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When using Steam, you may have encountered the frustrating “missing file privileges” error. Installing a game for the first time or updating an existing one causes the issue to appear. You’re not sure how to put the mistake behind you for good? There is no need to worry about anything.

Way 1

Run Steam As Administrator

Steam directory read/write permissions may vary based on the user or group using the PC, and this may be the cause of the issue in many circumstances. As a result, Steam will be unable to create new data (such as game or update files) with only read access. Run the Steam client as an administrator to get around this. In this manner:

  1. Select “Task Manager” from the Taskbar, then click on the task called “Steam Client Bootstrapper.” Click on “End Task” to close it.
  2. Depending on how your system is configured, you may need to use the right-click menu to access the Steam client from the desktop or Taskbar.
  3. Select “Run as administrator” from the contextual menu that appears.
  4. To see whether the problem persists, relaunch the installation or download.


  1. Follow these steps to exit Steam.
  2. On the Windows Start menu, right-click and then select “Search.”
  3. In most circumstances, the Steam directory may be found on C:Program Files (x86)Steam.
  4. Right-click on the Steam.exe file in the directory and select “Run as administrator”.
  5. Click on “Properties” and then the “Compatibility” tab.”
  6. Select the option to “Run this software as a user with elevated privileges.”

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Clear Download Cache

Steam’s temporary download cache, which it utilizes to retrieve game files from its servers, can also be cleared as an easy workaround.

  1. Fire up the Steam client.
  2. Select “View” from the menu options at the very top of the client window.
  3. Navigate to the menu item labeled “Settings”
  4. In the left-hand menu, select “Downloads.”
  5. Then, select “Clear Download Cache.”
  6. “OK” is the only option.
  7. Start the installation/update process.

Disable Antivirus Temporarily

An overly careful antivirus software can interfere with Steam directory write rights, resulting in the missing file privileges issue. In this scenario, the antivirus software must be temporarily disabled while Steam is installed or updated in order to avoid this problem.

Because there are so many antivirus programs available, we’ll choose Avast as an example.

  1. Right-click on the Avast icon in the system tray and select “Avast shields control” from the context menu that appears.
  2. Select a time period from the drop-down menu to disable the antivirus.
  3. For now, let’s see whether a 10 minute install/update fixes the problem. If it occurs, increase the time to the full duration of the installation/upgrade.
  4. Open Steam and begin the installation/update process.

Disable igfxEM Module

If you have an Intel chipset with onboard graphics on your motherboard, you can try the following remedy. Access to certain files, including those in the Steam directory, can be prevented by igfxEM Module’s interference with file permissions.

Every time you try to install or update a game because to the missing file rights, you may have to quit out of the program to avoid losing your progress.

  1. To open the Task Manager, press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard and then click the “Task Manager” option that appears.
  2. “End Task” should appear after selecting the “Steam Client Bootstrapper” process.
  3. Go to the “Details” tab.
  1. “igfxEM Module” should now be highlighted and the “End Task” button pressed.
  2. Restart the Steam client.

Delete Steam ‘’Downloading’’ Directory In Safe Mode

If none of the preceding options work, then the problem may be caused by a corrupt file or flaw that prevents the installation or update process from progressing. This can be remedied by deleting the temporary download files from the Steam folder.

  1. Begin by clicking Start on your Windows Start menu and selecting the option to right-click.
  2. Restart your computer by holding down the shift key and pressing the “Power” button.
  3. Click on “Troubleshoot” and then “Advanced options” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Restarting the computer is the next step.
  5. When the computer restarts, press the appropriate F key to bring up the “Enable Safe Mode” menu.
  6. Enter the “Downloading” directory (C:Program Files x86)SteamSteamAppsDownloading) in Windows Safe Mode.
  7. Deleting all files linked with a particular game will solve the problem, as each one has a unique number value that appears in the file permissions error message.
  8. The standard way to restart Windows is to click the Restart button.
  9. Fire up Steam and begin the installation/update procedure.

