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Smite, a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, has been slowly rising in popularity since its inception in 2014.

Hi-Rez Studios, the game’s creators, has done an excellent job of creating a captivating universe full with unique characters and well-balanced gameplay. The cast of characters in Smite is a key component to the overall flavor of the game.

This includes gods, goddesses, and other mythological creatures from a wide range of cultures.


In the current meta, these characters are regarded to be overpowered. Even those with little or no prior gaming experience can benefit greatly from its use. Experienced Smite players know that these characters are a constant source of difficulty for their opponents.

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It’s Freya at the top of our list of Smite characters. Her Ultimate power allows her to soar above the battlefield like a bird.


One of Arachne’s most useful abilities is her passive ability, which improves her basic attacks’ physical damage by 1.5 percent. For this reason, she is placed higher on our ranking of the best Smite gods.


Another formidable character is Nemesis, who has the ability to charge straight ahead and harm anybody in his path. As a bonus, she can also slow down a single enemy god’s health and movement speed.


When Amaterasu uses her basic attacks, the foes she’s targeting are illuminated. Her hallowed weapon can also be used to silence her foes.


It is possible for Olorun to unleash a powerful energy sphere in front of him, dealing massive damage. Olorun, on the other hand, needs about two seconds to charge the orb before it can be fired.


Tsukuyomi can use Shingetsu and Mangetsu as part of his Passive. And the best part is that as he uses these weapons to harm an enemy, they gain increased potency.


Using the Heart Bomb assault, Cupid can shoot an arrow at his target. Slowing the enemy down and causing some damage are the results of a successful hit. One of Cupid’s powers allows him to speed up the movement of his teammates. A nice addition to the Smite god tier list is the addition of this god.


Dart, one of this character’s skills, allows him to deliver damage to his opponents while also slowing them down. He can also lower their Physical Protection as well.


Having a Passive that improves Bakasura’s attack and movement speed for each enemy he kills is one of the strongest Passives in the entire game. One of his skills also gives him Physical Power. Smite arena tier list, he is a one-of-a-kind character


Heimdallr has the ability to fling his blade into the air and use it to identify adversaries. Afterwards, he can use the sword to bring down the target. He can also use his Ultimate ability to temporarily incapacitate an enemy deity.

Jing Wei

When Jing Wei uses her Persistent Gust skill, she can generate a burst of wind. A powerful gust of wind can then inflict damage on all of the enemies in its path, and it can even learn about the gods of the enemies it encounters.


Eset’s Passive, Funer Rites, enabling her to share additional HP5 and MP5 with her nearby allies, which helps her support the rest of her team. One of her powers allows her to speed up her movement.


Ullr’s “Bladed Arrow” attack throws a bladed arrow in a straight line that pierces through all of the enemies it comes into contact with. This technique is ideal for clearing the way when you need to get ahead of the game.


Yemoja has the ability to generate a wave of water and use it to attack her opponents. She’s also capable of creating a ring that damages anyone who steps within of it. This is a strategy that is effective when used against enormous crowds.


Strength from Pain is Hercules’ Passive ability, which increases his physical power whenever he is damaged by an opposing god. By smashing the ground in his route, Hercules can also create a shockwave that damages all of his adversaries.


If there is an opposing god nearby, Thor’s Passive will give him an extra burst of physical strength. As a final option, Thor can unleash the fury of his hammer and wreak havoc on all those in his path.


Using Clear the Path, Vamana is able to run forward with his umbrella open and fling any enemy he strikes into the air. When you have a huge number of adversaries to dispatch rapidly, this is the weapon of choice.


Hera’s Ultimate ability allows her to summon Argus. Argus will then launch an all-out assault on any and all adversaries within range. Hera has the added advantage of being able to direct his every move.


Cthulhu’s Passive ability, Prey on Fear, allows him to tear down the mental fortitude of any hostile gods that appear in front of him. In addition, he can unleash a tremendous burst of energy that inflicts a significant amount of damage.


Poseidon completes our Smite tier list as the final character in the S-Tier category. He can also use Tidal Surge, a passive ability that increases his movement speed, to throw massive tidal waves at his adversaries.


These players have earned their place at the top of the game’s ladder. These gods are second only to S-tiers in terms of power and are frequently the first to be selected in battles due to their exceptional abilities both as a group and as individuals.


