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To help Tenryou, Genshin Impact Sara’s greatest build can make the Tenryou general useful.

However, despite her lack of the ferociousness of her liege’s storm, Sara still has some impressive Electro abilities and party bonuses to give. If you’re looking for an F2P character in Genshin 2.1 to keep an eye on, then this is the one for you.

Genshin Impact Sara build guide – Is Sara DPS?

It’s a bow, sort of, but it’s not all that impressive when compared to others. Sara’s low base attack of 15 (thanks Honey Hunter) mean her Skill and Burst are the main draws. Both give active party members an attack boost, making Sara a stronger candidate for sub-DPS.

The best Sara build

With Sara’s skills, you’ll find that any build will have some overlap between support and sub-DPS. The decisive factor is whatever component you want to stress the most.

Genshin Impact Sara build guide - The best Sara weapon, Artifacts, and more | VG247

Sara build guide | The best Sara weapon for Electro sub-DPS

A visual representation of Sara’s Electro damage might look like this. The best way to deal damage is to have your main DPS use their Skill to inflict an Element on an enemy, preferably Cryo or Pyro. Activate the attack boost with Sara’s Skill or Burst, or both, before switching back to your DPS and using their Burst.

This build works well with Windblume Ode. An Elemental Skill’s refinement skill boosts its user’s attack strength after utilizing an Elemental Skill.

If you don’t have that, the Mitternacht Waltz is a good alternative. The secondary stat boosts Sara’s attack instead of her defense, but it has the same effect. Crowfeather can benefit from this as well.

Sara build guide – The best Sara Artifacts for Electro sub-DPS

Sara’s best Artifact set for this build is Thundering Fury.

  • Electro harm is 15 percent more potent with the two-piece effect.
  • 4-piece effect: Increases damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged and Superconduct by 40%. A one-second reduction in Elemental Skill cooldown can be achieved by using these abilities. There is a 0.8-second window in which this can occur.

We propose using Brave Heart or Gladiator’s Finale’s 2-piece effect if you can’t afford the full set. Sara’s Skill increases the active character’s attack by 18% when used in conjunction with either of these abilities.

Sara build guide – The best Sara weapon for support DPS

Should increase the number of times she can perform her Skill or Burst.

The Favonius Warbow, a four-star fighter, is an excellent option. Its refinement talent has a high possibility of creating Elemental particles in addition to its secondary stat increasing Energy recharge. The Sacrificial Bow also sticks out, as critical hits with it can reset the user’s Skill cooldown timer..

Sara build guide – The best Sara Artifacts for support DPS

Sara provides you with some Artifact versatility. The number of times she may summon Crowfeathers and the bonus they provide increase when you use the Sacrificial Bow on her.

The Exile set, on the other hand, is more suited to a Favonius Warbow Sara.

  • Energy recharging is 20 percent faster when using the two-piece effect.
  • For six seconds, using an Elemental Burst grants two Energy to everyone in the group (except the wearer). This is a one-time use only effect.

Genshin Impact Sara build guide – The best Sara F2P build

In the absence of Primogems, your Sara will likely be a blend of support and sub-DPS, but without the Electro component.

The best Sara weapon for F2P

Hamayumi is a good choice because of this. When a user has full Energy, their normal and charged attacks inflict far more damage than they normally would.

The best Sara Artifacts for F2P

The Artifact set should have the same effect as the weapon. Gambler is an intriguing alternative to Martial Artist for this setup.

Elemental Skill damage is increased by 20% when used in conjunction with this item. Defeating an opponent has a 100% chance of removing the cooldown of an Elemental Skill. Once every fifteen seconds.

Genshin Impact Sara build guide – The best Sara party comp

Sara works well when paired with a powerful main DPS, as do other sub-DPS characters. A Pyro or Cryo element should be present in order to get the most out of the Elemental Reactions. As pyrotechnics go, Diluc or Bennett are excellent options. Diona’s Burst heals and continues to inflict Cryo damage, making her ideal for Cryo.

The High Voltage Resonance helps Sara, hence the fourth character should be an Electro one. There is nothing better than Baal. As a result, her Burst would be boosted as a result of the Reactions. Razor, on the other hand, is a fantastic choice if you don’t want to bring Sara into the fold.

Sacred Sakura Cleaning, Tatara Tales, and Sakura Arborism are just a few of the tasks you may find in Genshin Impact’s new Inazuma region if you’re still playing catch-up.

Talent Priority


The Usual Assault

It is a normal attack in Tengu Bowmanship.

• Shoot a bow up to five times in a row.

Attacks with a hefty charge:

• Increase the DMG for a more accurate Aimed Shot. Crackling lightning will build up on the arrowhead as you aim. Electro DMG can be dealt by a storm-charged arrow.

