if your squad is gathered together or if you have a person in need of healing underneath you who is within the grenade’s radius of impact.


  • Remember that you cannot be healed by the healing grenades you throw, so keep an eye out for your comrades’ lives while you do so. Help from another team member or your Regenerative Burst ability is required if you are in need of assistance.
  • Try to use your grenades in the most efficient manner possible. Ideally, you should be aiming from a height that gives you a clear view of the area where your colleagues are congregating.

Baptiste’s Abilities

With his formidable weapon, Baptiste has access to a wide range of other powerful abilities, just like every other hero in the game

A burst of rejuvenation

Over time, this gives a precise healing. Everyone within a specified distance of Baptiste is healed, and Baptiste is also healed.

Health replenishment takes time, and it’s also essential for self-healing because Baptiste can’t be restored by grenades fired from his weapon’s secondary fire.

This ability has a 15-second cooldown and recovers 150 health points over the course of its duration.


  • Baptiste’s essential self-healing ability is Regenerative Burst, however it takes time to heal. That implies that if you’re in a true bind, you’ll need the assistance of another member of the squad.
  • Regenerative Burst’s group healing potential can only be fully realized via practice and experience. Ensure that the maximum number of allies are caught in its influence, but keep in mind that other players will need some time to adapt to the range of this new ability as well.

It is impossible for a friendly player to be hurt if their health falls below a particular level, and that threshold is extremely low. The health bar’s UI will make it easy to see when you’ve reached this limit.

Keep in mind that the generator in the center of the Immortality Field can be destroyed by enemy players. If the Field is reduced to rubble, you’ll need to replenish everyone’s health to keep them safe.

A shield provided by heroes like Reinhardt or Orisa can be a suitable place to drop the Immortality Field. As a result, the Field’s usefulness will be extended for a longer period of time.

Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, for example, can be dealt with using the Immortality Field. The Immortality Field will effectively limit its ability to wipe out the team, and this should lead to some fascinating competitive play.


  • Immortality Field has the potential to save your squad if used properly. A powerful ult combo play by the enemy side should only be used if you believe one is imminent. Zarya’s anguish with Hanzo or D.Va may be imagined.
  • Dropping the Field in the middle of the enemy’s sniper locations will allow the rest of the squad to get a look around and take care of the problem. Make sure you don’t stop the healing process while they’re putting the trash out.
  • The new bar that appears at the end of each character’s health bar indicates whether or not they have been affected by the Immortality Field’s projection.

As a support character, Baptiste needs a way to detach from the adversary, and that’s why this new ability was included.

Baptiste’s healing grenade’s splash damage allows him to quickly ascend to a higher altitude, where he may then unleash a rain of healing on his squad below.


  • Get an aerial advantage on the battlefield and direct your healing more effectively by using Exo Boots.
  • Aside from getting close to enemy heroes, you can also use your Exo Boots to engage them at a distance and deal substantial damage.
  • To activate your leap, press the spacebar after you’ve released your crouch position.

Whenever the Matrix is triggered, all team damage is substantially magnified. It also works with Orisa and Ana’s ultimates, as well as Mercy’s damage increase. When it comes time to take a key goal or end a battle, it can be an extremely useful utility tool to have.

As many members of your team as feasible should be able to fire through this forcefield, hitting as many of the enemy’s positions as possible.


  • Despite its appearance, the Amplification Matrix offers no defensive protection to your team. Its sole purpose is to increase the damage that gets through to the opposing team.
  • Ana and Mercy’s damage boosts, for example, can be used in conjunction with this one, as stated in the description. Make sure that you and your teammates work together to maximize this ultimate’s incredible potential.

Overwatch Baptiste Lore

Alyssa Wong’s short story, “What You Left Behind,” was released shortly after Baptiste was introduced, coinciding with the hero’s Homecoming limited time event that allowed players to obtain his Combat Medic skin.

As a result of the Omnic Crisis, Jean-Baptiste Augustin was among the countless orphans. He was a member of the Caribbean Coalition’s Special Ops squad before being taken on by the infamous secret criminal organization Talon.

To begin with Baptiste had a great deal of money and a comfortable lifestyle, but as the brutality of his team’s assignments intensified Baptiste came to realize that the cycle of violence which murdered his parents and ruined his town was being perpetuated by him and his team.

Like most gangs or terrorist organizations, Talon does not give a generous severance package, but every assassin and operative that has been dispatched against him has never returned.

But Baptiste Now still strives to make the world a better place in whichever way he can, healing wherever he can and only fighting when necessary.

Overwatch Baptiste Weapon

With a semi-auto SMG that can kill unsuspecting adversaries with its primary fire while also healing allies, Baptiste epitomizes the “I’m a healer, but…” stereotype.

