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Since the PC version of Capcom’s monster-slaying action RPG Monster Hunter: World was released, modders have been hard at work developing new features for—and exploiting vulnerabilities in—the game.

Simply searching for “MHW mods” online will return what seems like an infinite number of results, ranging from minor visual upgrades to a mod that transforms Nergigante the Elder Dragon into Thomas the Tank Engine.

Due to the abundance of Monster Hunter: World mods for PC, we thought we’d highlight some of the best ones for easing the grind, enhancing the visuals, and generally increasing the fun factor.

Keep checking back as we add more and more add-ons to this list.

View Monster Weaknesses

Change: Weakness Icon for Monsters

The first is an awesome way to enhance your quality of life because it streamlines your hunting preparations.

When you first start tracking and fighting a monster in MHW, you won’t know its elemental and body part weaknesses.

Best Monster Hunter: World Mods [Must-Have Mods]

Even after gaining access to this data, you must still consult your Hunter’s Notes whenever you need to recall information about a particular monster.

However, the Monster Weakness Icon Indicator mod makes it easy to know what kind of weapon you’ll need to complete a given quest.

Track Monster Health During Hunts

Replaced With: SmartHunter Overlay Mod

With the SmartHunter add-on, you can see a bar indicating how close a monster is to becoming enraged, as well as an overlay that displays the health of a monster’s individual body parts.

It is much simpler to pinpoint which of your companions isn’t pulling their weight in a tough fight when you can see how much damage each of them has dealt thanks to this overlay.

Plus, you can change the look of each widget with a variety of skins and drag it to wherever you like on the screen.

The mod has one major flaw: the host player is the only one who receives accurate damage and status effect accumulations from monster parts.

Edit Your Hunter and Palico’s Appearance

Adaptation: Appearance Editor

Even though most of us will spend countless hours in MHW’s character creator achieving our ideal hunter’s appearance, you may tire of their look after a while.

The ability to change your character’s appearance whenever you like is a welcome addition to any game in which you spend a lot of time staring at them.

Like at the beginning of the game, the Appearance Editor add-on allows you to change your character’s hair, facial features, and voice type.

It also works to modernize your Palico, making sure you and your partner are always stylish.

Edit Your Armor’s Appearance

Created by: Mod: Transmogrified World

If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter, you’ve probably had to make some questionable style decisions in order to unlock a certain ability or slot for decorations.

The World of Transmog add-on allows you to completely change the look of your hunter’s armor without having to worry about losing any of your hard-earned abilities or inventory space.

As long as you have the mod installed, you can change the skin of any equipped weapon or armor without losing any of its functionality.

You’ll have to manually extract the armor and weapon files, and it won’t work with every item in the game, but there are plenty of guides online to help you out.

Move Important NPCs to the Gathering Hub

Change: New NPCs added to the Astera Gathering Center

Monster Hunter is a lot of fun, but it could use some tweaks here and there, like moving some NPCs around.

Moving from one location to another—to turn in a bounty, to make a weapon, to see what the Argosy has to offer—can get old fast.

By relocating key vendors and NPCs you interact with frequently to the Gathering Hub, the Extra NPCs in Astera mod streamlines the entire process.

The Smithy, the Resource Center, the Botanist, the Tailraider Safari, the Argosy Captain, the Elder Melder, and the Researcher can all use it.

Remove The ‘Bleached’ Visual Effect and Boost Colors

Adjust: Kill the Hunter

You may have noticed that the bleaching effect caused by World’s engine prevents the game from fully showcasing the game’s gorgeous environments.

As a result, details in colors and textures become less distinct.

The Clear Hunter modification, on the other hand, makes everything look much more vibrant and crisp.

The difference isn’t as striking as night and day, but it’s significant enough to warrant serious consideration.

Best Mods For Monster Hunter World

Reduce The Cost For Most Items

A Modified 1 Zenny Shop

The steep price of some items or upgrades can wear on your morale after prolonged use, which is one of the things that wears you down as you play more MHW.

Armor upgrades are the worst offenders because their cost increases dramatically with the rarity of the armorsphere being used.

Because of this, the game may seem tedious at times and may even prevent you from advancing the plot.

We recommend installing the 1 Zenny Shop mod, which reduces the price of most wares to a single zenny, to lessen the overall grind and guarantee that you can afford everything you need.

