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When it comes to building our own universes, whether they’re free downloads or pricey triple-A blockbusters, we have the power to do so. In Ark: Survival Evolved, there are nearly as many reasons to create as there are in the game itself.

Building games can be found in a variety of styles on the PC. When it comes to winning in Fortnite Battle Royale, you need to be good at building. Regardless of whether you’re building a defensive fortification or a creative edifice, Minecraft and building go hand in hand. We’ve got the blueprints for every game you choose to play, no matter what.

1. Len’s Island

A gorgeous island teeming with natural splendors is the setting for the open-world survival game Len’s Island.

Explore the island’s mysteries through dungeon diving, hiking through the forest, and creating homes and farms..

Even the most inexperienced designers would feel like seasoned builders after playing the game because of its simpler, modular construction style.

You’ll go out and meet new people and engage in combat with rivals to keep yourself occupied when you’re not tending to your crops or building a bigger house.

2. The Riftbreaker

A scientist/commando named Ashley is the protagonist of EXOR Studios’ upcoming base-building mech game The Riftbreaker, which was launched in 2022.

Ashley and her mech, Mr. Riggs, are working with the locals on an alien planet to establish a community.

For the protection of human settlements from alien invasion, Mr. Riggs is frequently compelled to utilize a machine gun, rocket launcher, sword, and other weapons.

Surviving and building a network of bases over the planet’s surface are two of the main objectives of the game, which also includes twin-stick shooting features.

3. HammerHelm

HammerHelm is a role-playing and action-adventure video game set in a fantasy setting.

It’s up to you to start your own dwarven town after being kicked out of your underground civilization for believing in the existence of Dwarves above ground.

It is your duty as a leader to ensure the well-being of your people and to fulfill their desires through quests and crafting.

Construction options in this game include more than forty-five different types of buildings (including farmsteads), as well as more than one hundred different kinds of armor, weaponry, and decorations.

4. CryoFall

CryoFall is the sci-fi survival game you’ve been looking for if you enjoy playing alone or with others.

You can choose to play in a PvP server if you choose, but the default setting is for cooperative PvE.

For a wealthy community, you’ll need to start with simple tools and technology, work your way up through research to unlock space-age technology and processes.

Large-scale projects, such as industrial-sized factories, crop fields, vehicles, and giant bases, can all be built in the game with the help of other players and other players.

5. Raft

The last thing you want to encounter if you’re lost in the middle of an ocean is a shark.

While building a fort out of floating debris from the shark-infested waters of Raft, this nightmare notion is brought to reality by your friends.

With just a few simple tools and some blueprints, you can construct a ship that can withstand attacks and keep its crew safe.

As a result, you’ll have more options for investigating what’s wrong with your seafaring.

6. Valheim

Log homes in a Viking Hell with trolls and sea monsters are a unique choice for a log home motif.

It is your fate to be thrown into the tenth Norse planet, where you will face an array of unexplored opportunities as well as insurmountable obstacles.

You’ll need to create tools, weapons, and fortified camps all throughout the landscape in order to keep your Vikings safe from enemy attacks.

With the improved building procedure in this game, you can get more done in less time while still being able to make fine-tuning tweaks.

7. Trove

With vivid voxel-based graphics reminiscent of Roblox and Minecraft, Trove is an MMO-sandbox hybrid.

In this game, you can still build a “cornerstone” despite the lack of in-game building tools.

Towards the end of the game, players will be able to customize their character and unlock new character classes, including the ability to ride horses.

8.No Man’s Sky

With its many successes and pitfalls, No Man’s Sky has come a long way since its first release.

Hello Games has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last four years because to the addition of requested features such as base building, online multiplayer, and mod compatibility.

To top it all off, the game’s engine has undergone multiple changes over the years, ensuring that it runs perfectly on a wide range of systems.

Maybe give NMS another go if you were disappointed with the first premise, and see how it handles base construction.

9. Minecraft

Minecraft is a must-have for everyone who like open-world survival games or just building stuff.

From a massive castle where you can rule as a magical wizard to a homemade rollercoaster that all your friends can ride, you can find a recipe for just about anything on the Internet..

