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So, should you buy the wildly popular Big Joe bean bag? We won’t be recommending this bean bag chair and will instead suggest an alternative.

To sum up, then, should you buy a Big Joe Mitten Chair?

So, if you’re into playing video games on a console, the Big Joe chair is a good option.

Keep in mind that its rapid loss of shape is our primary criticism.

Trying to find low-cost, high-quality furnishings for your office or dorm room? This day’s offering, the Big Joe Mitten Chair, could be right up your alley. This chair dispenses with the stuffiness of more conventional designs by fusing the advantages of a beanbag and an armchair.

Surely you jest: “a beanbag” Even so, we’re confident that you’ll come to appreciate this product after giving it a fair shake. It’s incredibly innovative for its category; read on for more on why you should buy it.

Dimensions 30″L x 34″W x 28″H
Weight 4.65 lbs
Colors Coal, cocoa, fog, oat, and black
Material Lenox

What We Like

  • Attractive
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive

What We Don’t Like

  • Not plush
  • Cloth has a certain sonic effect.


Because of their massive dimensions, bean bag chairs are packaged in enormous cardboard boxes. When it arrived at my door, I was immediately struck by how unusually packaged it was. The box was made to be repurposed, turning it into a fun cardboard fortress rather than a useless mass of packaging that would have to be thrown away immediately. While it was only a minor touch, I knew it had been included on purpose because my children and I enjoyed it so much.

Big Joe Milano Review

The Big Joe Milano was simple to remove from the box, and it was immediately operational. The Big Joe Milano required considerably less effort on my part to slide out of the chair than other bean bag chairs. Unlike many bean bag chairs, this one didn’t have any of the unpleasant odors we’ve experienced in the past. While other foam bean bag chairs required my children to avoid them while they “off-gassed” or “acclimated” to our home, this one didn’t cause any problems.

Space, Size, and Portability

The chair’s dimensions of 32 by 28 by 25 inches mean that it fits comfortably in my children’s bedroom. It’s great that it has such a small footprint. My three kids (ages 3, 7, and 10) are all able to wear Big Joe with room to spare. The likelihood of them all fitting on the seat is low, but that won’t stop them from trying. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall and have a slightly curvy athletic build, and I find it to be a very comfortable and pleasant place to sit and do some work or read. This bean bag chair is the most practical of those we tried because it offers a more structured alternative to sitting on the floor, thanks to its back support.

The Big Joe Milano’s lightweight design (it’s 4.75 pounds) and integrated carry handle on the back make it easy for kids or adults to transport the seat from one location to another, including up and down stairs. My children take it upon themselves to move this bean bag chair from the third floor to the second floor (and vice versa) because of its lightweight design and convenient features that make it easy to move.

XXL Fuf Beautiful Foam 84″L x 60″W x 40″H 83.9 lbs $231.99
XL Fuf Beautiful Foam 72″L x 48″W x 36″H 59.8 lbs $191.99
Large Fuf Fantastic Foam 48″L x 48″W x 34″H 31 lbs $130.99
Kids Fuf Beautiful Foam 32″L x 36″W x 36″H 16.85 lbs $86.99
Communication Establishment With a TV and Media Seating Area Beautiful Foam 72″L x 42″W x 36″H 49 lbs $140.99 to $141.99
In the style of the Imperial Fufton Beautiful Foam 40″L x 60″W x 32″H 61.4 lbs $281.99
Chair Fit for a King Gorgeous Foam 40″L x 42″W x 32″H 30.5 lbs $191.99
Hug Big, Huge Beans 28″L x 34″W x 28″H 5 lbs $62.99 to $68.99
Milano Giant, Huge Beans 32″L x 28″W x 25″H 4.75 lbs $60.99 to $81.99
Teardrops, Pt. 132 Giant, Huge Beans 24″L x 44″W x 44″H 7 lbs $151.99
Huge Milano Big, Big Beans 31″L x 36″W x 32″H 6.6 lbs $136.99
Super Club Big, Big Beans 28″L x 28″W x 30″H 2.75 lbs $39.99
Lumin Beans, Megahh 31″L x 30.5″W x 25″H 5.1 lbs $65.99
Roman Big, Big Beans 26″L x 36″W x 26″H 5.85 lbs $60.99 to $71.99
Original Giant, Huge Beans 46″L x 58″W x 8″ H 5.5 lbs $60.99
Warp Massive, Huge Beans 36″L x 29″W x 25″H 4.35 lbs $65.99
Vibe Mega, Mega, Mega Beans 28″L x 32″W x 26″H 6.05 lbs $99.99
Crash Pad Big, Big Beans 42″L x 33″W x 15″H 4.85 lbs $74.99
Loom Beans, Megahh 42″L x 26.5″W x 28″H 3.95 lbs $69.99
Dorm Big, Big Beans 33″L x 32″W x 25″H 4.75 lbs $50.99
The 98th Iteration of a Timeless Genre Extremely Large Beans 33″L x 33″W x 20″H 3.1 lbs $40.99
Young Lumin Incredibly Large Beans 20″L x 22″W x 24″H 2.1lbs $35.99
Extra Mighty Bags Incredibly Large Beans 16″L x 12″W x 35″H 2.2 lbs $28.99 to $55.99


Products made by Ahhsome Foam are guaranteed to be free from flaws in construction and materials for a full year from the date of purchase. Products purchased from the official website are warranted only to the original purchaser.

Big Joe Chair Review 2023 - Why It's Definitely Not Worth Your Money

Over time, the polystyrene beads that make up Megahh Bean bags will compress. That component is not covered by the warranty. They provide refillable bags for purchase. In contrast, please contact the firm to discuss further action if the Megahh Beans collapse within the first 30 days.

