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In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you must use the best units to achieve victory. If you want an overview, here is the most recent tier list for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

It can be difficult to know which units to train in DBZ Dokkan Battle out of the hundreds available across the Dragonball universe.

To save you some time, we’ve compiled our definitive rankings of the most useful units in the game.

Only the UR and LR units were ranked because of the need for efficiency. In our opinion, these are the strongest units available for the late game. Each category will have its own tier list due to the significant disparity in strength between them.

Now that we have that settled, we can proceed.

LR Units


Unit Type
King Gotenks, or Majin Buu Extreme Physique
Angel Vegeta and Goku Super STR
The Young Gohan (Super Saiyan 2) Super TEQ
The Full Force, or Jiren Super TEQ
Super Saiyan Goku Super STR

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Unit Type
Vegito Super TEQ
Gogeta Super STR
SS Goku (Kaioken) and SS Vegeta (Evolved) are both Super Saiyan Gods. Super PHY
Vegeta’s (Angel) Super Saiyan 2 level. Super PHY
Teenage Gohan and young Goten, both Super Saiyans. Super TEQ
Young Gohan (Super) Super AGL
Caulifla and kale both reach Super Saiyan 2 levels. Super AGL
Goku, the Super Saiyan Super AGL
(Perfect) Cell Very high INT


Unit Type
Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 Super AGL
Goku and Frieza in their Ultimate Angel Forms. Super TEQ
17-, 18-, and 16-inch Androids Extreme Physique
Super Saiyan Black Goku. Very high INT
Four-Star Vegeta Super Saiyan Super STR
God Goku of the Super Saiyans Super INT
Broly, the Super Saiyan Exceptional TEQ
Boujack (Space Warrior) Power Up! Extensive INT
Both Goku and Vegeta have reached Super Saiyan status. Super INT
Goku (the Angel) and Vegeta (also an Angel) are both Super Saiyans. Super PHY


Unit Type
Leemo, Cheelai, and Broly Extreme Physique
Super Infant 2 (Huge Ape) Very High AGL
Nappa/Vegeta Very High AGL
B.Whis & B. Beerus Super STR
Perfect Cell and Baby Cell. Strictly Physique
Frieza (Max Effort) Superior STR
Super Saiyan Black Goku and the Evil Zamasu Superior TEQ
Teenage Futurists Trunks and Future Trunks, Mai. Super STR
(GT) Goku, Pan, and Trunks. Super INT


Unit Type
Teenage Super Saiyan Trunks Super PHY
Bardock Super PHY
The Great Vegeta Very High AGL
Gohan (Juvenile) Super Saiyan 2 Super INT
Tri-Saiyan God Goku Super TEQ


Unit Type
Super Saiyan Broly is a legend. Superior STR
Kids Trunks and Goten Super AGL

UR Units

Please be aware that not everyone is included here. They were ranked lower than F-tier because they weren’t considered useful for the game’s endgame content.


Unit Type
Vegeta, the Super Saiyan 2 Super TEQ
Cooler Exceptional STR
Teenage Future: Trunks Super TEQ
Alpha Shenron Superior STR
Goku (Kaioken) of the Super Saiyan race. Super STR
Gogeta, the Super Saiyan Super AGL
Super Saiyan Broly is a legend. Extreme Physique
Mechanic 17 Super PHY
Future Gohan Super INT
Dragon Ball Super: Broly Abnormally High Physical Demands
Frieza, in Gold Superior TEQ
Awesome Janemba Very high INT
Ultimate Gogeta Super STR
Goku Super STR
Extreme Vegito Super AGL
God of the Super Saiyans, Goku Super AGL
Young Goku Super INT
Piccolo Super PHY
Trunks, the Future Super Saiyan Super PHY


