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Dr. Doomfist is an Overwatch hero that uses his bionic arm as a highly mobile and fast-hitting frontline fighter.

Our guide to playing as Doomfist in Overwatch will include tips, tactics and strategies for the martial artist-turned-mercenary character.

Check out our Overwatch Beginner’s Guide for more helpful hints, including information on hero roles, team composition, and winning strategies.

Doomfist Abilities and Role Explained

High-risk, high-reward melee assaults with the potential to kill most heroes, especially DPS and Supports, are Doomfist’s style of play.

Doomfist can cover a lot of ground quickly with his skills like Rocket Punch, Seismic Slam, and Rising Uppercut.

When it comes to burst damage, Doomfist is one of the best in the business, but his effective range is limited and his hitbox is larger than most other DPS heroes.

How to Use Hand Cannon

This weapon is Doomfist’s only projectile-based weapon; he uses the Hand Cannon to hurl eleven knuckle-based pellets at the target, which each deal between 1.78 and 6.06 damage each.

If you’re looking for a quick way to finish off low-health foes and whittle down your tank’s health bar, this is a great option.

That’s because it takes 0.65 seconds per shot to reload and can’t be manually reloaded, so you have to wait until the Hand Cannon is empty before it reloads itself.

With any ability, Doomfist is able to cancel the Hand Cannon’s post-fire motion, so he may rapidly return to the fight.

How to Use Seismic Slam

Doomfist’s massive AoE melee strike, Seismic Slam, causes foes within range to be thrown toward him as he leaps forward and smashes into the ground.

The maximum damage is 125 when Doomfist hits the ground at its maximum range, although that damage is dependent on how far it goes before slamming into the ground (15 meters).

Additionally, Doomfist’s Seismic Slam may be used to inflict enormous bursts of damage on adversaries in quick order.

Seismic Slam arc travels downward when activated from the ground or after a leap, while Rising Uppercut causes it to travel in a straight line.

How to Use Rising Uppercut

Doomfist’s Rising Uppercut is another significant disruption technique that allows him to engage in further combos.

Upon activation, he launches any foes within a 5-meter radius high into the air, causing 50 damage and temporarily disables their strafing ability.

It’s easier for Doomfist to follow up with another attack during this period because he’s temporarily suspended in the air.

His Rocket Punch attack can knock adversaries off ledges so they plummet to their deaths after he is launched.

How to Use Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch, which needs Doomfist to charge up his fist before lunging forward in the direction he’s facing, is another powerful technique for knocking adversaries about.

When a single target is knocked back, this attack deals 50-100 damage, and an additional 50-150 damage if the victim comes into contact with a wall.

Rocket Punch has the drawback of rendering Doomfist immobile for up to two seconds, giving opponents plenty of opportunity to flee or be stunned.

This means that before attacking, it’s best to utilize Rocket Punch to charge behind cover and use it as a retreating option when you’re at low health.

How to Use Meteor Strike (Ultimate)

Doomfist’s final move sees him leap through the air before exploding with the force of a meteor.

Depending on which ring an enemy is in (inner or outer), different amounts of damage are dealt out in an 8-meter radius: 300 damage for the inner ring, and 15-200 damage for the outer ring.

When an area of effect has been picked, Doomfist becomes temporarily invincible until he falls, which leaves him vulnerable immediately after.

As a result, even though Meteor Strike is an amazing tool for zoning, it should be avoided when you’re the last player standing.

Doomfist Strengths

Doomfist may be a fantastic asset to any squad if he can surprise the adversary and consistently land blows.

As a result of his passive (The Best Defense…) ability, he is shielded whenever he uses one of his active abilities to inflict damage on an enemy.

It’s best to treat Doomfist as a combo-based hero, and look for ways to maximize burst damage when possible.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Doomfist?

  • Doomfist barriers from Zarya let him to extend his reach into the enemy line, where he can then pick off opponents.
  • McCree — Doomfist’s disadvantages against targets with excellent mobility, such as Pharah, can be covered with McCree.
  • In order to keep foes from evading Doomfist’s fury, Sombra uses hacking techniques.
  • Zenyatta – Has the power to grant Doomfist the Orb of Harmony from afar, increasing his survivability.
  • In order for Doomfist to take advantage, Roadhog needs to be able to yank adversaries out of position.
  • Ana – Doomfist’s openings can be created by sleeping the target and providing bursts of healing.
  • Using Winston’s and D.Va’s barriers, Doomfist is able to extend his reach and return to the safe side.

