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The Storm Javelin exosuit unleashes a torrent of devastation throughout the battlefield thanks to its diverse array of devastating abilities. There are a lot of things that you need to know about the Anthem Storm Javelin, as well as the best Anthem Storm builds, so you can optimize its efficacy.

Anthem Storm Javelin Builds

Anthem’s Storm Javelin appears to be the final armor that may be unlocked when you travel through the game’s primary storyline. As a rumor, the Storm Javelin will initially arrive to Fort Tarasis, according to the official website. While the Storm Javelin can certainly deliver a lot of physical damage, it doesn’t have much in the way of armor.

Storm Javelin Melee Ability

Each of the Javelins in Anthem has a unique melee ability that it can use. You can use “Fiery Strike” on the Storm Javelin. “Fiery Strike” ability, allows the exosuit to send an enormous explosion that knocks out any enemies that are within the specified distance.

Storm Javelin Kinesis Gear Abilities

The “Seals” for the Storm Javelin are listed below in three categories. The Storm Javelin can have one of these three abilities assigned to it at any given time, and you can change the abilities between missions.

  • Areas affected by lightning strikes are referred to as lightning strikes.
  • Until the ultimate explosion, the storm is concentrated in one area of the ice, causing extensive damage.
  • A quick explosion that damages a specific target area is known as a flame burst.
  • Using Rime Blast, a player can send off little ice bullets that freeze targets within a certain range.
  • A single burst of fire from the Storm is aimed at and those who are.

The Storm Javelin’s Seals of Concentration

  • Shoots forth a stream of ice crystals that will freeze the victim in a matter of seconds.
  • One large fireball or numerous small ones, depending on how it is charged, can be unleashed by a weapon called the Fireball.
  • An electric charge that travels through the air and bounces off of surfaces to strike a target hidden behind a barrier.
  • Ice Beam – Shoots a single beam of power from ice in one direction alone.
  • An arc of lightning is released between two targets, delivering harm to them.
  • Wind Wall provides a continuous wall of wind that disperses enemy projectiles.
  • For those in the vicinity, Nexus creates a single field that grants cooldowns on various items.

Storm Javelin Ultimate Ability

Javelin of the Storm Similar to the other three exosuits in Anthem, Storm Javelin can unleash one of its Ultimate Abilities. One by one, before unleashing its final jolt, the “Elemental Storm” Storm Javelin throws out bolts of lightning, ice, and fire into the air.

Anthem Storm Best Loadout

When it comes to the javelins, Storm is the sexiest and most eye-catching. Getting your hands on it can be a challenge, but with the right attire, you’ll be a valued asset to any team you join. Here are our picks for the best Storm Loadouts:

  • The Storm is the best javelin to get foes going. Use Frost Shards to accomplish so, as they may be fired at a large number of enemies at the same time.
  • The next phase is to use Lightning Strike as an AoE detonator with great effect. Combo Effect Damage will be exceedingly high as a result of this.
  • Everything that shortens the recharging duration of your primary strikes should be used. Quickening Field is the best option we can think of.
  • It is important for components to have both the Elemental Conduit and Elemental Empowerment.

Frost Wizard Build


  • Frozen areas are damaged by the explosion caused by Blast Seal Blast Seal Ice Storm (Primer).
  • Glacial Spear – Focus Seal (Detonator) It is a focused source of energy that causes frost to form and damage.
  • Involvement in Seal is encouraged. The Quickening Field (Support) generates a zone where teammates within range can experience a reduction in cooling time.


  • Ice Inscription — Increases the damage done by ice and the accumulation of status effects.
  • Physical damage is reduced in exchange for an increase in elemental damage.
  • Empowered by the elements Increases the rate at which the gear can be recharged while decreasing the damage it takes to the gear.


  • Sniper Rifle/Marksman Rifle is the primary.
  • Assault Rifle/Machine Pistol as a secondary weapon

Frozen enemy adversaries are a primary focus of this construct. Because it prevents the player from moving, this is a popular status effect.

There are three charges in the ice storm, making it one of the Storm’s most powerful Primer abilities. Quickening Field aids in hastening the process because its cooldown is significantly longer than that of other abilities.

Glacial Spear is not required and can be replaced with more powerful detonators, such as the Burning Orb. When used in conjunction with Ice Storm, it can be quite effective against one target. With the use of ice and several other emblems, this set has been amplified to its full potential.

A long-range weapon, the Storm, can’t last long if it’s constantly confronting your opponents. Using a sniper rifle, such as the Devastator, ensures that even when your powers are at a standstill, you will still be able to do significant damage.

Shock Mage Build


  • Delivers a directed lightning strike that inflicts electric area of effect damage.
  • An ice-like substance that might potentially freeze an enemy is released in rapid succession by this seal.
  • This seal creates a defensive wall that blocks enemy projectiles as they enter the field of play.


  • Improves electrical damage and the development of status effects with the use of Lightning Inscription.
  • Inflicts physical damage in addition to dealing more damage. Elemental Conduit:
  • Recharge rate and gear damage are both reduced by Elemental Empowerment.


  • Sniper Rifle/Marksman Rifle is the primary.
  • Secondary – Light Machine Gun/Assault Rifle

You can use this construct after you’ve obtained the Storm javelin if you prefer the more conventional style. If you’re looking for a more versatile loadout, this one is for you.

Quickly freeze your adversaries or focus on a single target with the help of Frost shards.

Comboing Lightning Strike with a Lightning Inscription component is a wonderful way to do a lot of AOE damage.

To compensate for the storm’s vulnerability, you can use a Wind Wall to provide a suitable buffer between yourself and any potential harm.