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In Grand Summoners, success can be increased by employing the game’s top heroes. The best and most up-to-date Grand Summoners tier list can be found here.

One of the most played role-playing mobile games is Grand Summoners. It has a great adventure with lots of engaging and easy-to-understand fights.

While battles are generally exciting, they can become extremely challenging towards the game’s conclusion. You’ll need the most effective tactics and strongest heroes if you want to win against the game’s toughest challenges.

Here, we’ll run down all the heroes in Grand Summoners and rate them from best to worst.

To prepare for the game’s hardest challenges, consult this list to see which heroes are worth acquiring and leveling up.

Grand Summoners – A Quick Introduction

The role-playing video game Grand Summoners has an anime aesthetic. There’s a story mode where you can control both canonical characters from Grand Summoner and your own creations as they fight to defend their world from extraterrestrial threats.

Official tierlist for those who seek. : r/grandsummoners

Grand Summoners’ combat is turn-based and uses a hybrid of card battles. Playing cards on a grid-based map allows you to launch attacks and defend yourself from oncoming attacks.

There is a marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade in-game items, including rare ones. This not only gives the player more to enjoy but also encourages player trading.

In addition, there are daily quests that make the game much simpler by giving players more cards and gold for their characters. It’s a fantastic introduction to the role-playing game genre.

To be successful in Grand Summoners, your team of four heroes must be well-rounded in terms of offense, defense, and utility. In today’s post, we’ll go over the Grand Summoners tier list so you can pick the best heroes for your team.


These characters are the game’s top heroes. In any circumstance, they will be at an advantage.

Hero Role
Berwick Sub-Attacker
Vox Attacker
Sanstone, Divine Guardian Blaster Defender
Cestina Sub-Attacker
Hart Support
Juno Attacker
Mako Support
Priestess Support/Healer
Liza Support
Asirpa Support
Norn Sub-Attacker
Emilia Sub-Attacker
Holy Rimuru Support
Rimuru Support
Shadow Fen’s Spy Sub-Attacker
Berwick, Swordsman Attacker
Fen Support
Japan’s Sakura Miku Sub-Attacker
To sing in the style of Hatsune Miku Support
Rosetta Support
Weaver, God of the Dragon Knights Sub-Attacker
Celia, the Divine and Ruthless Demon Attacker
Rimuru, Samurai Attacker
Thetis Defender
Kurama Sub-Attacker
Melty Support
Urameshi Yusuke Sub-Attacker
Sonije, the Spirit World Empress Support
Luahn Attacker
Grand Summoners of the Rem Sub-Attacker
Lord Gerald of the Dragon Defender
Kisaragi Attacker
Favelle, the Ancient Dragon Priestess Defender
Riviera Attacker
Mira, Sakura Itto-Ryu Sub-Attacker
Aristela, the Ancient Queen Healer
Blush of Azure Filia Defender
Re:Zero’s Rem Attacker
Death Dancer Veronica and her Scythe Attacker
Feena, Holy Warrior Goddess Sub-Attacker
Orvell Attacker
Iwatani, Naofumi Defender
Milim Kimono Attacker
Arcana Support
Ashe Sub-Attacker
Batiste Attacker
Kane, Agent of the Dark Attacker
Liese, the Black Cat Detective Sub-Attacker
Commander Forte in the Twilight Sub-Attacker
Shuri Attacker
Yukio Asakura Sub-Attacker


These heroes are all top-tier options in the game right now. They are not as potent as S-tier items, but they are more accessible and require less upkeep.

