Updated at: 25-04-2022 - By: Leo Hall

After launching in 2018, Epic Games Store has added more titles to its library since then. Several independent studios have collaborated with Epic Games to create exclusive games for the Epic Games Store. There’s been a backlash from Steam customers because of this, but it’s not a secret that they have some excellent games. It is possible that some exclusives will be added to Steam’s catalog in the future.

Best: Journey To The Savage Planet

Journey To The Savage World is a colorful and thrilling adventure game that allows players to explore and learn about a fascinating planet. Exploration firm Kindred Aerospace, which claims to be the “4th best,” is employing the players. The players’ goal is to travel throughout the world and collect data on the many creatures and plants they come across. A number of weapons can be employed in fight, however there is a certain degree of combat involved. Because you can play with a friend, it is a great way to socialize.

Worst: SnowRunner

On bumpy terrain, driving a truck might be difficult. With SnowRunner, the experience is made more pleasurable. The number of vehicles that can be driven in by the players is up to 40. It’s more about the journey than the destination, so players must be careful not to lose control of their vehicle. It can pelt the player with snow, mud, and a variety of other terrain hazards. However, despite the game’s popularity, some players felt the controls to be a little wrong and the gameplay to be sluggish.

Best: Dauntless

If you’re looking for a free-to-play action RPG, go no further than Dauntless. Slayers in a fantasy world are tasked with destroying Behemoths. Because of the devastation caused by the war, these creatures were set free.

Worst: The Sinking City

It’s hard to become bored playing a detective game. It is a terrific technique to keep participants interested in solving puzzles and finding clues. In the end, The Sinking City comes just short of engrossing the audience completely. Through solve the mystery of a flood-ravaged town that has rendered people insane, the game leads players to seven unique districts. A pleasant game with a great investigation mechanic, but the written style and drab visuals detract from the experience. Many critics complain that the game’s combat system, which uses evil spirits, is cumbersome.

Best: Fortnite

This list excludes Epic’s most popular game. What might possibly be the reason? When the battle royale mode was debuted in 2017, Fortnite became a worldwide sensation. The unique feature of the game was the ability to create structures in order to avoid or gain an advantage over your opponents. Some of the skins available for characters come from well-known media sources, such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. In addition to its battle royale mode, Fortnite offers a zombie shooter called Fortnite save the World and a sandbox mode called Fortnite Creative..

Worst: Predator: Hunting Grounds

In recent years, games like Dead By Daylight have done a great job at pushing the idea of an asymmetrical multi-player. As a result, a game that allows players to assume the role of a predator and hunt down other players should be an easy win. There is a lot riding on the word “should” in this sentence.

Best: Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a contentious game, but anyone who has even a passing interest in mythology should check it out. Mythological monsters abound, as do the Gods and goddesses who inhabit it. In addition to its strong and humerus-based writing, the game’s aesthetics can be amazing at times.

Worst: Maneater

Taking on the role of the blood-sucking shark that preys on humans is an intriguing one for many actors. However, Maneater failed to meet the enormous expectations that had been set. Scaly Pete, a nasty fisherman, killed the mother of Maneater, a little bull shark. The shark has a wide range of skills that it can employ to fight against other humans, as well as the ability to take advantage of its environment. There is a lot to like about the game, but one of the most common complaints is that it doesn’t have a consistent flow of gameplay, due to its simple mechanics and lack of variety.

Best: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Epic Games scored a big victory by securing PC exclusive access to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. Early Tony Hawk games are among the best sports games ever made, and Vicarious Visions’ 2020 recreation is worthy of their names.

Worst: Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Physic-based games can be a lot of fun. The primary goal is to bring a smile to the faces of those who see it. But for only so long can the unpleasant qualities of the sport be hidden beneath the humor. The players are tasked with delivering packages to various locations in an unconventional manner. Helicopters and golf carts, as well as jetpacks, guns, and even jet packs, are just a few of the crazy equipment at our disposal for achieving this goal. It’s great to play with a group of friends, but the horrible controls and superficial environment make it impossible for players to return after a single game..

