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Among Us is a multi-player online game designed for groups of 4 to 10. When the host sets the parameters, 1-3 persons are randomly chosen to be the Imposters, while the remainder are classified as innocent Crewmates.

The Imposter’s mission is to evade suspicion, divide the Crew, and destroy players one-by-one until the Imps have the upper hand.

Despite the fact that the Crew outnumber the Imposters, the game favors the Imposter, making it much simpler to win.

That said, if you and your fellow Imps aren’t careful, a well-coordinated team may quickly find the killer in minutes.

Tips and tricks for winning as Imposters in Among Us are provided in this guide.

Among Us Tips For Winning As Imposters

There are two things you’ll need to succeed as an imposter: strategy and luck. In order to take advantage of the game’s many tools, Imps need to become familiar with each one.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to sabotage the Crew and win as the Imposter:

  • Get the crew to believe in you
  • Avoid suspicion by faking tasks.
  • Take advantage of your Sabotage skill in the most effective way possible.
  • Plan your kills and escape routes ahead of time.
  • When it’s possible, go for stack kills.
  • Don’t forget about the cameras!
  • Take Charge of Meetings in Case of Emergencies
  • Think twice before accusing anybody

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Get Crewmates To Trust You

The Crew’s trust is a great approach to go undiscovered during a game. In the event that you are accused, at least two or three other players should be able to speak on your behalf. However, even if you’re the lone Imposter in a game with three Imps, this is still feasible.

You’ll need to act like any other Crew member to accomplish this. Participate in discussions, vote for players the Crew considers “sus,” and overall avoid calling attention to oneself by going along with the flow of things.

Taking on the role of an inexperienced player who is unclear who to vote for or what to do might also be helpful.

Fake Tasks To Avoid Suspicion

Establishing trust with the Crew begins with the preceding tip, and this one builds on it. By convincing the other players that you’re actively working on assignments, you can earn yourself some points. Faking a task is as simple as remaining still for a period of time in the location where the task is regularly performed.

It’s difficult to know exactly how long to pretend to be working on a task, but you should aim to stay until a Crewmate has finished one of theirs and the meter has filled halfway.

This can help you sell your performance and keep your Crewmates from noticing you. Avoid faking visual chores because other players can quickly spot them.

Use Your Sabotage Ability Wisely

Sabotage, a feature of the Imposter, allows you to momentarily disrupt the ship’s equipment. The doors can be sabotaged to make them close, communications can be disabled to hide the task bar and the lights can be turned off.

If the Crew isn’t quick enough to deal with the problem, you may be able to use it to your advantage and win quickly.

No of how many times you use Sabotage, it has a cooldown period following each use. Sabotage is divided among the Imposters, so you’ll have to wait for a bit before you can use it yourself.

Plan Out Your Kills And Escape Routes

If you ever find yourself trapped in a room with only one other person, plan your escape immediately. Having a Crewmate walk in and see you standing next to a freshly killed enemy is the last thing you want to happen!

For example, you can run before anyone discovers the dead, travel to another room through vent, or self-report and attempt an accusation against another player.

With a clean getaway and a convincing alibi, you should be able to get away with the crime.

Go For Stack Kills When Possible

Consider pursuing stack kills if you’re a fan of risky gameplay. This is how it works: when there are at least 4 people in the same location, it is nearly hard to determine who killed the person. So why not take advantage of the situation and bag yourself an easy kill?

Sabotageing equipment is the best approach to get Crewmates to stack because it tends to concentrate everyone in one place.

Due to the reduced visibility and the length of the repair mini-game, sabotaging the lights is most effective. If you want to market your performance, aim to mimic the Crew’s surprise when they discover the body

Pay Attention To The Cameras

This can be an easy mistake to make in the midst of all the other things going on. The cameras are one of the most important resources to have at your disposal.

One can watch a live video of three different halls from within Skeld’s Security room: the one outside Navigation, between Security and Reactor, and outside Medbay.

