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When you play Anthem, you’ll eventually find yourself in Freeplay mode, which allows you to roam the expansive world of Bastion at your own pace. During Freeplay, you can explore new locations, gather resources for crafts, and participate in limited-time events around the world.

With so much going on in Anthem at any given time, the map does a poor job of showing where you should next head. So we’ve put up this guide to help you get the most out of Anthem. Check out the rest of our Anthem guides here:

World events

These are the quickest missions to accomplish if you ignore your opponents and look for items.
For completing one of these missions, you will get 400 experience points, and an additional 800 if you complete more than one in a session. There are a variety of ways to participate in world events, such as defeating certain foes, collecting Echoes or relics, defeating a boss or other challenge (e.g. Ursix, Titan). When you travel quickly between “districts,” you’ll easily come across them — information about an Event in the world gets activated when you are around 200 meters away from the site where it takes place.

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Loot chests are given out at the end of every finished event (although the chance for masterpieces or legendary items is much lower than in the case of Fortifications).

Unlocking locations

Different regions and zones can be found at each of the Bastion’s locations (areas separated by lines). In order to unlock the exploration tasks, all you have to do is go to them (the top center of your screen will show an inscription of the place that is now being investigated when you enter it). Each fully explored area is worth an additional 800 coins. In order to complete the Challenges, you must also locate a viewing point, which is later indicated on the map with binoculars. Small, bright-light domes that operate as viewpoints are commonly seen in high places.

Gaining experience

Missions/contracts and Strongholds are better ways to get experience than freeplay. World events and Feats, which can be easily tracked, will provide you with the greatest experience in this session. Those that have not yet been unlocked can be performed.

Obtaining loot

Many goods can be found in both dead foes and chests that are concealed across the world in freeplay. The areas where these chests emerge are usually the same, therefore it’s a good idea to keep track of where you came across one and return to it later / in the next game session. Dismantling them is a quick way to gain a significant amount of crafting materials, even if the objects within are ordinary.

The Bastion is full of plants, pebbles, and scrap piles where you can discover craft supplies. Large quantities of materials can easily be obtained this way.


Misplaced writings and runes are the two types of secrets you’ll encounter in freeplay. Military bases are a common place to find documents that aren’t restricted to a single area. Paper or electronic scraps are all acceptable as the medium through which they are delivered. Since they resurface in previously explored areas, you can use them to speed up the completion of connected Challenges (Challenges->Exploration).

Yellow runes, which may be found on the walls throughout the stronghold, are “one-time” secrets, making it more difficult to gather all of them. 800 / 1600 coins will be given out to you for completing the challenges.


In Anthem, there are presently 16 world-events that are spawned at the same locations every time. This can make it difficult to locate a specific event, but there are certain strategies that can help. Anthem’s international events are listed below:


  • If you’re not careful, a Titan can take you down in an instant. Learn their assault patterns and you’ll be OK, but be prepared for a fight.
  • There is a high probability that you may encounter one of these monsters in the Emerald Abyss, the Great Falls Canyon, the Tarsis Valley, or the Monument Watch.

Dominion Patrol

  • When a Dominion Patrol is discovered, you must put an end to it.
  • You must eliminate all Dominion equipment before it is launched if you want to complete the event.
  • If you fail to destroy the equipment, you’ll be met by a Titan.

Skorpion Infestation

  • Defend a settlement from a group of Skorpions that are invading it.
  • Look around and kill any Skorpion nests you find.

Shaper Artifacts

  • After a Shaper Artifact goes off nearby, your assistance is needed.
  • Collect and return all the lost pieces while battling against waves of attackers that constantly spawn.

Arcanist Secrets

  • Arcanists in the area are looking for an Arcane Vault, and you learn of their plight.
  • You have a limited amount of time to find and collect the nodes.

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Sentinel Support

  • Sentinels in the area have been ambushed, as you’ve learned.
  • Take part in a battle with the Sentinels before leading them to their destination.

A Call from Corvus

  • You’re informed that a Corvus Agent who was last seen in the area has gone missing.
  • In order to help the agent, join them in combat.

Strider Distress Beacon

  • You discover that a fallen Strider is calling out for assistance in the vicinity.
  • While fending off waves of attackers, assist in the Strider’s repair.

Outlaw Incursion

  • An Outlaw Gang has seized control of a nearby area.
  • Beat waves of enemies.

Fragment Recovery

  • There are shards of a Shaper device nearby, you learn.
  • While battling waves of opponents, find the fragments.

A Freelancer in Need

  • You find out that a local Freelancer is in need of assistance.
  • Help the Freelancer regain a piece of the Scars by finding them.

Enemy Encampment

  • As it turns out, there’s an enemy camp nearby.
  • Destroy the Scar’s defenses and supplies in order to eliminate them.

Scar Incursion

  • The adjacent area has been overrun by Scars, as you discover.
  • It is imperative that you recover the fragments and demolish the enemy camp.

Scar Threat

  • It is revealed that Scars have been gathering materials in the area.
  • Fight against waves of foes while destroying the enemy’s stockpile.

Scar Foothold

  • As a nearby Scar camp gains strength, you learn of its existence.
  • Dismantle the enemy’s camp and seize its resources.

Shaper Storms

  • Severe weather changes are a sign.
  • If you can make it through the raging storm, you’ll be rewarded with some incredible treasure.


On the map above, you can see the common spawn points for world events. Check the Fort Tarsis Newsfeed near the Freelancers job board near Yarrow to see what events are currently underway. Despite the fact that events can take place in a number of locations, there are some commonalities among them.

Valley of Tarsis

  • Events of all kinds, including Titans, are generated in this area.

Fortress of Dawn

  • Skorpion nests are a common theme in the events that take place here.

Great Falls Canyon

  • Events of all kinds, including Titans, are generated in this area.

High Road

  • Not much to choose from. The Northern and Southern regions of the region are more likely to be the source of new events.

Monument Watch

  • Numerous events, such as Titans, are spawned in this area.

Academy Ruins

  • Combat and Shaper relic aims are common themes in the events that take place here.

Eastern Reach

  • Not much to choose from. The Northern and Southern regions of the region are more likely to be the source of new events.

Hidden Places

In addition to being used in missions, these sites can also be accessible in Freeplay mode. A large fight against a Legendary adversary is usually the final result of a visit to these regions. You’ll be fighting against one of the three enemy factions (Scar, Dominion, or Outlaw).

Anthem: Freeplay Guide (World-Events, Locations, Hidden Places)

While traveling, you’ll come across several crafting supplies and be rewarded with loot drops from chests and enemy deaths. If you’re looking for world events, be sure to check out the indicated secret areas on your map.


What do you do in free play Anthem?

Anthem has a game mode called Freeplay. In this mode, players are free to roam the globe at their leisure and discover new things on their own. This mode does not require players to establish a team to play together. In the Squad page, you can invite pals for freeplay sessions.

How do you end Anthem free play?

Freeplay Anthem tutorial on how to escape You must press Esc and hold End the Expedition to exit the Freeplay mode. After a short delay, you’ll be able to return to the city’s main thoroughfare.