Hero Role
We’ll refer to him as “Saichi Sugimoto.” Attacker
Shion Santa Attacker
Hime Sub-Attacker
Lian, Empress Flame Sub-Attacker
Flame-throwing Lioness, Empress Support
Radak Sub-Attacker
St. Nicholas Sub-Attacker
Shooting Gallery Roy Attacker
Master Fox Artist Sumire Support
Tamae Attacker
Blessed Vermilion Torch Healer
Eagle Defender
A High Elf Bowman Sub-Attacker
Governing Intelligence and Divine Conspiracy Healer
Melia, the Twin Illusionary Blades Attacker
Amane Sub-Attacker
Celia Defender
Marzex, the Merciful Destroyer Attacker
Rits Defender
Calmness, Gratitude, and Rits of Virtuosity Sub-Attacker
Saitama Attacker
Serah Sub-Attacker
Chloe Sub-Attacker
Bakoo Sub-Attacker
Victoire Sub-Attacker
Princess Courtney of the Disappearing Cannon Crack in the System
Zeorg, the Hero of the Shadows Defender
Garou Attacker
Grad Attacker
Hiei Attacker
Terrible Sealing Dictator Lygor Sub-Attacker
Unrivaled Gran Pyreblade Brave Attacker
Sonic at the Speed of Sound Attacker
Wargul, Knight of the Black Dragon Breaker
Tguro, in his youth Breaker
Angelas Attacker
Benimaru Sub-Attacker
Ganan Attacker
Hell’s God Ifrit Attacker
Millenia Sub-Attacker
Milim Attacker
Tallis Breaker
Aesis Attacker
Fosly Breaker
Ram Defender
Catastrophic Storm Breaker
Alvina Attacker
Mizuki Sub-Attacker
Nies Sub-Attacker
Lozze Sub-Attacker
Diaz Sub-Attacker
Horrendous Snowstorm Sub-Attacker
Saar Sub-Attacker
Shadie Support
Tami-nyan, Princess of the Glaciers Breaker
Ginzo Attacker
True ‘Velocity’ Noel Attacker
Platina, the Brilliant Divine Warrior Breaker
Raphtalia Sub-Attacker
Beatrice Support
Marzex, the portent of doom Attacker
Duke Breaker
Aluze Attacker
Killer of Goblins Attacker
Anna Kyoyama Support
Lost Inventor Kayas Attacker
Ragsherum Attacker
Regulus, Knight of Hades, Emperor Attacker
Death to the Soul God Zenon Sub-Attacker


Grand Summoners Tier List - Atualizado (abril 2023)

These heroes are reliable enough to see you through to the endgame. It will be harder to come out on top when using them, especially in more difficult battles.

Hero Role
Badoul, the Hades Giant Guardian Sub-Attacker
Custodial Feld Igniting Support
Matoi Ryuko Attacker
Master of the Dual Blaze Orgah Attacker
Ashe Toto, a forest god Support
Filo Attacker
Garlan, the planet-shattering Breaker
Louvet, Dragon Master Attacker
Dreamlike Valhalla of the Creator Tree Healer
The Ice Queen, or Corsair Attacker
Est Attacker
Pheles, Angel’s Wings Support
Akiryuin Satsuki Breaker
Selia, the Ice Queen Support
Daki, Emperor of the Shining Wings Attacker
Liberation of the God-Emperor Attacker
Leone Attacker
Alulu, Emanation’s First Born Attacker
Cygnet Attacker
Grohl Attacker
Melia Sub-Attacker
Nier Support
Number 2 Sub-Attacker
Arosdea Sub-Attacker
Clyde, God of the Bloody Sword Attacker
Alma, Spacetime Sorceress Support
Paragon Salyssa is a piercing. Sub-Attacker
Kane Attacker
Lapleh, the Destroyer Goddes Sub-Attacker
Virago Sub-Attacker
Princess Zeela, The Fox Seal Support
Cathemilla Sub-Attacker
Duran, Escutcheon, Blessings Defender
EDEN Support
Jack the Ninja-Machine Attacker
It’s Kazuma Kuwabara. Attacker
Mixie, the Demon Master Support
Shiki Sub-Attacker
Valentia Healer
Leon, the Ravaging Destroyer Support
Onfuan, Dark Lord of the Arts Defender
Fighter of the Black Wings Raki Attacker
Zoroaster, the Merciful Warrior Support
Zecht on the Max! Sub-Attacker
Dargeon of Fate Attacker
Emperor Honoka’s Ruby Ninja Court Sub-Attacker
Mira Attacker
Sun of Confusion, Ultimate Destroyer Attacker
Arth Breaker
Tumble Catilin the Empress Support
Jill, the Mysterious Surgeon Breaker
King Luda of the Sword Attacker
Mamori, the Magnificent Star Archer Sub-Attacker
Saku Sub-Attacker


These heroes are helpful, but only to a certain extent. Once the game’s challenging content begins, it becomes more difficult to justify their use.

Hero Role
The Late Toshizo Hijikata Attacker
Rhodia, Holy Dragoness Attacker
Quon Sub-Attacker
Divine Palamic Silence Breaker
Yomi, Aquarius Queen Attacker
Green Vogue, Master Swordsman Attacker
Edram Attacker
Nogia, the Master of Blades Sub-Attacker
Boros Attacker
Zechsia, the Divine Executioner Breaker
Dahlia Sub-Attacker
Daisy, Empress of the Spear Breaker
Lily, Queen of Death’s Sickle Attacker
Vitz Attacker
Strife Sub-Attacker
Gaia, the Shining God Knight Defender
Elmessio Sub-Attacker


Using these heroes to your advantage will be difficult. They have problems that prevent your party from progressing and not enough good points to make up for it.