The cams provide a clear picture of where each player is at any given moment. Although it might be a double-edged blade, other players can utilize it to catch you red-handed if you’re cheating.

Any time the red light on the camera starts flashing, it’s a good idea to stay away from passageways where people are likely to be killed.

Take Control of Emergency Meetings

When an Emergency Meeting is called, it is your role to steer the conversation in a direction that shifts attention away from yourself and onto another participant. While maintaining your alibi, question about where the body was found, as well as the position of everyone else.

In the conversation, if another player is acting aggressively or voting too quickly, notify the Crew.

You also don’t want to rush to gang up on a particular Crewmate, since doing so just attracts attention to oneself in the context of Among Us. Demand proof from accusers regardless of who they claim to be.

Be Careful Who You Accuse

This third piece of advice expands on the previous one, but focuses more on when and where to fight. Let’s say a teammate accuses you at every meeting. It’s preferable to just present your side of the story than than go on the offensive in this situation.

Crew members who are innocent of any wrongdoing would be willing to hear all sides of the story and even admit to doing something “sus.”

Keep an eye out for Crewmates you’ve gained the confidence of and keep them from being kicked out too soon if you can. You never know when you’ll need their support.

10 ways to win as an impostor

1. Fake tasks (properly!)

Faking tasks is the first step to becoming an S-Tier Imposter. When other players are nearby, faking a task completion can provide an alibi. Wait a few moments before you begin a work to feign it. To prove that you completed the assignment, try to exit as soon as the task bar in the upper left corner is full. In the early stages of the game, many people will be completing tasks, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pull off a flawless ruse.

Make sure you don’t ‘complete’ your project too early! However, even though most jobs are quick, there are a handful that might drag on for minutes or even hours. Your Crewmate will be suspicious if you pretend to do a lengthy duty in two seconds. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep track of how long and how quick various chores take. Final word: keep away from the obvious stuff. You can’t pretend to be doing that stuff.

2. Kill immune players immediately

Certain visual activities can’t be faked, which implies that when a Crewmate completes certain visual tasks in front of other people, they are completely safe. Because if they suspect you, you’re the Impostor, you have to choose between them and losing the game. As a result, you need to get rid of all of the immune players as quickly as possible.

It’s critical to get rid of infected players promptly. Do not waste time killing other members of the Crew first, since this will simply make you a main suspect. Keep an eye out for experienced Crewmates who may be keeping an eye on the immune player to see if the Impostor makes an appearance. Using sabotage, isolate the infected person.

3. Act like a Crewmate

As if you were a crew member, speak, vote, and accuse as if you were. As much as possible, be as truthful as you can about your location and avoid being overly confrontational. Without a strong cause, others will view your sudden exclamation of “it’s blue!” with skepticism. In the event that your early aggression results in the eviction of another player, you’ve already made a name for yourself and will almost certainly be the next one to go.
As a bonus, crew members are less likely to suspect a newbie if they think he or she is naive. “Who should I vote for?” is a common question. Use phrases like “I’m not sure what room this is” to your advantage. But don’t exaggerate; players who keep saying, “This is my first time playing, please don’t murder me” are doomed to be booted from the game.

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4. Take initiative

Don’t wait for things to go awry if you want to get the conversation going in the right way. Some players feel the need to casually inquire about another player’s background or tasks after a murder has been carried out. Members of a crew frequently accuse each other, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing if you join in. If you make the charge early on, other crew members may begin to suspect your victim.

When confronted with a witness, this rule becomes even more critical. Someone is going to accuse you of murder if they see you near a dead body or maybe kill someone. To avoid taking a weak defensive stance, try accusing them first or explaining yourself before they have a chance. Pink may have seen you walk near to the body before reporting, so carefully imply that it was not Pink when you both entered the room where the body was discovered. By the time Pink starts probing your answers, you’ve already established your credibility.

