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As Valheim’s survival mechanics differ from those of other PvE survival games, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide for both veterans and newbies alike. Other crafts games, or a passion of the Nordics? These are the best PC Viking-themed video games available today.

There is a lot of information here for newcomers, including how to get started and the basics of building, resources, and boss encounters. Instead of focusing on the mechanics, go out and experience Valheim’s wonderful realm like a true Viking.


The Sacrifice Stones are the first stop for all new characters in a world. The biome of Meadow is home to all of the game’s Sacrifice Stones, which are always found in the game’s center. The four game bosses are carved onto the stones. As your character progresses across Valheim, you’ll see Hugin, one of Odin’s fabled ravens, pop up to give you a heads-up.

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The Meadows are the first obstacle to overcome in the game. While you’ll spend most of your time in the Meadows gathering simple materials like wood, there are also a few low-threat hostile mobs that you’ll encounter.

Landmarks like dungeons are present in all but the Meadow biome. Some of the biome’s fiercest foes can be found in dungeons, as well as important materials for character advancement. Smaller runestones can be found all over the world. Using these runestones, you can learn about the world’s creatures and how to deal with them effectively.


As soon as the game begins, you’ll need to gather food and materials to make weapons and armor. Basic resources like wood and stone can be gathered by snatching them up off the ground with your hands. Flint is hard to come by because it only spawns for a short period of time near water sources like rivers and coastlines.

Getting through Valheim’s food system can be a bit of a challenge at times. In most survival games, you die when your hunger meter reaches zero. In Valheim, gaining health and stamina boosts is accomplished by the consumption of food. Stamina and health are boosted by improved food sources. Everyone has 25 basic health and three stamina bars at their disposal. Before embarking on a journey to fight, hunt, or gather, it is imperative that one eats well.


With a few changes, Valheim’s building mechanics are typical of the genre. A fireplace is a must-have if you want to keep your house warm during the winter. A chimney is a need in any home. When there is no ventilation, a room can quickly become deadly for the player due to the buildup of smoke. When it rains or storms, building materials might deteriorate, but you can keep your house protected by constructing a roof over each individual part. When using the hammer, you can select from a menu of building-part construction options. Our Valheim building guide has a lot of useful information.

Craftable items are scarce at the beginning of each character’s adventure. A club, a stone axe, clothing, and a torch are the essentials. Craftable goods can only be unlocked by gathering materials and defeating each biome’s boss.

Hammering together a Valheim workbench is required for several of the game’s craftable goods. In the station level range of the workbench, all of your stuff are repaired free of charge. Crafting add-ons in the hammer’s crafting tab raises a workbench’s station level. When new resources are discovered, further workbench upgrades can be unlocked.


The game’s bosses serve as the game’s primary progression points. The player must first battle the Meadows’ deer boss, Eikthyr. Several sacrificial altars to summon the boss can be found in every Meadow biome. The red runestone next to the Sacrifice Stones acts as a marker on the map, indicating the location of an altar. Eikthyr can be summoned by placing two deer trophies obtained through successful deer hunting. Shield blocks easily deal with the boss’s lightning spells and melee assaults.

Antlers dropped by Eikthyr are needed to craft your first pickaxe. Rocks on the ground and the Black Forest tin and copper can be mined with pickaxes. Valheim bronze may be used to create new tools, weapons, armor, and workbenches. A similar progression scheme is offered by the next boss. Forsaken abilities may be obtained from every boss in Valheim, which can be returned to the Sacrifice Stones to be unlocked.

To climb to the heavens, all you need to do is follow these Valheim tips and tactics. Set up a Valheim server with your buddies, or play around with the console instructions in the game itself.

What to do on Day 1 in Valheim

As a new player in Valheim, you will need to gather wood and stone to begin crafting basic tools. Wood can be gathered from branches on the ground, while stones can be found strewn throughout the ground.

