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You need go no further than Torbjorn if you’re looking for a hero who can hold their own in combat despite having great defensive and area denial capabilities.

Torbjorn may not be the most popular damage hero in the game, but with the right squad behind him, he can easily overwhelm his opponents.

Overwatch Torbjorn guide will cover the finest tips, tactics, and strategies for playing as the smart engineer.

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Torbjorn Abilities and Role Explained

Over the years, Torbjorn’s kit has been changed to make it more offensively viable.

He still has numerous flaws that may be exploited by opposing teams or even solitary heroes who play differently than he does.

On maps with hard chokepoints and teammates who can keep the opponent team busy, Torbjorn is most successful when he can clean-up with his turret and Rivet Gun.

Using his defensively-inclined abilities, we’ll teach you how to combine them all to win matches below.

How To Use Deploy Turret

A turret can be deployed on any surface where a player can ordinarily stand and used to exert pressure on the opposing team, making Torb’s kit unique.

After some trial and error, you should be able to figure out where the best position is to drop your turret so that it can keep an eye on the target while remaining out of sight of the adversary.

In order to choose the optimal places to place your turret, you’ll need to know the map you’re on, the heroes you’re facing, and where your teammates have set up camp.

After every successful enemy team wipe, reposition your turret to a different location to prevent them from following it; this also has the added bonus of catching them off-guard with each fresh attack.

How To Use Forge Hammer

Using the Forge Hammer, Torb’s turret can be repaired at a rate of 55 damage per second, and it can also deal close-range melee damage.

In the wake of Torb’s revamp, it is the weakest tool in his arsenal because it takes you to leave the battlefield to repair it, which is a waste of time.

With Overload, the Forge Hammer can repair the turret much more quickly than the enemy can do damage.

You might want to keep your turret alive as long as possible if your squad is doing a fantastic job of keeping the enemy at bay.

How To Use Overload

This ability gives Torbjorn +100 armor, a 30% increase in movement speed and a 43% increase in weapon rate of fire for 5 seconds total.

Overload is most efficient at protecting Torb from potentially lethal abilities (such as Roadhog’s Hook, Doomfist’s Rocket Punch, etc.), despite the obvious offensive advantages of such boosts.

It’s an ability you should avoid spamming until absolutely necessary, so keep that in mind when playing.

Last but not least, if you’re forced to flee, Overload is your best hope of living long enough to get away from the enemies.

How To Use Molten Core (Ultimate)

Torb’s Molten Core ability, which sees him launch scorching projectiles from his arm in the direction he’s facing, is the most significant change to his kit following his revamp.

A total of 10 molten slags can be fired, which will bounce off walls and enemy shields until they drop on the ground, where they will begin to pool for 10 seconds, dealing 160 dps and an additional 90 dps against armor for 10 seconds.

A choke point, a major point of attack, or even a respawn timer are all good ways to employ it to keep the enemy from getting to the main objective.

The best way to use Torb’s Ultimate is to activate it from higher ground and shoot downwards directly on or near the objective or along the enemy’s path.

Torbjorn Strengths

With Torb’s Ultimate, you should activate it from a higher position and aim it squarely at the target or enemy’s route.

Even though he can deliver damage at close, medium, and long ranges, Torb and his turret do their best work at medium range.

Torb is best paired with high-mobility heroes and snipers who can keep the enemy distracted and take down any of Torb’s main threats.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Torbjorn?

  • Can identify and remove adversaries before they reach Torb’s turret, making it easier for him to shoot them down.
  • Hanzo – As above, but with the added benefit of Dragonstrike’s area denial ability.
  • High mobility allows Winston to deflect the attention of Torb’s turret away from his bodyguards.
  • Area denial is made easier with Symmetra’s ability to combine turret damage with Torb.
  • Mei – Has the ability to freeze and build ice walls around Torb’s turret in order to prevent attackers from accessing it.
  • Torb’s turret is no match for Genji’s mobility and damage output.
  • Lucio – He has the ability to speed boost Torb and boop adversaries away from his turret, making him more mobile.

