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Among Us is a four-to-ten-player online cooperative game. One to three players are assigned the position of Imposter, while the rest of the players try to fulfill various chores and find out who the traitors are before they’re all killed off one by one in the game host’s environment.

As a crew member, you have a much better chance of winning because there are more crew members than imposters.

Poor communication and paranoia make things much more difficult in the real world, where you and your coworkers might soon become enemies because of your inability to communicate effectively. We’ve put together this guide to help you succeed as a Crewmate in Among Us.

Among Us Tips For Winning As Crewmates

As an innocent Crewmate, there are several ways to win in Among Us. To help you and your allies identify The Imposter, the game offers a variety of resources. Tips to help you survive and win the game as a Crewmate are listed below.

  • Be part of a group
  • Observe how other players handle various situations.
  • Make the most of last-minute meetings.
  • Visual tasks can be saved.
  • Always have faulty equipment repaired.
  • Take a Second to Look at the Cameras
  • Do not overuse the chat feature.
  • Consider skipping the vote if necessary.

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Stay In Groups

In order to protect yourself and your friends from being killed by an Imposter, it is best to be in close contact. The Imposters won’t be able to take action unless they’re joined by at least one other Crewmate. The size of your groups will be determined by the number of Imposters you have in your game and the number of Crew members who have not been eliminated.

There are, of course, some drawbacks to employing this method. As a starting point, you can’t just assume that everyone in your group is innocent unless the facts are in their favor. Because of this, it takes a lot longer to perform duties and fix sabotaged equipment when working in a team. Finally, a well-coordinated group of Imposters can still take out a large group of people.

Watch Other Players Complete Tasks

In the event that you see a Crewmate standing in a task area, wait for the task bar to rise before moving. There is a good chance they’re an imposter if the task bar rises too quickly or not at all. If nothing else, you should convene a meeting and alert your fellow Crewmates to the situation.

Use Emergency Meetings Wisely

You can use emergency meetings to communicate with your teammates before an imposter can take you down. Reporting a dead corpse or touching the red cafeteria button in the middle of the cafeteria can start them. The amount of times the button can be pressed depends on the host’s settings, so keep that in mind.

As you make your case in meetings, be prepared to answer questions about your personal position as well. Be open and honest with your coworkers, as this might help you identify potential imposters. Any discrepancies in the testimony of your other Crewmates, such as claiming to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, should be taken into consideration.

Save Your Visual Tasks

Since Imposters are unable to complete any chores, keeping an eye on other players can help you figure out who’s posing as someone else is a valuable resource. Trash Disposal, Medbay Scan, and Destroy Asteroids, on the other hand, are visible jobs that may quickly dispel any charges that come your way.

Also, if one of your teammates is constantly being blamed, see if they can provide some sort of visual proof. Consider vouching for a Crewmate who has completed a visual task in the event that they are falsely accused of doing so during a meeting. The Imposters will be weeded out and your team’s trust will be built up.

Always Fix Sabotaged Equipment

Crewmates should not be relied upon to repair equipment that has been deliberately destroyed. If you’re not playing with a group you can trust, don’t count on the other players to take care of any issues that arise. Even something as basic as a power outage can quickly decimate your team if ignored.

Additionally, some sabotage events, such as the Reactor Meltdown and Restore Oxygen mini-games, require two players to be present. Keep in mind that you’ll have plenty of Crewmates to help you mend whatever has been messed up. As the number of players decreases, dealing with sabotage events gets increasingly difficult, so try to stick together.

Remember To Check The Cameras

There are cameras installed in the Skeld’s security room to keep tabs on your crewmates’ whereabouts. A live feed of the Navigation, Medbay, and Security halls will appear when you launch the app.

Inexperienced Imposters will be able to identify when you’re monitoring them because the camera light begins to blink whenever it’s accessed. The best way to keep up with what’s going on is to check in on the webcams every few minutes. You never know if you’ll catch the Imposter off guard.

Avoid Spamming The Chat

Don’t be hesitant to voice your suspicions about the Imposter in the chat. As a result, be considerate of what others have written and respond only when absolutely required. The fifth participant to write “Where?” accomplishes nothing to advance the conversation, but rather makes it easier for the Imposter to slip through the cracks..