An arrow with a fully charged arrow will leave a Crowfeather behind if it hits in the Crowfeather Cover condition.

Attack with a Plunge:

With her role as a support, you won’t have many opportunities to right-click, making this her least useful skill set.

Skill in the Elements

Tengu Juurai: Ambush will be triggered by Crowfeathers after a brief period, dealing Electro DMG and granting an ATK Bonus depending on Kujou Sara’s Base ATK to the active character within its AoE.

No matter how many Tengu Juurai ATK Bonuses a player has, their effects and duration will be decided by the most recent one.

When the Aimed Shot is fired, it will leave behind a “Crowfeather” at the target position. The self-detonation of this Crowfeather will deal DMG to foes and boost the ATK of the currently active character.

An Aimed Shot fired at your feet and then your DPS is the easiest way to increase a character’s ATK.

In spite of its complexity, this is by far Kujou Sara’s strongest suit.

A burst of elemental power

Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker and Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster can grant the same ATK bonus to the current character as Tengu Stormcall, an elemental skill.

Each Tengu Juurai’s effects and duration are governed by the most recent Juurai to take effect, and they can’t be stacked.

However, there is a lot of fine print involved, making it difficult to understand how it works. It doesn’t matter whether you use the Skill or the Burst to increase a character’s ATK, the boost will always increase with Tengu Stormcall.

As a result, Sara considers Subjugation: Koukou Sendou to be one of her secondary strengths. Prioritize her Skill over Burst if you have to pick one; otherwise, both should be leveled at the same rate.

Passive Talents

ATK is boosted and burst DMG is unleashed by Kujou Sara. Even if her ATK boost lasts just six seconds, it’s still an inconvenience. You can extend the duration of her Elemental Burst by using her Elemental Skill, which would allow you to extend it again by utilizing her Elemental Burst.

Using her as an ATK buffer will require more effort than using Bennett, but it’s still possible. All that’s left is to properly outfit her. But first, let’s see if chasing her stars is worth it before we invest in the greatest gear.


Description and Assessment of the Name of a Constellation

“Crow’s Ear”
Tengu Stormcall’s CD is reduced by one second when Tengu Juurai gives characters ATK bonuses or hits opponents.

Once every three seconds, this effect can be activated.
Reduced cooldown time is usually a good thing. This constellation will improve the uptime of her ATK buff, but it isn’t a game-changer because it is only reduced by 1 second.

Thirty percent less damage will be dealt to Kujou Sara by the Tengu Stormcall’s Dark Wings Unleashing Tengu Stormcall.
In addition to C2, this is a big bonus for improving one’s quality of life.

As a result of this, you won’t have to worry about chasing her Aimed Shots around the battlefield or firing them into the ground. You will always have a Crowfeather at your feet no matter where your Aimed Shot falls in the field.

Genshin Impact Sara build guide - The best Sara weapon, Artifacts, and more | VG247

Subjugation of Koukou Sendou is increased by three levels as a result of The War Within.

There are three parts to Sara’s constellations:

  • “Quality of life” is all that matters to C1 and C2. Due to how difficult Sara can be to play, they are very appreciated, but not absolutely necessary.
  • Elemental Burst is boosted by C3 and C4. These constellations aren’t worth it if all your Sara is doing is buffering your ATK. They’re well worth it if you put in the time and effort to turn her into a robust Sub-DPS.
  • Some of the best support constellations can be found in C5 and C6 throughout the game.

So, depending on how you intend to use her, you may or may not want to follow her constellations. The C2 level isn’t worth it if all you want to do is give her a 4-piece Noblesse Oblige and a high Base ATK weapon and call it a day. If this is the case, you can simply keep her at C0 and not notice any change.

When it comes to outfitting her with right weapons and artifacts, though, all of her constellations are excellent options. Her C6 in particular has the potential to restore the glory days of Electro.

Best Weapon

Explanation of Weapon Rarity

The Harp of the Heavens

Although other 5* bows have higher Base ATK, Sara will be unable to take full advantage of their substats and passives, therefore the Skyward Harp is the only one we’ve highlighted. Weapon Tier List provides a general overview of weapons.

Bow of Sacrifice

This is Sara’s best option for a 4* item. For a 4* weapon, it possesses a hefty base ATK and a great passive that extends the duration of her ATK buff. The Energy Recharge is also required for her 80 Energy Burst.

Favouritus Warbow

Compared to the Sacrificial Bow, the Favonius Warbow has a lower base ATK and the passive isn’t as powerful. As a freebie, it’s a solid option for those who don’t want to spend money on a weapon.

An Alley Cat

In terms of maximizing Sara’s potential as a Sub-DPS, few 4* weapons compare to the Alley Hunter. Sara isn’t interested in Elemental Mastery, which most bow-wielding burst-wielding bow-wielders pursue. Due to its higher Base ATK than any other 4* weapon, the Alley Hunter is clearly the better choice.