Ares has a special move called Shackles, which causes his shields to shoot out several chains at his opponents, dealing damage in the process. This isn’t the only thing he can do to help himself and his colleagues.


Every enemy deity that Artio damages with her Druid or Bear abilities is decomposed by her passive ability, Decompose. This may be enough to quickly defeat powerful adversaries.


With her Passive, Izanami becomes a formidable warrior when she’s close to death. She becomes more strong as her health declines. Izanami may also conjure a dark gateway using her Ultimate ability.

Ao Kuang

To get into stealth mode, Ao Kuang grants an ability called Water Illusion. If he doesn’t perform an attack within the next five seconds, he’ll stay in this state. Adding him to our smite arena tier list will be a good thing.


When Anhur’s spear assaults hit an opponent, his passive ability, Enfeeble, diminishes the target’s physical defense for three seconds. His Ultimate ability, on the other hand, is ideal for clearing a group of adversaries because the spears he throws with it can penetrate through anything.

Baba Yaga

As it turns out, Baba Yaga’s Ultimate power allows her to summon her Cabin from the heavens. After collapsing, it drives all foes in its path out of the road. It will serve as a protection for her while she attacks with her Witchfire Bolts from within. On our Smite Tier List, his rank will always be A.


Jade Rabbit is the name given to Change’s Passive. She can stand anywhere and have this rabbit bring stuff for her whether she’s selling or buying them.

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Lash, one of Kali’s most powerful moves, allows her to unleash a slew of blades in a particular direction. In addition to causing Bleed, each blade inflicts unique damage. But keep in mind that the Bleed effect cannot be combined with other effects.


Plague of Locusts is an ability that allows Anubis to summon a swarm of locusts. The locusts will then attack all of the adversaries in their path. When you’re trapped in a bunch of foes and can’t get out, this ability can come in handy.


Camazotz has the ability to scream at the top of his lungs, creating a massive sound wave that reaches his foes. Every adversary trapped in its path takes damage from this sound wave.


Shadow Zone, Cabrakan’s passive ability, decreases damage taken by him and his teammates by 5%. Using his shields, he may even cause an earthquake by slamming them on the floor.


In order to strike his prey, Raijin can summon a lightning bolt from the sky. The ability has a 15-second cooldown and is ideal for dealing with tough foes from a great distance.


Chiron can use an ability called Giddyup to charge forward and knock down minions. In addition, he has the ability to mark his foes as targets by utilizing Masterful Shot.


When Pele’s health dips below 50%, she gains an additional boost to her physical strength thanks to her passive ability. While this may be her primary mode of attack, she also has the option of launching an orb of molten magma straight at her foes.

Zhong Kui

Zhong Kui’s enemies take damage every second they are marked by a card she pastes on them. Their movement speed will also be greatly reduced.


Using her sword, Mulan is one of the finest Smite Characters — she can strike her foes twice, which can quickly clear away a horde of foes. After she activates her ability, her attack speed also improves.


When Vulcan hits an enemy god, his Passive gives him a boost in movement speed for a total of five seconds. He’s also capable of hurling a bomb, which detonates in 0.5 seconds and injures anyone caught in its path.


When Xbalanque inflicts harm on an enemy god, he can collect stacks of the Dead of Night, which increases his physical strength. He also has an ability that enhances the damage of his basic attacks in addition to this.


Achilles’ Passive ability provides him the luxury of donning armor while he is in the Fountain, increasing his health and protection. In combat, he has the ability to unleash a devastating strike through his shied.


With her Confound ability, Athena can unleash a strong shockwave from her shield that frightens the enemy gods. They pursued her after this. A group of Athenian warriors can also be summoned by Athena.


Passive: Cerberus has Spirit of Death as a Passive. Since Cerberus gains 50% of the heal if an enemy god is within 40 units of him and he heals himself, If you run out of healing supplies, this is a great backup.

Baron Samedi

Using Baron Samedi’s Ultimate ability, Crowd Control is no longer an issue for him. Additional to this, enemy attacks do not cause him to take as much damage as before.


Standing Stones is Terra’s Passive, and it does exactly what its name implies: it makes Standing Stones. Terra’s Passive. Her attacks do more damage to opponents when activated by these stones. In addition, Knockup is no longer a threat to her.