5. ‘Help’ Crewmates (but not really)

If the crew is to do their job properly, you want them to evict the most of their own members as quickly as possible. But in the early stages of the game, you must focus on establishing your own reputation. This means that playing defense for another player could be an excellent idea. Using a sentence like “I assume I saw Pink finish the assignment, he was clear” will help you appear more trustworthy. If you’re lucky, the person you covered for will remember it and be less likely to vote you out later in the game.

Saving an innocent player from elimination can also be a smart move. After a tie, the next round is still all about those two Crewmates. The other members of the crew are squandering Meeting time while you are safe.

6. Crowd kill

Identifying the assassin in a situation where at least four people are standing in the same area at the time of a fatal stabbing is impossible Impostors like you should take advantage of that.

When you have so many players, how do you get them together? It will become increasingly difficult to find a busy spot as the population decreases. The reactor can be sabotaged in the early stages of the game, for example. Hopefully, a group of players will get together to repair it. Believing you’re running to fix the reactor alongside them, wait for a few seconds for everybody to get going, and then attack. Act as though you’re startled about the whole thing, okay?

7. Vent multi-kill

Using your sabotage skills, you can entice witnesses away from a crime scene and prevent them from reporting the body, much like a crowd kill. A multi-kill in the vents may be your cup of tea. Kill, sabotage, and then jump back in to finish your target out. Jump out and kill your second victim as soon as your crewmates have fixed the sabotage and they enter the room.

This will only work in the early stages of the game, as your absence in the emergency area may be noted by other players.

8. Mind the cameras

These maps, Skeld and Polus, are frequently overlooked by impersonators. Be careful, since if you stab someone in front of a crew member who is watching the cameras, they will know. Both maps show a slew of cameras mounted to the ceilings and walls. You know someone is observing you if you see a red light blinking. Avoid stabbing the next crew member you meet.

There is a purpose for the cameras, and it isn’t only to obstruct you. If you notice those little red lights, it’s probably time to attend the security room, because the crew members watching the cameras can’t see the gamers close to them. You can also pretend to be a crew member by watching the cameras yourself.

9. Keep track of the numbers

This is quite crucial. When the number of Crewmates is equal to the number of Impostors, you have won! As quickly as you can, take down another member of the Crew.

Crewmates frequently have no idea this is going on. To avoid the Impostor’s final kill, they’ll call an emergency meeting right away if they’re a little more seasoned. It’s best to sabotage as soon as possible to fix this issue. They can’t call an emergency meeting because of the sabotage, so they must walk to a predetermined location. Everything else is just a matter of waiting.

10. Pretend to be AFK

Although we aren’t claiming that this is the most honorable approach to win, it is a fun and amusing one. Wait for the time to pass. Others will assume you’re AFK if you’re not moving and will leave you alone if they see you. Stride towards an approaching opponent and kill them as rapidly as possible. Return to the same location where you left off. The number of players who embrace this strategy will surprise you.

It’s doubtful that this will work again with the same group of players. As for playing with friends and making lasting experiences, you’ll need a larger group. It’s all about becoming the ultimate impostor troll.

The Vent Is Your Best Friend

One of an impostor’s best and most effective tools is venting. If you’re trying to get rid of all the crew members, this is an excellent approach to do so without drawing any attention from the other players in the game.

Imposters, of course, must be careful while venting. Before the player even thinks about vent-hopping in the game, the coast should be clear. Because it reduces coworkers’ visibility and stops them from noticing an obvious impostor spewing action, sabotaging the lights is a huge aid in this situation.

Stay Active During Meetings To Avert Suspicion

In order to avoid drawing attention to themselves, most first-time impersonators prefer to remain mute during meetings. Most of the time, this tactic fails because players band up on their silent crewmates because of their suspicious conduct.

The key to a successful impersonation is to blend in with the group without bringing attention to yourself. If the impostor wants to pass off as a regular crew member, they need to be careful with their statements and only reveal the least amount of information necessary to do so.