Don’t just spout forth random thoughts; instead, back them up with proof. It’s true that you can’t control the behavior of your coworkers. Let’s say another player is constantly filling the conversation with pointless babble or making unsubstantiated charges. If that’s the case, it’s probably best to simply vote them out. There are instances when having a smaller crew is better than having a poisonous one.

Don’t Be Afraid To Skip The Vote

It’s all too common for crew members to vote for the person who was accused first, regardless of additional proof. Vote for them if you’ve seen them utilize a vent or kill another player in-game.

There are times when it’s best to wait for further information before making any decisions.

Skip the vote altogether if you can, as your vote may count against others and prevent innocent people from being launched into space. Because it may encourage others to do the same, it is important to tell other players how you intend to vote.


With these tips, you’ll be able to thrive among us:

  • Do things together.
  • Players who complete assignments should be monitored closely.
  • Tasks that are commonplace
  • Don’t squander your time on graphic projects.
  • Sabotage should be remedied as soon as possible.
  • Strategic planning can be accomplished in emergency meetings.
  • Whenever in doubt, abstain from casting your ballot.
  • Spamming is not acceptable.


Staying together is the best way to prevent an imposter from gaining access to your group. The Imposters can’t kill you if you’re accompanied by other crew members… Unless, of course, you happen to be in the presence of two imposters at the same time. The number of Imposters determines the size of the groupings. It is safest to have a group of five people if there are two imposters. Keep in mind that imposters can kill multiple people at once if they cooperate. In addition, be on the lookout for sabotage attempts to break up the groupings.


Never take a player’s presence at a task location for granted. The task bar should be filling up if they are actually finishing it. In addition, they want sufficient time to accomplish a project, particularly if it is lengthy. The Reactor was “started” in a matter of seconds. Imposter!


The primary purpose of holding an emergency meeting is to identify the assailant. It’s a good idea to utilize them to brainstorm with your team, too. When others are watching you perform a visual task, you might ask them to watch you stay in the group. An emergency meeting can quickly devolve into a shouting confrontation between the crew member and the alleged imposter.


Everyone else has the same tasks as you, such as “Insert Keys” on Polus and “Swipe Card” on Polus and Skeld. If you don’t have a shared goal, no one else does either. As a result, knowing where the most common tasks are located is helpful. You’ve noticed that someone else is doing something that you don’t have the ability to perform. Once again, we have a phony!

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Crew members are the only ones who can perform duties, hence visual jobs are essential. Because a visible task like scanning at the Medical Bay or Laboratory is completed, you can be 100% sure that the person is clean. To put it another way, if you’re doing visual activities alone, you’re decreasing your chances of winning. Don’t get rid of visual duties just because some players think they’re “overpowered.” It’s possible to utilize them to prove your innocence after an emergency meeting if you keep them in your possession.


Do not wait for someone else to fix a problem. You will lose the game if all of your teammates have the same mindset. However, the likelihood of the sabotage not being fixed increases as the number of players decreases. Do it early if it’s something you really want to avoid. Keep in mind that sabotage might be employed to set traps, so keep moving in groups.


There are too many crew members who vote for the first color that is suggested in the discussion. If there is enough evidence to warrant a vote of no confidence, do so. Take the chance, but don’t rely on it if it’s only a hunch. It’s especially true in the early stages of the game, when evidence is limited and there is still plenty of time to capture the Imposter. Those who are sowing the seeds of suspicion may want to pay attention to those who are sowing suspicions.


Although you shouldn’t be hesitant to share your mind, you shouldn’t keep asking the same question. Among Us discussions can look (and sound) like this from time to time:



What had become of the body?

“Red shit”


You have no control over your teammates, but you can choose not to participate in their antics. If you become crowded out, try to interrupt the loop by making some insightful comments.


Finding a dead body standing up indicates that the killing was recent. In the event that you only passed someone before discovering the body, they will have to come up with a very excellent reason to avoid the vote.


Too often, Crewmembers seem to overlook the possibility that Imposters may gain access to the ship via the vents they create. Blue wasn’t responsible because I spotted him in the room. Learn how the vents are connected if your goal is to win. You’ll be able to get rid of a lot of people’s excuses.


