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Since the hero was first released in 2019, it’s been interesting to observe Sigma settle into his niche in the Overwatch meta.

The eccentric astrophysicist, Sigma, is one of the best characters in Overwatch, and this guide will help you get the most out of your character.

To learn more about Overwatch’s fundamentals, such as hero roles, team composition, and winning strategies, see our Beginner’s Guide to Overwatch.

Sigma Abilities and Role Explained

One of the most versatile characters in the game, Sigma is a tank/DPS hybrid that relies heavily on location and smart cooldown management.

Due to the fact that some tanks don’t get along with Sigma at all, he can either be an off-tank or a primary tank, depending on the rest of your team’s makeup (i.e., D.Va, Winston).

As long as Sigma can hide behind his shield or absorb damage with Kinetic Grasp in mid-range combat, his abilities are at their most potent here.

A deep mastery of his skills is required to gain control of matches because of his lack of mobility and long cooldowns.

How To Use Hyperspheres

Two gravitic charges that bounce off walls before collapsing and causing 55 direct damage, 9 – 30 splash damage, are Sigma’s primary weapon.

Sigma takes 2.25 – 7.50 damage each time the Hyperspheres are shot, necessitating the employment of Kinetic Grasp to restore his shields or the presence of nearby healers.

Due to their lack of headshots, the Hyperspheres’ primary role is to whittle down opponent barriers and health pools as well as slow down fast-moving heroes such as Lucio and Genji.

This is because the Hyperspheres’ gravitational influence affects an enemy’s movement trajectory, albeit their effects are less severe than Orisa’s Halt!.

How To Use Experimental Barrier

Sigma’s Experimental Barrier has the unique advantage of being able to be positioned at virtually any angle, height, or orientation to best suit your team.

You must be much more cautious than with Reinhardt’s shield because it only has 700 health and regenerates at a rate of 80 health per second after being down for 2 seconds.

It’s a good thing that Sigma has the ability to retract his shield if he needs to avoid further damage or readjust it.

Aside from holding chokepoints, the Experimental Barrier may be used to interrupt opposing Ults from Soldier 76, Pharah, Reaper and Reinhardt as well as McCree and other Ults.

How To Use Kinetic Grasp

Like D.Va’s Defense Matrix, Kinetic Grasp can absorb damage, although it has a smaller range and a shorter duration.

As a way to compensate, Sigma grants its effects to any ally heroes that are either adjacent to or behind him.

As a result, it may be relied upon to protect comrades from big bursts of damage, providing additional protection for Sigma in the process.

Kinetic Grasp has a relatively long cooldown, so you’ll want to be careful anytime you use the ability.

How To Use Accretion

Since nothing short of a physical shield can halt Accretion, it’s probably Sigma’s most potent ability (apart from his Ultimate).

It’s an excellent way to start a combo with a large projectile that delivers damage, stuns, and knocks down its target.

However, like the rest of Sigma’s kit, it has a somewhat significant cooldown that prohibits you from constantly using it.

When heroes like Reaper, Pharah, and Roadhog, among others, get separated from their group or their channeled Ult is interrupted, Accretion is most powerful.

How To Use Gravitic Flux (Ultimate)

The Ultimate ability of Sigma is useful for breaking bunker team setups and can wipe out numerous foes at a contested choke point.

As Sigma soars in the air, lifting and slamming enemies in a specific location to cause damage equal to half of their maximum HP.

As soon as Sigma uses his Ult, your teammates must keep the other team distracted long enough for him to get set up.

As a result, you’ll want to communicate with your DPS heroes so they know what to do when Gravitic Flux is activated and what to do when the slam is over.

Sigma Strengths

Despite the fact that Sigma’s high skill cap makes him a devastating damage-dealer in the proper hands, this often results in players acting too aggressively.

In order to get the most out of the shield and Kinetic Grasp abilities of Sigma, focus on his strengths, such as his ability to cover diverse angles and absorb burst damage.

Here, you’ll find a list of characters whose play styles naturally complement Sigma’s.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Sigma?