Save The Hard Lie For The End

In the event that just three crew members remain, swindlers should dash to the huge red button and pretend to have seen someone press the button. He vented or I was in the security room, and I watched him kill Red. These are examples of hard lying. ” These are serious charges that, if leveled, will almost certainly result in a majority of the population siding with the accuser.

A venting charge will always be taken seriously, but if it turns out that the person being accused of venting is not the impostor, then all eyes will be on the “snitch.” The only time these can be utilized is when you have one shot left to win the game.

Spare Crewmates Who Use Emergency Meetings

Take note of who attends the emergency meetings and how many there are remaining. It’s preferable to save those crew members who aren’t interested in meetings for the end. In this case, the impostor has only a tiny group of people who can’t alert the authorities.

This strategy has an additional benefit. Crew members will support the impostor since he is reserving someone to assassinate for last. Players would say things like, “He could have killed me if he wanted to.” They had no idea that the impostor had decided to spare them.

Use Emergency Meetings

In order for an impostor to call an emergency meeting, it would be inconvenient. Slaying and bombing people may seem like the best option for him, but that is not the opinion of the general public. That’s why they wouldn’t be surprised if someone posing as them pressed the huge red button.. Is there any reason for an impostor to do this? Of course, in order to remove a certain individual from office. The purpose of spreading false information is to increase the pool of potential suspects, making it more difficult to narrow the field down.

“Yellow sus” or “Cyan’s following me” might be effective gentle accusations to toss in there. In addition, a smart impersonator would wait the final emergency meeting for the big meaty hard lie that will win the game. A significant risk, but players who can persuade their teammates to destroy their own game can succeed.

Use The Admin Map

An underappreciated yet secretly valuable feature, the admin map reveals which rooms are occupied and how many crewmates are in each area. In order to prevent more than one person from refuting what he stated, an impostor would look at this to design his tale properly.

Using the “he vented” accusation if there are only three persons left and the admin map reveals that two of them are together is a bad idea. The impostor would be exposed as a liar if there was a witness to that assertion. If, on the other hand, the admin map displays three persons scattered over the map, then the “he vented” claim can be made.

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Use A Combination Of Self-Reports And Walk Aways

Snitching becomes easier if the person who always comes forward with news of a body is the same person. The reporter is likely to get a lot of attention from them. Moving on the other hand can be dangerous. In Among Us, it can be difficult to decide which action to take.

Anyone who happens to cross up with the impostor when he or she is walking away from the dead will have good reason to be suspicious. Both walking away and self-reporting have advantages and disadvantages, therefore they can be used in conjunction with one other to reduce their impact. The only exception is when there’s an open vent close following a kill.

Pretend To Do Tasks

A nefarious crewmate is one who lacks a specific goal. There are no responsibilities for anyone but the impostor in this situation. If a crew member is spotted wandering across the map, he or she will receive unwanted attention. The objective is to pause near task areas so that crew members are more confident, but this can backfire if they end up standing around for a long time with no progress made on the task bar.

A breather allows the impostor to seal off rooms or provoke crises or kill the lights while he seems to be doing the actual activity at hand. It is possible for the impostor to look into CCTV and administrative records to convince others he is just as committed to solving the case as they are. Impostors might avoid drawing any unnecessary attention to themselves by appearing to have completed their responsibilities.

Counter-Accuse Accusers

Rather than saying “I was not responsible,” you should say, “I am not responsible.” There is no end to the pressure on the impostor if the only thing they do is respond to charges. Furthermore, everyone will agree. Instead, reroute the topic so that everyone on the crew is on high alert for anything suspicious. “I was completing a task” would be a typical response if Red is the impostor and Blue responds, “Red sus?”

The best and most deceptive response would be to say something like, “You’re attempting to kill me off. There is a possibility that it could be you,” or “A self-report.” Stop voting folks offin !’s there. To add to the pressure on the crew, he shouted, “We’re running out of ejects!” Basically, the crew’s ability to make the right decisions is hampered when the discourse is diverted and superfluous information is added to the conversation. Additionally, imposters should vary their reactions when they are accused.