As you sprint to complete your objective, keep an eye out for bodies in the rooms you pass. It may take some time before a body is discovered if everyone on the Crew is focused on their responsibilities. All evidence will have been erased by the time the Imposter has opportunity to kill again.


Every time a player walks past a sensor on the Mira HQ map, a record is kept. Three sensors have been positioned across the map. You can use this record to figure out who was where at the time of a murder and who has been lying about it. Notably, there are a mere 20 incidents shown in the Door Log’s history. If a vented Imposter activates two sensors at different sides of the map, this can be used to catch them.


Door Log-like camera systems on Skeld and Polus allow you to monitor everyone’s movements. Even a killer can be caught red-handed. When you watch the cameras, more skilled Imposters will detect the blinking light. However, you can also use it. Go back to the camera after you’ve walked away from it. Imposter may have mistaken you for someone else and is now showing themselves as a killer in your absence.

You’ll be the best investigator in the game if you follow these guidelines! Let me know if you’d like a little extra help. If you’re an insider, don’t use the terms “light green” and “light blue.” Instead, use “lime” and “cyan.” Better still, with Among Us 2 now cancelled, there’s no need to relearn the game for the sequel. Many of these abilities will be useful in future games like Among Us, so we’ve done a lot of good for you.

Among Us Crewmate Tips and Strategies

Live by these guidelines and you will become one of gaming’s finest sleuths! If you’d want a little extra advice, here it is! “Lime” and “cyan” are not “light green” and “light blue” to those who are not familiar with the terminology. The fact that Among Us 2 is no longer in development means that you won’t have to re-learn the game to play the sequel. As a result, we’ve done a great deal of work here that will serve us well in games like Among Us in the future.

If you’re playing as a Crewmate in the game Among Us, there are several things you may do to keep yourself safe.

Suspect Everyone

The ways in which Impostors might be exposed are already covered in our tutorial on how to be a good Crewmate in Among Us. However, there are a few additional ways to tell if someone is wearing a hazmat suit to cover up something nefarious.

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Pay Attention to How Others Run and Walk Around the Map

Look careful for people who start following you around unexpectedly. Because the maps are so small, only short pathways connect many of the smaller chambers. It’s a given that you’ll be sharing the path with another runner or two. When it comes to completing activities (which they cannot truly execute), Impostors tend to be a little unpredictable; instead of walking straight inside a room to complete a task, they will often shift courses abruptly. The Impostor may be following you, therefore if you see someone walking in a particular route and they suddenly change their path to follow you when you pass by, you should keep running and look for another crew member as soon as possible.

Try to Bait Out the Impostor

Alternatively, if you begin to have suspicions about someone, you might be bold and attempt to get him to follow you. To find the player you believe to be an impostor, you can leave the group and go looking for them on your own. When you approach near to them, pay attention to how they react. As a result, crew members rarely pause when traveling from one location to the next, unless they encounter someone questionable. However, impostors are not frightened of approaching close to other characters, and may begin strolling right towards you the moment they spot you.

For the most part, these indications are very subtle and require a lot of practice before you can begin to notice them. The Impostor may be lurking around if you spot someone suspiciously following individuals around. As a precaution, you may want to call an Emergency Meeting and discuss the matter with your other players.

Stay Close to People Who Have Proven Their Innocence

You must, however, remain with the person you have verified is innocent at all times to prevent the Impostor from killing you separately.

It is possible to identify yourself or other players as the Impostors using visual effects in specific jobs. Because Impostors are unable to execute any tasks themselves, observing someone else complete a task serves as conclusive evidence of an Impostors’ innocence.

Skeld displays the following tasks:

  1. In the MedBay, you can observe the player being scanned when the command “Submit Scan” is entered.
  2. Clear Asteroids – You can see the gunner sitting in the gunner seat.
  3. Prime Shields – The player can be seen via the panel.
  4. A waste chute can be seen being emptied in Cafeteria or O2, depending on where you are.

Second, you must travel from your home to the storage facility to empty your rubbish. This aspect of the operation is clearly evident. Trash will be sent into outer space after the project is complete.

Only one job is visible in Mira HQ: Submit Scan for MedBay. There are no visual differences between this and Skeld.