  • Wrecking Ball — When placed on top of Gravitic Flux’s position, Wrecking Ball can be used in an Ult combo with Sigma.
  • For characters such as Moira or Reaper, Sombra’s hacking abilities come in handy in the moments leading up to Gravitic Flux.
  • Gravitic Flux allows Doomfist to precisely timing Meteor Strike to inflict massive damage on a specific region.
  • During Sigma’s Ult, McCree can use Deadeye to quickly dispatch foes in its grasp.
  • When Orisa and Sigma work together, their shields may cover many directions, allowing them to have a tight grip on choke spots.
  • Using Graviton Surge, Zarya can trap adversaries so that Sigma can use Gravitic Flux to finish them off.

Sigma Weaknesses

We’ve already discussed Sigma’s mobility issues and long cooldowns, which are important considerations for players to keep in mind before taking on the character.

Because Sigma has a hard time dealing with close-quarters fighting and can’t stand on his own, he must always stay with his team.

Heroic figures who can easily evade or outwit Sigma’s strikes are listed below.

Which Heroes Does Sigma Struggle Against?

  • Using the Doomfist, Sigma may be stunned and knocked out of a combo with ease.
  • One of Sombra’s abilities is the ability to entirely disable Sigma.
  • In order to avoid being sniped by Widowmaker, Sigma must reposition his shield or risk being snatched.
  • Hanzo – Hanzo, like Widowmaker, poses a serious threat to Sigma from a distance.
  • Reaper – Has the ability to get right up to Sigma’s shield and utterly decimate him.
  • Tracer – Sigma’s Hyperspheres can’t keep up with her, and she may build up her Ult by taking advantage of Sigma’s large hitbox.
  • Even if Mei is frozen by Sigma’s Ult, he can still defend himself against any incoming strikes.

General Tips for Playing Sigma

Sigma’s shield and Kinetic Grasp can absorb damage as he applies pressure to the opposing team and dominates chokepoints.

While his limited mobility and long cooldowns make him difficult to deal with alone, he can be made more effective by teaming up with other healers and tanks.

To end things off, here are a few more basic ideas to keep in mind the next time you’re training with Sigma.

  • By bouncing them off walls and other things, you can get more out of Sigma’s Hyperspheres.
  • In the same way that Zenyatta has no audible footsteps when traveling, you can utilize Sigma’s ability to hover in the air while moving to your benefit.
  • Holding down the leap or crouch key while in Gravitic Flux allows Sigma to lift or lower himself in the air.
  • Remember that during Sigma’s Ult, you can use his Hyperspheres to inflict additional damage.
  • Sigma’s use is restricted to a small number of maps and team compositions, so if you discover that things aren’t working out, you may want to try a different tank.

Overwatch Sigma lore

Throughout his whole line, Sigma’s connection to gravity is evident.

Before he joined Overwatch, Dr. Siebren de Kuiper, called Sigma, was a pioneering scientist who worked on harnessing the power of gravity itself. In the midst of his search for knowledge and power, Sigma was hit by the full force of a black hole, which permanently altered his mind and bestowed upon him the powers he possesses today.

After the horrible occurrence, Talon, Overwatch’s resident villains, broke him out of the secret government facility where he was being held. It was through Talon’s guidance that Sigma learned how to regulate his gravitational powers, bringing him to the state he is now known for.

Sigma’s weapon

The Hyperspheres of Sigma are among the most difficult projectiles to master. It’s possible to do considerable damage if you learn how to use them.


  • Assaulting projectile
  • 2 projectiles per usage, unlimited ammunition
  • Area of effect damage radius is 3-meters.
  • 55 points of contact-based damage
  • Splash damage ranges from 9-30.
  • 2-5 self-inflicted wounds
  • A maximum range of 22 meters

Hyperspheres have a modest downward arc and can bounce off of any surface.

Overwatch Sigma abilities

The other squad will have a hard time dealing with Sigma’s powers.

  • a 700-point improvement in health
  • When recalled, the cooldown is 2 seconds; when deployed, it is 5 seconds.
  • There is no end to the possibilities.
  • Once the cooldown period has expired, the barrier regenerates 80 health each second.