Torbjorn Weaknesses

Torbjorn, on the other hand, has numerous flaws that might be exploited when he is isolated from the rest of his team.

Torb’s key flaws are his poor mobility, low health pool (save for Overload), and uneven damage.

If you’re not careful, you can swiftly send Torbjorn back to spawn with the help of these heroes, who have an advantage in most situations.

Which Heroes Does Torbjorn Struggle Against?

  • One-on-one clashes with Pharah without Torb’s turret are a challenge for Torb.
  • A long-range sniper, Hanzo can also destroy Torb’s turret.
  • Wraith Form allows Reaper to evade turrets and slash at Torb’s health.
  • Torb and his turret are both affected by Junkrat’s AoE damage.
  • Particle Barrier can be used by Zarya to protect herself against turret attacks.
  • Torb’s location is revealed to the enemy team by Widowmaker’s sniping ability.
  • Soldier: 76 — If left unchecked, Torb and his turret can be focused from a considerable distance.

General Tips For Playing Torbjorn

After completing this chapter, you should have a better grasp on when and how to use Torb and how best to build up his turret to maximize its damage output.

Take your time learning the best turret positions on each map and switch to another hero if you constantly being shut down when playing Torb.

We’ve compiled a list of additional suggestions to help you become a better Torbjorn, and if you keep these in mind, you’ll soon be a master of the game.

  • Torb should only be used when your team is defending and you have allies who complement your style of play.
  • You may turn your turret into a mobile turret by placing it on the Payload during Escort missions.
  • To do more damage at close range, Torb’s Rivet Gun uses a shotgun-like spread in its alternate firing mode.
  • After respawning, use Overload to return to your starting place significantly faster than you would otherwise.
  • Avoid letting your turret stay idle for too long; instead, get involved in the battle.



  • Rivets are fired at long range in the primary fire.
  • Long-range projectile, 18 rounds, 70 damage each shot
  • Fires molten metal out of his gun at close range in a quick burst.
  • Short-range bursts of 37.5 to 125 damage per shot / six rounds

Some players believe that using Torbjörn’s turret to eliminate opponents is the greatest strategy. The Rivet Gun can be used for maximum damage and leveling up quickly, but players should understand how to use it. An effective long-range shot, especially if it hits an enemy in the head, can be lethal against smaller, more flimsy foes. Precision hits will require practice and a sense of timing because it is a projectile.

Players can even take out less skilled snipers who are bothering their comrades after they learn how to use his primary fire. A shotgun burst is more in line with his secondary, therefore he should be effective against larger opponents. Even if recovery speed has been slashed recently, this blast is of little utility. It’s useful for destroying shields and slowing down fast-moving enemies with low health, but for the most part, stick to your primary weapon.


  • Self-Building Turret: Deployment of a self-building turret that tracks and hits enemy targets.
  • At least 250 HP, you can fire four shots each second, each dealing 14 damage, with a maximum range of 40 meters.
  • The Forge Hammer is a repair hammer that can also be used as a weapon in an emergency.
  • The turret heals itself 50 times per hit for a total of 55 damage.

Even if he doesn’t fully rely on it, the turret is still Torb’s bread and butter. Allows him to remain less aggressive while discouraging the enemy from advancing. There are numerous locations where the turret can be dropped, but the finest ones allow the user to engage the opponent without being seen. It’s best to keep it in areas where attacking players have to divert their attention away from their allied colleagues in order to achieve the best results.

Make use of a map’s natural cover to protect the turret rather than relying on it as a sitting duck. When the turret is not in use, Forge Hammer is a useful tool for healing the turret. Take down low health enemies with a hammer when playing as Torbjörn in Overwatch and you’re running low on ammo.


  • Enhances defense, movement, and ammunition reloading for a short period of time.
  • +100 health, +30% speed buff, +43% rate and reload of Rivet Guns, +37% rate of Forge Hammers, and a 10-second cooldown are all included.

