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In order to increase your winnings in Marvel Contest of Champions, you should use the best champions possible. To help you get started, we’ve compiled this comprehensive tier list for Marvel Contest of Champions.

Future Fight’s roster features hundreds of heroes from across the Marvel multiverse, making it difficult to keep track of everyone.

Our tier list will tell you exactly which heroes are worth your time and money if you’re just starting out.

All the major players are here, ranked from best to worst. We took into account the fact that Future Fight’s focus is primarily on PvE by the endgame when compiling this list.

Then, let’s not waste any time and get started.

Please take into account that this list only contains the most practical characters. Those players whose characters aren’t up to snuff for the late game content won’t be able to access it.

Marvel Contest Of Champions (MCOC) – A Quick Introduction

Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile fighting game in which players collect and level up Marvel characters to battle other players. In this game, players can collect over 203 different Marvel characters from different eras and use them to form a team of champions to fight in turn-based combat.

Multiplayer PvP, story mode quests, live events, alliance wars for guilds, and more are all part of MCOC’s gameplay.

MCOC Tier List 2023 - & Reroll Guide - iFanzine.com

Story mode quests in the single-player mode are played out in a series of rounds, with the objective always being to defeat the enemy team and claim victory. As the player’s team fights in each round, they’ll earn experience points that can be spent on increasing their level or improving their abilities. Alliance Wars, which pit guilds against one another, are another option for solo players.

Players can compete in real-time events for heroes and equipment in multiplayer PvP. Additionally, a ranked league exists where players of comparable skill levels can compete for supremacy. Guild versus guild battles are a type of multiplayer PvP that can involve up to four different alliances.

This tier list for Marvel Contest of Champions is an effort to determine, on the basis of various metrics, which heroes are the best. This checklist can serve as a great resource for those who are new to the game. So, let’s not waste any time and get started right away.


The current top champions are these individuals. Even if they don’t have the best stats, their utility makes them essential for completing the game.

Champion Class Skill That Stands Out
Aegon Skill Persistent Combo gains X% of Aegon’s final Combo Meter at the end of the fight, up to X hits. If Aegon uses an ability that fills the Combo Meter, his Persistent Combo will be applied on top of the Combo.
Colossus Mutant The Mighty Colossus: There is a chance of X% that Colossus will receive an Armor Up buff that lasts for 15 seconds whenever one of his Immunities shields him from an effect.
Ghost Tech Starting the fight with a 2-second Phasing phase is a good way to activate the passive Quantum Augmentation ability. Produce X% of your maximum power for every opponent miss.
Sam Wilson, a.k.a. “Captain America,” Tech The Exo-8 Falcon’s vibranium upgrades extend Redwing Lock-On’s duration by 2 seconds, boost its Attack Rating by X, and let Captain America inflict Ruptures from Special 2 through shields.
Either Champion can perform a Well-Timed Block, and Captain America will deal Sapped Charge damage to the opponent. If an opponent’s Miss or Ability fails due to low Ability Accuracy, you can instantly inflict a Rupture on them, dealing X Physical Damage. The only factor in determining damage scaling is the attack’s base attack value.
Iron Man Captain America Science Captain America is a great leader because he picks up new skills from his teammates and gets a different power while Kinetically Charged from each class on his team (except for his own).

When using a Special Attack, a mutant has a chance of gaining an extra point of Kinetic Potential, equal to X percent.
Abilities: There is a chance of X percent that expending 1 point of kinetic potential will purge a debuff whenever it is gained.
If you time your block perfectly, you have a chance of X% to debuff your opponent’s Strength by 10% for 10 seconds.
As a Mystic, you have a chance of X% to gain 1 Kinetic Potential whenever an opponent’s buff expires or is nullified.
Cosmic: There is a X% chance that a successfully timed Block will apply the Armor Break debuff, lowering the opponent’s Armor by X for 10 seconds.
A well-timed Block has a chance of inflicting the 25% Petrify debuff on the Opponent for 10 seconds, with a chance of X.

Doomsday Doctor Mystic Doom’s ability, “Indomitable Will,” allows him to gain Power Gain Buffs for himself while also giving him a chance to Shock the opponent when he nullifies one of their buffs.
Rider of the Cosmic Ghost Cosmic With Cosmic Vengeance, the Powerlock debuff that activates at X judgments is changed into a Damnation debuff that deals X damage over 5 seconds. Damnation inflicts Power Lock, Heal Block, and Fate Seal on an opponent.
Shang-Chi Skill When you land a critical hit, you’ll take an additional X% physical damage. The effectiveness of this ability relies on hit damage alone, without considering the effects of the target’s Block Proficiency, Armor, or Resistances.
Although his opponent may block his attacks, Shang-Chi is still able to land critical hits. Abilities of the user that are triggered on Critical Hits will still activate even if the player is blocked.
Blades of 2099 Tech When Guillotine is hit, she has a 76.71% chance to gain a Combo Shield Passive for 2 seconds, plus 2 additional seconds for every Digi-Soul she has.

