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Action-platforming with an emphasis on exploration and battle is the hallmark of Motion Twin’s critically-acclaimed indie rogue-lite Dead Cells.

Dead Cells does an excellent job of delivering on its promises, but it’s not the only game fans will want to play after they’ve finished the main game.

In this article, we’ll explore the best games that are similar to Dead Cells, including the finest roguelikes and the best Metroidvanias.

The Mooseman

Welcoming you to the world of ancient mythology rooted in the finno-ugric heritage of the past.

Yen, a god of the eggshell, created the universe in the distant past. The Lower World was born in the murky depths of the ocean. Middle World was designed for humans, while Upper World was reserved for the gods. In the depths of the cosmos, there are countless spirits who defend the mysteries of the universe. Explore the ancient myths of the Chud tribes and uncover the mysteries of the finno-ugric stories with this adventure.

You are the Mooseman. Both you and Mooseman have been endowed with the gift of sight, allowing you to see what the naked eye cannot. As soon as possible, we’ll begin our journey into three other universes. Dead people’s souls reside in the Lower World, a term used to describe it.


In Transistor, an isometric perspective is used as the primary mechanic. Red’s story leads her to an unknown man’s corpse with a sword embedded in his chest, which she names Transistor. In the aftermath of the Process taking over Cloudbank, Sword has taken over both the voice and the thinking of its former owner and is now able to interact with Red. In the meantime, The Process is looking for Red, the man who is threatening to kill her. It’s as though they don’t know what to do with it.

While they are fighting in real time, Red can use her power known as Turn, which forms the action bar, to freeze time. Until you have the upgrade, you cannot use any skills until they are fully recovered. In addition, Red has the ability to retrieve Functions from defeated foes, allowing her to give her weapon new abilities, whether active or passive. This game has a unique vibe because to its magnificent design and engaging tale. In addition to the music by Darren Korb, this is upgraded.


This game’s canon is quite similar to that of the genre’s genesis. Simply solving riddles in this game requires simply a few tips.

It is Rufus’ actions that drive the story along in the game, which takes place on the planet of Deponia. Rufus fantasizes of migrating to Elysium, a society where living is very different from what he is used to.

He calls himself an innovator, yet neither his ability to come up with new ideas nor his accomplishments over the course of his life are definite. The ex-ex-boyfriend girlfriend’s lives at the house of his ex-girlfriend, and he does nothing. To travel to Elysium, however, he embarks on a vessel belonging to the group “Organnon.” Eventually, he arrives. On this ship, he encounters one of the Elysium girls and mistakenly pushes her over the vessel while trying to protect her from the ship’s owner. On Deponia, a girl lays down and falls to her knees. Rufus comes to Deponia and finds himself falling for the girl, which sets off a chain of events in which everyone in town hatches plots to get their hands on her (and still wants to get to Elysium). The mayor of the city, as well as other inhabitants and robots, are all involved. The girl has no recollection of the fall, and the Organnon want to detonate a nuclear weapon in Deponia.

Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy, one of the earliest Roguelites (and Roguelikes), is largely responsible for the current state of the genre.

Our recommendation is Rogue Legacy 2, the follow-up to Dead Cells, Rogue Legacy 2, which is presently available on Steam Early Access and has an identical gameplay experience to Dead Cells.

It allows you to assume the role of a heroic character whose unique characteristics are passed down through the generations. Each time you die, you’re spawned as a relative who can inherit those attributes or be given their own.

The gloomy dungeons in this game, like those in Dead Cells, are built through the use of procedural generation. You can also learn how to use a wide range of different weapons and enemies in the game.


While the camera viewpoints in Hades Cells and Hades Cells are different, with two being 2D and the other being 3D isometric, the games’ progression is comparable.

Hack-and-slash combat is the focus of the gameplay in Hades, and protagonist Zagreus is able to use both melee and ranged talents to defeat his enemies.

While playing, the player can choose their weapon and path, earn incentives for running, and unlock permanent rewards, all in the same way as Dead Cells allows the player to customize their playstyle.