Unit Type
Goku, God of the Super Saiyans Super PHY
“Youth” (Gohan) Super INT
Vegeta, the Super Saiyan Super PHY
Vegeta, God of the Super Saiyans Super AGL
Black Goku Intense Physicist
Iron Ice Chest Very High AGL
Zamasu Severe AGL
Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 2 Form Super AGL
Dragon Ball Super Goku Super AGL
Hit Superior STR
Turles Very High AGL
Vegeta Strong INT
Emperor Kai, Eternal Ruler Super TEQ
Beerus Super TEQ
3rd-level Super Saiyan Goku (Xeno). Super STR
Frieza, Original Form Exceptional TEQ
It’s Broly (Mean) Very High AGL
Ultimate Gohan, Majin Buu Very high INT
Buu (Kid) High-Stakes Physical Activity
Ultra Instinct Goku Super INT
Jiren Super STR
SS Vegito, Super Saiyan Deity Super TEQ
Gohan (Young) – Super Saiyan 2 Super STR
Exemplary Cell Superior STR
Hit Maximum TEQ
Super Saiyan Black Goku. Superior STR
An Ideal Cell Superior TEQ
Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 3 form Super STR
A Third-Generation Super Saiyan, Goku Super AGL
Gogeta’s Super Saiyan 4 Super TEQ
Goku’s Super Full-Strength Saiyan-Four Super TEQ
Sealas Superior STR
For the Black Goku Very high INT
Large-Sized Bergamo Extensive Physical Demands
Caulifla Super TEQ
Future Trunks, a Super Saiyan. Super TEQ


Unit Type
“Gowasu” and “Zamasu” Super PHY
Vegeta (Xeno) has reached Super Saiyan 3 level. Super PHY
Frieza, the Angel in Gold Extensive INT
Infinitely More Refreshing Astonishingly Rigid Physicality
Full-Strength Frieza High-Stakes Physical Activity
Hercule Super INT
Frieza’s End Game Specs Superior STR
Kid Goten, the Super Saiyan Super STR
Bulla Super TEQ
Vegeta, God of the Super Saiyans Super TEQ
Kale Super STR
Dabura Extensive Physical Demands
Emperor Vegeta Maximum STR
Raditz Superior TEQ
The Transformed Android 21 Exceptional STR
Princess Oto (Oceanus Shenron) Very high INT
Gogeta 3, Super Saiyan! Super TEQ
This is Brianne de Chateau. Super INT
(Super) Buu Exceptional STR
Aluminum Chiller Very high INT
Ascending Shenron An Extreme Case of PHY
SS Vegeta, Super Saiyan Deity Super TEQ
Nail Super AGL
Three Great Saiyan Super TEQ
Teenage Gohan (Super Saiyan 3) Super INT
Hirudegarn (Tapion) Super AGL
Cell Jr. Severe AGL
Broly and Paragus Strong INT
Towa, the Darkness Very High AGL
Ultimate Gogeta Super INT
Future Mai Super INT
Beerus Super STR
Thouser (the Tank Battalion of Cooler) Strictly Physique
Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 4 form. Super AGL
Dragon Ball Super: Gotenks Super PHY
For this, Android 16 is used. Super INT
A Kefla 2 Super Saiyan Super PHY



Unit Type
Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 Super STR
SS Vegito, Super Saiyan Deity Super PHY
Amazing Vegito Super PHY
Goku, the Super Saiyan Super PHY
Gohan, the Greatest Super STR
Pan (GT) Super AGL
Dragon Ball Super: Gotenks Super STR
Youngster Gohan Super INT
Teenager Gohan Super PHY
Tien Super TEQ
Dragon Ball Super Cabba Super STR
S3 Bardock, Super Saiyan! Super INT
Vegeta and Bulma, Super Saiyan 2 Super STR
Super Buu Physical stress to the extreme
Vegeta Strong INT
Cell, Second Edition Exceptional TEQ
Goku, the Super Saiyan God Super TEQ
Kaioken Goku Super TEQ
Future Gohan, Super Saiyan. Super PHY
(Youth) Chi-Chi Super PHY
Teenage Super Saiyan 3 Trunks Super AGL
Overkill Rilldo Very High AGL
Champa Extensive Physical Demands
Guru Roshi Super TEQ
Vegeta, God of the Super Saiyans Super STR
Angelic Super Saiyan 2 Goku Super AGL
Hit Powerful STR
Exemplary Cell Strong INT
Vegeta High-Stakes Physical Activity
Super Saiyan Broly, a legendary warrior Superior STR
Frieza’s End Game Specs Very High AGL
Incredible Janemba Exceptional STR
Vegeta’s super saiyan form Super TEQ
Kaioken Goku Super PHY
Kid (Gohan) Super TEQ
A18 Robotics Very high INT
Incredible Paikuhan Super STR
Tri-Saiyan God Goku Super STR
Gohan, the Greatest Super PHY
A18 Robotics Exceptional STR
Cumber Superior STR
The Giant Form of Lord Slug An Extreme Case of PHY
Gohan, the Greatest Super INT
The Greatest Gohan Super AGL
Krillin Super INT
Dragon Ball Super Goku Super STR
Dyspo (Ultra High Velocity) Super AGL


