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Your level in Anthem is linked to a variety of stats and gear. In order to maximize the amount of damage you can inflict, as well as the weapons you have access to, as well as the power-ups you can use to unlock all four Javelins, you’ll want to reach level 30 as quickly as feasible.

You’ll have to devise a strategy to get the most out of Anthem’s various mission types because the main story will leave your character at about level 20.

That’s why we’re here to help guide you through the best methods for maximizing your XP gains and leveling up quickly. Be sure to read the following additional articles about Anthem:

Group Up

In Anthem, the more members in a squad, the more XP they receive. To maximize your experience points, make sure your tasks are set to public rather than private.

Even while playing with strangers can be awkward at first, taking on more challenging missions with a full squad is worth the effort.

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Play On Hard Difficulty

This brings us to our next tip: play every mission on “Hard” once you’ve mastered combat and movement.

Anthem’s definition of Hard may sound daunting at first, but it’s actually closer to Normal than Hard. More XP and greater rewards are available on higher difficulty levels than they are on lower ones.

Recall our first suggestion if you’re feeling overwhelmed: keep your squad available for others to join, because you never know when you’ll get lucky and be paired with high-level players.

Complete Expedition Feats

During missions, you’ll encounter “Feats,” which are mini-challenges. At any point during a mission, the progress you’ve made toward accomplishing each goal can be shown in your inventory menu.

Some of the most common ones include recovering teammates, getting multi-kills, successfully performing combos, and so on.

Completing feats gives you an additional amount of XP over and above the XP you’d gain from accomplishing a task. They’ll also help you become more familiar with Anthem’s various gaming elements and boost your overall efficiency. In both Freeplay and Quickplay, you can accomplish feats.

Complete Contracts

Yarrow and Brin, as well as notice boards near Fort Tarsis, are good places to find contracts in Anthem. The purple icon of a Legendary contract will become visible once all of the contracts of the Normal difficulty have been completed.

Contracts give you more experience points than normal tasks. You’ll have to kill some time in Quickplay after you’ve completed all of the allocated contracts.

Farm XP in Quickplay

In Quickplay, you’ll be able to join squads that have vacancies. This means that any mission or stronghold, up to and including the final one, can be assigned to you. To avoid spoilers, it’s usually advisable to hold off until after you’ve finished the story.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to join a mission that’s nearing its conclusion, which means quick XP gains in this mode.

Don’t play alone

Anthem’s alliance system distributes extra XP as a reward for playing with others. You’ll gain a large amount of XP for every teammate you finish a mission with. If you want to go to the endgame as quickly as possible, you must maintain your squad open.

Play everything you can manage on Hard

For the most part, this will be the case in the game. Once you’ve learned how to reliably activate a combo that you can complete on your Javelin by yourself, you’ll be able to take out foes on Hard mode nearly as swiftly as you can on Normal. While the sheer quantity of adversaries in the game will make a few of the game’s most important story missions more challenging, you shouldn’t be afraid to challenge yourself on the rest of the game’s tasks. Endgame Quickplay frequently forces players to play lower level games for extra XP, therefore you’re likely to be playing with high level players.

Try for more expedition feats

Expedition feats are mini-challenges that can be completed inside a quest to earn extra XP. The challenges reward a variety of actions, including recovering teammates, initiating combos, multi-kills, and striking weak places, among other things. It’s easy to track your progress towards each achievement by opening your inventory during a quest. Every mission is reset, so you’ll need to switch up your tactics frequently if you want to get the most amount of experience. To get the most out of your expedition feats, you can play in freeplay until you’ve completed them all, but you’ll be best off focusing on gaining feat experience in quickplay.

Spend time in Quickplay for more XP

Fill out your thin squads and cross the finish line with them to earn some extra XP. However, the extra XP is well worth the risk, especially when you’ve previously completed the key path in a mission you’ve already played through a couple of times. Once you’ve completed the story, save quickplay for level grinding and you’ll reach level 30 in a few hours, as long as you’re not playing alone.

Prioritize legendary contracts

It is possible to unlock the legendary contracts after completing the first round of conventional contracts. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about these contracts; they’re just difficult ones with better loot, and fulfilling them rewards you with extra XP. In Fort Tarsis, you’ll notice a purple contract icon if a legendary contract is available. Return to quickplay once a legendary contract is finished and wait for another to appear.

5 tips to help you get to level 30 quickly

1. Always play in squads

Even if you prefer to play alone, you should consider joining a team if you want to earn a lot of XP. For the most part, you’ll earn more XP for your assumed collaboration and friendship when completing a quest with a larger group. So, even if you wish to play by yourself, make sure your game mode is public and not private.

2. Set Anthem to hard difficulty

Playing Anthem on hard may sound intimidating, but it’s actually not all bad at all. You’ll be able to tackle tougher opponents if you’re comfortable enough with your Javelin’s skills and how the combo system works. You’ll earn extra XP, but be warned: you’ll encounter a lot more foes in some story missions. However, if you keep your squad open like we mentioned earlier, you’ll likely be paired with higher-level players who can assist you.

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3. Remember to try to complete expedition feats

Anthem throws in tiny challenges every now and again, such as rescuing teammates, racking up multi-kills, or pulling off impressive combinations. For those wondering how to level up quickly in Anthem, here are the greatest options. Each expedition feat you achieve gives you a small amount of experience. During a mission, you can check your inventory to see how close you are to accomplishing each expedition accomplishment and see what you still need to perform. While freeplay is the best way to accomplish this, quickplay will do just fine.

4. Quickplay is a great place to find extra XP

A team with only one open slot in Quickplay can take you to any objective or stronghold in the game. Despite the fact that you may find yourself doing missions that you’ve already completed, the XP boost is absolutely worth it. However, you should be aware that if you engage in quickplay before completing the main objectives, you may be thrown into the game’s final quest. Grinder-friendly: They can help you level up in a few hours, so long as you keep at it.

5. If in doubt, do legendary contracts

In Anthem, you’ll be able to take up sidequests from agents like Yarrow or Brin, or from the notice boards around Fort Tarsis. Contracts are essentially a fancy word for the sidequests you can do. The legendary contracts are clearly shown on the map with a purple icon if you’ve completed all of the basic contracts. Just kill some time in quickplay and wait for the next one to appear, and you’ll gain more XP for your efforts than normal.


What is the fastest way to level up in Anthem?

In Anthem, how can you go to the next level quickly?

  1. Make sure you don’t play on your alone. Anthem’s alliance system distributes extra XP as a reward for playing with others. …
  2. Play as much as you can on the hardest difficulty setting….
  3. More expedition achievements should be attempted.
  4. XP can be gained by spending time in Quickplay.
  5. Prioritize the most prestigious deals.

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What’s the max power level in Anthem?

Anthem’s maximum level is 30, but this isn’t the end of the story when it comes to determining your power. The combination of your Pilot Level and your Gear Score is used to determine your level of advancement.