The Biotic Launcher is unique among Overwatch’s weapons in that it uses a distinct mechanism. When you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to keep your squad going and offer some DPS of your own during those crucial moments.

Assault Launchers with Biological Propulsion

Accuracy and recoil control are rewarded with considerable damage output by Baptiste’s three-round burst Biotic Launcher.

  • Inflicts between 12 and 24 points of damage per round over the course of three rounds.
  • Drop from 25 to 45 meters
  • The burst rate is 0.58 seconds each burst.
  • Ammunition capacity: 45 rounds (15 3-shot bursts)
  • 1.5 seconds are required for a new page to load.
  • Headshot: Yes

Secondary (healing) fire from the Biotic Launcher.

Additionally, the Biotic Launcher can be used to heal teammates in the vicinity of the projectile’s impact.

  • Healing: 70 (from a direct hit) and 50 (explosion)
  • Projectile speed: 60 meters per second
  • At 60 meters per second, the projectile’s speed
  • Time to reload: 1.5 seconds — 0.95 seconds when firing constantly

Overwatch Baptiste Abilities

You’ll want to rely primarily on Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher’s grenades during a game, as Regenerative Burst isn’t exactly the most powerful out there.

If you can keep your teammates alive as long as they’re within its swath, you’ve got a game-changing non-ultimate ability in Overwatch: Immortality Field.

A burst of rejuvenation

The strong regenerative burst triggered by Baptiste restores him and his teammates for a period of time.

  • Allies: 15 per second (75 overall) | 30 per second (self), 150 total
  • A ten-meter radius of effect
  • 0.3 seconds cast time
  • How long is the video?
  • A 13-second cooldown is required.

Field of Eternal Life

Baptiste has a technology that creates a protective field around his comrades. The generator is vulnerable to attack.

  • A healthy 150
  • Restoring 10 percent or more of a person’s health
  • At 60 meters per second, the speed of the projectile.
  • Radius of action: 6.5 meters
  • 0.8 seconds of cast animation time
  • Time: 5.5 seconds (with generator) | 5.5 seconds (without generator) (field)
  • 25 seconds of cooling off

Amplification Matrix, at its pinnacle.

When allied projectiles pass through Baptiste’s matrix, their damage and healing are increased by twofold.

  • Damage: Damage is increased by a factor of 100.
  • Healing: Amplification of 100 percent of healing
  • The maximum range is 35 meters.
  • A 9 x 5 meter rectangle with a depth of 1 meter is the area of influence.
  • Temporary: ten seconds
  • The final price was 2310 points.

How to play Baptiste: tips

Baptiste’s primary (DPS) and secondary (healing) fires may both be used at the same time, so you don’t have to switch between the two at all.

While Regenerative Burst isn’t particularly potent, it can be utilized early in a fight to keep teammates alive, along with a few carefully placed healing grenades.

The Exo-Boots Passive, which allow Baptiste to jump extremely high, should never be overlooked either. This allows him to go where other heroes can’t, allowing him to either heal or get out of a combat.

Keep in mind that the Immortality Field generator can be thrown quite a distance, and it has the same trajectory as a healing grenade. While in the air during a Sigma ultimate for example, you can toss it on the ground below and (hopefully) spare your squad from being wiped.

Last but not least, the Immortality field is excellent for pressing forward, whether with the Payload or your team, to take a point. As long as any of your teammates are in front of the field, you’ll be able to keep them alive thanks to the increased damage and healing.

Baptiste Skins

Overwatch 2 Baptiste Changes

As luck would have it, Blizzard debuted Baptiste’s never-before-seen Overwatch 2 makeover just days before we published this guide you’re reading right now.

That great mohawk does remind us of Mr. T, despite the fact that we don’t know anything about new powers or alterations to the kit he already possesses. “I pity the stupid” is virtually ringing in our ears right now…

In order to see if Baptiste gets any new skills or adjustments to his maneuvers and abilities in the second Overwatch game, we’ll have to wait. There is little doubt he will continue to be a popular choice for those bored of the same old healing methods.


Is Baptiste good Overwatch?

Since his launch, Baptiste has grown into one of Overwatch’s most potent support characters. However, there are a few things you should know about this life-saving hero, and you can learn them all right here.

How do you play Baptiste well Overwatch?

Baptiste’s best strategy is to stay in the back of your team when you’re playing. In this manner, you will be largely protected from injury and will be able to use your area-of-effect healing grenades to heal numerous comrades at once.

When should I play Baptiste Overwatch?

Baptiste is a great Overwatch character if you’re looking to do a lot of damage and a lot of healing at the same time. Additionally, the Haitian Hero’s Immortality Field and Amplification Matrix offer a lot of value.