Doomfist Weaknesses

Doomfist’s faults are on full display whenever his abilities are on cooldown, if that wasn’t obvious enough already.

With his default mobility speed, he has a difficult time fleeing the combat; in addition, his larger hitbox makes him a more attractive target for opponents.

His Hand Cannon, while useful, isn’t strong at long-range projectile damage and is more equivalent to a shotgun, making him ineffective against enemies that can outrange him at long range.

Which Heroes Does Doomfist Struggle Against?

  • Pharah – As previously stated, Doomfist’s effective range simply does not extend to Pharah.
  • Doomfist and the main combat are usually set up distant from Widow, allowing her to fire off some free shots if she is not checked.
  • One of the few characters capable of hacking Doomfist’s abilities to make him susceptible is Sombra.
  • This makes Orisa invulnerable to Doomfist’s knockback effects while she is Fortified.
  • Can use Doomfist’s enormous hitbox to hook Roadhog away from squishy characters like Wolverine.
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  • Before generating the life orb, Moira can use fade to avoid Doomfist’s attack.

General Tips for Playing Doomfist

Doomfist is a unique character in Overwatch because there aren’t many melee-based characters in the game.

Doomfist can, however, overcome any hurdle with enough experience and imagination; as a final reminder, here are a few last-minute pointers to keep in mind:

  • Doomfist will fly forward in the air instead of along the ground if you jump while doing a Rocket Punch.
  • It is important to keep in mind that Genji is vulnerable to Doomfist’s other abilities because he can only deflect blows from Hand Cannon.
  • There are a few ways to employ Meteor Strike as a counter to some of the most powerful ultimate abilities in the game.
  • Stun affected enemies with Rocket Punch for a short period of time and interrupt their abilities, including some ultimates.
  • Though he may give off the appearance of being a diving hero, keep in mind that Doomfist lacks the backup of a team and will die quickly if left alone.

Every battle makes us stronger

Despite being a damaging hero, Doomfist can be a challenge to learn.

Like his predecessor, Orisa, he relies heavily on his abilities. His specialty is creating devastating combos in the manner of a character from a video game, which he excels at doing.

His default primary weapon is a cannon in his left hand, which blasts four shotgun-like bullets from each of Doomfist’s knuckles, as shown in the image below. The offensive range is small, but each shot launches six pellets, each of which can deal up to six points of damage.

This game’s hand cannon only holds four rounds of ammo at a time, so it’s critical that you master the rhythm of each shot and the automated 0.65 second reload animation that occurs once the magazine is empty.

The Hand Cannon has a high damage output when used up close, but suffers greatly when used out to medium or long distances. However, he is not an expert shooter, and this may be utilized to inflict chip damage from a distance. When it comes to short-range burst damage, this weapon is ideal. With his gauntlet, he’s able to quickly close the distance.

Does anyone else want to try me?

Each of Doomfist’s skills is potent at the most basic level. But when he combines the two, he transforms into a devastating force.

Rocket Punch is his most powerful and most valuable ability, as it can be employed in a multitude of ways and is bound to alternate fire by default. When Doomfist is held down and charged, he will hurl himself a very long distance, doing damage to those he hits and causing them to be knocked back.

Learn more about Rocket Punch. A single hit from this weapon can take out nearly the whole cast if the target is knocked back into a wall. You may use it as both a main weapon of attack and a wonderful means to flee when things are going against you in a fight.

Shoryuken-style jump punches, such Rising Uppercut, propel nearby adversaries into the air, allowing Doomfist to perform a range of damage-dealing techniques after they land. It has a seven-second cooldown and deals 50 damage, so the victim is susceptible in the air for a brief amount of time if he hits with the strike.

Both a combination opener and a finisher, Seismic Slam is a versatile weapon. It is impossible to avoid being knocked closer to Doomfist by his ground slam. It will appear on the ground as a blue cone-shape, indicating the attack’s hitbox, when used from the air.

Doomfist’s ability to do damage is greatly enhanced if he knows how to use these three skills like a combo in a fighting game.

