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Third-person looter shooter Warframe was published in November 2013 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is free to play. Ancient warriors known as Tenno are the players’ characters. There are 46 warriors/characters to choose from at the moment. In the game, these are called frames, and each one has its own set of powers that are tied to a specific subject matter. Some of these characters are better than others when it comes to solo or team PvE assignments. The Warframe tier list has been constructed in order to give each frame a score based on their overall performance in the game, for this reason.

Our ranking of Warframe’s difficulty levels is based on our own personal playthroughs. Even though our rankings may differ from yours, we are aware of how some tiers may appear out of place to you and the frames we have placed there. We ranked the frames in each tier depending on how they are being used right now in the meta. For the avoidance of doubt, we classified each frame entirely on the basis of where we thought it belonged on the tier list. For each frame, we have also included a brief explanation of its strengths.

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Amount of Damage Received Per Second (DPS)


Controlling the crowd


Mesa is one of the best Warframe builds available to players. Mesa’s Guns are typically the focus of her attention. She’s the game’s best gunslinger. She boasts one of the most potent long-ranged DPS stats available. In addition, her damage output has no obvious downsides.

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On the battlefield, she can annihilate anything that stands in her way. In the face of this kind of power, you would suppose she lacks in the area of defense. She doesn’t, however. Her shooting prowess serves as both an attacking weapon and a crowd-control tool.

Missions to use Mesa

  • Suitable for a wide range of missions.
  • The entire stuff found at the game’s conclusion


As a member of the “super tier” list, the Rhino is included. In the Warframe, this is one of the most popular and long-lived frames. Because of his play style, he is ideal for beginners. He is the heaviest, strongest, and most dominant Warframe in combat. Rhino’s Iron skill will keep him safe from enemies who try to harm him .’s

It’s also worth noting, however, that his stomp is one of the strongest crowd-control skills in the game. Rhino’s Warframe tier ranking places him towards the top due to his unique abilities.

Missions to use Rhino frame

  • Survival
  • Sabotage
  • Defense
  • Hijack


Ivara is one of the Warframes that is permanently invisible. In the game, she is a ranger-themed and all-purpose frame. Is there a need for an additional DPS on your team? Adding Ivara to a team is an excellent idea. She’ll have no problem with it. Is your team in need of a clever Warframe? That’s something she’s capable of as well. It’s possible that some Warframes believe she isn’t the best at anything. But in reality, she’s capable of anything. There is no better option than Ivara if you are looking for a genuinely universal build.

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Missions to use Ivara frame

  • Survival
  • Rescue
  • Assassination
  • Spy

4. Trinity

The Warframe Goddess of War, Trinity. She provides a limitless supply of energy, allowing other players to unleash their most powerful skills with relative ease. As a support frame, she’s a standout in Warframe. It is impossible to overestimate the utility of her party heal, shield restores, and insanity damage reductions. As a result, she has earned a spot among the War-top field’s frames.

Missions to use Trinity Frame

  • Useful in the final game content as well as all other missions.

5. Saryn

During a game, have you ever wished you could vaporize your opponents before they even came into view of your character? Saryn, on the other hand, is the perfect frame for you. Saryn, the most powerful Warframe build, has the capacity to annihilate anything.

You don’t need to reset your aim or anything else with this frame. Because of her talents, she will be able to directly target her enemies. Additionally, she focuses on Viral and Corrosive damage in the final stages of the game.

She’s the best frame currently available in the game because of her incredible resilience and other characteristics.

Missions to use Saryn Frame

  • Extermination
  • Defense
  • Interception
  • Survival

6. Nova

Nova is a Warframe build from way back when. A veteran of the game’s battlefields, this lady is still going strong. While playing, she utilizes her high Damage Per Second and crowd control abilities to take down stronger foes.

She has a lot of tremors. In addition, she is extremely vulnerable to any incoming injury due to her average health and weak defences.

Missions to use Nova

  • Interception
  • Defense
  • Defense on the Move

7. Octavia

Octavia is currently the most powerful Warframe in the game. With her metronome skill, the squads can get a variety of abilities, like increased attack speed and invisibility.

Her boosting potential is astounding, and it will let her do massive damage to her adversaries. In addition, her mallet attack is one of Warframe’s most devastating AoE harm dealers.

Missions to use Octavia

  • Excavation
  • Sabotage
  • Survival
  • Defending yourself on the move

8. Volt

Volt is the game’s quickest Warframe. His team will benefit from his ability to move quickly. When he has adequate ability duration and strength, he is as swift as lightning.

Volt’s electrified armor is a blessing in disguise. In addition to providing damage, this also serves as crowd control for his squad. It’s possible, but it’s a lot less effective than before. In addition, it won’t work on enemies who have already been afflicted by it. Overall, he’s a solid Warframe supporter with some unique tools.

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Missions to use Volt

  • Extermination
  • Alert
  • Capture
  • Sabotage

9. Nekros

Loot-focused Nekros. Due to his Desecrate ability, he is one of the greatest magic-finding frames in the game. This support’s scare ability deals significant damage to armored opponents. The sluggish crowd control ability Augmented Terrify is one of the best in the game while also defending its lower territory from foes.

Additional loot from Augmented Terrify makes this even better, as it helps the Nekros rise to a higher level. So, if you want to get the best of both crowd control and the powerful debuff, go with Nekros and make some extra money on missions.

Missions to use Nekros

  • Defense
  • Survival
  • Defense on the Move

10. Harrow

Warframe Harrow – the bizarre one. He’s a Warframe with a wide range of skills, including crowd control, damage, and assistance. He could be hampered by his teammates. As a result, Harrow frame finds itself in an unusual circumstance. And he’s capable of being a star even on a terrible club. As a result, he’ll be able to aid the teams with less-than-stellar frames win.

Missions to use Harrow

  • Fights between Eidolon and his allies are taking place.
  • Survival
  • Defense

Final Words

Hopefully, our tier list will help you select the best Warframe for your gameplay based on your preferences. Some Warframes in our tier list don’t match your personal preferences. Let us know if you think a Warframe should be moved to a different tier. Become a great fighter.