If you get bored with Minecraft’s original settings, you may always experiment with one of the game’s many mods.

In addition to exploring new planets and building bespoke blocks, you can also use them to build a jetpack from which you can look down on your work from the sky.

10. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark is one of those games that, depending on your tastes, you either love or hate. Nothing else really matters save your own particular preferences and your tolerance for grinds, pranks, and bugs to get what you want.

With the potential to train wild animals, for example, there are new ideas infused into the survival game genre.

This is about using a squad of slave dinosaurs to carry, protect, and defend yourself and your base.

With the single-player option, you may construct elaborate defenses without worrying about another player destroying them, which is a huge benefit for more experienced players.

11. Rust

What a snarky remark. Is it alright for someone to perhaps dismantle the stronghold you’ve spent so much time and effort building?

Contrary to popular belief, Rust is a game about taking risks and adjusting to the regulations of an unregulated society.

A fresh game can be difficult to get started, and it may take several tries before you discover a decent position, set up camp and build fortifications without any other players present.

Once you’ve passed the game’s initial hurdles, you’ll be amazed by the game’s sophisticated crafting system.

12. Satisfactory

Base-building game that’s easy to pick up and play. When it comes to resource management, Satisfactory is on the other side of the pendulum.

Everything begins small, but as you get deeper and deeper into the maze of conveyor belts and assembly lines, you begin to forget that all of your resources can be put to good use.

You can put your resources to good use in a variety of ways, from weapons and equipment to vehicles that open up new areas and reveal new species, resource types, and exploring possibilities.

This Early Access version of Coffee Stain Studios’ game has been receiving regular updates from the game’s developers, Coffee Stain Studios.

13. Factorio

A new base-building game, Factorio focuses on using automated machines to gather and purify materials for your own manufacturing utopia.

You’ll have to cut down trees, mine ore, and build things manually until you’ve done enough research to make automation possible.

A problem that may not have been anticipated is the local animals, which may not enjoy your destruction of their environment if you keep growing.

Factorio’s progression gives a range of ways to optimize efficiency, access new sources of energy, and create AI for your machines.


RimWorld is a near-perfect blend of base-building, survival, and strategy game mechanics.

Before joining a group of settlers on an unknown world, you can choose from a range of biomes.

In order to care for your settlers, you must provide them with suitable shelter and expand your colony as necessary.

There is also an artificially intelligent narrator who is in charge of delivering the game’s hilarious and terrifying gameplay events.

15. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included puts you in the role of a spacecraft captain tasked with exploring a mysterious planet’s ocean below.

In this space simulation game, you’ll be tasked with managing your colony, gathering resources, and inventing new technology.

If you don’t have enough oxygen, a bad call could wipe out a large portion of your colony for all eternity.

Temperatures, pollutants, and even the moods of your colonists can all fluctuate rapidly in this world.

16. Prison Architect

Prison Architect incorporates a number of interconnected gameplay elements as a starting point, including base building.

If you are in charge of designing the prison’s layout, hiring employees and supervising the daily activities of inmates, then you are responsible for everything.

Prisoners and guards have a variety of needs and personality traits that affect how productive they can be, so this isn’t always an easy assignment.

The game will always keep you in a good mood and let you enjoy the unexpected humor, no matter how challenging the going becomes.

17. Grounded

Grounded is a survival sandbox game set in a suburban garden.

Everything is now out to get you now that you’ve been shrunk down to the size of an ant.

In Grounded, finding a safe location to sleep at night is one of your main objectives, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

For constructing structures, the game provides a wide range of resources, and you can set up your business just about anyplace, but we advise avoiding spiders.

18. Astroneer

Similar to No Man’s Sky, this sandbox lets you explore an alien world and live on it, just like in the game.

Building a network of stations and power plants to supply your character with oxygen will be a need as you travel the world.

As the only base-building game that lets you customize the landscape, Astroneer’s Terrain Tool is truly unique.

For exploration, production and innovation, Astroneer is a valuable tool. It’s always being updated with new planets, vehicles and cosmetics.