As a result of one of Rama’s powers, he has a substantial advantage in fighting. In addition, Rama’s Ultimate ability allows him to leap into the air and launch three powerful arrows at his target.


When Tiamat is in his flying stance, his Passive gives him an additional amount of health from his teammates that are nearby. If he defeats an enemy, he even gains health.


Susano is yet another character on our Smite tier list with a potent Ultimate ability. With Typhoon, he can conjure up a cyclone right in front of him. The cyclone then draws all nearby foes into its path, where they are dealt a significant amount of damage.


Simply, Kukulkan’s Passive ability enhances his Magical Power by 4%. A projectile breath strike can also be launched from one of his abilities for added effect.


In the majority of situations, these individuals do a respectable job. These characters, though not as powerful as their higher-tier counterparts, have the ability to perform well in professional battles, where overpowered characters are frequently prohibited.


It’s Danzaburou’s Passive ability that’s allowing him to amass wealth as he begins stashing away 10% of his gold. He begins to accrue additional gold as soon as the sack is fully filled. In order to get revenge, he sends out money bags to assault his rivals.


Final Judgement, Thoth’s Ultimate ability, is ideal for taking on big crowds. In order to harm his foes, he uses this ability to summon a total of four glyphs and launch them toward them.

Cu Chulainn

Throwing a spear at the enemy in front of Cu Chulainn allows him to assault them. Despite the fact that this strike causes a lot of damage, it can even stun weaker minions.


Whenever this character hits an enemy, he has the benefit of a passive ability called “Chain of Blows,” which increases his Combo Chain. Smite’s dual tier list currently has him as our favorite character. A shield worth 5% of Ravana’s maximum health appears after the Combo Chain has progressed to level 8. He also gets a 3% boost to his movement speed on top of that.

Ne Zha

One of Ne Zha’s abilities allows him to increase his attack speed and critical strike chance. Attacks that target the first enemy god in their path can also be performed by him.


The underworld’s Persephone can summon a skeleton warrior to help her fight her foes. As it stands, the warrior is mighty enough to take on the gods of his enemies.


Using the spikes on his back, Kuzenbo may inflict damage on all of his foes within range. In addition, the character has the ability to quiet opposing minions with one of his attacks.


Every time Agni uses a basic strike against an adversary, he gains 1 stack of Combustion as a passive ability. It is also possible to send a cloud of toxic gas towards the enemy’s location, which will harm anyone who comes into contact with it. It is hard to find a character like Agni in the smite duel rankings.


As a Passive, Ganesha’s role is to assist his buddy. Whenever he kills an opponent, the friendly deity nearest to him is credited with the kill. Ganesha, on the other hand, is merely credited with aiding in the murder.


The Portal skill of Janu is one of the most useful in the game. He has the ability to construct a gateway out of thin air, and his teammates can then use it to quickly traverse between locations. It can even be used as a trap by Janus, who can launch his opponents into the air if they fall into it.


With the help of his Passive power, Kumbhakarna has a new lease on life. As a result of achieving 0 health, he goes to sleep and wakes up 8 seconds later with only 25% of his health left. However, if he’s hit by six basic attacks while asleep, he’ll be wiped off.


Apollo’s Ultimate ability allows him to soar into the air on his chariot. He is able to inflict significant harm on his foes because he lands constantly at their spots.

Hou Yi

Passive rescues Hou Yi from a number of critical hits. The reason for this is that after an enemy hits him with a critical attack, he is unable to be hit again for three seconds. This is enough time for him to get away.

Da Ji

A bleed effect can be caused by Da Ji’s basic attacks because to her sharp claws. Her heated claws can even burn their prey.


He is protected from critical hits by Geb’s Passive ability that reduces the amount of damage he suffers by 75%. As a front-line warrior, this alone makes him a strong candidate for the Smite joust rankings.


An apple that bounces off walls and inflicts damage on every victim it hits is Discordia’s Golden Apple of Discord. When you need to quickly deal with a large number of targets, this talent is a must-have.

Hun Batz

After using his Passive ability, Hun Batz can enhance the damage he deals with his basic attack by 15%. Aside from that, he has the ability to send a monkey after his targets to fight any enemies it comes across.

Erlang Shen

When Erlang Shen executes a basic attack, he allows his dog to attack the attacker as well. As a result of this, he is the only figure who is capable of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of his enemy.

