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Here are the greatest Twitch games of 2020 if you’re just starting out as a Twitch streamer.

We’ve compiled a list of the top games to stream right now to help you build your channel’s audience and get notoriety.

As a result, we’ve widened our scope to include both well-known titles that appeal to a broader audience, as well as more esoteric titles with neglected fan bases.

We’ll be adding new games to this list in the future, so be sure to check back.

How To Pick Which Game To Stream

There are a lot of things to keep in mind while you’re picking which game to stream, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Pick a game that you enjoy, are enthusiastic about, and enjoy playing. In the event that you are not having a good time, your viewers will notice and will be less likely to return for future streaming.
  • Pay attention to what you’re saying in your online conversation. Choosing a game that stops you from engaging with your audience may be time to switch to something else, at least until you’ve built a large following.
  • Make use of social networks to expand your audience. You can almost certainly find people who are already interested in and actively playing the game you’ve picked. Twitch and other networks like Reddit and Discord can help you connect with the community.
  • Pick a convenient time to watch. Selecting when to stream is just as crucial as knowing which game to stream because different video games appeal to different types of gamers. Your viewership can be increased by using services like Twitch Strike and Twitch Tracker.

The best games to stream on Twitch - YouTube

Jackbox Party Packs

Style: Social

Channel Count: 78 on average

Since you may play with a big number of people online in the Jackbox games, they’re perfect for keeping spectators entertained. It’s also possible to invite people to join your game while keeping trolls out of it, thanks to Twitch integration.

Viewers are more inclined to stick around for your personality than the actual game, making it an excellent route for organic growth. Finally, Jackbox produces a new Party Pack every year, so you’ll never run out of things to play.


Survival is the primary focus of the game.

There are 2,615 channels on average

Minecraft has become one of the most popular video games of all time since its initial release in 2009. Streaming Minecraft in any manner will be beneficial to your channel because of how widespread and wide-ranging its appeal is.

Like the Jackbox games, you can set it up so that viewers may join in on the fun as you embark on humorous journeys. It’s also a reasonably easy game with low stakes, so you’ll be able to devote most of your mental energy to interacting with the audience.

Dead By Daylight

In the horror subgenre

Average Channel Count: 1,595

In spite of its niche status, Dead by Daylight boasts one of the most devoted fanbases in the industry. The game’s multiplayer nature makes it ideal for streaming because spectators will stay to see how each round concludes.

Set it up such that you and your viewers may participate together, preferably with you taking on the character of the killer. Make friends in the community and spread the word about your channel if you’ve always wanted to play Dead By Daylight or already have some experience under your belt.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Simulation is the genre.

The average number of channels is 137.

If you’re a big Nintendo fan or love games that give you time to ponder, the newest Animal Crossing game might be just what you’re looking for to get into streaming right now. Since its release, New Horizons has become the most popular game in the series, amassing a large following.

Its appeal stems from the fact that it caters to gamers of all kinds. Online multiplayer is another aspect of the game, allowing you to host guests on your island or travel to another player’s town to meet up with them. It’s a low-stress game, similar to Minecraft, that doesn’t require a lot of focus.

Among Us

Social deduction is a genre.

The average number of channels is 2,277.

In addition to being the most streamed video game, Among Us has become a significant topic in popular culture. If you’re just starting out, you’ll still get some viewers even if you’re streaming something that’s currently trending.

It’s a game that, like Animal Crossing, is accessible to players of all ability levels. And because it has online multiplayer with up to 10 people, you may invite your friends to join you in a space ship murder party.

League of Legends

The MOBA genre

Average Number of Channels: 4,782

Several years ago, Riot Games’ League of Legends became the most popular game on Twitch for a period of time, with a record-breaking 80 million hours streamed on the service. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for streamers hoping to increase their following quickly. Assuming, of course, that you meet certain criteria.

First and foremost, gamers in this game have a strong desire to engage in competitive PvP. Otherwise, brush up on the current Meta and start practicing if you’ve already got it down pat! Because of the competitive nature of the game, viewers of League of Legends tend to have a lower tolerance for rookie mistakes.


Battle Royale is a type of video game

8,270 channels on average

The fact that Fortnite is currently the top streamed game on Twitch is both a blessing and a curse. On the other hand, you can be sure that at least one user will visit your stream at some point. Even if you’re just getting started, you’ll likely find yourself towards the bottom of the list due to the sheer quantity of Fortnite-related channels.

