Updated at: 25-04-2022 - By: Leo Hall

Due to a multitude of factors, the previous few years have been extremely challenging, but games can teach us something: they always get worse. You won’t want to go anywhere on this collection of video games’ imaginary worlds. Even if you simply play for a few minutes, these future-looking visuals can be a lot of fun to play and distract you from your current issues.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Following the story of Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we learn that there is more to the prized biological enhancements that have divided society for years. For those who can purchase augmentations, the film introduces them to a dystopian future in which those who can’t afford them are compelled to eat.


Corvo Attano, the Empress’s bodyguard before her death, is the protagonist of Dishonored, which takes place in Dunwall, an industrial metropolis. In order to thwart the plot of their new rulers, the player must uncover their diabolical plan and discover how to reclaim the kingdom for the rightful successor.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

One of the darkest moments of humanity is turned into an even more twisted reality by Wolfenstein: The New Order The alternate history takes place in a dystopian version of the 1960s, during which the Nazis, having triumphed in World War II, are establishing a totalitarian state.

Detroit: Become Human

Technology has progressed to the point that androids are able to walk and talk like humans. With its emphasis on the conflict between humans and androids, the film Detroit: Become Human explores issues of ethics and the nature of slavery.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Unlike other dystopian games, Horizon: Zero Dawn takes place in a beautiful setting. There are lovely fields and mountains all around, and gamers must unearth the tragic reality to get to the bottom of Aloy’s narrative. Aloy discovers that humanity’s primitive state and the ever-growing aggressive machines all stem from a previous scheme that went awry in Zero Dawn’s dramatic main and side quests.

Metro Exodus

War-ravaged Moscow’s Metro serves as a safe haven from the cruel winter of nuclear war in 2036 for the gamers. It is Artyom, the protagonist of Metro Exodus, who believes that there is life outside of the Russian winters they have gotten accustomed to in the game.

Freedom Wars

It’s a JRPG set in 1014, the year the game was released. Panopticons, or underground city states, are home to the vast bulk of humanity. Due to a scarcity of resources, the Panopticons are continuously battling one another, and the world is in ruins. In addition, the Panopticon’s laws are quite strict.

The Red Faction Series

The year is 2075, and the setting is Mars. It is shown in the very first game that corporations are destroying the workers on Mars in search of a better living. In addition, there is a plague.

The Metro Series

For the first game, Metro 2033, a novel of the same name was used as inspiration. A large number of people have taken refuge in Moscow’s metro stations due to the city’s nuclear conflict. There are war-like ideologies as well as constantly threatening bandits, and a myriad of mutant creatures that are running wild.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cheese and macaroni are just as common as dystopian features and stories about cyberpunk. The year is 2077, and this isn’t an outlier. There are no rules or regulations in place to halt businesses that control the entire planet, and they are not sufficient to do it.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

It’s not a secret that the game’s name is based on an earlier Chinese novel: Journey to the West. After a world war that nearly wiped off all of humanity, the story takes place 150 years in the future.


This game’s scenario takes set in the year 2027, although the multiple timelines that Homefront employs to create a dismal future are quite varied. Thousands of people have been killed by a fatal pandemic, and the United States’ electrical grid has been shut down by Korea due to an EMP, leading to a financial crisis. The country is now engaged in a war with Korea.

Remember Me

This game takes place in Paris in the year 2084. In terms of what makes a dystopian future so frightening, A firm sells implantable brain devices that allow their owners to upload or delete their memories at will. What might go wrong?

Papers, Please

A majority of dystopian video games put you in the role of a decent guy attempting to save the world from totalitarian rule. It’s rare to play a game in which you play the antagonist, let alone one with such a tedious objective. The purpose of Papers, Please is to verify the authenticity of all passports entering and leaving your fake militaristic country. You’ll always accept a bribe before allowing a guest to enter if you discover phony paperwork. Soviet border guard training is the closest you can go without having to deal with Soviet communism’s inherent risks.

Costume Quest 2

It’s strange to find a game from Double Fine that depicts a bleak future from a company known for making enjoyable games. Costume Quest 2’s future world may not be the worst place to live, but then again, no one would want to live under the authority of a dentist who despises Halloween and forbids confectionery.

Mega Man Zero

Over a century ago, Zero was first acknowledged. Reploids are running for their lives and are being pursued by a tyrannical regime. X is the leader’s name. This is the beginning of the Mega Man Zero quadrilogy, which is the darkest and most underestimated series in the Mega Man series’ extensive history. Although it’s unsettling to see Mega Man’s future shown in such a bleak light, this is a rare case where the harsher tone of the game serves to elevate the game above its predecessors.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

When it comes to the Call of Duty series, Advanced Warfare takes things to a whole new level. The Atlas Corporation, a strong for-profit military contractor, is at the center of the game. After beginning as an allies, Atlas quickly becomes the most fearsome army force Earth has ever seen, making it the world’s greatest nightmare. Even if you’re not interested in watching PMCs grow to the point where they can fight their own conflicts, Advanced Warfare is still worth checking out to see how they can get so powerful that they could end the game on their own.


Dystopian games are only one of the numerous excellent games that may be tried out. Check out our games and see whether you agree with our selections if you want to face the worst of the unfathomable future.