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In Spiritfarer’s universe, some islands are home to stray sheep, so be on the lookout while adventuring around.

All the locations where sheep appear in Spiritfarer will be listed here, so you can learn how to get your hands on them.

How To Get Sheep

In Sea of Thieves, keeping sheep on your boat is completely optional, despite the game never explicitly stating that you may. It’s possible that you’ve already made it to Mount Toriyama, where the lost Spirit’s quest requests for your help in retrieving one of their missing goats.

After completing the mission, you can welcome the sheep back to your boat forever. The sheep will follow you back to your boat if you select “Feed” when approaching one. It will follow you around the island and even board your ship if you feed it.

You can let your sheep loose on your boat until you create a Sheep Corral to keep them under control. To keep sheep from eating your crops, make sure they are well-fed and build Corrals as soon as possible. As well as providing friendship, trimming a sheep’s fur provides a source of wool fiber.

Spiritfarer Guide: How To Get Sheep (All Sheep Locations)

All Sheep Locations

There are only a limited number of sheep in Spiritfarer, despite the game’s enormous world geography. Find all five sheep by visiting the following locations:

Central Region

  • Toriyama-san is a Japanese mountain.
  • Mount Toriyama is a mountain in Japan.
  • Hummingberg

Ice Region

  • Nordweiler

Rock Region

  • Sandwiches on the Go

How To Unlock ‘Sheep Ranger’ Achievement

You must find and protect all five sheep in order to obtain the ‘Sheep Ranger’ award.

Complete the job by visiting each of the islands listed in the preceding section when they become available.

Keep in mind that the cost of building a new Sheep Corral rises exponentially.

How To Get Sheep In Spiritfarer

What? There aren’t any sheep here? Then why did you erect a Sheep Corral on your farm? It’s possible to build a Sheep Corral early on, but figuring out how to get sheep can take some time, hence this guide is titled How To Get Sheep In Spiritfarer.

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When it comes to Linen Fabric, there is a dilemma. This article will teach you how to upgrade your Spiritfarer Loom so that you may make extra materials and supplies for other facilities. Follow the steps carefully.

How To Fast Travel In Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer’s vast open landscape necessitates a great deal of exploration. As a result of this strategy, you will be able to get to important sites and return there much more quickly than you would if you had to drive the entire trip.

Where To Find Axe Lost Poetry In Spiritfarer

A wandering spirit who has lost his axe and poems lives at Greenheit Bay. You’ll need to know where to find Axe Lost Poetry in Spiritfarer if you want to bring along another spirit passenger on your boat.

How To Get Sheep Quickly In Spiritfarer - Craft a Sheep Corral

How To Find Sheep In Spiritfarer

While it is possible to locate sheep by building a corral in the game, there is no guarantee that this will be the case.

When it comes to finding the sheep, a lot of people get it wrong because they don’t know what to look for. Sheep can be seen in abundance on Mount Toroyama. The starting point of Spiritfarer is located to the west of this site.

Following the discovery of a Lost Spirit, you will learn that the sheep on the island have escaped, and you will have to restore them to the Sheep Corral.

The sheep will follow you if you offer them popcorn, so bring them back to the Sheep Corral, but you’ll also need to feed and bring back a single sheep, so they can have each other to play with..

Once you’ve returned the sheep to Mount Toroyama and completed the mission in Spiritfarer, you’ll be able to shear them for their wool.

There are many recipes in Spiritfarer, so don’t forget to check out the rest of the game’s content!

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How do you get sheep in Corral Spiritfarer?

As soon as sheep have been led to a boat or a corral has been constructed with sheep already aboard, they will automatically enter and remain in the corral until the structure can be saved.

How to get Sheep in Spiritfarer - ISK Mogul Adventures

How many sheep are there in Spiritfarer?

Until you meet Alice on Mount Toroyama and hear more about her story, you won’t be able to begin gathering the five lambs you’ll need. Your first two sheep will be unlocked if you complete Alice’s first assignment, “One Sheep, Two Sheep.”

How do you corral sheep?

Place your left hand under the sheep’s jaw to keep its head in your grasp.. Your left knee should be just behind the sheep’s left shoulder. Ideally, your right leg should rest on top of the sheep’s left hip. Take hold of the sheep’s back with your right hand, just below the hips.