Where to buy

The Big Joe Bean Bag online store carries a wide variety of bean bag chairs, including the Big Joe XXL Fuf, the Imperial Lounger, and the Large Milano. They are stocked by many different stores, including Walmart, Amazon, and Wayfair.

Shipping and returns

Big Joe promises to have your chair sent out to you within two to three days of placing your order. They’ll be sent out via FedEx Ground. In most cases, the delivery time is between 7 and 10.

Lounging Experience

To restore the original loftiness of your XXL Fuf or Imperial Lounger, simply pick it up and give it a good toss. Fuf products’ Ahhsome Foam never needs to be refilled.

Add more Megahh beans to the Large Milano if the ones already there start to flatten. The website also sells spares in case you need to replace them.


This chair can be purchased for around $99, so that’s where we’ll begin. Beans, in particular, can be counted on to last for a good long while before they need to be replaced. The good news is that Big Joe sells replacement bags, though the quantity required will vary greatly depending on the type of chair you buy.

When fully padded, this chair offers unparalleled relaxation. Thanks to the back support, you won’t have to toss and turn your beanbag in an attempt to find a comfortable position that doesn’t have you sitting on the floor. The armrests are also slightly elevated to ensure that you won’t be fidgeting in your seat.


It’s available in a wide range of hues, but as everyone knows, bean bags break under pressures that chairs aren’t. The lighter colors may look good at first, but they’re likely to show dirt and grime very quickly, so we suggest going with a darker shade instead.

Large Joe produces furniture covered in a material called Lenox. The exact composition of this material eludes us, but it appears to be a nylon-based blend that is both stain- and wear-resistant. For all its coziness, the Mitten is surprisingly durable, thanks to its ability to withstand regular use without becoming torn.


The Big Joe Milano has not been blown yet, but I have no doubt that will happen. The manufacturer recommends only spot cleaning, not machine washing, for this item. Even though this may be a problem for some households, I have a good impression that the fabric is simple to spot clean. The material is durable despite being made of comfy polyester, which is great because there are three kids in the house. This cover doesn’t seem like it will pill, wear out, or get stained easily because of the polyester material used to make it. The underside of the seat is zipped shut with a Safety Locking Zipper Head to keep children from gaining access. Opening the zipper requires some work and an unfolded paper clip.

Big Joe offers replacement stuffing, but we don’t think you’ll ever need it unless you keep this chair around for a very long time. The chair’s resilience means it won’t cave in or sag after prolonged use. There is no sinking in, loss of support, or flattening of the foam beans after long periods of sitting. My son, then age 7, would sit there for hours at a time, either doing online schoolwork or playing video games. In spite of his frequent excuses to get up and do something else, he always seemed to end up back in his chair. I was an adult who could sit in the Big Joe Milano for an hour or more, whether I was working or just hanging out with the kids. There’s no need to rearrange the foam beans or reshape the seat after you’ve gotten up from using it; another child can immediately sit down and enjoy it as if you hadn’t been there.


The Big Joe Milano seat is a great investment. It’s inexpensive and available in a variety of cheerful hues, perfect for sprucing up a child’s bedroom or playroom. Setting up a couple of Big Joe Milano chairs in a playroom can serve as a convenient and comfortable alternative to a full sofa. For the sake of peace in the household and convenience for my three children, I’m seriously considering buying a second or third one of these carseats.


The phrase “I call Big Joe!” is a common one in my household. This bean bag chair has been the clear winner in our family’s testing, and while we’ve had a lot of fun trying out different models, this one has been the unanimous favorite. The chair is comfortable enough to use for online learning, working (I’m using it to type this), relaxing in front of the TV, or playing video games. The chair is not only aesthetically pleasing but also lightweight and easy to transport from one room to another or up and down the stairs in my home.

Not the best option for families seeking a large bean bag cushion or a more adaptable place to lounge. These toys may be enjoyable for children, but as a parent, I find them to be less functional, less aesthetically pleasing, and much more challenging to relocate around the house.

Comfort Research Big Joe Milano Faux Leather Bean Bag Chair with Massage Function & Reviews | Wayfair

Despite being aware of this manufacturer, I had never before taken the time to explore their wares. Big Joe is known for producing a wide variety of ridiculously comfy goods, such as traditional bean bag chairs with less structure, dorm chairs with built-in pockets, plush shag covers for their seats, and a wide selection of pool floats that look both unique and plush. The success we had with the Big Joe Milano has made me curious about their other offerings.


The Mitten requires less time to set up than other chairs. You can proceed after placing the beans inside. Keep in mind that the chair may look and feel flat at first, but that’s just because the beans are compressed before use. Allow them some time, and they’ll gradually swell to fill the space.

You may also discover that the zipper is missing. All signs point to this being on purpose and implemented with the goal of keeping kids safe in mind. Big Joe suggests using a paperclip looped in as a makeshift zipper whenever the bag needs to be opened. Weird as it may be, if it keeps your kid from getting hurt or spilling a ton of beans all over the place, we fully support it.


The Mitten chair may not be the first thing people think of when they picture a comfortable place to unwind, but we think it’s worth a try. There isn’t much to lose by giving it a shot because it’s reasonably priced, fashionable, and provides a high level of comfort.

Since beanbags are frequently abused by children, we appreciated the fabric’s resilience. The Big Joe Mitten is a good option if you’re looking for a cheap way to add a smart-casual vibe to your room or you just need a place to lounge.