Updated at: 10-05-2023 - By: Leo Hall
Release date, trailers, gameplay info, rumors, and official news about the highly anticipated Bloodborne sequel are all included below. In the light of Bloodborne 2, this post will be updated frequently.

There is little need to rehash how revolutionary the Dark Souls series was and how many new franchises it influenced in the past few years; suffice it to say that FromSoftware has been on a roll this past decade.

While other developers were busy trying to replicate Dark Souls’ success, FromSoftware has repeatedly improved upon the formula.

To which we respond with Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Both games put more emphasis on offense and mobility than previous Souls games, making for more exciting high-risk, high-reward adventures.

Even in 2022, when Elden Ring is expected to be released, fans of FromSoftware’s previous games are still curious about the studio’s plans for a follow-up to one of their most cherished properties.

Where does Bloodborne stand at this point? Soon, you will find out.

Alleged Bloodborne 2 Teaser Trailer

Many people initially thought the original Sekiro teaser (shown below) hinted at a Bloodborne sequel. At E3 2018, it was revealed that the “Shadows Die Twice” teaser was referring to a completely new Souls-like game, which is bad news for all you bloodthirsty hunters.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date, System Requirements, News [2023]

Why players assumed this teaser was connected to Bloodborne is easy to deduce.

  1. The visual style was reminiscent of the first Bloodborne trailer.
  2. Bloodborne focuses heavily on the themes of death, birth, and rebirth.
  3. The “Soulsborne” universe was home to many Eastern cultures at the outset. The Old Hunters DLC featured a character named Yamamura who hinted at Sekiro, much like Dark Souls’ Artorias of the Abyss DLC featured a character named Marvelous Chester who hinted at Bloodborne.

In addition to these clues, there was also the mysterious mechanism, which strongly resembled a novel trick weapon. However, with the reveal of Sekiro, it was revealed that this was actually the protagonist’s prosthetic arm, though it ended up functioning more like a trick weapon than anything else.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date – Will We Ever See It?

Bloodborne fans were also given reason to be optimistic by a few easter eggs hidden throughout FromSoftware’s PSVR game Deracine. Many took this as evidence that the second installment of the Bloodborne series was in the works. However, director Hidetaka Miyazaki quickly put an end to those rumors by stating categorically that they in no way portended the production of a sequel.

Instead, the team was hard at work on Elden Ring, which was billed as the “most ambitious FromSoftware game to date” before its release in February 2022.

While a sequel to Bloodborne has not been officially announced as of yet, it is likely that a new installment will be released in the series. Why?

First and foremost, Bloodborne has a lot of support from players and creators alike, even though a sequel has not been announced. Miyazaki has also stated that he was not involved in the decision to make a sequel, leaving the fate of this IP up to Sony.

With the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox One Series X, a new generation of gaming consoles has begun. Sony, in order to succeed in this generation’s “Console War,” should capitalize on its unique intellectual properties (IPs), especially in light of Microsoft’s increased efforts.

Obviously, exclusives have been one of PlayStation’s primary strengths for a long time, and Sony wouldn’t be making the best decision by shelve one of their most acclaimed exclusive IPs.

However, we remain hopeful that another Bloodborne game will be released for current-gen consoles. Miyazaki has previously stated his desire to create additional Bloodborne games, so it’s possible that after next year’s release of Elden Ring, another entry in the series will appear.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date, System Requirements, News [2023]

Bloodborne 2: Is The Game In Development?

The first whispers of a Bloodborne sequel appeared in October of 2021. Colin Moriarty, who runs the PlayStation-focused podcast Sacred Symbols, is the source of the rumor. Moriarty stated on the podcast that a new PS5 version of Bloodborne AND A SEQUEL are currently in development at Bluepoint Games. On this topic, we have also reported.

The bad news is that not much has happened in that regard since the rumor or leak! A lot of work went into Elden Ring, and it’s likely that additional content for the game will be released in the near future. The bulk of the development is complete, though, so perhaps FromSoftware and Bluepoint can collaborate on Bloodborne 2 going forward. One possibility is that they are waiting for the initial Elden Ring excitement to die down before adding fuel to the fire. And perhaps now we can anticipate an official announcement for a Bloodborne sequel in the near future.

Will Bloodborne Be Remastered For The PS5?

Bluepoint Games is rumored to be working on the Bloodborne remaster. The PS5 version of Demon’s Souls, developed by Bluepoint Games, launched alongside Sony’s new console. However, if Bluepoint Games is indeed developing a remake, then a sequel seems warranted. Because of its widespread acclaim, Bloodborne deserves a remake or a sequel—it would be foolish not to.

What Will Be The Bloodborne 2 Story?