Unit Type
Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 3 Form Super TEQ
Toppo — Devastation God Mode Super STR
The Second Great Saiyaman Super STR
Future Android Version 18 Superior STR
17 (Future) Android Superior TEQ
Good Majin Buu Superior STR
Asteroid No. 13 Powerful STR
Magetta Bota Super INT
Piccolo the Demon King Superior STR
14 and 15th Generation Androids Extreme Physique
Gogeta 3, Super Saiyan! Super PHY
Goku (Angel) Super Saiyan 3 Super TEQ
Powerful Vegeta Super INT
In the Black Goku’s Case Powerful STR
Zamasu Strong INT
Vados Super AGL
“Super Saiyan 2” Super INT
Gohan, Teenage Super Saiyan Super AGL
Young Goku/Saiyan Gohan: Super Saiyan. Super TEQ
Ultimately, Cooler Severe AGL
Robotic System Version 18 Powerful STR
Frieza, in Gold An Extreme Case of PHY
Tien Strong INT
Gohan, Teenage Super Saiyan Super PHY
Goku (GT) Super STR
New Saffron Very high TEQ
Frieza (GT Ending Form) Extreme Physique
(GT) Cellular (Perfect Form) Very high INT
The Great Vegeta Difficulty in Physicist
Three-Star Goku (GT) Super Saiyan Super AGL


Unit Type
Powerful Vegeta and mighty Trunks Super STR
Goku’s Super Saiyan 2 (GT) Super PHY
Little Janemba Severe AGL
The Android No. 13 Very high INT
A18 Robotics Very High AGL
Young Trunks, the Super Saiyan Super AGL
Piccolo Super STR
Young Great Saiyaman Trunks Super AGL
Gogeta Super STR
Extreme Cold (Frost) Superior STR
(Youth) Goku Super STR
Goku (Angel) Super Saiyan 2 Super STR
Third-Semester Ahms Severe AGL
The Android 16 Super TEQ
SS Vegeta, Super Saiyan Deity Super INT
Cooler Superlative TEQ
(GT) Cellular (Perfect Form) Extraordinary Physique
The Ultimate Form of Frieza (GT) Strong INT
Future Trunks, a Super Saiyan. Super INT
Hacchan Super STR
Pan (GT) Super STR
A Chateaubriand named Brianne Super INT
(Perfect) Cell Superior TEQ
Next-Generation Android 18 Severe AGL
Google’s Future Android 17 Extreme Physique
Buu (Kid) Very High AGL

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: The Best INT Characters

Demon Of Destruction And Vengeance Super Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr., one of Goku’s most formidable foes, has returned adopt a heroic guise when they finally got to the top and took control. In Dokkan Battle, this unit goes by the name “Demon of Destruction and Vengeance Super Garlic Jr.,” and it’s quite the formidable fighter. Death Impact (Super ATK) greatly increases his Attack Power, allowing him to deal devastating amounts of damage to his opponents, while Avenging Defeat (Passive) allows him to temporarily stun foes of the Super type.

This unit excels as a support tank because of its high resistance to damage and its ability to stun enemies. His equipment also lets him heal teammates and set them up to deal with enemies more quickly.

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Battle To Reach The Top Super Saiyan Vegeta

Even though Goku is the one who first transforms into his Super Saiyan 4 form in Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta shows that he is more than capable of holding his own in battle. This is demonstrated by a Vegeta unit in the game. His Galick Gun (Super ATK) not only increases his own defenses but also deals significant damage and reduces the defenses of his opponents. At the same time, the massive increase in attack power afforded by Unrelenting Final Shine Attack (Active) makes it possible to deal maximum damage to foes.

