Updated at: 27-04-2022 - By: Leo Hall

Among Us has been a hit with both modders and players alike. With the help of mods, you may change the appearance of your character, add new skins, and more.

Despite the fact that it was released in 2018, Among Us rapidly became the best game to play in 2020 because of its strangeness. To find out who the fictitious ship is, people have put the little Crewmates through hundreds of rounds of gameplay. Since the game’s release in 2021, memes, competitions and video editing have all been inspired by it. Gamers all across the world are now arguing in chat rooms about who is killing other Crewmates.

It was just a matter of time until Among Us modders were able to get their hands on the game due to its enormous success. With only one game mode to choose from, modders have attempted to tweak the game’s gameplay while preserving its core mechanics. In some cases, their ideas are so novel that they should have been part of the original game. The following are some Among Us mods that may improve your gameplay.

1. Love Couple

As opposed to most of the other mods in Among Us, which focus on manipulating other players and using your cunning to deceive them, The Love Couple mod puts the focus on falling in love with another person.

Randomly assigned participants create “the “Love Couple,” and if they are among the top three players still alive, they are declared the champions. Using this mod, a “Love Couple” can consist of either a normal player or an Impostor, with neither party knowing their true identities. Basically, it’s a better version of the Smiths and that’s just fantastic.

2. Everyone Vents

A chat mod called “Everyone Vents” allows players to express themselves in a more specific way than yelling about their opinions. Venting is a mode of transportation available solely to Impostors, which explains why the Impostor can climb into a nearby vent and be transferred to another area of the ship after defeating an opponent.

It’s a sure sign that someone is a faker. By choosing this mode, anyone who witnesses the incident will be able to flee, making it more difficult to identify the Impostor. As long as this mod is installed, gamers can use vents whenever they wish to customize their lobbies.

3. Mayor Role

Among Us’ Mayor Role is one of the simplest positions to add through the modding community, yet it grants the player enormous authority at the outset of each game.

Up until the start of the meeting, the game is played almost exactly the same whether a player is awarded the job of Mayor. It is possible for the Mayor to influence a vote greatly or even force a tie in some circumstances because he or she gets the Mayor’s vote twice instead of just one. A small amount of influence can have a big impact on a vote’s outcome.

4. Vampire Role

In fact, being an Impostor is a great way to spend your time! With some tweaks, the Impostor can appear more powerful than Vampire Role, making it a nightmare for the Impostor.

An adjusted Kill Cooldown timeframe is given to the Impostor, which allows the player to kill his Crewmates faster than normal. While disguised as a bat, the Impostor is able to scale walls and fly through the air without attracting attention. Impostor will be able to see exactly where everyone on the ship is at any one time during the day. When it comes to vampires, this mode can give you even more reasons to be scared.

5. 100 Players

Even as the battle royale movement spreads across several gaming platforms, the mod community determined that Among Us should follow suit. To put it another way, Mod 100 gamers work as if they were 100 members of a crew at once.

It’s exactly as horrible as you’d expect. It has a lot of players, but the simple delight of playing the game is a solid reason to give the Among Us mod a try.

6. Drag Bodies

Even though it is a simple notion, Even though it’s a simple idea, this Drag Bodies patch has the potential to revolutionize the gameplay. The Imposter can be used to transfer the bodies that have been taken away by the mod. This opens up a world of options for concealing, framing other people, and generally creating havoc.

In order to prevent gameplay from becoming unbalanced, this mod ups the power of the Imposter. An unfinished idea was eliminated from the final product in the most efficient manner feasible by the mod’s developers. To yet, the mod has only been available in the lobbies built by the user Socksfor1, but it is on its way to other servers and will hopefully gain in popularity in the near future.

7. Character Skins

There aren’t as many graphic options in Among Us as there are in other games, which is unusual. This is an important aspect in making gamers feel more attached to their character, even if it isn’t required by the game.

There are a number of Among Us mods that can change the Crewmates’ appearances with new colors and clothes. Modifying Among Us to seem like Spider-Imposter Man’s is a must if you’ve ever desired to play that character.

8. Infected: Imposter Zombies

The Infected mod transforms Among Us into an old-school Infected game style that’s distinct from other online shooters. Each time the Imposter interacts with another player, the player’s character transforms into a zombie as well. Zombie-spawning zombies might produce yet more zombies, and so forth.

All of the crew members must be infected for the Imposter to win, and the winning side only wins if they accomplish the entire mission before the entire crew is infected. If you’re looking for an alternative to the standard Among Us structure, this is a fantastic option. After logging onto Skeld.net, the mod is available in the game’s lobbies.

9. Floor Is Lava

Changes to the Among Us formula are massively altered by the Floor Is Lava mod. If this mod is enabled, the game will periodically flood a room with lava, requiring players to tread on a prop in order to avoid being ejected.

The explosion will have no direct impact on The Imposter, despite the fact that players who don’t take their time may see fewer games. If you’re looking for a way to bring back memories of your favorite childhood game, this mod can help. In the meantime, the mod may be found in the lobbies of mod developers SSundee and Socksfor1, but it is expected to be added to the GitHub source soon.

10. Doctor Role

It is a well-known place among the modding community of Among Us. A game-changer may be to include extra roles in the mix. Players can assume the position of the Doctor, which gives them the ability to heal those who were slain by the Imposter at random.

There is an issue with revived players having the ability to reveal who killed a person, despite the fact that it creates a new game mechanic There is a chance that the Doctor Role mod may be a lot of fun if a pact is struck before the game to keep the identity of the impostor secret.


The audio chat in this game is one of the finest at making it clear to you who is doing what. You’ll have a wide range of alternatives to choose from with the mods we’ve mentioned. A haunted mansion for a romantic couple to zombies and vampires, you can customize your game in many ways to enjoy hours of new and exciting gameplay with your friends.