Play around with different combinations. See which ones perform best for you in the practice range.

The Seismic Slam and Rising Uppercut combos, for example, allow Doomfist to bring an opponent closer to him before unleashing a devastating Rocket Punch or close-range blow from his Hand Cannon.

Doomfist’s passive ability, “The Best Defense…,” rewards him with shields each time he uses an ability, therefore landing these attacks is crucial. For every enemy hit, he gets 30 shields, and for every enemy hit with his ultimate, he gets 75 shields, for a total of 150 shields, which means that his health pool is maxed out at 400. That’s the kind of health that would make a tank.

Doomfist, despite his massive stature, is one of the game’s most maneuverable characters thanks to these special powers. With a fully charged Rocket Punch, Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam, he can go vast distances in a short time. Using this method, he can fast achieve an objective.

“It’ll take more than that to stop me”

Meteor Strike is one of the most visually stunning and lethal of all the game’s ultimate powers.

When Doomfist is activated, he launches himself into the air and disappears from view. In order to gain a clearer picture of his intended landing zone and a closer look at the map, the player can zoom out.

At the center of Doomfist’s circle, it deals 300 damage to the target and up to 200 damage to the surrounding area.

This ultimate can be used for a wide range of purposes. If your opponents are densely clustered, this is a terrific way to get them all out of the way. Doomfist can be avoided, though, because there is time to get out of the way before he hits the ground. However, when the attack lands, it is lethal.

Meteor Strike can also be used for zoning. If they don’t want to take a beating from Doomfist’s gauntlet, they’ll have to leave. As a result, adversaries have plenty of time to clear an area while he’s in the air, which makes it a risky action.

Doomfist’s ultimate is particularly effective on Assault and Control maps, when the attack’s area of effect extends much beyond the actual goal regions themselves. Furthermore, it can land inside structures, even if they lack roofs.

Using Meteor Strike with Zarya’s Graviton Surge, for example, is a fast method to obliterate a team’s dreams.

The matchups

Strong against


Doomfist can rapidly destroy any squishy backline hero like Mercy or Zenyatta if he knows how to use his abilities. There’s another hero that healers have to worry about jumping on top of them, whether it’s his Hand Cannon or one well-timed Rocket Punch with wall splatter.

Slow-moving heroes

Doomfist is a formidable opponent for any hero that lacks mobility, since he can simply dive on them or line them up for a Rocket Punch. Ana, Symmetra, and Torbjorn will have a hard time dealing with him because of his powers.

Weak against

Sombra and Orisa

The consequences of Sombra hacking Doomfist are dire. The loss of some of his most powerful tools will be difficult for him because he relies so heavily on his abilities.

Orisa resembles a Doomfist counter-part in that she is strong and agile. “Halt!” and “Fortify” will keep him from wreaking havoc on her, while her shield is moveable and can be utilized to drag him away from her in close quarters.

High maneuverability heroes

Since Tracer, Genji, and Pharah can all remain a safe distance from Doomfist while avoiding his hits thanks to their superior agility, they’ll have a field day against him. Due to his huge hitbox, Tracer and Genji, in particular, are able to move swiftly while simultaneously charging their ultimates and doing quick damage to him.

Heroes with long-range attacks

If you can remain a safe distance from Doomfist while still dealing damage, you should have no problem defeating him. With the right aim, Widowmaker or Soldier: 76 or Bastion or Hanzo may take him down in a matter of seconds.


Doomfist will be wiped out by Hog, as his combo is woefully inadequate to deal with the pig. In addition, Roadhog’s hook is strong enough to grab Doomfist by the wrist.

Overwatch’s first true supervillain, Doomfist, took nearly three years to appear in the game’s unveiling video at BlizzCon 2014 and finally release in the summer of 2017.

This guy has no intention of going anywhere. In the proper hands and under the appropriate circumstances, he can be a lethal threat.


How much damage does Doomfist uppercut do?

Doomfist launches his foes into the air with a powerful uppercut. Damage: AoE: 50.

Who is the best Doomfist player?


How good is Doomfist?

The extensive set of melee skills at Doomfist’s disposal allows him to easily wipe out the vast majority of heroes from the map. He has long been an unstoppable force in Overwatch, able to locate eliminations before foes can even react, with abilities ranging from Seismic Slam to Rocket Punch.


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