The Axe, for easier tree-chopping and wood-gathering, should be your initial tool creation. After that, make a Club to protect yourself and a Hammer to begin building.

Install a Workbench and shield it from the elements with a tarp or other covering. For assistance, consult our guide to the Valheim Workbench. Since it is completely free to repair damaged equipment on the Workbench, have one built ASAP!

Learn where to look for resources and food

Everything in Valheim spawns according to a set of rules. Flint is one of the first important materials you’ll need to harvest, in addition to wood and stone. Look at where Flint appears in Valheim, since that serves as a fantastic example of how the game’s many spawn points work.

Iron serves as another good illustration later in the game. The position of Iron in Valheim can be a mystery to novice players, but once you understand the principles that control its spawn points, it becomes clear.

Bronze, for example, is a resource that cannot be found in nature, and must therefore be produced. Learn how to produce Bronze with our detailed guide.

In Valheim, it’s critical to locate reputable culinary establishments. In Valheim, you can’t go hungry, but the more full you are, the more health and stamina you have at your disposal. You can eat up to three different types of food at a time, and each will extend your health bar by a certain amount for a while, while also healing you up over time.

At first there are only a few options for food: wild boar, oxen, and mushrooms that can be discovered in woodlands. Boar taming in Valheim is an excellent option if you’re having trouble securing a steady supply of food.

Switch between weapon types and learn enemy weaknesses

In Valheim, there are numerous varieties of weapons, each with a unique set of abilities. Skill levels in Valheim are based on how often you use them, just like in Skyrim. You need to cut a lot of wood if you want to become proficient at it.

It’s a good idea to use a variety of weapons to broaden your arsenal’s potential, as each one has advantages and disadvantages. For additional information, see our list of the finest Valheim weapons!

Most enemies are weak or resistant to particular damage types (piercing, blunt, slashing, fire, etc.). The color of your damage numbers might tell you a lot about your health.

  • Most enemies are weak or resistant to particular damage types (piercing, blunt, slashing, fire, etc.). The color of your damage numbers might tell you a lot about your health.
  • In general, most adversaries are vulnerable or immune to a few specific forms of harm (piercing, blunt, slashing, fire, etc.). It’s important to keep an eye on the color of the damage numbers:
  • Normal damage is indicated by the use of white numbers.

Work towards the boss battles

The Forsaken boss battles in Valheim’s survival game provide you a clear set of objectives to help you grow, so use them as your primary targets to work toward.

These are not your average bosses. Take my advice and summon Eikthyr just when the time is right, and not before. Check out our guide to the Eikthyr boss fight to learn everything you need to know.

We’ve got a comprehensive guide on all the Valheim bosses, so if you’re looking for specifics on any of the Forsaken, look no farther than that. The Valheim Pickaxe – which you’ll need to start mining Copper and Tin so that you may create stronger metal equipment – is one of the many treasure items that each of these monsters drops.

Understanding the biomes of Valheim

Valheim’s resources, materials, creatures, and enemies are all vital to know where to find. Valheim’s terrain and its biomes are critical to understanding the game.

Copper and Tin veins, for example, can be found in the Black Forest, as can enormous Trolls and powerful self-healing Greydwarf shamans.

There are dungeons, crypts, and constructions that appear spontaneously in each biome in the game.

Why not take advantage of our list of the greatest Valheim seeds, which are all generated using a different starting seed for each new Valheim map?

Keep your builds simple until later on

Valheim has a lot to offer those who enjoy building things. Learning about building, from the need of chimneys to wood withering in wet weather, to the game’s influence on house stability, is a lengthy process. Valheim building guide has all you need to know.

However, as much fun as it is, I would advise you to keep your bases functional and simple until much later in the game when you have more core tools for construction. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to demolish your just finished home the moment you discover a new building material that could make it even better.

Share the fun with your friends in multiplayer

Valheim, in my opinion, is a game best experienced in a social setting.. Players can now set up their own dedicated Valheim servers with the help of Iron Gate’s devs, who appear to approve, as they’ve provided the necessary tools.

