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Artifacts spanning back millennia have been added to the New Horizons collection, including ancient paintings, statues, and relics. All of the artwork in the game has been cataloged, and we’ve outlined how to discern a real piece of art from a fake. Authenticity will be verified through the addition of photos to this guide when we participate in the game and receive visits from Jolly Redd.

How To Spot Fake Art

The art of Animal Crossing video games is inspired by real-world classics like Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and Hokusai’s The Great Wave. For those of you who don’t recognize any of the artworks on sale, we’ve provided information about the real-life artists and their works below.

If an art forgery doesn’t match its real-world equivalent, it’s easy to tell. Finding differences in the painting’s major emphasis point, such as the pearl earring on The Girl with Pearl Earring or the brows on Mona Lisa, is usually all that is needed. Colors, facial features, clothing, and a slew of other details could be off. It’s possible that if an artwork seems right, it is the actual deal in certain situations.

Authentic and fake works of art by Jolly Redd can be shown in the images below. Sculptures and artifacts are listed after the paintings alphabetically, and any paintings without a corresponding fake are indicated in the following list. There is a detailed list and description of the false version in the table at the end of this page, and we will be uploading all the photographs over the following several days.

Academic Painting

In the upper right corner of the fake academic artwork, there are coffee stains.

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Basic Painting

When looking at the fake basic artwork, you’ll see that the youngster’s hair is worn long and straight across his forehead.

Common Painting

If you try to fake this painting, you’ll get caught.

Detailed Painting

The faux painting makes the blossoms appear purple, but the detailed image shows them to be blue. Additional text and an icon can be found on the painting’s left side.

Dynamic Painting

It’s not a hoax, the dynamic painting.

Famous Painting

There’s no doubt that the imaginary Mona Lisa has a perfectly shaped and arched upper lip.

Flowery Painting

You can’t get away with painting flowers as if you were a real artist.

Using Glow in the Dark Paint

The painting’s authenticity cannot be confirmed; a replica is unavailable.

Graceful Painting

In the artwork, the woman should only take up two-thirds of its height. The fictional version of her is noticeably taller. A second version of this phony is available if you prefer to view her face the other direction.

Jolly Painting

Image shows a leaf coming from a person’s chest in lower right corner.

Moody Painting

It’s hard to create a fake imitation of this scary painting.

Moving Painting


Mysterious Painting

For the first time, a reproduction of the mysterious painting has never been made.

Nice Painting

This beautiful work of art is not a rip-off.

Perfect Painting

A fake duplicate of a masterpiece is impossible.

Quaint Painting

The picture depicts an actual trickle of water pouring from the pitcher. Only a small amount of water is coming out of the tap at this point.

Scary Painting

In the fake horrifying painting, the man’s brows are slanted downward toward the outside of his face. In the original, they’re positioned in a V.

Scenic Painting

There is only one man in the false painting’s bottom left corner, whereas there are two men in the original painting.

Serene Painting

Falsely serene artwork displays duck-like characteristics like black markings around the eyes and a yellowish snout. It’s all black and white in there.

Sinking Painting

It is not a deception that the painting is sinking.

Solemn Painting

It appears like a guy standing in the doorway is holding open a curtain, but his arm is more perpendicular to the ground in the fake picture than in the real one.

Twinkling Painting

When you look at this picture, you won’t believe your eyes.

Wild Painting Left Half

However, in the illustration on the left it is depicted as green although the creature should be white.

Wistful Painting

Fake pearl earring: A large, silver star is painted on instead of a pearl. It doesn’t matter if she closes her eyes while wearing the same star earring, because the false is still attached to her ear. There are a number of “haunted” pieces of art, including this somber painting. She’ll sleep with her eyes closed at night, but she’ll keep them open all day.

Ancient Statue

The bald effigy of an old statue is adorned with antennae.

Beautiful Statue

An artificial statue of a beautiful woman is decked out in necklaces.

