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If you want to win more matches in Dragon Ball Legends, use the best fighters possible. To help you get oriented in Dragon Ball Legends, we’ve compiled a comprehensive tier list.

Dragon Ball Legends, like all other works in the Dragon Ball canon, makes use of the entire cast of memorable characters. The gacha mechanics in the game are what really tie this cast together and keep players coming back for more.

The difficulty lies in determining the most effective units among such a large cast. Our team has already attempted this herculean task and created a ranking system for these combatants to save you time.

All right, let’s get down to business.

What is Dragon Ball Legends?

Dragon Ball Legends is an iOS and Android fighting game.

In it, you and another player face off in real time using three characters of your choosing from an ever-expanding pool. Each defeated character is replaced by the next in line. The winner is the first fighter on either team to knock out all three members of the other team.

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Victories in battles will count toward rankings and other rewards.

Both a story mode and a quick battle mode (with names to be announced later) will feature AI opponents.

The in-game visuals are stunning 3D creations. However, the graphics setting can be lowered to make the game less hardware intensive on older or lower spec’d smartphones. This will help preserve battery life as well.

The game is compatible with both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. You can play the single-player modes without an internet connection.

Dragon Ball Legends gameplay: How does it play?

For obvious reasons, fighting games don’t translate well to mobile devices, where precise button mashing and timing are essential for success.

However, thanks to the simplification of controls, Dragon Ball Legends can be played with a single finger. Simple taps launch basic attacks, and swipes allow you to avoid or block enemy attacks.

Dragon Ball Legends employs a card battle system to facilitate its more intricate attacks and combos. During battle, four cards randomly appear and refill. Each has a unique attack whose power and cost to your fighter’s stamina vary. Some of the cards represent extremely potent special moves, and you can chain them together to create impressive combos.

In-game combat utilizes random card draws, with each playable character having their own unique deck.

We were told that all of the characters from the Dragon Ball universe would be playable at some point in the game. Later on, you can add to the initial starter set with characters you’ve earned or purchased.

Dragon Ball Legends release date

The mobile version of Dragon Ball Legends is scheduled for a summer release on iOS and Android. The exact date of release has not been announced as of yet.

You can sign up for updates on the app’s release date in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, depending on the type of device you use.

Before the game’s official release, Bandai Namco is letting players test it out in a closed beta. However, the application deadline has been extended to Tuesday, March 27 at 2am. In addition, it’s an Android-only feature. Read this to learn more.

Dragon Ball Legends price: How much will it cost?

As a free-to-play title, Dragon Ball Legends offers a top-notch gaming experience without the need to shell out any cash.

However, character packs and other downloadable content will be available for real-world purchase via in-app purchases.

According to Pocket-lint’s sources, a large portion of the game’s content will be accessible once purchased.

What effect does Google Cloud Platform have on Dragon Ball Legends?

Bandai Namco has decided to use Google’s Cloud Platform to host fights and match players around the world for its real-time fighting game. This will create a truly global game where players from all over the world can compete against one another with minimal lag.

Due to the prevalence of local and regional servers in most PVP mobile games, players are typically limited to facing off against those in the same general geographic area. The Cloud Platform, however, will ensure that all matches take place on the same servers, effectively making the game a global phenomenon.

In addition, in most other PvP games, the player is not the focus of the advertisement but rather the information about other players. Dragon Ball Legends is guaranteed to have constant player vs. player combat, according to Namco Bandai.

Google has spent tens of billions of dollars laying cables across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as many stretching across continents, to keep latency to a minimum.

The majority of the data is still transferred via extremely fast wiring, even if you’re playing via Wi-Fi or a mobile connection.

The game will feature the same cast as the main Dragon Ball series, with each player controlling a team of three fighters tasked with eliminating their opponents.

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Dragon Ball Legends gameplay trailers

Below, you can watch the official launch trailer.

Bandai Namco also provided footage of actual gameplay.

Where can I find out more about Dragon Ball Legends?

Here at dble.bn-ent.net, you’ll find the official Dragon Ball Legends website.

If you missed Bandai Namco’s mobile launch event on March 20 at GDC, you can watch the recording of it below. It features additional information on Dragon Ball Legends and several other mobile games developed by Bandai Namco.

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List


Given the current meta, these are the strongest fighters available.

Fighter Element Best Stat
A16 SP Android Green HP
18th SP Android Yellow Hit ATK Hard
Zamasu SP Fusion Purple Blast ATK
K.I.D. SP Goten Yellow Attack ATK
The Kid’s SP Trunks Green Activate ATK
S.P.S.4 Gogeta Super Saiyan Green Hit ATK Hard
Dragon Ball Z Goku and Vegeta SP Super Saiyan God Purple Hit ATK Hard
Power Level (Adult) Super Saiyan Trunks Blue Shoot at ATK
Vegito SP Super Purple Hit ATK Hard
Gohan (Youth) SP Super Saiyan Purple Hit ATK Hard
Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 Form Purple Attack A.T.K.
Kefla Vs. Super Saiyan 2 Green Punish ATK
Saiyan Prince Bardock Blue Attack ATK
Saved Perfect Form Cells Red Attack ATK
Super Saiyan Gohan, Level 99 Yellow Defense Strike
SP Majubb Yellow Blast DEF
EX Gogeta Red HP
Unrivaled Gogeta Blue Attack ATK


Tough fighters who, while not as powerful as those in tier S, can still handle themselves in most situations.