As a last point, Polus has two clearly defined roles:

  1. It’s just like the others.
  2. It is possible to watch the lasers being fired as soon as a player touches one of the panels.

Be Mindful of the Common Tasks

There are several chores that are shared by all players in the game. In other words, if you have it, every other player will have it. To put it another way, the Impostor may be lurking in one of these rooms waiting for someone to come and execute one of these typical tasks. Bring a companion with you if you must accomplish any of these tasks so that he can keep an eye on you.

These are some of the most common tasks in Skeld:

  1. Fix the wiring in the electrical system
  2. Admin: Take a Credit Card Scan.

The following are examples of the kinds of things you might find yourself doing around Mira HQ:

  1. Username/Password:
  2. Rewire the stairwell!

The following are some of the most common duties in Polus:

  1. Insert the Keys: Dropship
  2. Office: Scan Passenger’s Passports
  3. Fix the wiring in the electrical system

Among Us Impostor Tips and Strategies

Taking on the character of an impostor necessitates a high level of self-assurance as well as the ability to deceive others. It’s possible to deflect responsibility for your actions, even if someone else has noticed that you killed a Crewmate or used a vent. Impostors, however, have a number of useful suggestions and methods they might employ.

Sabotage Important Rooms and Pretend to Fix Them

Running over and fixing a critical facility like Reactor or O2 is a good Impostor method for snatching victory from under the noses of novices. Everyone will perish and the Impostor will triumph if these rooms are not repaired in time. Impostors can genuinely do these things, thus finding someone in a ruined room by themself working on it isn’t suspicious.

It’s possible that the other players won’t notice that you’re fake fixing the sabotaged panel if you play the role of Impostor next to it. If they catch on, it may be too late and you’ll have won the game by letting the timer run out.

Sabotage Important Rooms and ACTUALLY Fix Them

In order to acquire the trust of your other crew members, you can instead fix these emergencies for real rather than pretending to do so. You can’t be the Impostor if you’re the one who responds to emergencies, can you? The Impostor has no interest in saving everyone, so why should we? …Right?

Distracting your fellow crew members and assuaging their suspicions is the greatest strategy here. Fixing the O2, Reactor, and Lights repeatedly by the same player would raise suspicions, thus be careful not to overdo it.

Just Sabotage, In General

How many Impostors genuinely use the sabotage feature is beyond your comprehension. Apparently, they’re too busy roaming around aimlessly and looking suspicious to sabotage doors and rooms.

When an Impostor’s ability comes off cooldown, he or she immediately begins undermining rooms. Aside from slowing down the progress of Crewmates, this is a great technique to eliminate lone wolves. When a Crewmate is trapped with you, kill them and exit through a nearby vent before the doors reopen, you get an extra bonus point.

Set Up Ambushes in Rooms With Common Tasks

When we talked about frequent responsibilities in the Crewmate section of the post, we weren’t kidding around. Using this to your advantage as the Impostor, you can wait in one of the rooms to ambush your victims as they accomplish their tasks. The idea is to wait in a nearby vent or on the task’s panel for someone to approach close before killing them, however this can be done in a variety of ways.

Players may be executing the same tasks at the same time since they are so prevalent. As a result, whether you’re sitting in the audience or in front of the panel, no one will suspect you. You can take advantage of this to score some easy kills.

Subterfuge, duplicity, and a plethora of misdirection abound in Among Us. Crewmates and Impostors alike will benefit from the advice in this guide.

Among Us: 5 best tips to win as a crewmate


How do crewmates win?

An Impostor or evicted crew members become ghosts once they are murdered or ejected. In order for Crewmates to win, there are two options: There are no unfinished business duties for any of the members of the Crew (including the ghosts). The game is over for all the imposters.

How do you always get crewmates in Among Us?

In order for a crew to win, they must either eliminate all of the imposters or complete all of their assigned duties. Because of this, prioritizing chores is crucial. Imposters will have an easier time completing the killings if you don’t participate.

What does scanning mean in Among Us?

A player standing on top of the scanning platform completes the Submit Scan. The scan takes about ten seconds. All of their personal information and a holographic overlay are shown to them and other gamers as they scan.