Torn Banner Studios’ Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a satisfyingly brutal first-person swordfighter, has been added to the exclusive list of Epic games.

Beheadings and cries fill the air as players engage in brutal medieval warfare, much like in the original games.

Horse riding, fluid animation, and 64-player fights are just some of the new features of Chivalry 2.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

New ‘n’ Tasty Soulstorm, like its predecessor, is a remake of an earlier Oddworld game. Abe, a charismatic extraterrestrial who fights against alien oppression, is your character in the game.

Besides that, the motion controls in this game are better than the ones in its predecessors. PC gamers will notice a smoother gameplay experience as a result.

We recommend Soulstorm to individuals who appreciate puzzle-platformers and are curious about Oddworld’s strange and interesting sci-fi world.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

In light of the limited number of PC open-world games like Breath of the Wild, Immortals Fenyx Rise is an excellent purchase for EGS.

According to its plot, you are an ascetic hero summoned by Greek deities to confront Typhon, the titanic being who has gained control of all existence and unleashed an army of mythical animals upon the world.

The majority of gameplay is around riding a horse with two wings that allow you to soar through the air like a bird.

Watch Dogs: Legion

With the release of Watch Dogs: Legion on Steam expected to occur in the near future, EGS EGS and Ubisoft are both options for purchasing the game.

Through enlisting NPCs with specific abilities and seizing enemy offices, you are entrusted with launching a revolt against an unsavory private military organization in the game.

It’s possible to take on the roles of a variety of characters, including guards (police officers), doctors (doctors), lawyers (lawyers), and building workers (construction workers).


If you don’t own a PlayStation 5, you can still play this game. Bugsnax, a quirky and hilarious adventure-comedy game by Young Horses, is exclusively playable through the EGS.

When you play the game, you assume the role of a reporter who is trying to solve the mystery of Snaktooth Islands and find out why its population vanished.

You’ll meet a wide range of interesting personalities along the way who will help you catch the highly tasty Bugsnax beasts.

Airborne Kingdom

It’s an excellent city-building simulation called The Airborne Kingdom that allows you to create massive floating cities.

The gameplay revolves around building residences for non-player characters (NPCs) and then equipping them with the necessary resources to go about their daily lives.

In a novel twist, this game allows you to take your floating metropolis to different parts of the world in search of new resources and hidden secrets.

The Pathless

The Pathless is a role-playing game developed by the same team as Abzu, which deals with the relationship between humans and animals.

You are a hunter who must break the spell that has been set on her island. Using archery abilities and lightning-fast reflexes, she shoots enchanted talismans that have been spread over the globe.

To help her out in various situations, the Hunter is accompanied by an eagle-like sidekick.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gather Arena, a card-fighting game based on the classic Tabletop Fantasy game, is available on PC through the EGS.

By merging games, strategies, and approaches from the original Magic formula into the digital medium, it performs an amazing job of adapting it to the new medium.

Players can download and play Magic: The Gathering Arena for free, with 15 distinct decks and daily awards that let them to expand their collection. This is the most appealing part.

The Division 2

As the sequel to Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed first-person shooter, Division, Division 2 incorporates many of the suggestions and changes made by players of the first game.

After the events of The Division, it takes place in Washington, D.C., seven months later, in the thick of a civil war between survivors and adversaries that are deadly.

There are four-player teams in the game’s numerous Dark Zones, where players can take on objectives or engage in PvP combat.

Phantom Brigade

The game is a mix of turn-based strategy and real-time strategy. A crew of last remaining mech pilots are on a quest through a war-ravaged globe in Epic’s exclusive Phantom Brigade.

The game’s primary focus is on mech customization, but it also includes a range of missions that put you in direct conflict with your enemies and allow you to tell stories about your experiences.

This can include acquiring equipment before your opponent can, plotting and setting up ambushes, or attempting to survive the day despite being outnumbered and outgunned.

Hitman 3

After two years of hard work, IO Interactive has finally completed its World of Assassination trilogy in Hitman 3 with a smoother experience than the previous two games.