Fighter Element Best Stat
SSJ Vegeta LL Red Attack ATK
EX Videl Red Blast DEF
EX Nappa Red Attack A.T.K.
Frieza, in his Basic Form Purple HP
Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 Purple Shoot at ATK
Fusion with Half the SP Corrupted Zamasu Red Hit ATK Hard
Shenron, UL Omega Red Blast DEF
Final Form SP Frieza: Ultimate Strength Yellow Hit ATK Hard
“Goku’s Super Saiyan 4” Purple Activate ATK
EX Gokua Blue Hit ATK Hard
Confused Goku Blue Blast ATK
Future Vegeta, the Super Saiyan God SP. Purple HP
Gohan, the Younger Super Saiyan Red Blast ATK
Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta’s Evolved Form Yellow Attack ATK
Piccolo, the Demon King, SP Yellow Hit ATK Hard
Goku “Super” Saiyan (Bird) Saiyan Yellow Attack ATK
MP Boujack Red HP
SP Broly Green Hit ATK Hard
Toppo, SP, Destroyer of the Gods Green Blast ATK
Piccolo (SP) Yellow HP
Col. Majin Buu (Fortunate) Green Defense-In-Depth Attack
Purple Spike Lavender Purple Blast ATK
Hercules, Champion of the World Blue Blast DEF


In the right situation or with the right party, these fighters can be extremely effective.

Fighter Element Best Stat
SP Jiren Green Attack ATK
MP Janemba Super Red HP
Kale (Assist) SP Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla Yellow Blast ATK
It’s Broly, the Super Saiyan! Purple HP
SP Hit Purple Punish ATK
The Ribrianne EX Yellow Aim for the Defense!
SP Gohan Green Blast ATK
EX Whis Red Blast ATK
SP Cooler Purple Blast DEF
Black Rose Super Saiyan Goku Purple Activate ATK
SP Nappa Blue Attack ATK
Piccolo, the Aged Demon King, SP Purple Aim for the Defense!
Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Powers Yellow HP
Ultra-Late Super Saiyan Goku Red Shoot at ATK
Droid 14 (Ex) Blue Attack ATK
SP Turles Yellow Blast ATK
SP Beerus, God of Destruction Green Blast ATK
SP Toppo Blue Blast DEF
A.I. Yajirobe Purple Hit ATK Hard
SP Gogeta Blue Blast ATK
Android 21 and SP: All A Green Attack A.T.K.
Sign of the SP Ultra Instinct Goku Purple Attack ATK


These combatants are typical of the genre. For more challenging material, they will need to be optimized.

Fighter Element Best Stat
SP Mai Green HP
A Hero of the S.P. Red HP
Aspiring Professionals Nuova Shenron Yellow Hit ATK Hard
Super Saiyan Broly, the Legendary Assassin Yellow HP
SP Vegeta Red Blast ATK
Kefla Vs. Super Saiyan 2 Red Hit ATK Hard
Bergamo’s SP Red Blast DEF
SP Frieza’s Ultimate Form: DBS Red Activate ATK
Frieza’s Super Final Form SP Yellow Hit ATK Hard
Goku Black (S.P.) Purple The Defense Strikes Back
SP Vegeta Purple Blast ATK
S.P. Super 17 Green Defense-In-Depth Strike
Gohan’s Ultimate Destroyed Buu, a Super Performance. Green Attack ATK
Android Fusion SP 13 Red Hit ATK Hard
SP Ultimate Cooling Form Blue Shoot at ATK
Fusion of the SP and Kami Piccolo Blue Blast ATK
Resurrected SP Perfect Form Cell Red Shoot at ATK
UL Vegeta Purple Attack ATK
Vageta, the Super Saiyan God Yellow Activate ATK
SS Majin Vegeta SP LL Blue Hit ATK Hard
Issachar Shenron Blue Punish ATK
A17 SP Android Purple Blast DEF

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These combatants are on the verge of being abandoned by the metagame. Their maximum worth is reached somewhere in the middle of the game.

Fighter Element Best Stat
Gotenks, Super Saiyan, SP Purple Blast ATK
God Goku, Super Saiyan Red Hit ATK Hard
Goku, the Super Saiyan, Kid Green Blast ATK
Gohan, the Teenage Super Saiyan Blue Blast DEF
SP Relaxed Purple HP
Nappa Young SP Purple Blast DEF
SP Goku Green Blast DEF
General Manager Kakunsa Purple Hit ATK Hard
SP Hit Yellow Shoot at ATK
Form 1 SP Cell Green Punish ATK
SS Goku, the Super Saiyan Red Blast ATK
Super Saiyan Buu Purple Hit ATK Hard
Android 15 SP Purple Blast DEF
A.P. Super Janemba Purple HP
A Super Saiyan from another world, Goku Yellow Counterattack Defense
Frieza, First Form Super Blue Blast ATK
Broly, the Super Saiyan Legend Green Defense-In-Depth Attack


These are currently the worst fighters in the game. We recommend that you get new ones right away.

Fighter Element Best Stat
Dragon Ball Super: Great Saiyaman 2 Red Hit ATK Hard
Broly(Fury) SP Red Attack ATK
Bulma the Bunny, the SP Teen Icon Green Hit ATK Hard
SP Zamasu Red HP
SP Turles Purple Hit ATK Hard
SP Pikkon Red Blast ATK
M.P. Paikuhan Yellow Hit ATK Hard
A18 SP Android Blue Attack ATK
Major Krillin Blue Blast ATK
SP Goku Blue Blast DEF
Dabura, Splendorous Monarch of the Underworld Blue Blast ATK
Super Power Packs Green Hit ATK Hard
SP Goku Purple Defense Strike
SP Pan Blue Hit ATK Hard
Bardock, Sergeant Major Green HP
Spc. Gotenks Green Fight back DEF with a strike
Super Performance Metal Cooler Red HP
Caulifla, the Second Super Saiyan Purple Hit ATK Hard
A Perfect Ultimate Gohan Green Shoot at ATK
Hyper-Meta-Rilldo in the Service of the Supreme Protector Red Hit ATK Hard