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When it comes to defense, no other class can equal the Colossus javelin’s. It has the most health and the ability to use a physical shield among the four javelins.

However, the Colossus’s ability to endure a hit and continue battling comes at a price: it has very little mobility. All four classes can’t match its sluggish movement.

Because of this, gamers that choose this job will have to adapt their combat strategies in a very unique way.

The Colossus javelin is one of the game’s most useful weapons, and this guide will show you how to master it. Check out the rest of our Anthem guides here:

Using Your Shield

In Anthem, the Colossus’ shield is one of the game’s most important tools. By rushing forward while holding your shield out, you can use it to slap or stun adversaries while still protecting yourself from incoming damage.

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Always remember to attack with your shield. Allows you to quickly dispatch weak foes and handle crowd management with ease.

Even while your shield can take a lot of damage, if you overtax it, it will fail. Colossus is vulnerable to enemy fire when it is temporarily incapacitated.

It will take some time and effort to learn which attacks you can and cannot block, as well as how much damage your shield can absorb.


According to our earlier discussion on mobility, the Colossus is the most cumbersome of the four javelins in terms of movement; it is heavy, slow, and overheats quickly. While most Colossus’ abilities take time to build up, this leaves your massive metal body open to enemy fire.

We recommend that you spend most of your time on the ground, setting up shop in the open, in order to overcome these challenges. You should only use your rocket propulsion when absolutely necessary, such as if you need to revive a fallen teammate or if you have to flee for your life.

While flying, you have the option of extending your shield in front of you for increased defense.

Using Heavy Weapons

It has an array of powerful armaments, like grenade launchers and miniguns, unlike the other javelins. Because of their large AOE, these weapons are good for crowd control and containment.

If you can’t utilize pistols or small-caliber guns, the Colossus proves that it’s an extremely powerful war machine with its ability to take out a bunch of foes with with one explosive.

It’s a good idea to have a heavy weapon on hand in case you find yourself in a Stronghold or other challenging task.

Using Your Ultimate

When the Colossus uses Siege Cannon, he unleashes a barrage of three mini-nuke missiles on his target. These mini-nukes burst into flames upon impact and can spread across a large region.

Use this ability to dominate a chokepoint, eliminate groups of minor opponents, or weaken a boss. It doesn’t matter how you utilize the Siege Cannon, as long as you’re cognizant of where you are.

Even though the Colossus spends most of its time on the ground, we recommend using its Ultimate ability while soaring high in the air. By doing so, you’ll be able to survey the entire battlefield and make an informed decision on where to aim your missiles.

Know Your Role

Knowing your javelin’s role in combat is one of the most important aspects of playing any class in Anthem. Your primary goal as the Colossus is to absorb as much damage from enemies as possible, allowing your less bulky friends to take advantage of the opportunity.

This is made possible in part through support abilities such as Battle Cry, which causes adversaries to assault you by taunting them. This may give the impression that the Colossus isn’t involved in battle, but nothing could be further from the reality.

With the Colossus’ arsenal of mortars, coils, and heavy weaponry, you’ll be able to deal as much damage as you take. To keep your colleagues safe, imagine yourself as a metal bodyguard with the ability to knock down any intruder.


Like Reinhardt in Overwatch or a SWAT shield in Rainbow Six: Siege, the Colossus has a large shield attached to its arm. As long as you’ve constructed for it, this shield can withstand a lot of punishment.

However, if the shield is put under excessive strain, it may fail. For you, the Colossus wielding the shield, this may be a major issue. A fracture in this armor not only exposes you to a slew of damaging effects, but it also puts you to sleep. If you can survive the upcoming stun, you can take a huge hit for an ally without worrying about damage being carried over from the assault that broke the shield, at least according to our tests.

Tips and Tricks for the Colossus Javelin

It will take time and practice to learn what you can and can’t defend yourself against. As long as you’re playing Anthem, this is something you can control. As the Colossus, your shield is your most important weapon. You need to know how to use it effectively and make sure you have it when you need it to succeed.


The air game of the Colossus isn’t very good. You can use the rocket boost to climb ledges and move about the terrain, but don’t rely on it for fighting.

Because of this, there are a few reasons why this is the case. Most of your skills require you to stand with a shield for long periods of time or take time to set up. It’s a bad idea to do this in the air, because you’ll expose yourself to injury when you land. Rather than flying about to get to a secret location, use your rocket power to rapidly go to your teammates in need. You’re at your best when you’re out in the open.