In the past, this hero’s ultimate ability gave him a significant boost. Those days are gone, but a little version of the feature is still available as Overload. The new boost has a 10 second cooldown and is far more versatile than the old one. Activate this ability to unleash a shower of primary fire rounds on foes while guarding a choke point. Squishy heroes who overplay their hand may be in for a nasty surprise, even if some of the shots miss.

A flanker attempting to gain the upper hand on the dwarf should make good use of this characteristic to their advantage. Make sure to Overload after being sent to spawn so that you can get back into the fight sooner. Most importantly, always reload before turning it on so that the short activation time is not wasted on an empty clip.


  • Inflicts huge, prolonged damage (with additional damage to armor) and can halt adversaries from traveling through vital spots via the creation of molten slag pools
  • For 10 rounds, the claw deals 25 damage, while the pools deal 160 damage each second, +90 against armor. The radius of the 2.5-meter radius is 2.5 meters (pool)

First and foremost, unleashing Molten Core normally does not result in a team wipe. Even so, it has the potential to be the deciding factor in a game’s outcome in the closing seconds. The Rivet Gun morphs into a magma-shooting weapon after the final key is pressed. These are so devastating to the other team that they are not to be taken lightly. There are no additional benefits to stacking the pools, so make careful to achieve a good distribution.

The optimal use of this ultimate is to cut off chokepoints, blanket the target, and surround the payload. Shoot some Molten Core to protect the objective if the ally tanks are destroyed or if a powerful adversary moves forward. Torbjörn’s ultimate in Overwatch drastically reduces the amount of area the opposition side has to work with during overtime.



The courageous Swede is classified as Damage in this context. Even though he excels at wreaking havoc, his skills can also be utilized in a defensive capacity. Despite the skepticism of some, this proves that the hero is an adequate off tank. Genji and Widowmaker, heroes with powerful strikes that may quickly dispatch adversaries, have nothing on this hero’s firepower, which is used to keep the attacking squad at bay.

Opposing players may be consistently wiped out thanks to the damage done by his Rivet Gun and turret. Torb, on the other hand, has Overload and Molten Core abilities that allow him to act as a Tank ally and safeguard the payload or goal. Take advantage of the kit’s defensive abilities but don’t expect to withstand an avalanche of damage like Reinhardt or Roadhog.


For this character, there are few other heroes who are ideal for running alongside in the 222 format. However, the best ones are frequently chosen. Shield tanks, for example, are ideal for this hero due to the additional protection their turrets provide. Using Molten Core against an opposing team is made considerably simpler by tank ultimates such as Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and Zarya’s Graviton Surge.

Bastion and Symmetra, the official comic’s damage heroes, can provide a continuous stream of fire into a choke point. Working with these damaging heroes, it is possible to quickly deplete an opponent’s shields. His daughter Brigitte’s increased amor boosts make him a decent healer. It’s also possible to get the most out of Torbjörn’s damage output by pairing him with Mercy, Ana, or Zenyatta in the Overwatch metagame.


It’s no wonder, given his advantages, that this hero is a stronger choice for Defense. On the other hand, playing him on Attack maps and pushing the payload is not unheard of. As a result of their emphasis on narrow passageways (such as Eichenwalde or Kings Row), these maps are excellent. To prevent opposing pushes, use Molten Core in conjunction with turrets and Overload.

The turret positions in Numbani, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, and Hollywood, which all have verticality, make them not awful choices either. Numbani’s higher platforms or the Hollywood’s second point staircase are two examples. Torb can be used in Junkertown or Route 66 since the cargo keeps it mobile and provides decent cover. To get the most out of Torbjörn’s turret and ultimate ability, grasp the ins and outs of the map’s geometry.

In 2016, when Overwatch launched, Torbjörn Lindholm was already a familiar face. Since then, he’s witnessed a slew of improvements to his arsenal. Some may think that Torb was more fascinating when he had the ability to throw out armor packs and raise his turret’s level to level three. Few will argue that his new play style is any worse off than it was before. Individual rounds can now be played at breakneck speed thanks to the elimination of building the turret and collecting scrap. While they wait for Overwatch 2 adjustments, new and returning players can get back into the Swedish rhythm by studying the fundamentals listed above.