Indeed, that is a thought-provoking inquiry. There are countless discussions and hypotheses about this topic on reddit. A new city with a different style of architecture would be a great setting for this. Personally, I’d love to see a different setting; maybe it’s because I’ve been playing so many games set in Japan recently (like Ghostwire: Tokyo), but an Asian setting with the Bloodborne aesthetic would be amazing. It’s crazy to think of the monsters’ potential. Perhaps the inhabitants’ psyches would react differently to the diluted blood. Would that make them feel more human? Since it’s not a pure strain like the one used by the church, and given what I know of the lore, don’t the infected take on different appearances in different environments?

We’ll have to settle for the PS4 version of Bloodborne for the time being and put in more time in Elden Ring. Take everything with a grain of salt until the developers make an official statement; until then, consider it all to be rumor and leak.

Elden Ring’s Open-World Features in Bloodborne 2

Of course, Bloodborne 2 would have to adopt a gothic Victorian atmosphere and tailor it to Elden Ring’s likeness. It’s possible to return to Yharnam, but other regions have just as much potential for growth. There may be a wide variety of landscapes to discover, from rural areas to urban centers. It would be fascinating to see the Healing Church and Yharnam’s level of detail expanded across an entire landscape.

Naturally, we’d need to see items like the Stakes of Marika make an appearance, and since Elden Ring is generous with Sites of Grace, Bloodborne 2 lanterns should be too. New Blood Vials would be a big help here, making sure that exploration, safety nets, and spawn points aren’t overly restrictive like they are in Elden Ring with the main two flasks and the Flask of Wondrous Physick. The open world of Elden Ring is enjoyable in its own right, a feature shared by all Souls games; Bloodborne 2 would do well to incorporate this design philosophy. A mount like Torrent would be perfect for the new Bloodborne hunter, making the game more accessible and the “hunt” feel more legitimate. It’s possible that the Old Gods demanded the addition of new hunting and chasing options in order to fully realize the potential of Bloodborne 2’s open world.

Even if it were as easy as that, Bloodborne 2 would greatly benefit from adopting Elden Ring’s open-world exploration, challenges, and rewards as its foundation. Territories like Caelid could be included, which are charming but risky; worldbuilding elements like the capital of Leyndell changing could bring Bloodborne 2 to life, perhaps with a new city like Yharnam; and a plethora of other options, such as completely secret areas, scattered puzzles like the secret medallion, and more, would make the open world playable.

Elden Ring Dungeons, Legacy Dungeons, and Bloodborne 2 Chalice Dungeons

Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeons were a major departure from the norm, appearing only in the Hunter’s Dream. However, it would be fantastic if general dungeons and legacy dungeons were incorporated into Chalice Dungeon prerequisites, as if there were three types of dungeons spread out across the game world.

It’s possible that the rituals associated with Chalice Dungeons would be restricted to specific graveyards or gravestones, and that unlocking these locations would require exploring the rest of a specific sub-region. Now, of course, there are some major differences between Legacy Dungeons and Chalice Dungeons; however, combining the depth of a Chalice Dungeon with the design of a Legacy Dungeon, and then scattering these throughout the world, would make for some intriguing encounters.

Elden Ring’s Build Variety and Bloodborne’s Build Depth Make for a Perfect Sequel

If Bloodborne 2 is going to take a page out of Elden Ring’s open-world playbook, it would be best if it combined that game’s build depth with Bloodborne’s. While there are undoubtedly dominant builds, Elden Ring also offers a wide variety of viable options. Rivers of Blood is excellent for a bleed composition, but there are ways to personalize it. There are a plethora of possible sub-builds for every primary ability set, including Dex, Str, Faith, Magic, and all the rest.

While Bloodborne’s impressive weapon depth makes up for a less appealing selection of build options. This is because Bloodborne’s unique offhand weapons and trick weapons set it apart from other games; therefore, incorporating both into Bloodborne 2 would be fantastic. Each attribute, whether it be Strength or Dexterity or Faith or Bloodtinge or Arcana, could be a cornerstone of a different build, and a wide variety of weapons would be available to complement those builds. If you want to take the depth and variety concept to the next level, you could have a simple offhand pistol transform into a short staff for magic, or you could have a massive weapon transform into a giant railgun.

Bloodborne 2: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks - Teknonel

While a sequel to Bloodborne is unlikely, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made. With the knowledge gained from Elden Ring and the originality of Bloodborne, a sequel could be created that players would never forget.

The Final Word

This is all conjecture at this point, and there is no guarantee that a Bloodborne 2 will ever be released. We have faith in this long-awaited sequel because of the IP’s success, the fans’ desire for more of the same, and the director’s commitment to making it. However, as we’ve already established, Sony has the final say.

It’s also worth noting that the PlayStation 5 version of Demon’s Souls, the first “Souls” game developed by FromSoftware, has been remade. This may or may not have any bearing on Bloodborne, but considering that Sony didn’t hide the old, often-forgotten PlayStation 3 exclusive, it’s unlikely that it will do so with Bloodborne.