You’ll need a basic understanding of Valheim console commands and cheats to manage the world and its players if you wish to run your own server. The console can be used for more than just cheating; it can also be used to force the game to save.

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Learn everything that Valheim simulates

The best part about Valheim’s stunning simulations is that they’re all there for a reason, and you’ll have to learn how to master them to get the most out of them.

Take wind direction as an example. The direction of the wind is shown by the arrow in the top-right corner of your minimap. Consider it because creatures like Deer will detect your scent more readily if you approach from upwind rather than downwind. Take note of this!

If you build your firepit indoors, the smoke will accumulate. Unless you erect a chimney, the gases will choke you to death. Again, peruse our Valheim building guide to discover how to avoid these kinds of pitfalls.

Another example: chopped trees will take into account the tree’s leaning, wind direction, the angle of the chop, and the slope of the ground with its fall into consideration.. You can be killed in a single strike by falling logs, however if the logs crash into other logs and trees, they can be quite useful in breaking them apart and saving you the work of chopping everything down yourself.

More general Valheim tips and tricks

Let’s wrap things up with a few more basic tips and techniques on everything from Valheim’s UI and controls to beekeeping.

  • Valheim now supports the Vulkan API on Windows PCs as of update 0.146.8, which may result in improved performance and higher frame rates. Please read our Valheim Vulkan API reference for additional information.
  • In addition to the 300-pound weight restriction and the limited amount of inventory slots, there are other restrictions as well. Stamina regeneration is disabled after this point. Avoid this punishment by acquiring only what you need.
  • Multiple cooking stations can be placed on top of a single fire pit. Make sure you can still get to the fire pit itself to add extra fuel if using this method to cook a large quantity of food at the same time.
  • Zoom in and out by swiping the mouse wheel in either direction. It’s best to zoom in for close quarters battle or precision building, and then zoom out for exploration and situational awareness.
  • Shift-clicking on an inventory item causes the stack to be split. After that, you may choose the size of the stack by dragging the slider or pressing A/D.
  • To dump an entire inventory item into the floor, simply use the Ctrl key while holding down the mouse button. However, if you’ve got a storage inventory open at the same time, Ctrl-clicking will immediately transfer the selected item to the other inventory window.
  • This weapon is great for early game because to its knockback and area-of-effect damage, but don’t use it indoors!
  • Copper Ingots can be smelted and used in the crafting of sconces, if you’re fed up with the lack of wall torches.
  • The vast majority of world’s copper ore resources are in fact enormous boulders that reach deep into the earth’s crust. It’s possible that you’ll want to go back to previous locations and conduct a little more digging.
  • Your strike will likely miss smaller opponents in Valheim, such as Boars and Necks, because you’re higher up. Get back on level ground or below and try again.
  • It takes stamina to sneak up on an enemy, but if you do, you can backstab them for significant damage. The 10x backstab damage enhancement of the Flint Knife makes it an excellent early pick in this fight.
  • Having a Workbench nearby will allow you to deconstruct any naturally existing construction for free.
  • Beehives can be found in a variety of naturally occurring locations. In order to dismantle the beehive, follow the instructions in the preceding paragraph. The queen bee from a beehive can be used to start your own colonies and produce even more honey.
  • Keep an eye out for stone circles as soon as you get your hands on a Pickaxe. If you locate one, don’t be afraid to dig it up!
  • Valheim is a place where strange things happen from time to time. For a brief period of time, you’ll be attacked by a variety of animals. To survive a hurricane, maintain a calm demeanor and avoid becoming trapped.

How to Build Your First Valheim Base

This isn’t going to be as simple as the simple base configuration you built previously in our Valheim Guide. The construction of your first permanent base will take several days. Yes, you can build a modest cabin, but why not construct something that will survive far longer? Keep in mind that if you’re not happy with the results, you can always start over!