The story of Zagreus’s many attempts to escape the underworld, as well as his father’s fury, is intriguing and adds a little more meat to the bone than Dead Cells did.


Another 3D Roguelike, Dreamscaper, is comparable to Dead Cells in terms of its run-based features.

Players assume control of Cassidy, a young woman whose thoughts have manifested as an ever-changing physical reality.

In the face of increasingly fierce opponents, Cassidy isn’t alone in her struggle to find redemption.

As you progress through the game, you’ll get access to more and more powerful artifacts, weapons, and humid powers that let you manipulate the elements, modify physical locations, and affect the flow of time.


As an unemployed recruit, your mission in Chasm is to locate an abandoned mine where people have suddenly vanished and strange animals have begun to appear.

In order to restore order in God’s Kingdom, you’ll have to battle swarms of monsters and explore the ancient catacombs in search of information and tools to help you along the road.

Chasm’s map is generated using a procedural algorithm similar to that of Dead Cells. Created one room at a time, each one is unique.

There are six distinct biomes that enable exploration and progression in a Metroidvania-style manner, as well as new tools, weapons, and spells.


Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Macintosh

SUNDERED is a 2D hand-drawn Metroidvanian game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, about an eldritch warrior who finds himself trapped in ever-changing caves inhabited by horrifying creatures.

As a player, you must make a difficult decision: should you risk your humanity in order to take on these monstrosities, or should you battle to survive in the brutal shell you’ve been given?

No matter what you do, there are a plethora of builds and upgrades to pick from, and many of them come together as you traverse a diverse collection of procedurally generated and hand-crafted levels.

Sundered, like The Dead Cells, uses Metroidvania features in its gameplay, allowing you to return to previously explored areas with new skills and uncover extra hidden mysteries.

SteamWorld Heist

Pirate-themed turn-based strategy with platforming and shooting components, Steamworld Heist. Pirate ship captain Piper engages robots and steers them across the galaxy to destroy enemy ships, which you assume the role of. The vast majority of the game’s levels are generated in a generative fashion using an angle-scrolling view.

Water is the most essential power source in the game’s universe. Everyone tries to get their hands on it. Steambots, on the other hand, have emerged as a new threat in this conflict. To bring peace to the globe, Piper is the only one who can discover what’s going on and do so.

In order to reach your objective Create an army of robots to protect you. A wide variety of potential crew members can be found throughout the universe. They require you to spend water or reputation points when you complete assignments in order to join their ranks. As the game progresses, each soldier’s abilities and specializations can be improved. A realistic physics model with laser sights and bombs is used in traditional turn-based battles.

Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion, a fantasy reworking of the Sega Genesis classic, features Mickey Mouse. Castle of Illusion brings Mickey and his kingdom to life in a spectacular Disney experience with HD graphics and gameplay! Mickey must overcome the perils of the Castle of Illusion in order to save Minnie from the evil witch Mizrabel. Be brave and find the courage to trek through the enchanted woodland and battle hundreds of insane toys. Take on the role of Mickey and save Minnie from the wicked clutches of Mizrabel!

Death Road to Canada

Randomly Generated Road Trip Simulator Death Road to Canada is. As the driver, you’re responsible for a whole busload of jerks. Zombie hordes that are slow are a constant threat as they roam cities and take on wacky characters that argue with each other.

Replayability was a primary goal for Death Road. Things like locations, activities, and even the looks of the survivors are all random. Once a week or so, if not more. It takes place in a society that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Characteristics of Death:

  • At any given time, up to 500 zombies could be pursuing you. Take them on, get beyond them, or even run away from them.
  • Create characters for yourself, your family, and your friends in the game with the character creator tool. Have food available for anyone who happen to show up at random.
  • Find uncommon and unique weapons, events, and personalities with extraordinary powers.
  • You’ll have to make difficult choices. In interactive fiction, you’ll have to make difficult decisions. Depending on the features of your group, you can select from a variety of various outcomes and possibilities.
  • Learn how to make a dog drive a car.
  • Throw chairs at each other. Find characters that are strong enough to toss couches.
  • It’s the most family-friendly zombie apocalypse game out there! Every gory explosion has a lovely appearance. For a while, the word “d*ngus” was off-limits.
  • Make it clear that you’d like it if they “Cooled it.”
  • Up to four characters can be controlled locally by two players working together on the same screen!