Way 2

Fix 1: End igfxEm Module in Task Manager

According to most users, killing the igfxEm Module is one of the best ways to fix the Steam lacking file rights issue. To do this:

In order to open the Task Manager, press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc on your keyboard all at once.

Find and select the igfxEm Module, then click on igfxEm Module > End task. 3)

It’s possible that the problem is with the game itself, not with Steam.

It’s time for the second fix.

The Steam content system is actually broken up into multiple zones. The default region for your Steam client is based on where you are in the world. When servers are overloaded, errors like “missing file rights” can occur. It’s possible that we can fix things by changing the download location:

The first step is to launch Steam. Then go to Steam > Settings.

Then, in the Downloads menu, select a different download region and click OK.

Take the game back and check whether it works this time.

[Top 5 Methods] Fix Steam Missing File Privileges | Error Code 0x

Fix 3: Repair Steam Library Folder

Our missing file privileges error could be caused by a faulty or misconfigured Steam library folder. Repairing the folder may be necessary in order to solve the problem.

Step 1: Restart your PC and open Steam.

2) Select Steam > Preferences from the main menu.

StEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS can be found in the Downloads section.

4) Repair the Library Folder by right-clicking inside the Window.

Hopefully, this time the installation/update will work.

Fix 4: Verify integrity of game cache

Fix 4 is to make sure that our game files are not corrupted before moving on. To do this:

First, select LIBRARY.

Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the game that gives you the issue.


Steam may take a while to check the game files.

Please don’t be alarmed if you do. When a file fails to verify, you can safely disregard it.

Fix 5: Give administrator privileges to Steam

You may encounter Steam missing file privileges if you don’t have complete control over running the software. As a result, in order to grant Steam administrator rights:

1) Press the Windows key on your keyboard.

2) Right-click Steam and select Properties from the context menu that appears.

Step 3: Select Security > Advanced.

Check to see if the first two rows are given full control. If so, click the Edit button to make the necessary changes.

Run Steam as an administrator and see whether the problem with downloading/updating is fixed.

Fix 6: Want us to fix the problem for you?

For those of you who aren’t confident or time-strapped enough to address the problem yourself, we’re here to help. All you have to do to get free technical support is purchase a one-year subscription to Driver Easy for $29.95. Our computer experts will be able to examine and see if they can fix your issue remotely if you contact them directly.

The “Missing File Privileges” Problem Explained

Game updates fail on the Steam platform because of this problem. Windows 10 seems to be the most frequently affected version.

Users speculate that it has anything to do with the onboard graphics driver from Intel.

Many people have been afflicted by this problem because it is not game-related. Some of the most popular Steam games, such as PUBG and Dota2, have been affected.

To learn more about this issue, check out the most comprehensive thread on Steam’s forums.

Quickest “Pre-Fixes” To Try

You should try these easier solutions first before moving on to the more difficult ones, as they could save you a significant amount of time.

  • Try upgrading the game again after restarting your computer. In this Reddit thread, users have reported success with an easy remedy.
  • Try running Steam as an administrator to see if this fixes your problem temporarily.
  • You can temporarily disable your antivirus program (including Windows Defender).

There is no need to panic if none of the above options work out for you. Steam’s “Missing File Privileges” problem can be fixed using the following methods.

Fix 1: End The “igfxEM” Task In Task Manager

This is a problem with your Intel graphics card that needs to be fixed. As a result, you should forego it and instead attempt the other options.

Here’s how to kill the “igfxEM” process in Windows’ Task Manager.

  1. Do this by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete (CTRL + Alt + DELETE). Choose Task Manager from the list of available options.
  2. Simply click “More Details” in the bottom-left corner of your Task Manager if it’s running in “Compact” mode.
  3. In order to access the list of processes, click the “Processes” button at the top-left of the window now that it has expanded.
  4. A process called “igfxEM Module” should be running at all times.
  5. Once you’ve located it, right-click it and select “End task” from the menu that appears.

Restart Steam and try downloading or updating the game again. Try repairing your Steam library folder if the problem persists. Find out more in the following section.