You can utilize your shield in front of you to protect yourself while flying. This is an excellent strategy to get to a dangerous location and open a business there. Get in the air, fly above, land, and unleash hell.


Not all brick walls are made to deflect bullets, and the one on your arm is no exception. In addition, you can use it as a weapon against your foes.

It appears that your melee shield attack is more effective than simply slamming the soil around you with your fists. This can come in helpful in a variety of situations. You can use it to quickly kill low-health foes without shields, even one-shotting them. Second, you can use it to charge at a bunch of adversaries. When you rush into an enemy while holding your shield out, you’ll stun them, which is useful for crowd control.

Don’t be constrained by preconceived notions of what a shield is. You can use it as a melee weapon in Strongholds if you want to.


This Javelin can only use miniguns and grenade launchers because it is a Colossus. These weapons are both enormous and powerful.

Both of these weapons are excellent for dealing damage to a large group. The miniguns can be used to quickly take down a huge number of foes at the same time. Take advantage of the grenade launcher in order to devastate large crowds. Powerful and unique to your Javelin are these tools. Take a moment to consider the circumstance you’re about to enter, and always keep in mind the options you have. Always consider carrying one along, even if you never actually do.


The ultimate weapon of the Colossus is a small nuclear missile fired three times from a cannon. Bosses can take a beating from this, or a small group of opponents can be wiped out in an instant. But in order to get the most out of it, we’ll have to breach one of our rules.

For the most part, you want to be in a position where you can see various groups of foes when your ultimate is activated. You can easily waste the ultimate’s massive damage potential if you aren’t in the right position to use it. In order to avoid taking down a single horde of foes, spread out your targets as widely as possible before firing your rockets.

List of Colossus Abilities

Ordnance Launcher

  • Inflicts massive area of effect damage with a long-range bomb.
  • Using a burst mortar, you can target a large region with many bombs.
  • This mortar produces a fire wall upon impact.
  • Thunderbolt Coil — Shoots out lightning bolts.
  • Charged Shock Coil – Colossus is surrounded by an electromagnetic field that damages nearby opponents.

Heavy Assault Launcher

  • Rockets fired by Siege Artillery travel in a single direction.
  • Defeats foes with a hail of flaming missiles.
  • Close-range shotgun fire with the Flak Cannon.
  • Can be charged for long-range firepower.
  • Enemies are poisoned and take more damage as a result of using the Venom Spitter ability.

Support Gear

  • The Battle Cry – Arouses the enemy’s aggression.
  • Shield Pulse – All nearby javelins are shielded for a short period of time.

Melee Ability

  • Heavy Slam – Slam into the ground, inflicting damage to nearby foes.

Ultimate Ability

  • Fires three missiles that explode on hit, covering a large area. Siege Cannon

Colossus specific skills and playstyle

First, let’s take a look at who the Colossus Javelin is designed for. The Colossus isn’t for you if you’re a fan of flying around, evading enemy fire, and eventually preferring to avoid being shot at. However, if you’re willing to take a battering as long as you’re armed with raw force and classic weapons, the Colossus in Anthem will feel perfectly at home with you. A Colossus’s primary objective is to slam his foes into the ground.

The Colossus unleashes a stunning ground pound slam, which generates a shockwave, when it attacks a single enemy in melee. For an even greater impact, perform one while flying.

In the heat of battle, the Colossus’ shield will come in handy quite often. Bullets are deflected almost entirely if they’re fired directly at the shield. To deliver extra damage, you can either dash at your opponents to knock them back, or you can use your shield to push them flat on their backs.

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Best Colossus Heavy Assault Launcher

An explosive shell fired from a Siege Cannon deals massive damage to a single target. The Siege Cannon is our go-to weapon for most encounters since it is quick to aim and quick to discharge.

Second, you can equip a flamethrower weapon that burns any opponent in front of you ablaze and inflicts a significant amount of damage, although the range isn’t anything to brag about.

Unlike the Siege Cannon, which shoots a single shot, the Flak Cannon fires a “barrage of shells” over a larger area. More effective against big groups of foes, but less effective against single massive targets such as Titans or Luminaries.

This weapon has a low range but a high rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute, so you’ll be able to get a lot of bullets in before the ammo runs out.

Smaller adversaries will be knocked back by a single shot from the Railgun, which takes a few seconds to charge and then explodes shortly after. Instead of utilizing this, you’d be better off just using your shield and pushing forward to take out many foes.

