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While the name Corsair is commonly associated with mice, keyboards, and other gaming accessories, the brand also makes another important piece of gaming hardware: the chair. Corsair also produces such chairs; the T2 Road Warrior (See it on Amazon/ See it on Amazon UK) was sent to us for testing purposes. I was curious to find out why “gaming chairs” have become so popular, and whether or not they are actually superior to regular office chairs when it comes to video gaming, since all the hip streamers seem to be using them.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior – Design and Features

Corsair’s T1 Race chair has been available for a few years, and the $400 T2 Road Warrior is its matching counterpart. The T2 Road Warrior has a more spacious seat and a thicker, more supportive cushion, making it ideal for marathon gaming sessions. Corsair suggests in the promotional video that this design is ideal for the big and tall gaming chair crowd, and the higher weight capacity of 300 pounds backs that up. However, anyone who prefers a roomier, stiffer seat will likely appreciate this chair.
The T2 Road Warrior’s sturdy steel frame is complemented by a supportive leather seat that calls to mind a sports car bucket seat more than an ordinary desk chair. The T2 Road Warrior is unlike any other gaming chair on the market; it appears (and feels) like it was taken straight from an actual car, thanks to its perforated PU leather, high seat back, and colored accent stitching along the edges. You can get it in all black for a less “gamer-y” look, or in black with blue, white, yellow, or red accents.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair Review - IGN

Finished with Comfort and Style

You’ll find that this T2 Road Warrior gaming chair, with its dual-layer black and yellow accents, is a great fit for your rig. The seat’s back and cushion are perforated PU leather for breathability and comfort.

Designed with Comfort

When it comes to back, neck, and shoulder support, the T2 Road Warrior is unrivaled. It has a lumbar support pillow and a height-adjustable neck.

For Long Gaming Sessions

You can game for hours in comfort and style with this gaming chair, thanks to its high back, spacious seat, and two-layer custom color accents.

4D Armrests

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior’s four-dimensional armrests allow for infinite positioning and rotation. Height can be lowered or raised, moved forward or backward, and even tilted left or right. That swivels to point wherever you like, too. The armrests can be adjusted to sit precisely where you want them to.

Smooth Operator

The T2 Road Warrior’s rollerblade-style wheels make it easy to roll the chair across any surface without leaving marks.

Lay Back and Relax

Before taking on the next challenge in your video game, try relaxing by tilting your seat back 17 degrees. To help you find the most comfortable sitting position, the chair’s back can be reclined a full 170 degrees.

Adjust your Level

The Class 4 steel gas lift allows for a height adjustment of up to 85 millimeters and the stability to stay at that height.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior Review 2023 - Is It Worth Your Money?

Steel Skeleton Construction

The T2 Road Warrior is built to last with a sturdy steel skeleton frame that extends from the chair’s base to its back.


  • Features a sturdy steel construction from the floor to the rear of the seat.
  • The rollers have thin, sturdy wheels that won’t scratch fragile floors, and the whole thing operates quietly and smoothly without making a peep.
  • Features an ergonomically sound design for big and tall people, including a tall back and a deep notch in the back for supporting your neck.
  • Because of its ergonomic construction, the chair can be used for extended periods of time without causing any discomfort to the user.
  • The construction and design of the chair make use of premium materials, such as high-grade leather PU material that is fairly resistant to spills and can be easily cleaned up in the event that a spill does occur.
  • Armrests in a 4D chair can be moved up and down, side to side to make more legroom, tilted to a variety of angles, and even lifted up and out of the way entirely.


  • When taking the chair from its packaging, assembly can be a bit of a challenge; it’s not as simple as some of the other chairs we’ve obtained, but it’s still fairly simple and quick.


Seating on Corsair’s T2 Road Warrior is a polyurethane foam with a density of about 50 kg/m3. The seat’s surface is PU leather, the back is 3D PVC leather, the frame is metal, and the bottom is aluminum.

The seat’s Class 4 gas lift and type 4D armrest are nice touches that improve maneuverability and versatility. It has a maximum load capacity of 126 kilograms and a total weight of just 24.5 kilograms when empty. For your peace of mind, it has a 2-year guarantee.

The back angle of the T2 Road Warrior can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 170 degrees, and the chair can tilt from 0 degrees to 17 degrees. The maximum height of the seat is 60 centimeters, and the minimum is 51.5 centimeters. You’ll have a total of 85 mm of mobility.

Since the minimum arm height is 28 centimeters and the maximum is 38 centimeters, your arms will always be at a comfortable level. The chair’s back is an ideal height at 88 centimeters and width at 50 centimeters, making it suitable for people of varying shoulder widths. You won’t have to worry about slipping off the seat because it’s 50 x 56 centimeters wide, and the wheels’ 75 millimeter thickness ensures they’ll roll for a long time.

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Adjust the included microfiber lumbar and neck pillows to your comfort level by using the convenient buckles to secure them to the seat. The rollerblade casters make moving the chair around a pleasure, rolling more smoothly than my Herman Miller Aeron. (On the other hand, they were so smooth that when I get up from the chair, it tends to roll away from me, so there are pros and cons to that feature.)