Fix 2: Repair Your Steam Library Folder

Steam includes a wide range of built-in repair options. Generally speaking, they’re a good thing. Repairing a faulty or misconfigured Steam library folder, for example, may assist in the resolution of the “Missing File Privileges” error.

On a recently restarted computer, some users recommend this procedure. If you’ve read the pre-fixes in this tutorial, you’ll know that restarting your system is an option. Try this procedure as soon as possible following a system reboot.

  1. Take a look at your Steam client Right-click on Steam and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Downloads on the left-hand side menu when you enter your Settings panel.
  3. You should see the “Steam Library Folders” button at the top of the section.
  4. To repair a damaged library folder, choose it from the context menu of the right-clicked folder.
  5. Reinstall or re-update your game after the process is complete.

Because to this method, many Steam users have been able to avoid the problem. But don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t work for you; every system is unique. It’s possible to experiment with alternative approaches.

Fix 3: Verify The Integrity Of The Game Cache

You can use this procedure with any Steam game that gives you the Missing File Privileges issue.

Using these simple methods, you can accomplish it.

  1. Fire up Steam on your PC and get started creating virtual worlds. Click Library in the menu bar at the very top of the screen. Your Steam library should now include all the titles you’ve purchased.
  2. In order to alter the title, right-click it, but an error prevents you from doing so. Select Properties.
  3. Select Local Files on the left side of the menu that opens.
  4. Simply click on Steam’s Verify integrity of game files button to finish the process.

Take note, though, that you may only do this with games that are already installed.

After this procedure is complete, Steam will not require a relaunch. This time, see if it works by trying to launch or update the game once more.

Many issues with Steam games can be solved by verifying the integrity of the game files.

In your case, however, it may not be appropriate. Because the cause of the “Missing File Privileges” problem isn’t understood, a fix that worked for one person may not work for another.

Fix 4: Modify Your Download Region Settings On Steam

Depending on where you are in the world, Steam assigns you a download region. On its own, altering your download area may not cause any problems, but it could be useful in solving some of your other concerns.

Do this, and this, and this, and this.

  1. Fire up Steam on your PC and get started creating virtual worlds. Right-click on Steam and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Take a look at the Downloads section of the left-hand menu.
  3. You can now modify your download location by clicking on a drop-down menu.
  4. Select a region based on where you are currently located.
  5. Try reinstalling or updating the game to see if it fixes the problem. The issue has been resolved.

This workaround doesn’t necessitate a restart of your Steam client. You can, however, attempt another if the previous one fails to work.

Fix 5: Change Settings In The Properties Menu

As a final resort, many Steam users have reported success with a trickier repair. Do this, and this, and this, and this.

  1. Navigate to your Steam library by opening the client. Select Manage from the context menu that appears by right-clicking on your game of choice and then clicking Browse Local Files.
  2. Right-click on any empty space in the newly opened folder. A specific file should not be right-clicked on.
  3. The Security tab can be accessed by clicking on the Properties button. In this column, make sure that no user has the “Deny” check mark.
  4. In the “Deny” column, if you see a user with a tick mark, click on Advanced.
  5. Click View after you’ve chosen the user you want to see. Select Allow from the drop-down menu.
  6. Restart Steam by shutting off the computer.
  7. The problem may be solved if you update the game or reinstall it.

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What does missing file privileges mean on Steam?

Steam’s bug In the event that you do not have complete permissions to run Steam, missing file privileges may show. Check the game’s integrity if this error message pops up. … If the Missing file privileges problem appears after a Steam update, try running the program as an administrator.

Why is Steam not opening?

Examine for the presence of Steam Processes

What does missing executable mean?

When a game file is missing or is being blocked by another software, this error message is displayed. … Set your anti-virus software to “Game Mode” to protect your computer. Exclude the game folder from the anti-virus software’s scans for harmful information.


To resolve the “Missing File Privileges” issue on Steam, you’ve seen a few of the many options in this article.

Every system is different, so users can’t know for sure which remedy will work for them. However, testing each of the solutions we’ve listed should help you find a workable solution.”