Fortnite | Xbox

However, there are still many reasons to watch Fortnite on the internet. You can play in a variety of different modes, including custom games that allow you to create your own unique gameplay. Viewers are more inclined to join in on the fun because it’s popular and free to play.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Battle Royale is a type of video game

The average number of channels is 597.

First-person shooter games like Call of Duty are an excellent choice for streamers, especially if you’re naturally talented. For the second time in the series, Warzone attempts to capitalize on the growing popularity of battle royales.

If you’re looking for a game that’s both free-to-play and ideal for streaming, look no further. There are some excellent unscripted content moments in the Gulag’s 1-on-1 respawn bouts; the ability to call back teammates by spending currency at Buy Stations is a welcome feature.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Playing a video game in first-person perspective

Channel Count: 1,651 on average.

History shows that twitch viewers are enamored with Counter-Strike and can’t get enough of it. CS: GO was released in 2012, making it the fourth game in the series.

While the tight controls and exciting gunplay are the main draws, the game’s diversity of modes and potential for amazing comebacks make it perfect for streaming. With CS: GO, as with many of the other games on our list, there’s always a match to join or someone to watch.

Grant Theft Auto V

Style: Adventure/action-comedy

The average number of channels is 1,751.

If you’re a lover of the Grand Theft Auto series, you’re in for a treat. The game’s following spans numerous generations of gamers. With this, it’s an excellent choice for lifelong GTA fans or streamers looking for a popular game to play online, especially when playing with other people.

The open-world of Los Santos is filled with absurd crimes, mini-games, and other pranks. It’s possible to conduct unique tournaments for prizes or blast everyone away with a well-placed grenade, if you can get viewers to participate in your game.

Spelunky 2

Platformer-style action game

There are 34 channels on average

For streaming purposes, Spelunky’s run-based, procedurally generated concept is ideal. The original game has had its fair share of viral moments throughout the years. Starting out with the 2020 release of the sequel will be your greatest shot for attracting more fans of the specialized dungeon crawler or indie games.

A lot of the gameplay elements from the first Spelunky have been carried over, but the graphics have been upgraded, and there are many new characters, opponents, obstacles, traps, and treasures to discover. Run-to-run gameplay gives you a lot of freedom to explore and try new things, so you can turn to the audience for suggestions and allow them affect your actions in the game.


In the horror subgenre

There are on average 2,684 channels per day.

Phasmophobia, in addition to Among Us, is a popular game that is currently quite common in the cultural zeitgeist of video gaming. You can practically guarantee some humorous moments while playing with friends or viewers in this cooperatively driven ghost hunting game.

Phasmophobia - "của lạ" trong dòng game kinh dị: Không con ma nào đáng sợ hơn con ma do bạn tự tưởng tượng ra

You have a lot of room to grow within the community and get your name out there to other people who also enjoy the game because it is so new. The lack of content on Phasmophobia can be used to your advantage by streaming on days when there is a major update or conversation about what you and your audience would like to see added in the future..


Playing a video game in first-person perspective

2,745 Channels Per Second

Valorant, one of the most anticipated free-to-play games of 2020, is the second Riot Games title to reach the list. Tactical team-based gameplay in the style of last decade’s top shooters informs the 5v5 tactical shooter.

Despite its minimal PC hardware requirements, it’s an impressive game to watch in action, making it a good choice for gamers looking for something fresh to get their teeth into. The Valorant streaming community is young, so there’s plenty of opportunity to establish yourself and expand your fan base.

Apex Legends

Battle Royale is a type of video game

Average Number of Channels: 2,982

Battle Royales make up a large portion of this list, and with good reason. When a bunch of skilled players compete in the same match, their unscripted design and shrinking maps make for some of the best stream video available. The shorter play periods in Apex Legends, ranging from 10 to 20 minutes on average, set it apart from the competition.

The Apex Legends fandom, despite Respawn Entertainment’s ambitious intentions of exceeding Epic’s Fortnite, is very active and one of the most constant fanbases in the industry. Twitch’s charts have been steadily climbing, making this a good option for new streamers.

Rocket League

Sport is the genre.

Channel Count: 1,659 on average

Today, Psyonix’s soccer mix with fast vehicles is more streamed than ever before, thanks to the game’s recent release. An important factor is Rocket League’s intimate association with the ever-expanding esports community.

As one of the few games that allow cross-play, Rocket League has garnered a big playerbase, many of whom are likely to tune into a stream of Rocket League. Despite its proximity to esports, the game can still be enjoyed informally, making viewer matchups an excellent choice..

