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As a “Jack of all trades” javelin, the Ranger can perform many different roles in combat. Contrary to popular belief, the Ranger’s inability to carry any sort of specialist equipment is actually an asset.

There’s a wide range of skills available to the Ranger, which makes it an excellent choice for both mobility and damage, areas formerly dominated by Interceptor and Storm javelins.

As a result, those who seek to take up this job must become exceedingly adept at a distinct kind of combat than other classes. The Ranger is one of the most useful javelins in the game, and this tutorial is here to help you get the most out of it. Our other Anthem guides are also worth a look:

Staying Flexible

Because of its adaptability, the Ranger is an excellent choice for a team that needs a versatile player. You’ll always be able to fill in the gaps for your allies thanks to its large choice of tools.

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The Ranger’s armory is packed with grenades and wrist-mounted rockets that allow you to do diverse kinds of damage, whether you’re dealing with one target or a huge group of adversaries.

Communication with your team prior to the start of a mission might be a sensible strategy. Your team’s weaknesses should be taken into consideration when crafting a loadout for battle.

You may not have enough AOE-damage-dealing skills or primer abilities. Strategy and adaptability are more important as a Ranger than sticking to one playstyle.


It’s only natural that the Ranger would be sluggish and difficult to manoeuvre, given its massive size. In terms of maneuverability, it’s closest to the Interceptor.

Its double jump and dodge allow it to stay in the air for long periods of time while also allowing it to quickly escape dangerous situations. Positioning is where the Ranger’s adaptability really shines.

In order to maximize the amount of damage you can inflict, you needn’t be confined to the ground or air. While shooting, if you’d prefer to hover, your jet won’t overheat in the blink of an eye. You want to get up close and personal with the people you’re fighting?

You’re tough enough to withstand a few blows. Is there a member of your team who need resuscitation? You’re still in one piece, so you can get to them swiftly.

Using Your Melee Ability

Ranger’s Shock Mace melee ability, the only one of the four javelins that can be used as a primer, is perhaps the Ranger’s most effective tool.

Using the Shock Mace face-to-face, it can inflict electric damage on a single target, and it can also inflict AOE damage from the air. Additionally, it temporarily incapacitates the enemy.

An element as basic as a melee move might be overlooked in the face of the vast array of overpowered abilities available in Anthem. In order to get used to utilizing the Shock Mace, we recommend practicing with it as often as possible at the beginning of the game.

This will keep you from forgetting that you have a backup plan in the event of an emergency.

Using Your Ultimate

You can use the Ranger’s Ultimate ability, Multi-target Missile Battery, which allows you to target many adversaries at once with powerful tracking missiles. Single-targeted adversaries and huge groups alike can be dealt a devastating blow by this ability.

Regardless of how many adversaries you’ve marked, you’ll still be able to shoot the same number of missiles. Keep in mind, however, certain targets are high-value and should be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

When used while flying, this is the only Ultimate in the game that is possible.

Know Your Role

Knowing your javelin’s purpose in battle is probably the most important component of playing any class in Anthem. For the Ranger, it’s all about helping out where it’s needed, whether it’s inflicting damage to key targets or clearing out smaller foes.

Because of this, the Ranger’s equipment allows him to do more damage to a smaller number of opponents. As a Ranger, you are effectively the captain of your team and should conduct yourself accordingly.

This does not imply being a tyrant to your coworkers, but rather being open and honest about what you can provide the group at any given time.

If you want your squad to be as effective as possible, you need to concentrate on taking out the stronger opponents that pose a danger to your more vulnerable allies. To do this, you should find new ways to utilize your diverse armament.


You’d expect the Ranger to be a slow-moving Javelin, given that he’s the second-best defender. In terms of leap and flight duration, the Interceptor’s Ranger has a leg up over the Ranger thanks to its superior performance.

Tips and Tricks for the Ranger Javelin

No particular movement mode is required of you as the Ranger. If the situation calls for it, you can hover or double leap to your comrades for a rapid revive. The Ranger has a unique ability to move rapidly in a variety of ways. Don’t allow your freedom of movement be wasted.