“Self-Report” Accusation Works Well

When it comes to counter-accusations, impostors use self-reporting as an effective strategy. As a result, anyone who reports the discovery of a body is viewed suspiciously. That suspicion can be used as an effective approach to kill off a crew member without having to physically touch them. If you’re a member of the crew, this is an excellent method to blend in and keep the crime scene safe.

This accusation, on the other hand, should be used with caution. If the same crew member offers a self-report repeatedly, others will catch on. Non-impostors who suggest a self-report can be accused of being an impostor if the accuser is a non-impostor. As a result, it will be more difficult to identify the true impostor.

Work With Other Impostors

It’s possible to have up to three impersonators. The game’s difficulty and speed increase exponentially as the number of impostors increases. This presents an opportunity for impostors, but they must take advantage of it by banding together. Despite the fact that walking with other impostors is a dangerous strategy because it can raise suspicion on everyone in the group at once, it can also result in some impressive multi-kills.

Another impostor can step in and help distract attention away from an impostor who is being backed up against a wall by fellow crew members. When a large number of fake votes are cast, it can have disastrous consequences, including the ejection of innocent members of the crew from space stations. If nothing else, drawing in votes is enough to avert any ejections.

There are some regions where killing people has become a way of life. Those who have played Among Us for a while are familiar with the hotspots. Security, for example, is not monitored, and Electrical has a vent nearby where the imposter might vanish. Even while it may be tempting to merely commit crimes in these places, players should strive and strategize with better panache.

Even though avoiding these locations could make the imposter’s task more difficult, it may be worth the effort in the long run. Less experienced gamers in particular may find themselves in perilous situations since they do not know how to get out. If the impersonator isn’t masterfully seamless, things might go awry very quickly in these places.

The Art Of Sabotaging

For an imposter, mastering sabotage is a difficult but necessary skill. Players should be aware of the subsequent cooldown when sabotaging from any location on the map. Every crew member will rush to fix the problem after the sabotage occurs. If a member of the crew isn’t responding quickly to the attack or is working alone, this is the perfect time to kill them off.

The sabotaged area should not be used for the murder. Instead, the imposter should take advantage of the confusion and assassinate a member of the crew en route to the desired location. Arriving late to the sabotaged location is another cause for concern. In order to evade suspicion, imposters must not only assassinate a naive crew member, but they must also rush to the damaged region as quickly as possible. The imposter is doomed if he or she cannot produce this alibi.

Name Yourself Based On A Color

Players who aren’t paying close attention to the game will be confused if the imposter is orange and goes by the name Red. As rumors spread, people become more vulnerable to being duped, which gives imposters a leg up. Make the game more enjoyable than it should be by using this amusing method.

To be fair, this may not work with professional athletes in the long run. The imposter, on the other hand, may be able to get away with a number of dangerous actions if they are fortunate. If it doesn’t work, at least you tried. Among Us is all about trying to trick other players, and this is one of the most common ways to do it.

Among Us: The Best Tips For Winning As The Imposter


How do you win a game of among us as imposter?

Members of a ship will hold emergency meetings if they believe an imposter is on board. The map is redrawn based on the number of votes cast. The crew wins if all imposters are dismissed. However, if the number of imposters is equal to the number of crew members, the imposters win.

How do you become imposter in among us every time?

It’s unfortunate, but there’s no formal way to impersonate someone in every game. One of the most terrifying and exhilarating experiences in the show is playing the part of the Imposter. Gamers are tasked with planning a string of murders while staying one step ahead of the authorities.
As a co-worker, how do you consistently come out on top?
Crew members in Among Us are tasked with completing all of their given tasks as quickly as possible. If all crew members complete their jobs before the impostor/s murder off the entire crew, they will automatically win the game. This boosts their chances of winning the game.