The Hunt for the Viridescent

Best Artifacts – 4-Noblesse Oblige or 4-Emblem of Severed Fate

In terms of ideal builds, Kujou Sara has two: one for cheap investment that emphasizes her ATK buff and another for higher investment that emphasizes both her ATK buff and her Sub-DPS abilities.

It doesn’t matter if they’re using the Sands, the Goblet, or the Logos, they all want the same basic stats—Energy Recharge Percent, Electro DMG, and CRIT DMG/CRIT Rate. It’s possible to use an ATK percentage Sands instead if you’re running her with an Energy Recharge weapon (Sacrificial or Favonius).

Substats such as Energy Recharge, CRIT DMG, CRIT Rate, and ATK percent are all highly recommended.

Depending on your plans for Sara, you’ll have to decide which set bonus to claim.

  • If Sara is only there to increase her ATK, this is the greatest option. In addition to increasing the power of her Burst, you’ll also get a boost to her ATK, which will let you to set up your DPS for some eye-popping DMG figures. Regardless of what stats you have, as long as she has enough Energy Recharge to utilize her Burst as soon as it gets off cooldown, it doesn’t really matter.
  • In terms of DMG potential, the 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate is the greatest option for Sara, as her Elemental Burst hides most of her DMG potential. This build, unlike the Noblesse build, requires you to have artifacts with good substats.

For the 4-Piece Noblesse construct, the quality of the artifacts has no bearing on the recommended 2-Piece set bonus combinations, thus those suggestions would be redundant.

Elemental Synergies

Electro doesn’t have a good synergy record when it comes to other aspects. This isn’t necessarily the case, however. Sara is best paired with the following:

  • Any element except Geo can be swirled with Anemo, however Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo provide the best reactions when combined with it. Anemo characters can also increase Sara’s Burst DMG by equipping the Viridescent Venerer outfit.
  • When it comes to Physical DMG teams, Cryo: Superconduct is the reaction that drives everything.
  • However, this is not the case with Sara’s Pyro and Electro—she simply does not use Electro on foes frequently enough for melee characters to be an issue. And she’ll be much more effective when partnered with a long-ranged Pyro.

Kujou Sara has no objections to any of the Elements being part of the squad. Use of these Elements, on the other hand, offers less benefit:

  • For example, if you combine hydro and electro, you can achieve really powerful results. Kujou Sara, on the other hand, is a character who struggles to hold her own with Hydro.
  • When it comes to Sara’s Elemental Skills, Geo explains that while Crystallize is generally bad for bow users, Sara (before C2) must be quite close to her adversaries if she wants to both deal DMG and boost ATK. As a result, she will greatly appreciate the addition of some additional protection.

Best Team Composition

Sara is a versatile character who can fit into any group. She can increase ATK by shooting the ground instead of adversaries even in a Freeze team, when Electro characters are normally not appreciated. So, anybody you pair her with won’t do her any harm.

However, the following groups are notable for their synergy:


  • Sara
  • Razor
  • Diona
  • Sucrose

With his low cooldown Elemental Skill, Razor provides as a reliable battery for Sara, who relies on his Physical DPS. A 4* Physical DPS (Rosaria, Kaeya, Xiangling) can be used in Razor’s place, although this may lead to energy concerns. Razor can’t be beaten if you have a C6 Sara.

Diona is one of the most flexible support characters in the game; she shields, heals, and in this case, activates Superconduct to increase your Physical DPS by a significant amount. Shields are critical to boosting your Physical DPS’s DMG output. To replace Diona, try running Xinyan or Noelle instead. With constellations, both of them can be used as the primary DPS.

The 4-Piece Viridescent Venerer set can enhance Sara and Razor’s Electro Burst DMG thanks to Sucrose’s crowd control abilities. Sucrose is the most common Anemo character to have beside Sara, but any Anemo character can play this part. The final position can be used to fill any gaps in your team. It’s possible to use Sayu or Barbara for healing if Diona is unavailable.

For Whales

  • Sara
  • Raiden, the Shogun
  • Eula
  • Zhongli

It’s difficult to include 4* characters who aren’t Bennett or Xingqiu on Whale teams because the whales are likely to have other 5* characters who can step in and do the job even better. Sara, on the other hand, is a perfect fit for this particular whale team. She isn’t indispensable, but she does her share of the work.

Raiden Shogun is Sara’s power source and provides massive Electro DMG (and the whole team). For those of you with Saras that begin with the number C6, this is even better.

Sara Build Guide For Genshin Impact [2022] - GamingScan

While Raiden Shogun’s Burst is on cooldown, Eula deals physical damage. She will always be able to benefit from Superconduct thanks to Baal and Sara.

