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Reinhardt is a good place to start if you want to improve your tanking in Overwatch.

To play both defense and offense, he possesses an extremely versatile skill set that allows him to do so.

It is, however, necessary to put in a lot of time and effort in order to master Reinhardt’s equipment.

This Overwatch Reinhardt guide will cover the finest tips, methods, and strategies for playing as the game’s most popular dad.

Check out our Overwatch Beginner’s Guide if you’d want to learn more about hero roles, team composition, and winning strategies.

Reinhardt Abilities and Role Explained

Reinhardt is one of the more accessible tank characters in the game, with a simple playstyle that still provides for some room for experimentation.

When it comes to playing as Reinhardt, the tank’s protective approach makes sense, but there are also aggressive Reinhardt players who prefer to take on the enemy head-on.

Your strategy should take into account your team’s position and the number of enemy players still alive, as you are the team’s leader.

With Reinhardt, you’ll be able to use all of his skills in combat, and we’ll show you just how to do so.

How To Use Barrier Field

Reinhardt’s Barrier Field is his most important defensive tool, absorbing all projectiles except for a few (Symmetra’s Energy Ball, Hanzo’s Dragon Strike, Winston’s Tesla Cannon, and opponent Reinhardt’s Fire Strike).

Despite the fact that Barrier Field can protect your team from incoming fire and allow you to proceed towards the main objective, there is a limit to how much damage it can absorb (1,600 HP).

Reinhardt’s shield is best used when your team is on the verge of victory or when you need to protect your weaker comrades from a catastrophic strike (i.e., D.Va’s Self-Destruct, Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor, etc.).

Once your shield has rested, you can better defend your teammates during the next big team battle.

How To Use Fire Strike

Reinhardt’s only long-range attack, Fire Strike deals 100 damage to anything it touches and leaves a burn effect in its path. It may pass through shields (excluding D.Va’s Defense Matrix) and multiple foes.

Due to its high damage output, it may be used to quickly finish off weaker allies or finish off adversaries with low health, and it can also be used to charge up your Ultimate.

As a tank, you should make use of Fire Strike as often as possible, even though it has a six-second cooldown, while also defending your friends from harm with your shield.

Before the projectile is actually released, Fire Strike has a wind-up animation that makes Rein vulnerable to assaults, thus it’s best to shelter behind cover or stay close to healers.

How To Use Charge

In order to close the distance with the opposing squad, Reinhardt’s best option is to charge, but this can backfire if he doesn’t have comrades backing him up.

While the opposition team’s other players are being knocked back, Rein charges forward in a straight line and latches onto the first enemy he comes into touch with.

Once an adversary is pinned, you can use Charge to deliver 300 damage, making it an effective way to kill most of the game’s characters.

For this reason, you should only utilize Charge in situations where the enemy will have little time to respond and where your teammates are nearby.

How To Use Earthshatter (Ultimate)

This AoE knockdown effect from Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, if used appropriately, can be game-changing. It spreads 20 meters from your line of sight (including flying enemies up to 2 meters off the ground).

Earthshatter, in contrast to Rein’s Fire Strike, cannot penetrate shields, therefore you must surprise your opponent to receive the best effects.

Sneaking behind the enemy line and snatching them from behind, or waiting until the opposing heroes have expended their shield powers, are two examples of simple ways to surprise your opponents.

Other options include crouching down and firing a Fire Strike at as many foes as possible while using Earthshatter in conjunction with Charge.

Reinhardt Strengths

The nature of Reinhardt’s kit means that he thrives at close-range fights, but there are a few exceptions.

His shield is large enough to protect both himself and his allies, making him an excellent tank choice for any map or mode in the game.

If you’re looking for a teammate for Reinhardt, the following is a list of those who complement his play style.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Reinhardt?

  • When Reinhardt’s Barrier Field is recharging, Zarya can shield Reinhardt with her shield.
  • Ana – Reinhardt’s damage and resistance can be increased by Nano Boosting Ana.
  • Earthshatter can’t be escaped by Sombra, who has EMP powers.
  • When Reinhardt’s shield is recharging, Mercy can keep him healthy and increase his damage.
  • Brigitte – Can provide additional healing and protection by acting as a second shield.

Reinhardt Weaknesses

For Reinhardt, long-distance battles when he is separated from his team or does not have access to Barrier Field would be his weakness.

