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Finding innovative ways to upgrade your ship and your blueprint station is essential to progressing through Spiritfarer’s story.

You will learn how to upgrade your spacecraft in this page, as well as what each alteration can do for your ship.

How To Upgrade Your Ship

Many ship upgrades are available at Albert’s Shipyard. Here, you’ll meet the shark Albert who enjoys telling silly stories and is the first character you’ll meet when you start the game.

Materials from numerous islands across the world may be required for some enhancements. If you’re planning on expanding your ship to accommodate Glim, you can get away with this regulation.

Albert also offers upgrades for the Blueprint Station. Once you acquire the blueprint, you can use the workbench above the navigation room to build a room or workshop on your ship. Prior to making upgrades available to you, keep note of the requests of the Spirit guests on your boat.

Every Ship Upgrade In Spiritfarer

All Ship Upgrades

To unlock all of Spiritfarer’s ship improvements, you will need to put in a lot of time and work. Even with just 10 of these on board, you’ll still be able to win the game.

Blueprint Upgrades, Ship Size Upgrades, and Ship Improvement Upgrades are all subcategories of blueprint upgrades that can be performed on a ship. All of the available improvements, their accompanying fees, and other pertinent information are shown below.

Spiritfarer Spirit Flower

Only if you fulfill all of the wishes of the spirit assigned to transport you will you be able to obtain the spirit flower. As soon as they have fulfilled all of their wishes, they will be allowed to return to the underworld through the Everdoor.

After they exit the Everdoor, the Spirit Flower will be waiting for you in your ship’s cabin. Using the TAB key on your keyboard, you can access the spirits’ requests.

Spiritfarer How To Upgrade Ice Breaker

Albert Shipyard is the place to go if you want to get your ship ready to breach the ice. To make this upgrade work, you’ll need a Spirit Flower.

Once you have all of the supplies, you can visit the shipyard. When the ice has been broken, it will become easier to visit the islands that are blocked by it.

This was discovered in coordinates X=-137, Y=28. Iron can be found at the Hoseki Quarry.

You may find more information about oak planks in a prior blog post.

Linen cloth can be made by weaving the plants after harvesting them.

Spirit blossom can be found in our earlier post.

Every Ship Upgrade In Spiritfarer

How To Upgrade/ Decorate Gwen House Fully

It is your responsibility to assist Gwen in accomplishing all of her chores before she leaves your ship. When Gwen’s residence is fully furnished, it will be requested.

Simply click on “upgrade” and choose “Gwen’s house” from the drop-down menu on the blueprint to make it uniquely yours. Furniture for your home can be obtained there in three different styles. A few common items will be required to make these pieces of furniture.

Boat Improvements

Let us now turn our attention to boat improvements. You’ll be able to visit new places and move more rapidly thanks to these new technologies. To proceed through the story and find new areas of the map, Spiritfarer’s upgrades are essential.

You’ll be told to create a mailbox early on in the story, which will allow you to receive mail. This upgrade is the only one that doesn’t affect ship motion. If you want to continue working on the ship once the mailbox upgrade is complete, you can. You’ll find a comprehensive guide to customizing your boat down below.

  • Planks of Maple, 8 Pieces
  • String of 8x Linen
  • 4-Times the Power of One
  • Glimpse of 250
  • Ingot of Iron 10 times its normal size
  • Planks of Oak, 12 x
  • Cloth made of 18x Linen
  • 1 × Sacred Flower
  • Slate is 5 times as many
  • Glimpse: 800 x
  • Slate is 5 times as many
  • Plank of Oak, 18 x
  • A 16-piece set of wool fabric
  • 12,500-fold increase in Glim
  • Ingots of Aluminum, 10 x
  • A marble 8 times the usual size
  • 6 x Fireglow
  • A pair of spirit flowers
  • One thousand seven hundred and sixty pixels
  • 12 Ash Planks
  • a total of eight zinc ingots
  • Comet Rock 3 times
  • It’s 2,000 times better
  • Eight ounces of Silver Ore
  • The Silk 22x
  • Ectoplasm in 8 Bottles
  • sheets of crystal glass, six (6)
  • A pair of spirit flowers
  • 3,000 times Glim
  • Ingots of Gold, 8
  • Planks of Pine: 28
  • Two sheets of Electrum
  • A total of 6,000 Glim
  • Two diamonds
  • a total of 5 sheets of rose gold
  • Potion with 25x XP
  • Glim ten thousandfold


How do I upgrade my Spiritfarer kitchen?

Kitchens may only be selected using the “Improve” mode on your boat’s blueprint table

Where is Albert’s Shipyard?


There is a little island off the coast of Spiritfarer’s Albert’s Shipyard. Albert’s boat modifications can be purchased by Stella on this page.

Spiritfarer [#6] Exploration & Ship Upgrades (no commentary) - YouTube

What happens if you ring the bell at night Spiritfarer?

When it’s dark, you’ll be able to sleep in the uppermost chamber of Stella’s cabin. If you sleep, the time will pass more quickly until you may ring the bell to call the spirits in the morning. When playing Spiritfarer, remember that it’s quite fine to go to sleep early.

How do you jump higher at Spiritfarer?

By hitting [Jump], you can get a better jump on springy surfaces. By using Bounce, Stella can gain height by bouncing on various items around her, such as trash cans, umbrellas, and window awnings. Repeated jumping might lead to an increase in height.


If you’ve upgraded every blueprint station, expanded its size, and made other changes, your ship will be complete. While these changes are taking place, it’s time to get out and explore!