Make Items Easier To Find

Adjustment: Light Pillar, Keepsake

Monster hunting is difficult because you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times, deal damage when necessary, and watch out for incoming attacks.

The last thing you want is to lose sight of that monster piece after you’ve finally broken it off after 30 minutes of desperate hacking.

The Light Pillar upgrade for the Souvenir makes it nearly impossible to lose any dropped items by shining a bright light directly on them.

You can relax knowing that the effect is limited to objects in a small area around you.

Keep All Your Mods Organized

Manager of Mods for MHW

There is a chance that combining multiple mods will cause incompatibilities and break your game.

You won’t find an easier-to-use mod manager than MHW Mod Manager online, and it streamlines the process of installing and removing mods.

You’ll have more time to kill monsters and less time searching for their folders.

Guiding Lands Gathering Indicator

Apart from the enormous monsters, the unforgiving map is the first thing that will strike fear into the hearts of new players. The map is ugly, but it helps with immersion and requires players to think like hunters and memorize locations.

This is why add-ons like Guiding Lands Gathering Indicator are so helpful, especially for players who are starting to experience vision loss. This handy, lightweight modification alters or adds icons for collectible materials, allowing players to rest assured that they won’t miss anything or waste time searching in vain.

Endemic Quality (Iceborne Edition)

It’s easy to get frustrated in Monster Hunter World when you’re trying to track down uncommon monsters in a specific area. Case in point: catching a Phantom Bird, which can take a long time because of its slow reproduction cycle and the fact that it is easy to drop or otherwise mishandle the creature.

With Endemic Quality (Iceborne Edition), players are given more chances and can make a previously insurmountable side activity more manageable, if not enjoyable. As a result, it’s much simpler to find or catch previously inaccessible species of flora and fauna in the New World.

Natural Bone (And Crystal)

Monster Hunter World’s visuals may have set the bar for the series when it first released, but they’ve clearly seen better days since then. Given the release of Monster Hunter Rise for PC, it’s beginning to look dated in comparison. Weaker hues tend to dull things down a bit.

The game’s dated color scheme can get a much-needed facelift with the help of the Natural Bone (and Crystal) mod. As a result, dull, outdated textures are swapped out for more modern ones. Additional, vivid colors are added to the bone and crystal in the environment, giving it a more modern feel.

Unlimited Consumables

While this may seem unfair to some, in Monster Hunter World, limited supplies of items have no impact on the game’s economy (since players rarely trade with one another in-game anyway), and are instead used to artificially extend the length of the game. It doesn’t matter which way players go, they can stock up on these consumables over time.

So, with Unlimited Consumables, you can skip the hassle and red tape of stocking up on necessities. Crafted consumables can be used repeatedly, allowing players to shift their attention from managing supplies to focusing on the hunt.

MHW Quest Loader

Do you ever wish you could skip the grind or starting over and play through some of the game’s harder content right away? This is especially true when creating a brand new persona. Having a tool like a quest loader that lets them pick and choose which quests and monsters they want to take on is helpful for this reason.

This is made possible by the MHW Quest Loader. The main quest isn’t affected, but players can queue up for some individualized monster hunts. This mod will automatically move any quests you load into the 10 stars optional category.

Stracker’s Loader

Wait a minute. One must always have a backup of the primary files when modding Monster Hunter: World. If this happens, you may need to reinstall the game entirely to get back into it. Stracker’s Loader is the best option for disabling the mods.

It’s a mod that rolls back to the original Monster Hunter: World NativePC file and disables all other mods. The majority of mods simply involve making the necessary edits to that file or folder. The game is reset when Stracker’s Loader reintroduces the original file.

MHW Mod Manager

Most Monster Hunter: World mods simply alter the NativePC folder to achieve their effects, making it difficult to keep track of a large number of similar mods. Therefore, using the MHW Mod Manager is a good idea to save time and effort for players.

This simple yet powerful mod manager allows you to quickly and easily switch out, deactivate, and reactivate game-changing add-ons. Like Vortex, it is a universal mod manager available from the Nexus Mods website, and players can use whichever one they prefer.

Souvenir’s Light Pillar

Let’s get to the new and improved gameplay features. With poor vision, it can be difficult to pick up items in Monster Hunter: World. The colors are often dull and lack the desired vibrancy. The Light Pillar from Souvenir, for that matter, facilitates the completion of this minor task.