Hero Role
Herck Breaker
Nerim, Empress Dragon Guardian Healer
Queen Pola of the Haden Flowers Sub-Attacker
Legendary assassin Sly Attacker
Destroyer of Gods Vaid Breaker
Queen Coco, the Evil Demoness Breaker
Zeorg Attacker
Riana Attacker
Rasaou Breaker
Keit, Forbidden Information Sub-Attacker
Olgeth Attacker
God Reyon, Radiant of the Spear Breaker
Princess Bride Finale Sub-Attacker
Elfalla, the Ethereal Beast Support
Roy Breaker
Genos Sub-Attacker
Liese Healer/Attacker


As of right now, these are the worst heroes available. As soon as upgraded options become available, swap them out as soon as possible.

Hero Role
Keiones Attacker
Rhiotis Support
Voghan Breaker
Teriodos Sub-Attacker
Iris Support
Ragna, the Emperor of Hades Breaker
Mizyna Attacker
Abaddon Attacker
Empress Rishley, Flaming Axe in Hand Attacker
Alche Healer
Protectress of the Underworld Anna Attacker
Zoldes Breaker

Grand Summoners Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies

Obtaining better units

Keep collecting crystals until you have 50, at which point you can use the x11 hero summon. There are many different hero summons available, but the ones that involve teamwork are the best. To get the most out of your game, you should prioritize acquiring units with at least five stars of evolution. If not, the 4-star evolution units you gathered from summons are still powerful enough to see you through the rest of the game. Do not sell the starter unit that is given to you at the beginning of the game. The reason for this is that it will become extremely powerful once it has evolved to a 5-star level.

The game will remind you every day that you can use a free summon, so take advantage of this perk to acquire an extra unit at no cost to you. You can also try a fresh start by deleting the game and reinstalling it. If you intend to do this, make sure that your account is not bound. Crystals are the best way to spend real money in this game. The paid x11 hero summon ensures you at least one 5-star evolution unit.

Superhero festival hero summon opens twice a month for a limited time. There, on rare occasions, we will drop our best and brightest units for all to enjoy. For that purpose alone, you should set aside as many crystals as you can.

Setting up your party

After that, your main party should consist of your strongest units. You can only have a maximum of 4 units in each of the 7 available party slots. A five-star evolution unit should be used as the party’s leader to gain the most benefit from the position. Units of the same element can also be grouped together. They shine against foes and bosses who share that elemental weakness. The list of substances they are resistant to follows.

  • Red fire units are effective against green earth ones.
  • In battle, Earth units fare well against their blue counterparts.
  • When pitted against Fire units, Water units fare well.
  • Both the yellow and purple units are powerful, but only when pitted against one another.
  • White, non-elemental units have no advantages or disadvantages.

Obtaining better equipment

Also, you’ll need 30 crystals to use the x11 equip summons. Don’t freak out if the equip summons don’t net you a five-star piece of gear just yet. Do the Events with bosses that drop rare equipment if you prefer not to use your crystals.

The (Un)Offical Grand Summoners Waifu Tierlist : r/grandsummoners

Select ‘Manage Equipment’ from the Units submenu afterward. Some units, you’ll find, have access to gear of rarities other than the standard 5-star. You can use the ‘Auto Equip’ button if you don’t know which tools to give your unit. The game will automatically give your whole party the best gear.

Quests and Exploring

In the beginning of the game, it is recommended that you complete the main quests (Main Menu->Quests) because they are simple and straightforward. For the first week of completing the main quests, no resources will be used. Always get one crystal by finishing all three quest missions. If you tap the magnifying glass next to each quest, you can see what you need to do to finish all three tasks. If this is your first time playing, I recommend using the “Auto” setting for combat. All of your units’ Arts and equipment skills will be stored until the final boss fight. This allows your units to deal more damage to the boss and fill the boss break gauge much faster.

Exploring (Main Menu->Exploring) is where you’ll find the best events, daily quests, and boot camp quests, all of which you should complete. Many of the items you find can be used to upgrade existing units or to unlock rare ones.

Strengthing your units – Enhancement Tasmon units

You can bolster your troops in four main ways:

  • Enhance
  • Evolve/Awaken
  • Limit Violation
  • Tasmon quanta

By repurposing weaker units as enhancement units, you can raise the level of stronger ones. Units prefixed with “Metal” (Metal Egg, Metal Chicken, etc.) are excellent choices for this role. Your units will gain a disproportionate amount of experience from them compared to other units. The ‘Silver Bird of Exploring’ quest (Main Menu > Exploration > Boot Camp) is where you can get your hands on ‘Metal’ units. Instead of using metal chicken keys, you can simply complete the ‘Holy Land of Experience’ quests to give all of your units a massive boost in experience.