The chair’s assembly required little effort. I used the included allen key and was able to complete the process in under 20 minutes, despite having to deal with a very active one-year-old. It took me longer to customize the chair to my needs, but that just shows how flexible it is. The T2 excels in the area of adjustability, which is the most important aspect of a desk chair because it ensures the chair is comfortable for more than one very specific body type. The gas lift allows for 85mm of vertical adjustment, and the armrests can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, laterally, and angularly.
The T2 Road Warrior’s reclining angle is 170 degrees.

I’m 5 feet 9 inches tall and weigh 140 pounds, so I had to play around with the chair’s height adjustment a bit before I found the sweet spot for my body. However, once I did, it was as comfortable as any other office chair I’ve used. There are two different ways to adjust the chair’s tilt: either by locking it in place or by leaving it free to rock.

The T2 Road Warrior, like many other gaming chairs, can recline all the way back to 170 degrees—something that can’t be said about most office chairs. It can serve double-duty as a gamepad and a movie-watching chair if you’re the type to relax in front of your computer while enjoying a flick.

Using the Product

Chairs with wide bases can support more weight without breaking or becoming worn out as quickly, making them ideal for heavy users. Do not worry about the Corsair T2 Road Warrior’s longevity as a whole. This chair’s steel framework is so sturdy that it extends all the way to the top of the seat.

The T2 Road Warrior is extremely pleasant to use; we tried it out and agree. It has an adjustable backrest, armrest height, and armrest angle.

Our sitting experience was fantastic because the chair offered superb lumbar and pelvic support. There were no problems with long periods of sitting, as we experienced no discomfort at all.

The T2 Road Warrior’s wheels are yet another outstanding feature. It rolls effortlessly and silently with no risk to your flooring.

After giving it a try, we realized that the chair’s primary purpose wasn’t to turn heads with its aesthetics, but rather to provide a comfortable seat for its users. The tall back and deep seat design both worked to calm and energize our back nerves, resulting in total relaxation.

The chair’s extra-wide seat makes it suitable for even the largest and tallest gamers. The PU leather cushions have a mesh-like structure, which allows for great airflow.


Wide base chairs typically have a longer lifespan than narrow base chairs because they can support more weight without collapsing or showing signs of wear and tear from overuse. You won’t have to worry about the Corsair Road Warrior chair breaking down on you anytime soon. It has a sturdy steel frame that extends from the base to the top of the seat and back.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior – Gaming

What’s the best chair for your body may not be the best chair for mine, and vice versa. When it comes to chairs, the T2 Road Warrior is a niche product that will only appeal to a select few. In my experience, gaming chairs tend to be softer than either a couch or an office chair, making them ideal for long sessions of casual gaming. The cushion, lumbar pillow, and neck pillow on the Corsair T2 Road Warrior are all significantly firmer. I found the lumbar pillow to be far too firm for my liking, and it disrupted my ability to focus on my day-to-day office tasks; consequently, I rarely used it. You can find a lumbar pillow that’s just right for your needs and preferences on Amazon. However, if that’s the case, you might want to look elsewhere, as this chair is anything but plush.

The other issue I had was that, unlike most desk and video game chairs, this one’s armrests stuck out too far to the sides, restricting my upper arm movement. This is something to keep in mind because it is likely to affect all body types.

When I’m playing video games, however, I lean forward in my chair, keeping my eyes on the screen and my reflexes sharp, so I don’t notice these problems as much. Even so, I found the cushion to be too firm, to the point where my behind started to feel a little sore after sitting on it for a while. This, however, is largely a matter of personal preference; it’s also possible that my rump is simply too bony for a cushion of that firmness.

CORSAIR Launches New T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair | TechPowerUp

The T2 Road Warrior is more expensive than a regular office chair, but it offers the same range of adjustments. Its back is much higher, and it reclines much further. However, it is noticeably firmer than most office chairs I’ve tried, and the leather is not as breathable as a chair with a mesh seat and back, a popular style in modern offices.

Purchasing Guide

The suggested retail price for the Corsair T2 Road Warrior gaming chair is $399.99, but you can usually find it on Amazon for a few dollars less.

FAQ ​(Frequently Asked Questions)

How far does this Corsair T2 Road Warrior lean back?

When fully reclined, the seat of this Corsair Road Warrior chair can swivel back an impressive 180 degrees. Reclining all the way, you could use it as a bed for the night.

When reclining the T2 to its full 180 degrees, the base is substantial enough to keep the chair stable. If you lean it back completely and prop your feet up on the desk, you can relax quite pleasantly. When utilizing the more extreme reclining positions, we agree that a footstool or other means of elevating the lower extremities are required for maximum comfort. Although the seat’s waterfall edge allows for a more reclined position, it’s still not very comfortable.

How easy is the chair to assemble?

In our and other customers’ experience, setting up the chair only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any special tools, but it can be confusing at first. The finished chair is substantial in weight, so bringing it to its final resting place may prove challenging.


The T2 is a one-of-a-kind choice for gamers who prefer a bit more room, firmer padding, and a more sophisticated appearance in their gaming chair. Although it’s more expensive than similar chairs, the quality of its construction and upholstery make it worth the extra money. As a whole, it competes favorably with other DXRacer clones on the market.