While protected by a Combo Shield, Guillotine takes no more than 10% of his maximum health in damage from attacks, excluding Special 3, unless the attacker has the Shield Break ability.

Diablo Mystic Arcane Improvement: Diablo’s Concoctions have been improved through experimentation, decreasing their Brewing time by 1 second and increasing their duration by 40%.
Void Science When all Intimidating Presence debuffs have reached maximum stacks, they are not removed but instead transformed into a Passive Fear of the Void that combines their effects and grants Void X Attack rating for 40 seconds.

Fear of the Void increases the rate at which Intimidating Presence creates Debuffs by X percent. No more than two stacks of “Fear of the Void” can be in play at once.

Hyperion Cosmic As Hyperion’s Eternal physiology improves at absorbing and reusing cosmic radiation, the effect of the buff will last for an additional X percent of time.
Domino Mutant When an opponent’s ability has a chance to activate but doesn’t, they take 753 Energy Damage over 1.5 seconds as a critical failure. Temporarily, the effectiveness drops when multiple triggers are used in rapid succession.
Nick Fury Skill With 15 or more tactical charges, Nick is invincible and can deal devastating damage to his opponent.
Glaive, Corvus Cosmic Because of the effects of his Glaive of Immortality, Glaive is immune to death so long as it is equipped. If you take 4 Glaive charges, you won’t die. However, if Corvus Glaive used Well-Timed Block to defend against the attack, two Glaive charges would be deducted instead.

If Corvus Glaive uses up all of his Glaive charges within 30 seconds of activating them, the cooldown to regain them is shortened by 35%.

Quake Science With Ricochet Pulse, Quake absorbs X percent of incoming damage and sends it back at the attacker in the form of a burst of physical damage.
“Magneto” (In Red Suit) Mutant Homo Superior Mutation: Magneto’s mutation has progressed to the Omega stage, protecting him from taking more than X Health in a single hit (with the exception of a Special 3 Attack).
Warlock Tech When the enemy’s health drops to 0 or their power is completely burned away, Kvch’s offspring can degenerate them for X damage over the course of 2 seconds.
Widow (Black) Clair V. Skill Black Widow’s strikes are subtle and well-calculated, reducing her opponents’ ability trigger rates by X percent.
Hercules Cosmic The son of Zeus can become unblockable for X seconds and avoid death once per fight when taking damage that would normally cause a knockout. Using a personal Special Attack or Basic Attack will temporarily suspend your immortality, and a Special Attack 3 will permanently remove it.
Inflammable Human Torch Science Rekindle gives Human Torch a 14.95% chance to gain 1 Persistent Charge if he has 0 Persistent Charges and his Pre-Fight Ability is not active. Every time the ability isn’t used, the chance of it failing to activate increases by a constant 22%.
Sunspot Mutant By using Gideon’s experiments (passively), Sunspot can store X more Solar Charges than before.
Pryde, Kitty Mutant While Phased, you are impervious to harm from any source thanks to the power of the Black Vortex. While Phased, your Defensive Combat Power Rate increases by X%, and you’ll temporarily halt Phasing if you take damage. Each Personal Incinerate effect has a X% chance to retrigger at X% potency the first time it expires naturally or is Purified. Any incinerates set off by this ability will always be passive.
Archangel Mutant Enhanced Toxicity (Passive): Archangel’s Neurotoxin-coated wings and claws gain an additional charge of toxicity with each hit, reducing the target’s Ability Accuracy by X percent and preventing all Regeneration.
Omega Red Mutant If your opponent has ten or more Death Spores, you’ve administered a lethal dose (passive). Death Spores inflict X damage per second on the target. There is a chance of X% that Omega Red’s basic tentacle hits will not be blocked.


These heroes excel in their designated roles or are very good at many different things. Because of this, they are practically required for the latter parts of the game.