In addition, Sigma has the ability to deploy a shield, which he can control from a safe distance.

  • 60 percent of the damage absorbed is transformed into shields.
  • After then, there is a 12-second cooldown period.
  • Duration: 2 seconds
  • The maximum range is 3 meters.

When your shield is down and you’re dealing with incoming damage, you can employ Sigma’s aura to turn it into shields.

  • Direct harm to 70
  • Damage ranges from 12-40 splashes.
  • As many as 20 self-inflicted wounds
  • Timeout for ten seconds
  • Knock down time of 0.8 seconds

NOTE: Sigma throws a rock-like projectile that stuns and cancels the abilities of any opponents it hits. Many of the game’s ultimates can be countered by this.

  • 50 damage is dealt when lifting, and 50% of the user’s maximum health is depleted upon slamming.
  • Max. range of 35 meters
  • region of influence of 7 meters (circular)
  • Total casting time of 1.6 seconds

In order to use Sigma’s ultimate, players must wait 5 seconds after casting before activating it. This will allow players to lift and hold adversaries in the air for 2 seconds before slamming them to the ground. With its 50% maximum HP damage, this is a superb weapon to use against tanks.

How to play Sigma: Overwatch tips

Sigma is most effective from a distance, although it can also be used in a variety of situations.

He is active because of his shield. A DPS hero, another shield hero, or even a Zarya can team up with him in an off-angle to deal damage to the other team. Using his Kinetic Grasp in the frontline duty is very beneficial.

His ultimate can be used in two ways: In the event of a battle with an adversary, or in the event of an enemy attack. 2) Against tanks or any adversary with less than 50% of their maximum HP. While Accretion’s primary fire and ultimate can be used to confirm kills or to build up your DPS, Accretion’s squishier targets should be avoided.

Keep in mind that Sigma is extremely immobile and lacks the ability to flee a dangerous situation swiftly and easily. Plan ahead and always have an escape route ready, or you may find yourself in a pit of agony like Sigma did many years ago.

Overwatch Sigma skins

Sigma Overwatch 2 Changes

Overwatch 2’s new character, Sigma, is yet to be revealed in terms of appearance or abilities.

Fans of the Dutch astrophysicist have been speculating about new abilities, some even drawing inspiration from other games like Titanfall.

According to the Overwatch team, we should expect significant changes to tank gameplay in order to prepare for the shift from 6v6 to 5v5.

We’ll revise this post if new information on Sigma’s Overwatch 2 improvements becomes available.

Sigma’s Weapon – Hyperspheres

Sigma’s Hyperspheres are his primary weapon and the one you’ll be relying on the most. When the orbs are hurled, they either explode on impact or detonate after a certain amount of time. The impact and implosion of each orb can do up to 60 damage, so with practice and talent, you’ll be tearing through adversaries at a breakneck pace.

However, they’re a difficult one to master. Sigma’s explosives only last for 20 in-game meters, therefore mastering this distance is essential if you want to succeed. With practice, you’ll be able to foresee and respond to enemy positions with your own spacing and send out huge damage. Close-quarters combat can be a little trickier, as you’ll need to land direct hits to avoid having the spheres ricochet away. In some cases, aiming at the ground is advantageous since it causes your projectiles to be deflected into the path of your opponents. Be aware that the implosion can injure you, so keep a safe distance from the enemy barriers before launching them.


  • To hit an enemy who thinks he’s in the clear, simply bounce your balls off of walls and around corners.
  • As a result, you’ll want to focus on targets that can be eliminated quickly. DPS that is overextending or opponent healers on the rear line
  • It is possible to hit two independent targets with a single click, which is beneficial for quickly finishing out a group of damaged opponents.

Sigma’s Abilities

Overwatch heroes have special powers that they can use to their advantage, and Sigma is no exception.

Barriers to Experimentation

As a simple starting point, this barrier is an important aspect of Sigma’s toolkit and his function on the team. In front of him, he creates a 1500-health barrier that moves fast until it strikes a wall or he presses the button. It is also resendable and can be recalled in a matter of seconds.