Mortal combat is the Ranger’s bread and butter. If you hit an adversary with it on the ground, it deals electric damage, and if you hit it from the air, it deals area damage. Even if you’re in an awkward circumstance, use it frequently to keep your distance.

To prime combinations (the only priming melee in the game) for you and your teammates to explode, the Shock Mace is best used, but you can also use it to inflict some decent single-target damage or quickly stun someone you’re near to.

Leaping into the air and slamming it down can be incredibly strong in certain situations as well, such as protecting an area from a group of low-health foes.


In spite of the fact that the Ranger can use more area-focused skills, its calling is still single target damage. The detonation combo, as well as their melee and a large number of their abilities, are all single target oriented.

Targets with high health and turrets should be your primary concern as a Ranger. When it comes to threats to your friends, you’re equipped with a Javelin that can handle it, no matter how area-focused your abilities are.


The Multi-Target Missile Battery is an excellent weapon for dealing with both single-target and large-scale threats. This ultimate gives you the ability to target specific adversaries in an area with a barrage of missiles. But no matter how many adversaries you’ve targeted, you’ll still shoot the same number of missiles.

It’s feasible to quickly take down a huge group of foes if they all need to die at the same time. Each high-health enemy gets two missiles to the face if it’s a small group. Moreover, if you’re taking on a boss, they’ll get every single missile fired at them.

Keep in mind what your team excels at and use your ultimate wherever possible to fill in the gaps.

List of Ranger Abilities


  • Frag Grenade: A powerful burst that can cover a large area.
  • The Inferno Grenade is a time-based attack that burns foes.
  • Enemies are frozen, making it difficult for them to move.
  • To track and break up several adversaries, use the Seeker Grenade.
  • Grenade that clings to one target, causing concentrated damage.

Assault Launcher

  • The damage done by a single target is dealt using the Pulse Blast ability.
  • Missile: Seeking Missile – A tracking missile, which also damages adversaries nearby, is fired at one target.
  • Fires a single beam of energy that delivers damage over time with the Spark Beam special ability.
  • Attacks with a barrage of acid-damaging darts known as “Venom Darts.”
  • Blast Missile — Delivers a powerful explosion that damages a large area.

Support Gear

  • To deflect enemy projectiles, the Bulwark Point acts as a sphere-shaped shield.
  • For all javelins in the vicinity of the Muster Point, the damage of their weapons is boosted by 10%.

Melee Ability

  • AOE damage when used in the air, and electric damage when held near to the body.

Ultimate Ability

  • One or more strong tracking missiles can be fired at one target or numerous foes at the same time.

Ranger specific skills and playstyle

The Ranger, in contrast to the other Javelins in Anthem, is a bit of a cliche. However, even if it lacks the ability to use a shield to charge at adversaries or to rain down elemental storms from above, it does possess one extremely potent ability of its own.

The Colossus has a powerful melee attack, while the Ranger has a Shock Mace, which electrocutes anyone it hits, as you might guess. If you’re looking for a way to start a combo, you can come down from the sky and unleash an area-of-effect electrifying assault. Later, we’ll talk about those.

Best Ranger Assault Launcher

Seeking Missile: The Seeking Missile is our favorite weapon in the Assault Launcher arsenal of the Ranger. It fires a missile that bursts after tracking a single target. There’s no need to stress about the details being correct in this case.

In addition to applying the acid status effect, three acidic darts are launched, each of which focuses on a specific target. This means that acid-coated foes absorb greater damage, allowing you to unleash all of your power to wreak havoc on them.

The Explosion Missile, unlike the Seeking Missile, does not latch on to a specific target, but it has a significantly greater blast radius that is ideal for dealing with huge groups of adversaries. Sadly, this is not a primer or detonator, so it won’t help your combos in any way.

The Spark Beam is a traction beam that may be used to mow down foes, making it one of the more unusual Assault Launchers for the Ranger. An ability that has a low damage output but a long duration is the best option in this category. Because it contains neither a primer nor a detonator, it is permissible to dispose of it in the ocean.