As a result, he does not perform well against characters like Bastion and Tracer that may quickly deplete his shield.

List of heroes who have an edge over Reinhardt in most situations is provided below.

Which Heroes Does Reinhardt Struggle Against?

  • Can move rapidly and utilize her Pulse Bomb on Reinhardt with her Pulse Bomb.
  • Reinhardt’s shield is no match for Bastion’s turret mode.
  • In the event that McCree and Reinhardt are not together, McCree can easily stun and kill Reinhardt.
  • When it comes to Reinhardt’s weaponry, Pharah is a formidable opponent.
  • Junkrat – Can ricochet bombs off nearby surfaces to get through Reinhardt’s shield.
  • Reinhardt is vulnerable to Reaper’s devastating close-range attacks.

General Tips for Playing Reinhardt

While we’ve already covered a lot of territory in the previous parts, there’s always opportunity for improvement in competitive games like Overwatch.

Due to the fact that each hero has their own unique quirks that can only be learned by extensive practice and guides like this one, players must learn these peculiarities on their own.

Reinhardt is a great character to learn how to play, but there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to become a better player.

  • Keep in mind that your Rocket Hammer provides 75 damage every hit and throws opponents around, making it ideal for close-range fighting.
  • By turning your camera mid-attack, you may swing the Rocket Hammer in a full 360 degrees, allowing you to knock out many opponents at once.
  • With Fire Strike, Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer swing animation can be cancelled out, helping you to take out adversaries faster.
  • Rein’s mobility is decreased while utilizing Barrier Field, however you can compensate by jumping while moving around.
  • Charge is a wonderful tool for catching up to your squad after a respawn and killing single enemies, but it can also lead you into enemy area if you use it too much.

Overwatch Reinhardt lore

Due to his appearance, it’s safe to assume that Reinhardt was formerly a renowned warrior in the German armed forces before being assigned to the Crusaders. Balderich, a guy Reinhardt befriended in the early years of his service, is mentioned in the novel. During their time in the army, they became close enough to recite the Crusader pledge together and shake hands the night the Omnic forces assaulted Eichenwalde.

During this fight, Balderich reprimanded Reinhardt and told him to rejoin his own unit on the front lines since he was a careless soldier who frequently disregarded orders from his superiors. Reinhardt then saw an opportunity to charge towards an enemy, but he was stopped and was fatally struck in the left eye as a result. As the fighting continued, the Crusaders were forced to retreat and this is where Balderich and Reinhardt met up again.

Balderich ordered Reinhardt to rejoin the men behind the gate, leaving him to die at the hands of the enemy, and this is where Reinhardt’s story takes a terrible turn. Reluctant at first, Reinhardt finally made the decision to leave his best buddy behind, just taking his hammer to remind him of his time together.

Reinhardt Weapon

Balderich’s Rocket Hammer is Reinhardt’s primary weapon. This lethal weapon, which can inflict significant damage on anybody within striking distance, serves as a personal reminder to him of the conflict.

  • Damage to 85
  • 5 meters is the maximum distance that may be reached.
  • Only one swing in every 0.96 seconds.
  • 0.432 seconds of casting time (initial swing)

Consider Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer, an excellent weapon for dealing devastating damage in an extremely wide area with each stroke.

Overwatch Reinhardt Abilities

The greatest Crusader in Overwatch is waiting for you.

Reinhardt also has a powerful ultimate that may be deadly for the opposing team in certain situations!

  • Knockback resistance is increased by 50%.

Not susceptible to knock-back effects.

  • Health:
  • Regeneration: 200 barrier health per second is regenerated after 2 seconds of inactivity.
  • Move quickly or face a -30 percent fine.
  • 10 seconds if not destroyed; 5 seconds otherwise

There is a large forward-facing energy shield that Reinhardt can sustain a lot of damage before it is destroyed. Despite being able to defend himself and his comrades with the shield, Reinhardt is unable to attack while wearing it.

  • Pinned to a wall: 300 damage.
  • Bump without a pin:
  • Moving at a speed of +200%
  • Maximum arc of vision: 49.5 m
  • 0.6 seconds of casting time
  • The pin’s 0.65-second stun time
  • Ten seconds of cooling off.