19. Subnautica

Subnautica takes place after a crash landing on a water-shrouded alien world.

While searching for air and food, you’ll come across raw resources and sea creatures that can be used to improve your tools, expand your base, and build submersibles.

Make sure to visit crash sites to learn more about the strange planet and take advantage of substantial advancements.

You can set your own aims in this game, whether it’s to explore the ocean’s darkest recesses or to construct the world’s largest underwater stronghold.


Roblox has become one of the most popular games in the world right now because of its combination of unlimited potential and ease of use. Even the game itself can be made from scratch in Roblox rather than depending on an existing one. Here are some of the best Roblox games out there to get you started.


A few days after the No Man’s Sky: Beyond Update was released, the game was transformed into a space simulation of building a house. To unleash our inner space architect, we can use No Man’s Sky hacks.

You can build as many starbases as you like in all four game types, and they can be utilized for everything from farming and storage to healing and recharging your shields. The next-generation platform updates also featured a free graphics update for the PC edition of No Man’s Sky.

Life in space can only be sustained if your habitat is well-equipped. Fly over the planet’s surface using your ship’s scanner or a signal booster to collect this data. Once you’ve found a planet fit for your task force, you can begin construction on a home in a galaxy far, far away. Even so, you don’t have to spend all of your time alone in your space pad — you can get some assistance from a friend in multiplayer mode! Just make sure you vacuum first.


As an alternative to Minecraft, Fortnite is an excellent choice for Minecraft fans. Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney described it as “Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead. ” I can promise you that it’s every bit as alluring as it appears. When it comes to PC battle royale games, there’s nothing better than Fortnite: Battle Royale, which you can use our Fortnite tips to master.

To recover your homeland from the ‘Storm’, which has ravaged everything, you and three intrepid warriors work together in the original Fortnite. You’ll need to use the game’s construction techniques to keep the remaining creatures at bay.

As in every other game, the constructing is critical in Battle Royale, but the risks are significantly larger. To survive, you must scavenge for supplies and stay within the ‘Eye of the Storm’ safe zone, which is a fortress. Although the choice is yours, we advise you to use our Fortnite construction tips as a way to learn more about this fascinating genre, regardless of whether you favor Fortnite or PUBG. If you want to create your own mini-games in Fortnite Creative mode, you can do so with Fortnite Island codes.


When we first started playing Fallout, we were limited to only collecting stuff, making friends, and blowing raiders to bits with a big laser. Fallout 4 does have a house-building game, however.

Once Preston Garvey has ordered you to liberate a region for the Minutemen-like Home Guard, you can begin painting post-apocalyptic Boston with the garbage burning a hole in your carry weight. With a few simple Fallout 4 console commands, you can develop some absolutely fantastic settlements out of the materials you already have at your disposal in the game.

Having a large community can cause you to neglect the main story and instead utilize Fallout 4 to build houses. Attracting newcomers to your town is one of the many perks of bringing in more residents; you can even build supply lines between other towns and become a post-apocalyptic property magnate. If that’s a bit much for you, you can always refer to our in-depth Fallout 4 guide. Get a head start in the wasteland of West Virginia with our Fallout 76 building tutorial, which is perfect for those who have played Fallout 4.

24. THE SIMS 4

Once we’ve exhausted all the sex mods for The Sims 4, we see the game as a platform for conducting horrific experiments on a plethora of human subjects. As soon as you’re done starving or locking away your Sims till they pee their pants, The Sims 4 is one of the best PC house-building games.

Doing something kind for your Sims 4 cats and dogs can help you feel better about your treatment of your loving human pets (or, if you’re a sadist, your Sims 4 cats and dogs). In construction mode, you can build anything from a modern city loft to a palatial estate.

A sheet of paper and a pen come in handy when learning how to build in The Sims 4. Initially, stick to a square shape for the exterior of your home before adding more complex features. Then you can experiment with different room layouts, accents, and furniture once you’ve chosen a roof. With a pool and high-tech sound system built, you’ll have no problem attracting the cool kids.


