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The BenQ EW3270U is an excellent choice if you’re into video editing, photography, or any other task that necessitates a high-resolution monitor with correct color representation.

BenQ is known for its wide range of displays, from gaming monitors to photography monitors to video production monitors. BenQ’s EW series includes the monitor we’re looking at right now, the EW3270U. The “Video Enjoyment Series” is the name given to BenQ’s line of displays. It refers to everything from video games and movies to streaming services and Blu-ray discs for our purposes.

The BenQ EW3270U is a stunning 4K HDR monitor, but it’s best used for media because of its impressive video capabilities. BenQ is jumping on the HDR and 10-bit color bandwagon with the EW3270U, a 4K 32-inch screen with HDR10 support. If you’re wanting to upgrade your desktop to Ultra HD on a budget, this is the best option for you.

We’ll examine if the BenQ EW3270U reaches its goals in our evaluation, and how much value it provides for gamers.


  • A crystal-clear image in Ultra-High Definition (UHD).
  • HDR content is supported.
  • A wide range of hues.
  • Grayscale performance is excellent.
  • It performed well in our testing of video games.


  • Tilting is the only way to adjust the stand.
  • Ports that are difficult to locate.
  • Viewing angles are quite restricted.

Image Quality

Because of its superior static contrast ratio of 3,000:1, the BenQ EW3270U monitor’s VA panel and true 10-bit color support (covering 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space, including 100 percent of Rec709 and 100 percent of sRGB), you can expect vibrant and intense colors, as well as deep, true blacks, from its display.

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The HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature can be used to significantly enhance the image quality of content that is HDR10-compatible.

Colors will look even more vibrant in any game or film that supports High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Even while BenQ’s HDR monitor, the EW3270U, has a relatively modest peak brightness of 300 nits, the picture won’t be as eye-catching as it is on HDR displays with significantly greater luminance and localized dimming capabilities.

The high pixel density of this 31.5-inch panel (140 PPI) makes the 4K Ultra HD resolution ideal for viewing in high-contrast environments (Pixels Per Inch).

Even though viewing angles are 178 degrees, some subtle variations in contrast might be observed when seeing the screen from certain off-angles.


Design and Features

BenQ’s EW, EL, and BL series monitors share their aesthetics with the EW3270U. Bezels roughly a half-inch wide are found on both the sides of the screen and the top of the screen. There is a definite lack of bulk to the monitor’s design. In contrast to Acer and Asus, BenQ appears to favor a more pared-down design.

An anti-glare coating is applied to the front of the panel. All of the device’s control options may be found in the bottom right corner. There is also an HDR button and a brightness sensor at the bottom right of the screen. Pushing the HDR button allows the monitor to emulate HDR mode for non-HDR content, while the brightness sensor will adjust brightness depending on the level of ambient light in the room.

The EW3270U has a 32-inch VA panel with 4K resolution built in. In addition to the 32-inch screen, the FreeSync refresh rate and 60Hz refresh rate are also included. This BenQ display also includes HDR10 capability, which is becoming increasingly relevant for desktop monitors. It has been around for some time for televisions, but HDR is still a new trend for PC screens..

Unfortunately, the EW3270U lacks a lot of flexibility when it comes to the stand. As it stands, the display can only be tilted forward or backward, and there is no way to change the screen orientation from landscape to portrait mode. There are VESA holes on the back of the EW3270U so that it may be mounted to the wall.

The EW3270U utilizes modern networking and I/O features. The panel has HDMI, DisplayPort 1.4, and USB Type-C ports on the back. With the power cable, BenQ also supplies a set of these cords in the box. In addition, two 2W down-firing speakers are employed by the monitor.

The EW features a noticeable lack of upstream USB ports, which has been a convenient feature in recent years. BenQ decided to make this sacrifice in order to keep the price tag down.

Cặp đôi màn hình BenQ EW3270U và EW3280U dành cho trải nghiệm chơi game 4K trên máy tính và console


A full array backlit screen with local dimming or an OLED panel is required to fully enjoy HDR. Native brightness of 1000 nits is required for HDR to be rendered properly. This quantity of brightness is the norm for HDR.

By adopting a VA panel with a high contrast ratio, BenQ compensates for this by providing bright whites and deep blacks. Color fidelity is excellent, with full sRGB saturation and about 90% Adobe RGB. It also has a 95 percent coverage of the DCI-PC color spectrum. The lack of banding or dithering is ensured via the 10-bit color interface.