Just looking at the numbers and synergies, this version of Vegeta has a fantastic tanking skill set and can deal a lot of damage with a single attack. He has a lot of great teams that can back him up thanks to his extensive network of links. Many of his ATK buffs, however, require a “GT” archetype ally, and there aren’t that many of them.

Eerie Sense Of Despair Frieza (3rd Form)

Frieza’s third form, which he assumes just before his full transformation, is incredibly fast and fills the Z Fighters with dread. In-game, this manifests as the third iteration of Frieza’s Eerie Sense of Despair. Super Monster (Passive) increases his ATK and DEF while increasing the chance of dishing out more attacks in the same turn, and Crazy Finger Beam (Super ATK) increases his DEF while dealing great damage to enemies.

Frieza, in his current incarnation, is a formidable tank and heavy hitter, and he has many connections to other villains. However, his abilities only benefit a small number of allies, so players will need to carefully curate this unit into a specific build.

True Warrior Race Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta

After tremendous battles in Dragon Ball Super, Goku eventually reaches Ultra Instinct, while Vegeta achieves his own enhanced version of Super Saiyan God. This Vegeta unit in the game serves to illustrate this. Critical hits are more likely to occur thanks to the abilities Pride Of Our Warrior Race (Super ATK) and Final Flash (Ultra Super ATK). The passive version of the Power to Keep Promises can also bring Vegeta back from the dead.

This version of Vegeta has excellent technical tanking and damage tools. Given that he is resilient enough to survive KO attacks, his abilities lend credence to his potential for longevity. Fans would have preferred it if he worked better with the “Warrior Gods” and “Super Saiyans,” but alas, he doesn’t.

Instinctive Destruction Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

Despite his monstrous power as the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly is a highly skilled and intelligent fighter. The way Broly is depicted in the game reflects this. Fiendish Destruction (Passive) reduces his damage taken while increasing the likelihood of his attacks becoming Supers, and Gigantic Meteor (Super ATK) increases his ATK before dealing massive damage to enemies.

When it comes to attack and defense, the Legendary Super Saiyan is a monster. Because Saiyan units are so common, Broly must deal with a large force. The absence of Links prevents Broly from reaching his full potential.

Strike Of Full Anger Super Saiyan Goku

When Krillin is killed by Frieza, Goku finally becomes angry enough to fully embrace his Saiyan heritage and transform into Super Saiyan. The game’s depiction of Goku as Super Saiyan captures this pivotal moment. The Super Saiyan’s Final Showdown (Passive) allows for additional Super attacks, making it possible to deal devastating finishing blows with Fierce Hand-To-Hand Battle (Super ATK) and Super Kamehameha (Ultra Super ATK) respectively.

This version of Goku, when Linked with the right people, is a formidable tank and damage dealer. With the right stat stacks, he can increase his damage potential indefinitely. His damage output is subpar because he specializes against Frieza opponents.

Saiyan Pride Vegeta/Goku

At their first meeting, Vegeta mocks Goku for trying to protect Earth despite his race. Saiyan Pride Vegeta/Goku is a reflection of this in the game. His incredible Attack and Defense stat increases come from his abilities Massacre Breaker (Super ATK) and Amazing Impact (Ultra Super ATK). Vegeta can “revive” himself by exchanging places with Goku when their health drops below a certain threshold thanks to his Pride (Passive) ability.

This unit serves double duty as a tank and damage dealer, able to take on the focus of even the most aggressive foes without taking much damage themselves. The unit’s ability to transform into a Super Unit, however, negates any advantage Goku might have otherwise had. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough foes in the Planet Namek Saga for them to really show off their abilities.

Fused Super Power Super Saiyan Goku & Super Saiyan Vegeta

There’s no denying that when archrivals Goku and Vegeta join forces, they’re an unstoppable force, and the game captures this moment perfectly by depicting this merged unit. Their superior attack power is displayed in their devastating Kamehameha and Big Bang Attack (Super ATK) and Final Strategy (Ultra Super ATK). Potara Fusion, where they exponentially increase each other’s strengths, is possible if they have the Strongest Duo (Passive) ability.