Tasmon units can be used as enhancement units to boost certain aspects of a unit’s performance. Tasmons come in three varieties, and each has its own unique statistic:

  • Increases ATK (Kilmon)
  • Enhances Defense (DEF) Monitor
  • Max Health Increased by Tufmon

The ‘Spirit of Exploration’ quest (Main Menu > Exploration > Boot Camp) is the only way to acquire these Tasmon units.

In the event that you find yourself short of Gren, you can always perform the “Golden Cat of Exploring” in exchange for Golcat units, which can be sold for a large sum of Gren.

Strengthing your units – Evolve/Awaken Limit Break

If your unit has reached its maximum level, you can evolve it to raise that maximum level. There are various material requirements for each unit. By tapping and holding the material unit, you can see which quests reward that item. The “Invitation to Evolution” quest (Main Menu > Exploring > Daily) is the only way to acquire these material units.

Two limit break stones are at your disposal, and they can be used to limit break any unit. Those limit break stones are best used on your most powerful unit. The unit’s overall stats are raised by 1, its luck is raised by 1, and its equip limit is raised by 1 star. Only the Alchemist (Main Menu > Town > Alchemist > Exchange) sells limit break stones. A better use for a spare unit is as a limit break material.

The Rayas limit break units can be found in the main quests and should be used exclusively for your main party. This will give Rayas a significant early-game advantage and increase your chances of finding and collecting materials.

Strengthing your equipment

The Smith can be accessed from the main menu by selecting Equip. Here, you can make, upgrade, and even break the rules on your gear. Ores can be used in place of standard enhancement materials to give your gear a performance boost. The ‘Mysterious Materials’ quest (Accessible via the Main Menu > Exploration > Daily) will reward you with ore.

Multiplayer and Arena

Battle other players for arena medals, which can be redeemed for keys, food, and LB stones, as well as other rewards. Keep in mind that each fight will deplete an arena orb, which can be replenished once per hour. It’s highly recommended that you wait until later in the game to attempt the multiplayer stages. For extremely rare items, you won’t be able to do so until your units are sufficiently powerful. The fact that entering a multiplayer room does not drain your energy supply is fantastic for farming.

Other town features – Diner and Adventurers Guild

You can obtain some useful items by exploring the town (Menu > Town) and tapping on the sparkling effects you find there. Before heading into battle, I recommend cooking up some food at the Diner to give everyone a stat boost (Choose Food). At the Adventurers Guild, you can choose to engage in side quests in exchange for alternative keys.

Daily Logins and Missions

I recommend checking in every day for the daily rewards and the collab rewards, even if you don’t play the game very often. Complete all of the ‘Today’s missions,’ as doing so will net you not only a variety of rewards, but also a crystal. After that, you should concentrate on the Weekly Challenge, as completing all of them will reward you with a limit break stone. The crystal missions are completely optional and can be completed whenever you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the goal of this Grand Summoners tier list?

This Grand Summoners tier list was made to assist you in assembling a competitive roster. Using unexpected characters is a great way to catch your opponents off guard.

2. Who would benefit from the Grand Summoners tier list?

If you’re just starting out and want some guidance on which characters to prioritize, check out the Grand Summoners tier list. Experienced players can use this to improve their roster by cutting weaker members and adding more useful additions.

3. What would a strong team consist of in the game?

In Grand Summoners, the best teams feature four heroes who complement one another well. They need powerful offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as a variety of status effects to choose from.

4. Which Grand Summoners tier list should I use?

The S-rank is the most formidable ranking system, so choose that one if at all possible. An A or B grade, however, may be adequate in a few instances. Which ranking system you employ should be determined by your specific circumstances.

5. What are some important features I should look out for when trying to find the best unit?

There are many things to think about before settling on a specific unit. Choose units with high base stats and give weight to those with special passive skills that could come in handy in combat.

6. How do I use the Grand Summoners tier list? 

Check out the rankings and see which personalities appeal to you most. Keep in mind that these are just some suggestions for how you can improve your team. As long as they are sturdy, you can construct them however you like.

7. How often this Grand Summoners tier list be updated?

Please check back frequently, as this Grand Summoners tier list will be updated weekly. In this way, you won’t fall behind the curve as the competition evolves.

8. Why do players use tier lists?

Tier lists are used by players to determine which characters are best for their squad. You can easily see which ones are the best and most popular right now.

Final Words

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each character archetype is crucial in Grand Summoners. Find out which Grand Summoners class is best for you with this handy tier list!

We trust that you’ve gained some useful insight into the Grand Summoners tier list that you can take into battle with your squad. Feel free to share your thoughts and ask further questions below.