Best Ranger Grenades

The Frost grenade is our favorite grenade on the market. When used with a detonator, they operate as primers and offer a brief freezing effect to any targets, making it simple for you or your partner to complete the combo.

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Fire damage is added to the Frost grenades in place of the freezing effect. Additional firepower is another excellent option.

Three: Sticky grenades literally stick to your target so you don’t have to be concerned about missing. Every cloud and atom in the sky has a detonator attached to it because it’s so powerful.

Frag grenades are similar to the Sticky grenades in that they don’t stick to adversaries, but they have a larger blast radius. For groups of foes, it’s better, but for larger, solitary targets it’s worse.

As with the Seeking Missile, this grenade breaks into numerous sections and focuses on close foes like the Seeker grenade. There are no primers or detonators, so it’s less useful than the other grenades.

Best Ranger Support Gear

First, there is the Bulwark Point, which is an item that will shelter you from oncoming missiles. With the number of adversaries you face, this can be incredibly useful.

In order to improve gun damage by 20% for everyone, a visible field is spawned that teammates are expected to stand in, and this field is clearly apparent. Although they are “supposed to,” they almost never do as we expect. In the absence of a complete squad, the Bulwark Point should be your default choice.

Best Ranger Combos

Grenade-based combos make up the majority of our Ranger arsenal. If you’re not familiar with Anthem’s combo system, you’ll need two things: a primer and a detonator. Begin with the former, conclude with the latter, and enjoy the show! That is, pyrotechnics fashioned from the remains of an opponent.

An introduction to the Frost Grenades/Detonator: Pulse Blast: As previously stated, the enemy will be frozen for a brief period of time if you toss one of these at them. Take out hordes of enemies quickly and easily with a Pulse Blast and that attack.

Shock Mace: Inferno Grenades/Detonator Primer: Inferno grenades are also quite powerful. Light your targets with your Shock Mace and then charge in for some electrifying and flaming mayhem with your Shock Mace.

Best Ranger Weapons

Due to Anthem’s Ranger Javelin being a classic soldier, it makes sense to employ traditional soldier weapons. For automatic firing, use an Assault Rifle, or a Machine Pistol if you prefer to get up close and personal. You’ll need either a Marksman Rifle or a Sniper Rifle for lengthier encounters. If you plan on using grenades frequently, it won’t matter whatever weapon you use.

Best Ranger Components

Some of the Ranger’s unique components are so essential that you can’t leave them out of your loadout. The Ranger Combo Augment is, without a doubt, the first. Since I’ve already explained how important combos are to Ranger gameplay, it should go without saying that you should use a component that boosts combo damage, especially when facing larger opponents like Titans.

Including the Grenade Augment is a wise move, as it just enhances the grenade damage, which is particularly useful if you’re using the Inferno Grenades. In a similar vein, the Firearm Calibration Core can be used to boost your weapon’s damage output.

Our final recommendation for Ranger Components comes from Advanced Circuitry. For those who frequently use the Shock Mace, this item will improve your melee damage and the development of enemy electric effects. To put it simply, it boosts the power of your Shock Mace. What a great idea!

Ranger Ultimate

Although the class lacks uniqueness, the Ranger Ultimate is one of the most potent. A missile barrage that can be used to target as many or as few adversaries at a time. The Multi-Target Missile Battery can be used to take down a Luminary or Ursix with a large number of missiles, or it can be used to target a single Outlaw with a single missile.


What is the best ranger build in Anthem?

a lot of harm is done Build for the Anthem Ranger character

  • Frost Grenade is the starting point.
  • Using the Pulse Blast detonator.
  • Muster Point/Bulwark Point serves as a bolster.
  • Divine Vengeance is the first weapon.
  • This is the second weapon.

Is Ranger a good Javelin?

Ranger. In terms of speed, armour, and attack, the Ranger is an excellent choice for most gamers. The Ranger’s agility and ease of control are critical for dealing with swarms of Scavengers and dodging their strikes.

Is the Ranger good in Anthem?

Because the Ranger lacks waveclear compared to the other three classes, it focuses on single-target damage.