Reinhardt is known for charging forward in a straight line, snatching up foes as he goes along. It is quite dangerous for him to hit a wall while carrying opponents.

  • Injuries: a hundred
  • At 25 meters per second, the speed of the projectile.
  • With a recovery time of only 0.64 seconds,
  • 6 second cooldown period

Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer can be used to hurl a fiery projectile that pierces and damages foes it comes into contact with.

  • 50 points of damage
  • The maximum distance is 20 meters.
  • a 0.5-second recovery time
  • 2 and a half second knockdown time
  • The final price was 1540 points.

At this point, Reinhardt launches a powerful strike with his rocket hammer that knocks down and damages all of the adversaries in his path at once.

How to play Reinhardt: Tips

Reinhardt’s talents can be combined in some bizarre ways.

Players should spend some time training Reinhardt’s offensive combo of Fire Strike and his ultimate ability. When you use Earthshatter to take down a player, you have a good chance of killing them with a Charge. In addition, the Charge can be utilized to shatter the front lines even more when opposition players are trapped on their own without a shield to defend them.

Even though Fire Strike is his sole long-range strike, it can be effective in the right circumstances. It’s impossible to play competitive Overwatch without encountering one of these characters, thus mastering him is essential.

Overwatch 2 Reinhardt changes

Rein appears to be getting older in Overwatch 2!

Overwatch’s developers have announced that the German tank is getting a major overhaul in terms of playability. He can now cancel his Charge if he focuses more on converting tanks into skirmishers.

In addition, Overwatch 2 will now be played 5v5, which means that there is one fewer tank spot. Ensure that you’re in the greatest possible position by following this guide!

Blocking & Baiting Enemy Reins

Reinhardt is tricked into ulting directly into your shield by baiting him with trickery and mind games. They can be fairly simple (dropping the shield and swinging it back up) to extremely complicated and bizarre (walking towards the enemy Reinhardt backward). It is crucial to fool Reinhardt into thinking he has broken through your shield, only to be one step ahead of him. Reinhardt, you never know whether you’re facing one of our boosting experts, so don’t go for the obvious baits.

You should keep in mind that the Reinhardts you face will get more competent as you progress up the ladder; as a result, they are less likely to fall for baits, and will only ult if they are very positive they will succeed.

General Reinhardt Barrier Tips

To avoid letting your barrier to be destroyed by poke damage, you should escape when your shield is 500 HP and recharge rather than allowing it to be destroyed. Having a response to prospective threats is preferable than having no answer at all, which is why you should keep a modest amount of shield handy.

With just 1 HP, you can shield yourself and your teammates from any incoming D.Va and Tracer bombs, enemy earth shattering, Meteor Strikes, and the like – even a small amount can do so. As long as the opposition team is putting out their best effort and your shield is running low, you’ll have plenty of time to go back in place and refuel.

Reinhardt Tips & Tricks

The cooldowns for all of these adversary abilities should be kept in mind as well. Take a look at the opposition team composition and think about how many ranged abilities you need to keep track of. It’s a good idea to let your shield charge or take a few strikes as soon as they utilize the hook.

As little of your shield as possible should be displayed. At the beginning of the defense of Route 66, everyone moves to the top of the garage. Those billboards are in front of everyone, and they all stand to the left of them. Only the left half of your shield is visible to the opposing team if you take a position slightly behind the billboard on its extreme left side. Because they are just positioned on the left, your team is completely protected.

Choose Overwatch coaching with one of our Reinhardt mains to discover even more about Reinhardt’s strengths and weaknesses.


When should I not play Reinhardt?

Reinhardt should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Reinhardt without a Lucio is difficult to beat, as you point out.
  2. To avoid a Hanamura-style choke, play Reinhardt with Lucio or some other technique to get through the choke.
  3. Rein is not as good as Orisa on some maps, such as Junkertown or Nepal Sanctum.

Is Reinhardt a good hero?

Reinhardt is one of the better heroes to learn how to play as a tank in Overwatch. To play both defense and offense, he possesses an extremely versatile skill set that allows him to do so.

Is Reinhardt good Overwatch?

Reinhardt, a key member of any successful Overwatch team, has a unique style of play that necessitates a significant amount of preparation. Fortunately, after you learn the basics, the game is a lot of fun! … Since the game’s release, Reinhardt has been regarded as one of the best characters in the game.