Best Colossus Ordnance Launcher

One shell of the Firewall Mortar explodes producing a wall of flames that lasts for 20 seconds, making it ideal for crowd control and encircling adversaries. Despite the fact that you can’t change the angle of the wall, you can see exactly where it will end up.

It is comparable to the Siege Cannon, but is launched from the shoulder with a wider arc. Because it’s a basic artillery assault, it does a lot of damage, but there’s no way to combine it with other attacks.

When used, the Lightning Coil on your shoulder fires a lightning bolt at up to ten foes in front of you at once. It doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but it’s useful for putting together a bunch of different attacks in a row.
The Burst Mortar, like the Flak Cannon, is a fundamental artillery ability. It’s not fantastic, but it’s also not terrible.

In contrast to the Lightning Coil, the Shock Coil produces lightning bolts all around you rather than blasting forwards. If you’re surrounded by adversaries on all sides, this can be handy, but if you’re not, we don’t recommend it.

Best Colossus Support Gear

One of the two Colossus Support Gears, Shield Pulse, is hard to say which is superior because it depends on your playstyle. All damage taken by you and your teammates is reduced by a third by using Shield Pulses.

However, if all of your friends are under fire and struggling, the Battle Cry will send all of the attackers to you, so you may brute force your way through and give your buddies a brief respite.

Best Colossus Combos

To clear out large groups of smaller adversaries, the Colossus possesses some amazing raw firepower, but the area-of-effect explosion that occurs after every successful combination is ideal. Having a priming and detonator weapon will allow you to unleash devastating results.

Flamethrower/Detonator: Lightning Coil: 3. Lightning Coil: Combining the Flamethrower with the Lightning Coil is one of our favorite Colossus setups. For massive damage, the Lightning Coil chain is attached to any enemies you strike with the Flamethrower.

Another approach is to use the Firewall Mortar to pin a large number of foes together, then use the Siege Cannon to shoot through them and set off a massive fireball.

Best Colossus Weapons

If you’re a Colossus, you’ll do anything to stay in the action. Sniper Rifle and Marksman Rifle are useless because you won’t be completing your duty as a tank. An Autocannon or a Light Machine Gun are better options for you. It doesn’t matter, as long as it gets the job done quickly. After charging through hordes of enemies with the shield, switch to the most powerful Shotgun in your arsenal to bring them to their knees. You may even use it in place of a Grenade Launcher if you want even more explosions.

Best Colossus Components

In addition to the standard Javelin components, the Colossus contains ten unique ones that we’ve identified. The Anthem tale has a lot of components, so we won’t go into detail about all of them. Instead, we’ll talk about a handful of our favorite ones.

These include Colossal Storage Augment and Stock Augment. In the first case, the maximum weapon magazine capacity is increased by 35%, whereas in the second case, the maximum ammo capacity is increased by 35%. Colossi are likely to rely heavily on firearms like Light Machine Guns and Assault Rifles, which means you’ll need a lot of ammo to survive. It’s possible to shoot virtually indefinitely with these two components because they never run out.

Because it applies to the Ultimate as well as all of the aforementioned explosive powers, we found ourselves using Explosives Expert a lot. This one, on the other hand, may be less useful if you want to play with elemental tools. Lightning and fire damage is increased by 35 percent with the Overclocked Regulator.

Colossus Ultimate

When it comes to Freelancers, no Javelin can resist their ultimate. It is the strongest part of Colossus. Simply activate it, and you’ll have a massive missile launcher with three shots at your disposal. In Anthem, some of the fiercest foes are easily dispatched with a single shot from this devastating weapon.


Is the colossus Javelin good?

The Colossus is Anthem’s most durable Javelin. Trying to fly it around or maneuver it swiftly can be a little cumbersome. But there is no Javelin that is more important to a team’s overall performance. Even while all Javelins can lend a hand to a squad, no other Javelin is as effective in diverting the attention of an enemy as this huge guy is.

How do I get the Colossus Javelin?

There are no difficult or time-consuming *Side Missions* to complete in order to obtain the Javelins. The second Javelin will be unlocked at level 12 if you continue to progress through the story. At levels 20 and 28, you’ll be able to get your third and fourth Javelins.

Does colossus Javelin have a shield?

Those wishing for a javelin that can annihilate their foes with ease may consider the Colossus. Nothing stands in your way with the help of its mounted artillery and heavy weapons. Additionally, the Colossus has a formidable shield that can deflect incoming bullets and deflect even greater quantities of damage.