The mod merely implements a set of color-coded light pillars for each type of pick-upable object. This makes them more noticeable and impossible to overlook. It can be challenging to track down specific monster components, what with all the excitement and anxiety. This is why the Light Pillar in Souvenir is such a wonderful addition to the city.

MHW Transmog

In Monster Hunter: World, the endgame isn’t just about becoming a top hunter with impressive moves and monster knowledge; it’s also about fashion or the costumes. It’s too bad the options for style are often restricted in-game. Therefore, some kind players made the MHW Transmog modification available. It allows for the customization of any piece of armor.

If you want to look good while slaughtering the local wildlife without lowering your stats, that’s a great option for you. This transmog modification’s hot-swapping functionality is one of its best features.

Clear Hunter

As we discussed earlier, Monster Hunter: World’s hazy and washed-out color palette is a major hindrance to successfully locating loot. A mod exists, though, that changes the game’s palette to avoid this problem. Clear Hunter removes the blurring effect of the game’s visual filter, allowing for a better view of the world and its contents.

With Clear Hunter, the white “bleaching” filter that sometimes appears over the game’s normal visuals is taken away. It’s a feast for the eyes, and after installing it, some players may decide to forego using the loot highlight mods.

Monster Weakness Icon Indicator

Reading up on monsters in-game and committing their stats to memory can be a real pain. Doing so adds to the fun of roleplaying, but it can get tiresome after a while. Some players would rather have the visual information about a monster spoon-fed to them after they’ve done all the necessary research.

In order to keep the players from constantly bugging the handler for encyclopedic knowledge about a monster, Monster Weakness Icon Indicator does a great job of doing just that. The monster’s elemental weaknesses are represented by icons superimposed on the portrait.

Extra NPCs In Astera Gathering Hub

In Monster Hunter: World, multiplayer plays a significant role in the late game, especially for team-based events like Kulve Taroth. The problem is that, in comparison to the main Astera grounds, the Gathering Hub for multiplayer isn’t very useful. Because of the scarcity of certain businesses and amenities in the region.

This is corrected, however, by the Extra NPCs in Astera Gathering Hub mod, which merely adds more merchants and services to the area. Players will no longer be subjected to a loading screen when attempting to access Astera’s additional features.

MHW Damage Meter

Since all MHW Damage Meter does is display a visual aid on the user interface showing how much damage the players have dealt to the monsters, it hardly seems like a cheat mod. By doing so, they can more easily perform min-max analysis to determine the optimal set of weapons and/or construction materials.

Some players may still abuse this feature in order to cheat by discovering how much damage a monster must take before it is defeated. However, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, and the vast majority of players who will use this have already put in significant practice time.

Monster Hunter: World - 5 Essential Mods

Near Lift

Players, especially those who have just come down from the adrenaline rush of a hunt, may find it exhausting to travel the length of Astera just to reach the other facilities. The blacksmith and other services are unfortunately beyond the reach of the elevator.

To remedy this, Near Lift places the elevator close to the start of the trade yard, where players can immediately begin using it. This cuts down on the time it takes to get to the blacksmith, which is helpful for players who are in a rush or who lack patience.

Cuter Handler Face Model

One of Monster Hunter: World’s most significant gameplay updates is a way to make the Handler less annoying. That annoying teammate of yours is always taking credit for hunts she didn’t do or putting herself in dangerous situations.

Without erasing her or changing her into someone else, there must be a way to make her life more bearable. There actually is, and it’s called the Cuter Handler Face Model. If she’s still a bother, at least her grin is gone.

The video game Monster Hunter World can be played on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and computer.


Can you get banned for modding Monster Hunter: World?

There will be no punishment for players who only play solo.

Are mods cheating MHW?

“ Modding is not cheating (unless it fits the literal definition of it, not someone’s opinion on how MHW “should” or “is” supposed to be or played), and it will not get you banned in 95% of cases unless you are transmogrifying to get items you didn’t pay for. ”

Is Blast weak to fatalis?

Fatalis is particularly vulnerable to weapons with a Dragon element, and Blast weapons are also a good option if you want to win the fight. You’ll go through supplies like water, so pack some Farcasters so you can return to base and replenish when you run low.