Sun Wukong

Our Smite tier list includes yet another formidable fighter, Sun Wukong. Smite joust is an excellent match for him because he gains 10% physical power and 10% protection when his health drops below 50%, thanks to his Passive.


As a result of Crowd Control, Artemis will inflict 15 percent more damage to gods and 30 percent more damage to minions with her basic attacks.


As a result of her powers, Hel’s Magical Power, her Protection, and so on, are all enhanced.


This is a typical cast of characters that can succeed with practice. They’re not horrible, but in the present meta, they only have a few applications.


The Center of Attention is Aphrodite’s Passive ability. In the presence of either a friendly or an enemy god (within 70 meters), the passive ability of this character increases both their physical and magical defenses. As a result of her challenging learning curve, she’s a strong contender for Smite’s top-tier jousting list.


Bellona has the ability to call a scourge that attacks all foes in a straight path, doing a significant amount of damage. In addition, any foes that are hit by the strike are rendered unable to use their primary weapons.

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Only a few characters in the series, including Odin, are capable of immobilizing their foes with a wall of spears. Enemies’ power is decreased by 15% and they are unable to use any healing items inside the ring.


Awilix can saddle her Panther Suku thanks to her Summon Suki talent. As her speed increases, she’ll be able to get from one spot to the next much more swiftly.


A passive ability called Heavy Glaive enhances Cernunnos’s basic attacks by increasing their damage.


Chernobog may call shadows to attack his opponents with his Ultimate ability. After 8 seconds, these shadows can unleash a variety of attacks.


One of Chronos’ powers allows him to create a rift in time. Damage is dealt to all foes in the vicinity of this fissure.


Bacchus is a heavy drinker, and nearly all of his powers are tied to this passion. Whenever he uses his jug ability, for example, he gains additional boosts from his Chug ability.


Using her Ultimate power, Neith is able to shoot arrows that can even pass through obstructions. Broken Weave can also be placed in specified spots by her.


Every time Merlin casts a spell, he gains an Overload stack as a result of his Passive ability. In addition, by fusing his basic attacks with lightning, he gains additional power.


A technique called Laijutsu, which allows Hachiman to rashly advance and evade his foes, is ideal for eliminating large numbers of attackers.


Ra’s Passive ability is a simple one, increasing his movement speed anytime he uses an ability. Ra is also capable of striking his foes with a laser beam.


As a result of Mercury’s special talents, he may move faster, increase his attack speed, and more.


Scylla can unleash two vicious dogs on her prey, dealing massive damage. In addition, she has the ability to slow down her foes’ progress by erecting a magical field around them.


Our Smite Tier List places the infamous Sylvanus at C. She is protected from basic melee strikes thanks to the Passive ability. The reason for this is that if this happens, they have a 25% chance of becoming Rooted.


When Sobek uses basic attacks on an enemy, he obtains temporary protection. The more enemies he kills, the better his defenses will be.


Stellar Burst is one of Sol’s abilities. After Sol utilizes a basic strike, it explodes and sends out a shockwave that inflicts damage on all enemies it comes into contact with.


Whenever an opponent god attacks Horus, his Passive ability gives him a stack of Resolute. His Ultimate power allows him to build a flying replica of himself, which he may utilize to hunt for various areas.

He Bo

He Bo’s Passive allows him to boost his magical power each time he utilizes an ability. He has the ability to fire a powerful blast of water at his opponent, dealing massive damage in a short period of time.


Medusa’s Viper Shot ability boosts her attack speed, allowing her to dispatch her opponents with more rapidity.


Because it eliminates all Crowd Control effects from the target, Khepri’s Ultimate ability allows him to assist his fellow gods. The affected god’s movement speed is likewise increased by this ability.


Ymir, the final member of the C-Tier cast, rounds off our Smite character rankings. He’s also one of the characters who can create an ice wall to hinder her player’s movement.


In order for these characters to succeed, they must be controlled by an experienced player. It is challenging to play their duties because of their poor team utility. Before opting to take on the role of one of these characters, make sure you practice a lot.

Ah Muzen Cab

Bees are Ah Muzen Cab’s weapon of choice in dealing with his opponents. After that, these bees go after anybody and anything they see, wreaking havoc.