This squad is fantastic all-around, and their recovery skills can be game-changing in tight contests. They can also easily form Links with a wide variety of other characters. Unfortunately, players will need to postpone battles in order to make effective use of their toolkit, as Transformation takes time.

Brief Paternal Moment Majin Vegeta

In one of the series’ most heartbreaking scenes, Majin Vegeta comforts his son Trunks before incapacitating him to protect him from harm. Vegeta’s Resolve (Passive) can reduce damage taken if Trunks is on his team, and his Final Impact (Super ATK) can increase his ATK and DEF while dealing massive damage to his enemies.

In terms of data, Quick Daddy Moment It’s safe to say that Majin Vegeta has more power than any other Extreme INT unit. He’s a fantastic tank with lots of attack power. His lackluster collection of Links is highlighted by the fact that he needs Trunks to succeed. His Active Skill may be formidable, but it comes at a high price in terms of HP.

Opening Of A Super Godly Fight Super Saiyan God SS Goku/Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta

It’s one thing to see Goku and Vegeta working together to save the world, but it’s another to see them fighting to the death for that cause. Another Goku/Vegeta fusion in the game is used to illustrate this point. Super God Flash (Super ATK) provides a massive attack boost in addition to devastating damage, and Let’s Do This Without Any Reservations (Passive) has a chance to grant additional attacks and may even transform them into Supers.

You won’t find many better Super INT units than this one. This unit is an excellent tank, and it also has a wide variety of damage buffs and an easily accessible Active Skill. They need to maximize the buff time to make this unit effective, but the additional boosts from Goku and Vegeta only last for a few turns.

7 Starting Tips For Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Choose A Guest Card That Meshes

Before embarking on a quest, players select a Guest Card that will grant them a Leader Skill useful to the group. Two leader skills can be active at once in a team: one from the player’s own team, and one from the Guest Card.

A Guest Card should be selected that can help the team as a whole. For instance, an increase in the team’s Attack from a Guest Card would be very useful for a “glass cannon” (low HP, high damage) team that specializes in that type of play.

Only Summon “Must Have” Units

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, players have access to a wide variety of units. A player can be set back if they get disoriented while summoning, waste their rare summoning material on a useless unit, and then have to start over from square one.

Before rooting for a character, it’s smart to do some research online to find out if they’re good or bad. In the end, it could end up saving them a lot of money.

Play The Story Mode

When it comes to gathering resources, the story mode will be the player’s best friend. Playing through the story mode is the most efficient way for a player to obtain summoning materials early on.

They can obtain a vast array of resources for use in-game by completing the story mode for the first time. If you’re a free-to-play player who relies solely on in-game loot, this is a fantastic purchase.

Play Through Events

Throughout the course of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle’s existence, a number of different events will take place. Whether it’s currency or materials for summoning, a player can rest assured that a restocking event is always just around the corner.

There are four distinct types of events that a player should always strive to accomplish. There are several types of events, including Z-Battles, Challenge Events, Growth Events, and Story Events. All four are fun to play and offer varied challenges for the player.

Aim For Stars In Hidden Potential

Throughout the game, players will rely on Hidden Potential to increase their characters’ abilities. Briefly put, players need to use Potential (which is only given in weekly events) in order to activate Hidden Potential; once an area on a grid is activated, the character will gain strength. However, this can only be done once per week.

In a Hidden Potential grid, the stars are where you want to focus your attention because they provide enormous bonuses to your character. Aiming one’s course toward stars helps maximize the effectiveness of each unit.

Grind Through Stage 4’s Area 11

Players have figured out that replaying the same level in story mode is the quickest way to level up their characters. In Area 11, this is the fourth and final level.

This is because, despite being the shortest stage in the region, it rewards the player with a great deal of experience. It’s a good place to farm experience until you reach higher levels and can level up your characters more quickly.

Re-Roll At The Beginning

If you’re just starting out in the game, a good strategy is to re-roll your account until you find a partner who can help you out significantly.

A player can quickly go through all of their weaker summons and go straight for the good ones once they receive their first free summon. In the event that this does not yield positive results, the player can simply delete the app, reinstall it, and try again until they find a character who can assist them right away.