The gamma and grayscale settings appear to be in the ballpark. In sRGB, the gamma value is just below 2.2, whereas in DCI-P3, it is right on target. In HDR mode, the EW3270U doesn’t provide any calibration settings, so you’re stuck with the camera’s default grayscale, which isn’t great.

The EW3270U has a decent amount of gaming credentials. 60Hz refresh isn’t anything unique, but it’s common among all Ultra HD screens – especially when paired with HDR10 and a VA panel. VA panels offer a faster response time than TNs, but the trade-off is that the color accuracy is significantly enhanced.. Esport participants, however, may find the additional response time to be an impediment.

As a result of their incredibly narrow viewing angles, VA panels are often superior to TN panels when it comes to gaming. You won’t see any quality loss while using two of these monitors side by side. In contrast, even minor differences in position or the presence of several users might lead to issues.

Finally, if your GPU is capable of supporting it, FreeSync can help assure a smooth gaming experience. Obviously, having an AMD graphics card is the best way to do this. If you’re running a GeForce card, you probably don’t want a FreeSync monitor. Workarounds will be necessary at the very least.

Price and availability

Even while televisions are becoming more affordable, a high-quality monitor can still set you back a significant amount of money. The BenQ EW3270U, on the other hand, is a highly budget-friendly solution. Not the most costly, but it’s also not the cheapest at $499 (£412, AU$735). For the same price, LG and Samsung’s 32-inch 4K displays don’t have USB-C connectivity, while HP’s 27-inch model is only 32 inches. It’s at this point that more expensive solutions like ViewSonics 4k monitor with 75 Hz refresh rate come into play, which costs $900 (£742; $1,326) on their website.

As of this writing, the EW3270U is available in the UK for £389, and in Australia for AU$899.


Is BenQ EW3270U good for gaming?

A nice gaming monitor is the BenQ EW3270U. As a result of the FreeSync technology, screen tearing is reduced. You’ll be able to see all the fine details of your game because to its huge screen and 4k resolution.

Are BenQ monitors good?

Monitors made by BenQ are excellent. There are numerous BenQ displays and devices that we have personally examined and found to be excellent. This company’s monitor lineup includes a fantastic IPS display (the BenQ PD2720U) and an outstanding gaming monitor (the BenQ e-sports PD2730U).
Đánh giá nhanh BenQ EW3270U – Màn hình 4K HDR siêu ấn tượng với công nghệ BI+

What is IPS vs VA?

Light can flow through crystals that are tilted to allow for vertical alignment, also known as vertical alignment (VA). VA crystals are perpendicular to the glass substrate, whereas IPS crystals are parallel. In contrast to IPS displays, VA panels are one of the most popular options when it comes to televisions.


Some gamers place a greater emphasis on pixel density than on a fast gaming experience. You may be interested in BenQ’s EW3270U, a 32-inch LED monitor.

An ambitious display, BenQ’s EW3270U attempts to do a lot with a small amount of resources. BenQ’s $599 4K Ultra HD screen includes HDR10, 10-bit color, contemporary connectivity, and 4K Ultra HD, all for less than rival HDR-enabled 4K screens costing more than $1,000. That alone justifies the purchase of the EW3270U.

However, there are several caveats to the price tag. The EW3270U is a basic set-top box that doesn’t do much but support Ultra HD and HDR. Gamers may be put off by the idea of a 60Hz refresh rate. Ultra HD, non-TN panels typically aim for 60 frames per second. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a high-end GPU setup.

HDR10 is supported by the EW3270U, although it falls short of delivering HDR. OLEDs and full array LCDs are the only current options for achieving this, and they are too expensive for the majority of people. The EW3270U, on the other hand, provides an excellent HDR experience for the money.

For HDR to work, you’ll need HDR-ready content. Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XV, Doom, and Far Cry 5 are just a few examples of games that fall within this category. Additionally, HDR can be a difficult technique to master. Windows 10’s HDR option must first be enabled, and then your games must be calibrated to your personal preferences. Your games will seem better with increased color vibrancy and brightness when the first inconvenience is over.

BenQ also removed USB connections and digital audio out from their product line. You can see why they did this given the cost, but be prepared for it.

After all is said and done, we can’t think of a better option for $600 for those of you wishing to improve your gaming experience to Ultra HD and HDR. For gamers, pros, and regular users alike, the BenQ EW3270U’s value card really shines.

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