You can’t shoot Hyperspheres while the barrier is moving, but if you hit the button to bring it back, your fire will not be disrupted in the process. So use cover judiciously and recall it as you wait for your shields health to replenish before deploying the shield.

With no cooldown or time limit, you may keep moving the item around as your team moves forward, making this an extremely useful tool.


  • Maintaining a healthy shield is essential for protecting your teammates, and combining a shield push with the Kinetic Grasp ability can make you even more durable.
  • It is possible to suspend the Experimental Barrier in midair or even launch it right into the face of an opponent with Sigma’s Experimental Barrier. Keep your opponents guessing by varying up your ability use. Sigma’s greatest strength lies in its capacity for surprise.


  • Throwing a McCree in the face as he’s trying to use Deadeye, for example, will disrupt his actions. It’s critical that you make good use of this ability to stop powerful enemy abilities like Reinhardt’s Charge or even his Ultimate attack, Moira’s Coalescence.
  • If you hit the adversary from a greater distance, they will be grounded for a longer period of time. This ability is best used at a distance, therefore be sure to arc your projectiles to compensate.
  • D.Va’s Defense Matrix does not stop accretion. Considering how large it is, we aren’t shocked.

While using Kinetic Grasp, you are unable to use the Experimental Barrier or Hyperspheres, although you can recall the barrier and cancel the move into Accretion if you so desire.


  • Using both your Experimental Shield and Kinetic Grasp, push in an alternating pattern. Two things are needed to close the space between you and your adversary. Break through enemy choke spots by dismantling the barrier between redeploying your Experimental Shield.
  • This ability has the potential to absorb some Ultimates. As an example, Pharah’s Ultimate will boost your health and change your momentum if you can get near enough to her.
  • Roadhog’s Chain Hook may be blocked by this ability, but it has a 13-second cooldown, so you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck.

In order to get the most out of this ability, as with all Ultimate abilities, you’ll want to prepare ahead and make sure your squad is on board and aware of your intentions. As soon as a character’s enemy is knocked to the ground, all foes in the area take an additional 50 percent of their maximum health being taken away. You’ll be able to slam dunk every enemy in the court if your team can merely reduce their health to half.


  • Your Hyperspheres can be fired against your opponents’ immobilized hurtboxes after they have been lifted into the air. Prioritize squishy foes like DPS and healers, who should be relatively easy to take off. The subsequent half-damage to Tanks will allow you to finish them more quickly.
  • Gravitic Flux isn’t the place to get greedy and try to take out the entire other squad. It’s preferable to take out their backline immediately and leave the rest of them with only a few fighters left to battle.
  • Make sure that you don’t place yourself above a pit or in the middle of the other team after the smash down of Gravitic Flux.

Sigma Lore Overview

Dr. Siebren de Kuiper, a pioneering astronomer, was a bright scientist. For the majority of his career, he worked out of his lab in The Hague, but for one final, crucial experiment, he traveled to the International Space Station.

The experiment, however, went west. You get the sense that trying to use the power of black holes could have disastrous results. He was hospitalized and then quarantined after being exposed for a brief period of time to the black hole he had generated by accident.

He had been imprisoned for years by the authorities because he was unable to manage his gravitational powers. This led the Talon organization to break out of the institution and begin exploiting his power to advance their own interests. Talon’s grip on him tightens even as he gains mastery over his abilities. They are using him as a pawn in their malicious plots, but he doesn’t know it.


How do you get good at Sigma Overwatch?

During a team fight, Sigma has the ability to move his floating barrier forward and offer some protection. Sigma’s aggressive playstyle relies heavily on his shield, but be careful not to overuse it. Using a kinetic grip to take the oncoming fire and replenish the shield, the gurus recommend.

What is wrong with Sigma Overwatch?

Due to his rants about the patterns of the cosmos, his mental damage, and the gravitic anomalies occurring around him, he was declared unsafe and imprisoned for years under the alias “Subject Sigma.” De Kuiper fled into his own head, unable to manage his powers.

Is Sigma hard to use?

Although he has the same large health pool and slow mobility as other tanks, his kit is much more closely linked with an aggressive/protective hybrid build. As a result, even learning the basics of Sigma is a challenge.