Old School Runescape

Role-playing video games

Average Number of Channels: 305

Runescape was first introduced in 2001 and has since gone on to become one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs in the world. Old School Runescape is still around and, surprisingly, fairly popular, despite going through various revisions over the years.

It’s possible that your twitch channel is the ideal place to check out the classic RPG whether you’re a fan or have always been curious about it. If you’re going to stream OSRS, you’re going to get a big audience because of the game’s popularity and the wide range of people who play it.

Grand Theft Auto V

With 573,000 viewers and 45.3 million followers, this open-world type of game has been popular since the early 2000s and is presently the most seen on Twitch. GTA is also well-known for its catchy soundtrack and gritty atmosphere.

Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch League, and other major gaming businesses have worked with Twitch since its inception to offer exclusive worldwide gaming events on the network. Lionel Bonaventure/AFP is the source.

League of Legends

If you’re a competitive type, you should definitely give this game a go. You’ll be able to demonstrate your abilities as an individual and as a member of a group here. Streaming this game on Twitch is one of the finest ways to build a following, and with up to 30.3 million followers, it’s easy to understand why.


This is a surefire hit (and also more child-friendly.) As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with, explore, and modify various block-based objects. This game, in contrast to the preceding two, relies heavily on your ability to conserve energy. With up to 66,000 potential viewers, you may create your own world.

Apex Legends

There are currently 12.4 million followers on Twitter for this, which was released in 2019, despite the fact that it was released in 2019. What are you doing in this room? To win the trophy, choose from a variety of character-based shooters.

Apex Legends Mobile' ra mắt tại 10 quốc gia vào tuần tới


Valorant is the final game in our list of the greatest games to stream on Twitch. This means that you’ll have a lot of power, and you’ll have an opportunity to show off your shooting skills. It’s also a terrific free multiplayer online game because you may play up to 13 rounds in competitive modes.

Grand Theft Auto V

There were a total of 573K viewers.

With a total of 45.3 million people as followers,

It’s no surprise that the original open-world game we all grew up with and loved is still the most popular one on the platform today.

With 45.3 million followers, you’re bound to draw a crowd. Play Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, or Trevor Philips and take over San Andreas!


66.K people tuned in.

Followers: 34.5 million

As one of the most accessible games for children, Minecraft challenges players to explore and create a dynamically generated world made up of one cubic meter-sized pieces.

Why is this game so popular among so many people? When playing Minecraft, you don’t have to go into “Beast Mode” mode. “The World is Yours For the Making,” reads their motto. The majority of the game pulls out the creative, smart, and skillful streamer that is you, despite the stressful and tough sections.

Apex Legends

There were 66.7K people watching the video.

More than 12.4 million followers

Even though it’s still a baby in the gaming world, Apex Legends offers the thrill of team-based character shooters.

The game was published in February 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and since then, it has steadily climbed the charts to become the most popular video game.

It has a sizable fan base, so you can count on plenty of people tuning in to see you play.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Viewership: 57.3 thousand

The following: 12.6 million

There are two modes in Warzone, both of which are classic free-to-play battle arenas that we all enjoy.

  • With three players in each squad, the goal of Battle Royale is to be the last team standing.
  • The winning condition is to amass more money than the opponent’s team does (composed of three players).

Everyone can play this game for free: you don’t need to own the complete version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to enjoy the thrill of it.


There were 45.5K people who tuned in to watch this.

74.24 million followers

Fortnite is still one of the most popular games on the market, despite recent troubles with Epic Games.

You’ll get noticed by Fortnite enthusiasts if you have millions of followers on Twitch. Ninja, of course, is expected to have the maximum number of views while playing Fortnite.

There are 980k to 2.3M people who have seen his most recent Fortnite videos, on average. His YouTube account can be found here:

Dota 2

38.2K people tuned in to watch.

14.4 million people are following you on Twitter.

Our list of the best MOBA video games includes Dota 2, a game that has remained popular even after it was released more than a decade ago.

More than a million people play Dota2 every day, according to the game’s official website. Although Dota has been around for nearly eight years, players still crave their fix.


29.6K people tuned in to see

The total number of followers is 8.7 million people.

There’s nothing boring about playing cards! The free-to-play, fast-paced strategy card game from Blizzard Entertainment was a huge success, and it’s easy to understand and loads of fun to play.