Theme parks, of course, are a lot of fun. Thorpe Park’s Nemesis Inferno will do the trick for the time being to soak our pants with apprehensive excitement. However, Planet Coaster is a construction simulation that was built with the belief that we, as gamers, can do better.

What we’ve seen so far indicates that our faith in Planet Coaster is sound. A variety of talents have been used to reinvent the Millennium Falcon and Enterprise, including a g-force-boasting shenanigans.

Frontier Developments has become a household name in the building game business thanks to the original Rollercoaster Tycoon series and Planet Coaster. Infinite resources in games like this may be used to develop thrilling roller coasters that will have your virtual park guests sprinting to the front of the line.


Any wannabe mayor’s time will be devoured by Cities: Skylines, one of the best city-building games out there. With the Green Cities addition, you may create a vegan utopia or a zombie wasteland and still have a blast playing this city-building game.

And that doesn’t even include all the Cities: Skylines addons that can be installed to make your city even better. SimCity 2013’s DRM is insane, but they’ve managed it without it.


Poly Bridge’s math-based principles are made approachable so that you may at least attempt to carry people to where they need to go without plunging them into the river below, which is a lot of fun.

You’ll be distracted by Poly Bridge’s calming acoustic soundtrack and vibrant visual aesthetic, even if you don’t succeed the first time you try to save your passengers from drowning. Poly Bridge’s many challenges, both in the original game and in the Steam Workshop, will keep you busy for a long time.


For those who like Planet Coaster’s incredibly complex building tools but don’t want to see their hard work go to waste on ungrateful human visitors, Planet Zoo offers the opportunity to watch animals of all sizes climb around your carefully created cages.

Providing your animals with adequate protection, avoiding exposure to plants from a different biome, and protecting them from the elements and the curious gaze of the public, you may create anything you want to show off your creatures in their natural habitat. When your animals reach maturity, you’ll be able to release them back into the wild, making this a worthwhile time investment.

Visitors at the zoo went into a panic when one of our young Red Pandas was convinced to leap for freedom from a dangerously close-to-the-fence pagoda at the zoo. Our Planet Zoo review reveals that a lot of effort has gone into Planet Zoo, and you’ll enjoy seeing the zoo animals inspect your creations.


Mechanics will never tell us that cars don’t run as if by magic. When you show us that mess of pipes, pistons, and cogs, don’t say anything less than “wizardry.”

Car mechanic Simulator 2018, a video game about creating cars that can be understood by non-wizards, takes advantage of technology to make car manufacturing intelligible. Once you’ve perfected your skills in auto repair, you can consider expanding your firm. It’s possible that in the future, even the most prominent racing games will allow you to fix the cars yourself.

There are so many various paint jobs, sprays, and pieces to choose from in this game that you can turn your old junker into a gleaming racer. With a garage full of vehicles, what is the first thing you’ll do? It’s time to unleash your camera’s image mode.


When playing Teardown, you have the option of building a scenario only to afterwards dismantle it. Players can wreck everything in sight with Teardown’s campaign, which includes insurance fraud, retaliation and treachery. ”

For those who are just getting started with level editing, the game’s early access version will have a more intuitive interface. The seemingly endless possibilities of building something are alluring, but detonating a bomb is a completely different story. If you’re a fan of both demolition and construction, then Teardown’s gameplay may be right up your alley.


Although Valheim is mostly a survival game, it nevertheless necessitates the establishment of a strong base from which to combat trolls and grayling hordes. Most of your time will be spent crafting, fighting and exploring the various biomes of Valheim, but those with a keen eye for design will appreciate the game’s unique materials and limits. Because of the frigid Norse climate, Vilhelm requires you to build your constructions with structural integrity and ventilation in mind.

Aside from being creative, the process of gathering things can be soothing. Relax and collect different types of wood and ore while you build your own home, complete with a blazing fire, cooking station, and even a boar farm. Despite the game’s construction constraints, skilled players have erected Viking Longhouses and Meadow Dwellings large enough to shelter thousands of Vikings. This Redditor replicated Skyrim’s High Hrothgar, while another Redditor built Sauron’s fortress from The Lord of the Rings.