Informative Statue

Unlike the real statue’s gray color, the false one is blue. It’s a teaching aid, after all.

Mystic Statue

It has a dangling earring attached to the fake mystic.

Rock-Head Statue

The fake rock-head statue has a grin on its face.

Tremendous Statue

In comparison, a fake of an actual masterpiece has no cap at all.

Valiant Statue

We can observe the statue moving forward in the copy with its left foot lifted in deception. Standing on its right foot, the brave statue makes its way forward.

Warrior Statue

The faux warrior statue has a shovel in its hand, but there is no shovel in the real one.

All The Art In New Horizons

We’ve prepared a list of every piece of Animal Crossing: New Horizons art you can purchase from Jolly Redd, as well as advice on how to tell a fake from the real thing (if there is one). We’ll add the images to the list above as soon as we obtain them.

New Horizons guide – Jolly Redd’s art, real or fake?


There is a potential that Blathers will allow art before Redd arrives. According to Ninji’s data mining project, this is what will happen if you give at least 60 things to the museum (fish, bugs, or fossils). This morning, you’ll hear Isabelle’s broadcast warning you about dubious art dealers, the day after Blathers talks about art. Redd will arrive on your island if all goes according to plan.

If you chat to him, he’ll give you a random piece of art for 498,000 Bells. After you decline, the “discount” is 4,980 Bells. This piece of art is guaranteed to be authentic.

If you offer Blathers a piece of art, he’ll start talking about starting a gallery. The following day, it will be closed for remodeling. You’ll soon see Redd popping up on your island at random times once an art display is revealed in the museum.

Redd pulls up in a boat on the northernmost, tiniest beach on your island. Getting to the beach may require a ladder if you haven’t terraformed the island’s rear.

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When it comes to other island merchants, Redd’s boat will appear at random times. For example, if Redd’s boat required a specified amount of money to be donated to the Museum in order to unlock it, we don’t know about it.

Adding Redd to Harv’s Island Plaza can be done for 100,000 Bells. When he shows there, he may have two works of art with him, one of which is real and the other is a fake. On Harv’s island, you can only buy one food item per day. If you buy a piece, the next day you’ll get a new piece of art, at least that’s how it worked when we tested it. If you don’t buy one of the two things on display, Redd’s inventory will be restocked on Monday.


A piece of art can be donated to the Museum as long as it is authentic. As a traditional piece of furniture, it can also be used in your home. It doesn’t matter where it is positioned on the island as long as it is a statue.

Even Timmy and Tommy aren’t going to want to buy a phony. In order to stop using it, you’ll have to throw it away. It’s also feasible to fool your less educated friends by displaying it.


In every one of Redd’s works, he draws inspiration from a real-world artwork. As for the clever Fox, they would try to con you out of your money with a fake that resembles the real thing. There will be no ambiguity in identifying a fake from a genuine one.

Redd’s painting is practically indistinguishable from the originals this time around thanks to his improved skill set. The distinction between a genuine animal and a fake in Animal Crossing: New Leaf was considerably easier to discern.

We’ll go through how to tell the difference between a real and a phony piece of art in the next part. As more information becomes available, we’ll be updating this page.


How do you differentiate art in Animal Crossing?

If an art forgery doesn’t match its real-world equivalent, it’s easy to tell. The Girl with a Pearl Earring’s pearl earring and the Mona Lisa’s eyebrows are two examples of focal points that might be compared.

How do you get rid of fake art in ACNH?

In the first place, you can just throw them away or recycle them at Resident Services. Instead of being disposed of with other recyclables, the counterfeit is left in the recycling bin until it is no longer needed.

Can all the art at Redd’s be fake?

Based on our previous experiences, we suspect that each of the four works of art is a fake. Also, it’s possible that Redd is selling more than just one piece of art. 43 pieces of art are listed on the museum’s name plates that need to be found and donated. If you buy the artwork from Redd, it will be sent to you the next day.