Step 1 – Craft a Hoe

You should begin by making a Hoe at your Workbench first. In order to use the Hoe, you must be close to a Workbench and have some Stone in your inventory, both of which are required in order to level ground.

Step 2 – Clear An Area for Your House and Walls

You’ll need a house that has four walls, a door, and a roof for your family to live in. Adding a simple perimeter wall to your home is also recommended. That implies you’ll need a lot of room to work with.

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to chop down too many trees if you have an open plain nearby. I had to remove a lot of trees in my instance. It doesn’t matter if you’re building in a forest or an open field; you’ll need a lot of room.

Falling trees can damage or kill you, so be careful out there! Trees can also cause buildings to collapse, which is why it’s important to clear the trees around your base before you begin construction. A building’s structural stability can be threatened if the walls are demolished.

For me, this meant hundreds of pieces of Wood. Use your Hammer to make Wood Piles to store items you don’t need right now but will need at a later time. You’ll need it when you’re setting up your foundation!

Step 3 – Level Out the Land with a Hoe

Using a Hoe, level the land. Any fallen logs can be hacked with an axe (or roll them out of the way). You’ll have to construct around the large rocks until you can remove them.

Flatten out the area as much as possible with the Hoe. It’s unlikely that you’ll get terrain that is completely level. The purpose of your first base is to help you get started, so don’t worry about it! Just because something is aesthetically pleasing does not mean it must be a work of art.

Step 4 – Build a Foundation

Next, you’ll need to figure out the size of your building’s footprint. Even if you lay down carpeting, the uneven ground will most likely result in a floor covered with sand. Instead, I advise you to construct a modest vertical beam before constructing a foundation structure. For the start of the game, a footprint of 5 tiles × 5 tiles should be sufficient, but you have the option of expanding it if you so desire.

Step 5 – Build Floors and Walls

Once the base has been laid down, start building some floors. If you’re going to be camping, you’ll need to dig a hole in the ground so that you can set up a campfire. Multiple fireplaces were an obvious choice for me because I wanted to be able to cook more than two things at a time.

Step 6 – Build a Roof

The hardest component is now complete: the roof. Even if you start from scratch, you may not be able to get it done. Build a Ladder if you can’t get to where you’re creating because you can’t get up there.

If you’re planning to have a Campfire indoors, make sure you have adequate ventilation. It’s a good idea to have windows and/or a hole in the roof to allow the smoke to exit the building.

Step 7 – Surround Your Base with a Sturdy Wall

Next, you’ll need to build a wall. Eventually, monsters will try to attack your base, and you’ll need a second tier of protection to keep them at bay. You may need to chop down a lot of trees in order to build a wall. Don’t forget to construct a gate or gates so that you can leave the compound!

The Workbench construction zone’s borders may come into play while you create your wall. If this occurs, create a second Workbench nearby to broaden your construction area. Because the Workbench is attached to the Walls, you can remove it at a later time.

Step 8 – Break Down Your Lean-To and Build Your Furniture Inside

Break down your old Lean-To and move everything inside for the last time in this Valheim Guide. Finally, it’s time to get to work on upgrading your gear and battling the first boss!

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How to Get Valheim Armor (and Prepare for the First Boss)

It’s possible that the first Valheim monster, Eikthyr, is quite difficult if you don’t have the right gear. Before you take on Eikthyr, you need have the following items:

  • Fur-Lined Headgear
  • Tights Made of Genuine Leather
  • Dark-hued trousers
  • Clumsy Arrow
  • There are a total of one hundred arrows.
  • A wide range of food options

Here’s where you can acquire everything you need:

Step 1 – Kill Boars for Leather Scraps

After a few days of in-game activity, you’ve undoubtedly already run into a Boar. To create a Crude Bow, you’ll need 8 leather scraps, so start going after those Boars!