The plot builds on the events of the previous two games and follows Agent 47 and his squad as they attempt to assassinate the Providence’s top brass.

Perpetual shortcuts and virtual reality support help to expand and enhance the possibilities available to gamers.

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 was previously available for pre-order on Steam and EGS, but Epic now has exclusive rights to the game as a result of its partnership with Ubisoft, the developer.

There are two distinct civilizations at play here: the Old World, where residents and workers drive production; and the New World, where goods and trade routes play a major role in driving production in the 19th century Industrial Revolution.

During this time, the industry boomed, and the game depicts farmers coming to cities to work in factories and trade.


Co-op multiplayer shooter Arcadegeddon pits three players against an evil mega-corporation as they help Gilly, the proprietor of the town’s last arcade, salvage his business. For this, you’ll need a variety of weapons, including both melee and ranged.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Assassin’s Creed series The Viking raider Eivor is the focus of Valhalla’s story, which takes place in the ninth century AD. The third game in the series is a continuation of the open-world gameplay of the previous two games. Additionally, Valhalla presents a new perspective on the concept by introducing a number of crucial changes. Resources are needed to maintain the settlement of your clan. Using your longship, you raid communities and castles to obtain these resources. The Saxons and King Aelfred of Wessex and King Aelfred of Wessex are bound to confront Eivor. There’s a new combat system in the game, and it shines here. Eivor will be able to utilize two weapons in this game, as well as battle a broader variety of adversaries.

Auto Chess

Auto Chess, a DOTA 2 mod, has grown in popularity in recent months to the point where its creator, Dragonrest Game, is working on a standalone version. With up to eight players, this game incorporates aspects of chess with emphasis on formations and placement.

Corruption 2029

Developed by Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden’s designers, Corruption 2029 is a tactical strategy game set in a dystopian future America. Corruption has turned America into a dystopia, and the game puts players in charge of a team of heavily modified troops who are dispatched behind enemy lines to investigate. Warfare in Corruption 2029 is a mix of cover-based tactical combat and stealth, with every enemy killed reducing the amount of firepower the player has to cope with.


Action role-playing game When it was first announced, Dauntless was positioned as a free-to-play alternative to Monster Hunter. As a Ramsgate Slayer, you’re part of a team that goes on long-term hunts for massive Behemoths. Slayers have access to a wide variety of gear and weaponry that they can utilize in fight against Behemoths. Behemoth slaying yields materials that can be utilized to enhance and expand your armament using the game’s crafting system.


Diabolical is a free-to-play arena shooter that pits Eggbots against each other in a colorful setting. Wee-Bow Instagib, a crossbow-focused 5v5 Wee-Bow Instagib, is one of the options available to the players. Each player dies with coins left behind, which are turned into points when picked up. Additionally, there are the Arenas of 2v2 and 1v1 that pit players against each other in miniature arenas, each with a full loadout and two lives for each player. Diabolical seeks to make arena shooters accessible, feature many weaponry, and allow users to personalize their Eggbots with accessories such as decals and stickers.


Godfall, which was announced at the Game Awards 2019 as the first PlayStation 5 exclusive, will also be available on the Epic Games Store for PC. As a looter-slasher set in a lively fantasy setting, players will participate in combat to get access to better loot.


Jorj, the protagonist of Grindstone, is able to assault the many adversaries on the grid by using skills and items that are similar to those found in action RPGs. Over 200 levels, a daily grind mode, and cartoonish brutality will keep you engaged for a long time when the game launches in 2019 with every level of content that has been received since the game’s premiere on iOS in 2019.


But even though there are less games scheduled for this year’s store than in previous years, consumers may look forward to a wide variety of titles. As long as Ubisoft continues to promote the platform, we may expect more titles from the publisher’s well-known franchises to be made available on it. The Control developer, Remedy Entertainment, has also revealed that its following two titles will exclusively be available on this platform. This is a significant development. In addition, Playdead and GenDesign will be released in the near future.