With Zhongli in charge, the rest of the team can concentrate on dealing as much damage as possible. He can also serve as the team’s second source of ATK buff with the 4-Piece Tenacity of the Millelith set.


The greatest DPS build for Genshin Impact Sara is:

  • The Harp of the Heavens
  • Artifacts: Duty to the Noble (four-set)

In terms of DPS, Sara is not going to cut it. But you may try out this entertaining build that focuses on bolstering Sara’s low attack rating if you want to have some fun with it. When equipped with the Skyward Harp, her base attack increases, and she gains an increase in crit rate and damage from crits. This bow’s passive increases your DPS even further. As a four-star weapon, the Blackcliff Warbow’s base attack and crit damage are both powerful, as well as its ability to stack more attack power for destroying adversaries.

Sara has a number of artifacts that can be used to enhance her DPS potential. The Noblesse Oblige four-piece grants a 20% attack benefit to her whole squad, as well as a 20% damage bonus to her. To give her a raw 18 percent boost to her attacks, you can also equip a combination of two sets of either the two-piece Gladiators Finale, the two-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, or the two-piece Capricious Visage sets. If you want to boost Sara’s raw numbers, equip her with equipment that boosts her crit rate, crit damage, or electric damage. A DPS-focused build doesn’t hurt from a long-term perspective to have a higher energy recharging rate.


The following is the optimal Genshin Impact Sara battery configuration for your needs:

  • Mitternachts Waltz, with a bow.
  • Severed Fate Artifacts (four-set)

The primary goal of this build is to make the most of her elemental ability by increasing the frequency and potency with which she can utilize it. The Mitternachts Waltz, a bow that boosts elemental skill damage for five seconds for every regular strike or increases normal attack damage for every elemental skill that hits, is a weapon that aids in this endeavor..” It is possible to boost the amount of damage dealt by this bow by up to 40% through weapon refinement.

The Sacrificial Bow is an alternative bow you could use instead. An elemental skill may be able to end its own cooldown after it has dealt damage. It will have an 80% chance of happening once every 16 seconds when polished to its greatest degree, giving you even greater crowfeather protection.

We recommend that you offer her the four-piece Severed Fate artifact set for the artifacts. Sara’s elemental burst damage is increased by at least 25% of her energy recharge, up to a maximum bonus of 75%, in addition to her additional 20% Energy Recharge. A potent combination, especially if you can find equipment with raw energy recharge effects.

The Thundering Fury four-piece set is another option. It raises her electro-damage by 15% and increases the damage caused by the overloaded, electro-charged, or superconduct elemental reactions by 40%. It also reduces her elemental skill’s cooldown by one second, which might be useful in some circumstances.

As a battery character, Sara may be used to store energy, which can then be used by switching to another character and unleashing their most powerful skills frequently. Sara, who consumes a lot of energy, is a good match for Baal, but any character who uses a lot of energy will do a lot of damage.

And those are all of Genshin Impact’s best Kujou Sara creations. Want to get your hands on some primogems for nothing? Check out our Genshin Impact codes guide for the most up-to-date offers.


Is Sara Worth It?

Unlike most characters in the game, Sara has the power to increase the ATK of her teammates. One of them is Bennett, who has had a steady position in our Character Tier List from the game’s inception. Some have speculated that Sara would replace Bennett as the show’s protagonist.

Sara isn’t the new Bennett. Not even close to what she’s capable of.

In order to prevent such from happening, miHoYo made her ATK boosting not only inferior but also far more difficult to perform. As a last bonus, it only lasts for six seconds. Finally, if that wasn’t bad enough, they slashed her DMG output significantly outside of her Burst.

And you know what?

You can’t go wrong with Sara!

That’s why ATK buffers are so important. Despite the fact that she isn’t as good as Bennett, you can only have one. Two teams are needed to conquer the Abyss, as well.

So if you’re looking for a character to boost the ATK of your other team’s DPS, Sara is your best bet. It has been stated that she is adaptable to any squad. Even if you don’t plan on using her Burst to its full potential, equipping her with a high Base ATK weapon and any 4-Piece Noblesse set will make her outperform the majority of the other supports in the game.

Can Kujou Sara be a DPS?

• Kujou Sara is the primary DPS, dealing powerful physical and electro-charge attacks. •

Genshin Impact Kujou Sara guide: Best build, weapons, artifacts, tips, and more | GINX Esports TV

Who is Sara good with Genshin?

As with other sub-DPS characters, Sara performs best when paired with a powerful main DPS character. A Pyro or Cryo element should be present in order to get the most out of the Elemental Reactions. As pyrotechnics go, Diluc or Bennett are excellent options.

Is Sara a good support for Baal?

Kujou Sara and Baal would be a great team if they were thrown together. … Sara is an excellent support character for this reason. You may use her to boost and charge Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Burst because she is an excellent battery character.