On Twitch, why does this game appear to be so popular? Esports aficionados aren’t necessarily violent, despite how it sounds. Hearthstone, for example, is a game that many people enjoy playing for pleasure. You may also check out our guide to the top Hearthstone decks for returning players.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

29.2K people tuned in to see

Total Number of Fans: 29.3M

In 2012, Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2018) - Gameplay PC HD - YouTube

You may play it with your friends and meet new people, which is the same reason why it is still popular now.. New game types, matchmaking, and leaderboards have appeared as the game has progressed.

Dead by Daylight

Number of people that watched: 23.9K

Followers: 9,910,000

Dead by Daylight’s horror theme will keep the audience glued to their seats, even if they don’t want to see it.

As the game combines horror, action, and survival, imagine the excitement of being the game’s Killer or one of the four Survivors.

Watch Otzdarva’s recorded Dead by Daylight webcast here, which has racked up over 140K views.

Resident Evil Village

There were 19,6K people who tuned in.

We have over 144,000 people following us on Twitter.

Another horror-themed survival video game, Resident Evil Village (or VII.I.AGE (excellent marketing logo)) is the 8th main installment in the Resident Evil franchise.

The game is proud of its realistic graphics, powerful first-person action, and excellent storytelling, all of which contribute to a more satisfying and frightful gaming experience.

Teamfight Tactics

Approximately 22.3K people tuned in.

1.9 million followers

The goal of the game is to be the last person standing. Building an army to battle for you is part of the fun in this strategic game. Dota Auto Chess, a mod for Dota 2, is the inspiration for League of Legends spinoff Teamfight Tactics.

Teamfight Tactics, despite being referred to as such, is still a popular game to be streamed. Famous streamers like jukes, who have a combined fanbase of 1.9 million, have been seen playing it.

Garena Free Fire

More than 22,000 people tuned in.

8.6 million followers

With 50 other players to contend with, this ‘ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile’ lets you go head-to-head until only one person remains.

Nobru, a Portuguese streamer with 3.2 million Twitch followers, has the most popular Garena Free Fire stream. As of this writing, the video has amassed more than 637,500 views.


Twenty-six thousand

Followers: 34.3 million

Game developed and distributed by PUBG Corporation, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is based on the popular Japanese film Battle Royale. An island where players must kill in order to avoid being killed is akin to the plot of the film that was referenced earlier on. In order to survive in the game, you must battle for your life because the map shrinks as you progress.


197,000 people tuned in to watch.

3.1 million followers

FIFA 21 is a welcome diversion from the bloodshed and mayhem of the other games on our list. The game is the 28th chapter in the FIFA series, which has improved visuals and gameplay with each new release..

Why did 3.2 million Twitch viewers choose to subscribe to this new version? Football has an undeniably enormous fan base in real life, so it’s understandable that so many people would want to try their hand at it, even if it’s only in a video game.

Genshin Impact

18.9K people tuned in to watch.

Followers: 1,450,000

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game set in an open environment. As a result, even though we’ve ranked it last, the game nonetheless attracts a sizable following. This game is a must-have for any fan of Japanese animation.

Genshin Impact-S.PAY - Ứng dụng trên Google Play

Consider this, for example: On his Genshin Impact stream, ThisIsNotGeorgeNotFound, who has 727k followers on Twitch, received roughly 714k views. This simply goes to prove that the game has a lot of room to rise in our rankings.

Escape from Tarkov

There were more than 13,000 viewers.

3.3 million people follow me on Twitter.

The final game on our list is a first-person action RPG/Simulator that is both intense and realistic. Even though the game has a following of 3.3 million, it has the potential for a greater watch rate.

Player characters are mercenaries trying to flee Tarkov City in Norvinsk Region as mercenary.

Bonus: Just Chatting

It had a total audience of 254K

13 million people are following you on Twitter.

Additionally, you might simply converse with your viewers in a laid-back manner rather than playing a game for them. The number of people who will watch your streams simply because you are ‘talking’ may surprise you.


What is the most streamed game on Twitch right now?

The Dota 2 video game.

Twitch’s Most Popular Games

What does KEKW mean?


KEKW has a simple meaning: it connotes a burst of laughter. As a result, on Twitch, the image of the Spanish Laughing Guy was adopted to represent it. You may now be wondering, “But what exactly is KEK?” For those of you who don’t know what KEK stands for, it’s the Korean version of “LOL.”

What does Frog mean in Twitch?

Anxiety is communicated by the drooping lids and dilated pupils of the emote known as monkaS in the Twitch chat room.