If you’ve played Dead Cells, you’ll recognize Vagante’s roguelike gameplay, which includes permadeath and procedurally generated stages.

With demons, monsters and double-crossing criminals lurking around every corner, you adopt the role of a daring explorer.

Determinate to find an amazing treasure hidden deep within an impassable wilderness, you are unfazed by the challenges in your path.

Every run takes you through four different biomes with different heroes that can be customised and allocated classes, enchanted equipment, and weaponry..

Hyper Light Drifter

That pixel art presentation in Dead Cells is what got you hooked on the game in the first place? You’ll appreciate Hyper Light Drifter’s stunning pixel-based visuals.

To put it plainly, it is an action-adventure adventure You assume the character of a hero battling an incurable illness who sets out to find the cure in the dark land of Buried Time.

On your journey through terrible landscapes that are full of branching routes and hidden treasures, the possibilities become more evident.

Dead Cells-like gameplay and breathtaking aesthetics make up the bulk of the game’s tale.

Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight

It’s an aggressive action-platformer with combat and Metroidvania-style exploration without any roguelike aspects.

To save her town from destruction, Kaho must track down the queen of the kingdom before it’s too late, portraying herself as a priestess.

Every night becomes darker as the monsters who have been corrupted take over town and the time is running out.

Like Dead Cells, gameplay focuses on fast-paced combat in which melee combos, evasive systems, and the combination of various spells and objects are used to knock down adversaries.

Wizard of Legend

In Wizard of Legend, a roguelike action-packed indie, you can cast spells and use them to your advantage in fast-paced combat.

Take the role of a wizard who participates in “the Chaos Trials,” which is a gauntlet of magical difficulties. It’s a challenge for contestants to defeat the most formidable magicians.

Battles like these will put you to the greatest test of your ability. Because of the flurry of strikes you’ll often receive from hordes of adversaries, these games necessitate quick reflexes.

After each death, players are returned to the beginning of their current location. Some of the spells you learned in the previous game are also retained.

Salt and Sanctuary

In the early days of 2D action games, Salt and Sanctuary was well praised for its intense Souls-like style.

But even today, when compared to other Metroidvania games, the game is still an excellent example of how to adapt 3D combat into a two-dimensional Metroidvania video game.

Your role is to find your way across an island full of salty constructions, winding passages, and an endless supply of zombie nightmares after you’ve been shipwrecked.

Precision dodges, swift attacks and counterattacks, outstanding endurance management, and salt gathering are the keys to combat success in Dead Cells-style games.

The Last Door: Season 2 – Collector’s Edition

Season 2 of widely praised The Last Door explores the mysteries and mysteries of The Veil in the position of Doctor. Season 1’s Jeremiah Devitt’s psychiatrist, Dr. John Wakefield. Trying to locate a missing patient, Dr. Wakefield is soon sucked into an elaborate scheme that he never could have imagined while searching for the truth about his patient’s disappearance. Is he able to locate the missing person despite the fact that his quest takes him far beyond the borders of England? In the end, will the Last Door be found or will he learn that he’s about to get lost in his search for it as well?

Additional secrets, more locations and personalities, and terrible otherworldly horror are all included in The Last Door Season 2’s Collector’s Edition. Unlike the first season, the second season is more disturbing. Explore Victorian England’s abandoned manors, mental hospitals, and opium dens in this thrilling conclusion!


Is Hollow Knight better than dead cells?

Because you’ll spend more time exploring and learning about the world in Hollow Knight, it’s a much better game. While Dead Cells has a wide variety of environments to explore, the game’s climax is somewhat linear. Backtracking is quite rare, and there are only a few truly noteworthy findings.

Are there any challenges to beating dead cells?

Dead Cells is an incredibly well-made game that’s also incredibly challenging. Just keep trying until you get good enough to finish the game in one sitting. Only the occurrence rates of more powerful weapons and items change.