The cooldown of Chaac’s sixth basic attack is halved thanks to his Passive. Furthermore, he has the ability to throw his axe at his adversaries in combat.


Fafnir’s Passive helps him get closer to his goal by giving him an extra 2 gold each time he defeats an adversary. For aiding in the killing, he receives gold as well.


In order to use his Ultimate power, Fenrir becomes a gigantic monster. This form increases his movement speed and makes him immune to Crowd Control while in use.


Every time Set’s Passive deals damage to an adversary, he gains a stack of Relentless. With his Ultimate power, he can also create a sandstorm that can harm his foes.


Tyr was shielded from a variety of harm by his Passive ability. He will be protected from things like Stuns and Taunts, as well as things like Fears, Intoxication, and Mesmerization. These will have an effect on him, but they won’t stay longer than a second.


Skadi’s Passive affects him in both of his forms differently. In his Beast form, he is able to both accept and cause damage. However, he is impervious to the attacks of his foes when he transforms into an Elemental.


One of Serqet’s powers allows her to poison her foes with Deatbane Poison. She can also use two sharp blades to bring down her opponent.

King Arthur

Each time King Arthur attacks an enemy god with one of his powers, he receives a stack of Steadfast. As a result, he gains more energy and takes less harm as a result of this.

The Morrigan

An offensive wave of dark magic can be launched by Morrigan against her foes. Even a ghost of herself can be created by one of her powers. Despite appearing to be an enemy, the phantom does not engage in combat.

Xing Tian

Every time Xian Tian uses one of his abilities to deal damage to an adversary, he gains a stack of Smouldering Rage. As a result, his hp goes increased as well.

Nu Wa

Nu Wa’s sixth basic strike, like Sylvanus’s Passive ability, will root her enemies. Clay Soldiers, summoned by the character, will pursue any target she directs them toward.


Because of his Ultimate power, Thanatos can hover in midair for a total of five seconds. In this stage, his movement speed is boosted and he is protected from opponent strikes. Despite the fact that I would have preferred not to rank him, here he is in our Smite character tier list.


Hard Displacement has no effect on Jormunandr because of his Passive ability. A noxious spit can be used to damage his foes in combat.


Zeus has the ability to unleash a powerful lightning bolt on his foes, just like we’ve always heard. A lightning storm is another weapon he can use against his adversaries.

Guan Yu

Every time he deals or receives damage, Guan Yu’s Passive gives him stacks. One of his talents can also be used to sever the flesh of his foes.

Ah Puch

In the afterlife, Ah Punch may summon two corpses. The corpses surge ahead and detonate when they come into contact with an enemy.


Nox has the power to silence her foes by engulfing them in a black hole. She may even charge towards her foes and inflict damage on them in a matter of seconds.


A passive from Nike helps enhance his strength to face strong opponents. Jumping far into the air, he can then come crashing down on his victim to inflict harm.


As part of his Ultimate power, Hades may create a vortex that draws all of his adversaries into it. It takes a long time for them to recover from being trapped in the vortex.


For the time being, you should avoid these characters. Unless the gods are being controlled by a highly competent and experienced player, they will have little impact on the match.


To maximize his damage output, Loki’s Passive can only be used when he hits his opponents from behind.


Osiris has the power to hurl his Sickle in the direction of his intended victim. The target’s movement is additionally slowed as a result of the attack.


Bastet completes the trio. For a limited amount of time, she possesses a Passive ability called Tracking Scent that marks the adversary she hits.


Who is the strongest character in Smite?

Smite’s strongest characters include Freya and Arachne.

Who is the weakest character in Smite?

Smite’s weakest characters are Bastest and Osiris.

Is Merlin good in Smite?

According to Arthurian legend, the magician Merlin wields the greatest magical power. He was a fantastic friend and mentor to King Arthur, and he’s a blast to play as in Smite!

What mage does the most damage in smite?

The following are some of the reasons why Aphrodite is such a skilled mage: – Her devastation is enormous and unanticipated. 2 Back Off is a PBAoE that can deal up to 320 basic damage +80 percent of her magical power when used in conjunction with a linked teammate. One of the most unexpectedly painful abilities in the game, Love Birds, belongs to her.


SMITE’s success is based on the player’s skill and the abilities of the characters they use, just like any other MOBA. Neither employing an S-Tier for a novice nor an F-Tier for an experienced player will ensure a successful game.