Torbjorn abilities and strategy tips

But it’s not only a matter of picking your place and then placing your defensive structures on the ground that makes Torbjorn’s skills unique. As a result, we’ve compiled a brief reference for all of Torbjorn’s foundational skills, so you can get up to speed quickly.

Even while Torbjorn’s primary fire isn’t the most potent weapon in the game, it can help you survive a little longer and take down a few naive targets. The left mouse button is fine for long-distance foes, but switch to the right mouse button for close-quarters battles, where you’ll need the extra power to get the job done sooner rather than later.

To use the Forge Hammer, press the 2 button (or use your mouse’s scroll wheel) and you’ll be able to swap from the Rivet Gun to the Forge Hammer. To return to the default weapon, press 1 or scroll again. Unless you’ve temporarily run out of Rivet Gun ammo, store this for when you need to rebuild your turret, and then use it to do damage to other Heroes. When you whack your mechanical contraption, you’re boosting its strength back toward its maximum value. With a wall in the way, you’ll be able to keep the opposition team at bay for a little longer.

This is Torbjorn’s hallmark ability, however you don’t need to worry about upgrading it with your Forge Hammer because of the recent changes to this hero. You can now focus on enemy action while the turret is automatically upgraded to Level 2 status. As a result, you no longer place this item precisely on the ground, but instead hurl it out in front of you.

Torbjorn now has a self-buff that boosts his armor protections, attack, movement, and reload speed, saving him the trouble of gathering enemy scraps. Use of this ability has a twelve-second cooldown and a five-second activation time.

For a short time, Torbjorn can use a magma-firing mechanism to shower the ground in boiling hot lava as an alternative to his standard Ultimate ability, Molten Core [Q]. A lot of damage will be dealt to any foes who get caught in this muck and don’t escape fast.

If you’d like to swiftly gain access to Torbjorn’s turrets, use this method. Here are a few pointers to help you get to grips with this character quickly.

  • Make it easier to swap between weapons in Torbjorn by setting up the controls so that you only have to press one button. You’ll no longer have to worry about juggling your combat duties, which is a hassle in and of itself. Even if it doesn’t make a huge difference, every little bit helps.
  • If you enter a game with Torbjorn as the attacking team, you won’t be making many friends in the random queue. Sure, you’ll put in some time, but after the team has made any progress, you’ll have to start from scratch. Unless you’re an elite Overwatch player, there are nearly always better options.
  • Try not to be too discouraged if it takes you a while to get the hang of Torbjorn’s rivet gun’s trajectory. After mastering your aim here, you’ll be surprised at how much damage you can inflict as a defense character. A few practice shots from a safe distance can help you prepare for a large-scale battle that you know is coming.
  • As soon as your Rivet Gun ammo runs out and you’re left with nothing but a hammer, try to land a few blows with it. Ammo will be replenished when you switch back to your gun.
  • Set it up in an area where the opponent may easily take it down again in the event that your turret has just been destroyed. Try new things and be innovative to keep the opposing team guessing. Once the turret’s position has been determined, you can use cunning switching to tie the squad up in knots.
  • One turret can be operational at a time, so make sure it is well-positioned and well-cared for. Try to place it in a location where it can be seen from a distance, but also provides some degree of concealment. In the event of a fire, you’ll still be able to fix it with a hammer.


Is Torbjorn good in overwatch?

To prove that Torbjorn is more than just a joke, the best players in the game picked up the Swedish engineer’s hammer and shown that he can be an effective DPS option even at the highest levels of play.

How much damage does Torbjorn turret do?

At the pace of four shots per second, Torbjorn’s turret deals 14 damage every shot in Overwatch. Amplification Matrix fire deals 28 damage every shot, or 112 damage per second, when used through the Amplification Matrix.

How do you heal Torbjorn turrets?

Torbjörn constructs a turret that automatically locks on to enemies when he uses the Deploy Turret command.

  1. Because of this, the turret can be destroyed while in the process of being fully deployed.
  2. Forge Hammer is the sole way to restore health to the turret.