Step 2 – Craft a Bow and Arrows

Once you acquire the proper materials, you can make a bow at any Workbench. Produce 100–200 arrows for it, because you will require them.

Step 3 – Kill Deer for Deer Hide

Killing Deer will be your next task. One of the most difficult aspects of our tour is that deer can simply flee.

The Spear might have been a better option for you. It’s not a good concept. I tried it. When out in the bush, it’s easy to misplace your Spear. If you miss with the Spear, the Deer may be able to escape.

Deer Trophies will be found as you kill more deer. These will come in handy at some point in the future!

Step 4 – Craft Leather Armor

Once you have enough Deer Hide to make a Leather Helmet, Tunic, and Pants, get to work on making them. As the battle with Eikthyr approaches, we’re getting close.

Step 5 – Gather Food – How Food Works and Why You Need It

The last thing you need to do before taking on Eikthyr is learn about the game’s Food mechanics, so we’ll do that now.

You are normally limited to a maximum life span of 25. By consuming food, you can increase this limit. For example, a raspberry might only offer you an additional 10 HP. Cooked meat, on the other hand, can boost your HP by 25 points.

Only by consuming a variety of different foods can you reap the benefits. If you want to boost your HP any higher, you’ll need to eat more variety than just one Raspberry at a time. Even honey can assist you reach your objective. If your Food runs out in battle, or if you die and have to start over, you’ll want to keep a few extras on hand.

How to Beat the First Valheim Boss Eikthyr

As soon as you’ve built and upgraded your first base, it’s time to face your first boss! Assemble all of your supplies and food, as well as a deer trophy if you have one.

How to Summon Eikthyr

At the beginning of the game, Eikthyr’s Runestone will reveal where he is. His shrine may be found if you go to that spot. You must set a Deer Trophy on the shrine to initiate the boss battle.

How to Beat Eikthyr

Eikthyr is a piece of cake. He’s got a lightning beam and an area-of-effect strike, as well as melee and AoE assaults. Because of your Leather Armor and HP boosts from Food, you should be able to take quite a few of his attacks. Identifying the pattern is not difficult.

Keep a safe distance from Eikthy and aim your arrows at him. You’ll have no trouble reducing his health bar. Upon defeating him, you’ll be able to claim your stuff and progress into Valheim!

What to Do After Beating the First Boss in Valheim

After defeating Eikthyr, you will be able to craft a pickaxe. Now you can get rid of those pesky stones that have been littering your property. Our Valheim Guide has come to a close; now what?

Still, there are a lot of supervisors to deal with. Even the best equipment you can come up with isn’t going to be enough in areas outside the beginning zone. To ensure your survival, you’ll have to acquire metal and craft stronger gear. After then, it’s up to you to find and defeat the following round of bosses! It’s simply the beginning of your adventure in Valheim – have fun!


How to start Valheim as a beginner?

There are ten things you need to know about Valheim before you get started. The fastest way to get wood is to destroy existing buildings. You’ll come across little huts and shacks throughout the course of your explorations. Make a cutting block and a tanning rack for your workbench. The crafting menu has two things that aren’t quite right: You can’t fix it…

Is there a guide to Valheim in early access?

Use this Valheim guide to make your Viking afterlife the best it can be. The Valheim guidebook is here! As an Early Access title, gamers are flocking to the co-op Viking survival game Valheim to make weapons, sail longships, and construct a pretty cool fortress.

What do I need to start building a club in Valheim?

When the sun goes down, you should have some basic tools, food, a workbench, a bonfire, and a place to sleep if you’ve done everything perfectly (and are lucky). Gather some wood so that you can create a Club as the first step. Valheim is a dangerous region, and you may find yourself surrounded by adversaries as soon as you arrive.

What is valvalheim?

Set in the Norse cosmology’ tenth tier, Valheim features an abundance of nature and terrible adversaries. Defeating enormous, terrible beasts in this weird new realm will require the correct equipment and knowledge. Odin has entrusted you with this duty.