We’ve come to the end of our list of the finest PC-building games. It’s time to check out some of the best free-roaming games out there. After all is said and done, it’s time to relax and unwind.

32. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo Switch exclusive Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a fantastic base-building game. There are a variety of entertaining things to keep you occupied, like fishing and chatting with NPCs.

Unlike earlier base-building games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not feature intense combat or a dangerous open-world. As a result, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the game for you if all you want to do is create and decorate your house.

33. Fallout 76

When it comes to establishing settlements in Fallout, this is a mainstay of past games, but in Fallout 76, it’s much more flexible. Additionally, the CAMP system can be utilized to build a structure in almost any portion of the landscape.

The CAMP system comes in handy when you want to construct a structure in the Wasteland near a tourist attraction or just on a beautiful piece of land.

Fallout 76 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

34. CastleMiner Z

The game CastleMiner Z is an excellent match for Minecraft fans. Open worlds with a similar art style to Minecraft’s use of bricks as the world’s terrain are available for you to explore and develop in.

More frightful than the enemies in Minecraft, Zombies, Dragons, and Alien make CastleMiner Z a more terrible game than the original. CastleMiner Z is a survival horror game in which you construct a fortress from the ground up. CastleMiner Z can be played on a PC or on Xbox 360.

35. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is available on both mobile devices and gaming consoles. It’s as though you’re peering into a bank vault from above. A group of characters, as well as the vault itself, are under your command, rather than a single one.

Making your own vault is a lot of fun, and there are many different tools available to help you do it. It is possible to obtain more resources by participating in tasks outside of the vault. Fallout Shelter is also available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the PC, in addition to mobile platforms.

36. State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2’s survival mode requires you to constantly gather supplies and fend off outside threats, thus building a base is crucial.

Facilities can be used to get essential resources. If you use them for this reason, your survivors will be safe from injury and will be able to recoup while they are injured.. The safe house in State of Decay 2 can be customized and used as an oasis in the heart of the wreckage of civilisation if you’re willing to put in the effort. In State Of Decay 2, the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC platforms, it is possible to survive.

37. Subnautica

In Subnautica, the vast majority of the gameplay occurs underwater. In this survival game, you can build underwater houses. The advantages of building a seabase are numerous. These advantages include growing food, securing your belongings, and returning to your base when you’re running low on gas.

A variety of modular construction elements in Subnautica let you design your own structures, whether you’re on land or in the water. In Subnautica, constructing a base is a lot of fun thanks to the various mechanics you can use, such as oxygen and storage. Subnautica is available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

38. Terraria

Terraria, a two-dimensional base-building game, with a wide variety of biomes and locations to explore. To distinguish Terraria apart from the other strategy games that focus on creating a base, the game is a two-dimensional platformer.

Aside from developing a fortress, Terraria allows you to take on boss battles, earn loot, and enlist the assistance of NPCs.

It is also available on the 3DS, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well as Xbox Series S/X and PS Vita. Terraria may also be played on mobile devices and a personal computer in addition to the previously stated platforms (PC).

39.No Man’s Sky

A must-have for aficionados of sci-fi and outer space, No Man’s Sky is a fantastic game. This game takes you on a voyage through space, stopping at many planets along the way, each of which is produced at random.

Since it allows you to do so many different things after you land on a new planet, establishing a No Man’s Sky base is quite popular. It’s possible to build your space home in a number of locations because to the many planets you can visit in the game. You can begin your exploration of the immense universe of No Man’s Sky on any of these platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5, and PC.

40. 7 Days To Die

In 7 Days To Die, a game that allows for a great level of personalization, zombies roam the open environment. You can protect yourself and your possessions from zombies and other harmful creatures by building a fortress.

A ladder may be required to enter your base, or you may have secret defenses that can take out zombies for you. There are a range of materials that can be used to build the foundation of your project, including wood and metal. You’ll need a PS4 or PC to play 7 Days To Die.


Building games are an unique subgenre. To survive, you must meticulously build your base and obtain the materials you require. Regardless of whether you’re playing a survival game or a Battle Royale game, you can build anything you want to reinforce your base and/or city.