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As a computer user, you know that a comfortable chair is essential. It’s important to conduct your research before purchasing your next gaming chair if you’re coming from a non-ergonomic workplace chair with a history of physical ailments.

Back and wrist pain might arise from prolonged sitting in a chair that doesn’t fit your body’s needs.

We’ll take a closer look at the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair in this article.. AndaSeat has been in the business for more than a decade and is known for producing some of the top gaming chairs on the market today..

The Pros:

  • Excellent lumbar support, a movable headrest, and four-dimensionally adjustable armrests ensure a comfortable ride for a long time.
  • Built to last with premium components and backed by a generous warranty
  • Incredible flexibility with a tilt rate of up to 160 degrees
  • Hydraulic piston with Class 4 certification from SGS makes altering the chair’s height a pleasure.
  • A set of king-sized PU rubber-coated wheels that protects your floor from scratches and boosts stability
  • Because of the excellent mechanisms for adjusting height, it’s ideal for people of all heights.

The Cons:

  • Depending on personal preference, some people may find the cushions to be excessively firm at first.
  • As a result of the chair’s lack of forearm support, those who spend a lot of time typing on a computer will find it uncomfortable.

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series Specs

Linen upholstery fabric

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series Gaming Chair Review | PCMag

53.5-56.3 inches in total height (including the base) (136-143cm)

19 to 22 inches is the height of the seat (49-56cm)

Height of the backrest: 34.3 inches (87cm)

The backrest is 23.8 inches wide at the shoulder level (60.5cm)

The total width of the seating area is 22.7 inches (58cm)

Inches of Seating Area Width (Point of Contact) (42cm)

21.3-inch Seating Depth (54cm)

a 1.1-inch-wide armrest (2.5cm)

Armrest 3.5 inches in height (9cm)

Recommended 441 pounds (200 kilograms) Static; 330.7 pounds (150 kilograms) Rocking (150kg)

Steel framework is warranted for life.


When you’re shopping for a gaming chair, comfort should be your top priority. The reason for this is that you may be gaming for lengthy periods of time, and you need a chair that is comfy.

Excellent lumbar support, headrest, and 4D armrests characterize the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series. It utilizes high-density foam to provide a new degree of comfort. Foam padding with a density of 60Kg/M3 provides great support for extended periods of time spent playing.

Soft and bouncy, the foam padding seat cushion will not droop beneath your weight. Unlike chairs covered in PU leather, which might cause you to perspire if you sit for long periods of time, this one has a fabric seat for improved comfort.

Memory foam lumbar and headrest cushions are also included in the package, which is coated in velour. The lumbar cushion enhances the unit’s back support capabilities.

In addition to the headrest, the lumbar cushion gives the best possible support for your lower back.

Comfort and pain caused by long gaming sessions can be eliminated by the lumbar cushion and the headrest conforming to your body. However, if you aren’t used to utilizing cushions, the cushions may be a little too firm and cause some discomfort until you get used to them.


T-Pro 2 is a highly adjustable and configurable chair. ” Armrests can be adjusted in four dimensions. With the ability to be adjusted, these gaming gloves may alleviate the pressure on your shoulders, wrists, and muscles, making them ideal for extended sessions in front of a computer.

In order to modify the armrests, you can move them up, down, left, and right in 4D. The armrests, on the other hand, do not give adequate forearm support when typing because they cannot be lowered far enough.

The T-Pro 2 on the other hand has a tilt mechanism that allows for a recline angle of 90 to 160°. The Z-shaped lockable tilt mechanism can handle heavier loads than regular models.

In order to recline, all you have to do is twist and lock the handle till you reach your chosen position. Although the chair’s handle is a little flimsy, it’s not unique to this model.

Adjustment of the chair’s range of motion can also be achieved by activating the rocker function.

The chair’s height can be adjusted using an SGS-certified Class 4 hydraulic piston in the AndaSeat T-Pro 2. To satisfy international standards, these Class 4 pistons are more complicated and stable than typical pistons. In order to provide more stability and safety, the pistons and the surrounding height adjustment systems use explosion-proof gas springs.

Lastly, the lumbar support cushion can be adjusted to the precise location you require. After sitting for a long period of time, different parts of your back may begin to hurt. This adjustable cushion is a great help.

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series Review: Big Chair for Big People | Tom's Hardware


Because most of these chairs aren’t cheap, purchasing one is a big deal.

If you’re going to spend your money, you want to be sure it’s worth it. Checking the material used in the chair’s construction is a surefire method of determining its quality. The unit’s longevity is determined by the materials and the way they are manufactured and improved.

It has a 5-star aluminum base that provides more stability and strength. Static loads of 1500 kg and dynamic loads of 600 kg may be handled by the base, while the ribs add weight to the structure.

The frame is constructed of powder-coated steel and large bars to support the rocking and reclining functions. Together, the chair’s all-steel structure and aluminum base make it extremely sturdy.

The chair has caster wheels with a diameter of 65mm.

The PU rubber on these king-sized wheels ensures quiet, friction-free travel in all directions.

Because of the chair’s wide wheels, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in your gaming experience while remaining stable.

The use of high-density foam in the padding of the chair is another feature that ensures the chair’s lifespan. In the future, the padding will not degrade or droop, and it will continue to give support for many lengthy gaming sessions without fail.

Value For Money

The AndaSeat wide set T-Pro 2 chair can accommodate users up to 210cm tall and 200kg in weight, making it an exceptional value.

Using high-quality, long-lasting materials, it provides a safe and comfortable experience.

The chair is covered by a lifetime warranty on the steel framework, which includes the base, caster wheels, pistons and armrests, and the backrest, as well as the back.

Assembling the AndaSeat T-Pro 2

Due of its great size and weight, putting together the AndaSeat T-Pro Series 2 was a difficult task (74.5 pounds).

Although I was able to put the chair together by myself in under two hours, I do not recommend doing so on your own. You can build the AndaSeat T-Pro yourself, but you’ll have to put in a lot of effort. Hire a professional to help you instead of going through the hassle of doing it yourself. If you attempt to build the chair on your own, it can be difficult to align the screw holes for the backrest to the base. The backrest frequently tipped over with the weight of my body, necessitating correction.

In addition, there is room for improvement in the provided assembly instructions.” A few mistakes are evident, and several of the images might use a little more attention to detail. I’ve constructed a lot of gaming chairs, and these are not the worst I’ve seen for assembling them, so no one will have trouble putting the T-Pro 2 together.

Buy it if…

A ‘gaming’ chair isn’t what you’re looking for.

Over 6-foot, you are.

You must be able to comfortably recline.

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Is AndaSeat a good brand?

Overall, this is a solid, well-built chair that provides a lot of versatility…. No matter how you sit, this chair should accommodate you thanks to the lumbar and neck support that are also provided.

Where is AndaSeat made?

Andaseat is a gaming chair manufacturer based in Shenzhen. Many of the company’s items have been reviewed on numerous websites by customers.


The AndaSeat T-Pro 2’s high-density cushioning, neck headrest, and lumbar cushion all contribute to the chair’s overall comfort and stability.

One of the best gaming chairs on the market today thanks to its solid steel frame, broad wheels, adjustable armrests, rocking/recline capabilities, and gas spring pistons.

The armrest does not move in far enough to provide support when typing, and the neck pillow and lumbar support cushion are a little too hard for some people’s tastes.