Champion Class Unique Talent
Stark Enhanced Spider-Man Tech When Spider-Man’s health drops below X%, he can activate Hero’s Mantra: Great Power to increase his Critical Rating by X and the duration of his Taunts by 2.
When Spider-Man’s health drops below X percent, he gains X additional Block Proficiency and an increased chance to Evade attacks thanks to his Great Responsibility power.
Tigra Mystic Warrior Attitude: Use Primal Sense and Huntress Sense for 12 seconds to begin the fight.
Venom Cosmic In addition to the initial Genetic Memory buff already granted to Venom by Aggressive Symbiosis, there is a chance of X percent that a third buff will be granted to Venom at the start of the fight. The X% increase in effectiveness applies to all Venom Genetic Memory buffs.
Horrific (Immortal) Creature Science Abomination’s Toxic Husk increases the maximum number of Poisons it can apply to itself before taking damage to X, and at the beginning of each battle, it applies X Poisons to itself. The duration of poison, petrify, and acid burn is increased by X percent.
Mole Man Skill Revenge of Giganto Jr. (Passive): Increase your Critical Damage Rating by up to X points for every point of health you’re missing. Additionally, while Unstoppable, your Attack Rating increases by up to X health points.
Namor Mutant While attacking, Namor’s Hydrokinetic Armor passively reduces his damage taken by X percent. Namor’s Hydrokinetic Armor absorbs incoming damage and redirects it as Energy Damage when an Attack is terminated.
Falcon Skill With the Exo-8, Falcon’s Critical Chance while Redwing is Locked On is increased, and he can prepare Redwing instantly.
Hulkbuster Tech An enhancement to the Veronica Protocol, “Veronica Mk II” enables Hulkbuster to initiate a Self-Repair whenever his Health meter drops below a certain threshold. A self-repair buff with a duration of X seconds and health recovery of X is activated with a chance of X%. If Hulkbuster is stunned, he will lose this buff. Giant-Buster: While Self-Repair is active, your attack rating increases by X. A fortified Iron Wall has the ability to fix itself at a rate of X percent.
Master of All Mysticism Mystic The Sorcerer Supreme’s Ability Accuracy is increased by 50% while wearing the Ring of Oblivion (Passive). There is a 33 percent boost to the efficacy of blessings.
Medusa Cosmic With her living hair, Medusa can stack up to three times, each time increasing her Attack by 218.11. Once your Fury Buffs have reached their maximum level, they will disappear after 14 seconds.

Medusa, for the price of three Fury Buffs when hit twice, has a 10–90% chance to Auto Block with her hair, ending the opponent’s combo. The defense mechanism Parry may be activated by this.

Invincible Hulk Science While above certain levels of gamma radiation, the Green Door opens and Hulk receives a surge of gamma energy from the Below-Place. A quarter of the time, your basic attacks will stun your opponent for X seconds. Negate the target’s Attack Rating by X% for 4 seconds when they are immune to or the duration of a stun effect ends. 75%: Permanently debuff health regeneration and ability power by X%, and inflict petrify.
Havok Mutant When Havok receives a Plasma Charge from any source other than this one, there is a 50% chance that he will receive another one. This effect is passive.
Scholar X, or Professor X Mutant Krakoa Sovereignty: If your Channeling Charge is below 75, you will gain X per second. While defending, your Charge gain rate is doubled, and you’ll keep accruing them for the duration of the fight. You can increase your Prowess’s maximum power by X%, and the increase will scale with your opponent’s Power meter.
Knull Cosmic King in Black: For every X Signature Levels you gain, at the beginning of each battle, inflict X Living Abyss Debuff(s) on the Opponent.
For X seconds after activating Corruption, you will be immune to damage and blocking.
Corruption replaces the target’s Regeneration Effect with Knull’s Degeneration Debuff whenever their Health is at 50% or lower while the effect is active.
Witch in Scarlet Mystic In the event of a Critical Hit for either player, the Scarlet Witch will cast her chaos magic, resulting in 0-8 buffs or debuffs, at random.
Spider-Ham Science Acting the Ham: Whenever Spider-Ham Evades, he applies a Porker Popper to his opponent.
It has a X% chance to remove 1 Spider-Nonsense and place a non-stacking Porker Popper on the opponent whenever Spider-Ham is Struck while Stunned.
These Porker Poppers will stay in place for X seconds and deal X damage. When Spider-Nonsense reaches level 10, it stays at that level for an extra X seconds before it resets.
“Ultron” (The Original) Tech Ultron’s passive Nano-Inhibitors reduce his opponent’s Offensive Ability Accuracy by X% per stack of Armor Up effects.
Magnus (New Marvel) Mutant With his Omega-level Homo Superior Mutation, Magneto is immune to taking more than X Health in a single hit from any attack type other than a Special 3 Attack.
Longshot Mystic Luck is on your side if you’re willing to take a chance on it: there’s a chance of X percent that you’ll lose any buff and gain negative karma in its place. Longshot receives a matching buff for X seconds if he nullifies a True Strike, Unstoppable, or Unblockable buff.
Nebula Tech Nebula’s attacks have had their CPR increased by X% thanks to a change in the firmware that activates whenever an opponent has at least one Shock Debuff active.
Proxima Nocturna Cosmic Objective: Rack up 100 hits on the Combo Meter. The more missions she has completed at once, the more of a Fury Buff she will receive, increasing her Attack Rating by 182-607 for the duration of the battle.
Hela Cosmic As the fight begins, Hela’s Spirits pool increases by 25 for each Champion on her team that is eliminated. Hela receives an Indestructible Buff that lasts for 5 seconds the first time she is knocked out during a fight.
Mysterio Tech Mysterio passively produces 1 Chemical Gas every X seconds, making it lethal.
Nimrod Tech Special Attacks from players with Zero Tolerance: Eradicate Protocol are unblockable, and their power and range are boosted by X%.
If Nimrod is using an ability that generates an Armor Up, and the target is a Mutant, then he will get an extra Armor Up in exchange for the Mutant’s defense. Instead, if you’re defending, you’ll get one extra point of Armor Up for every mutant on the attacking team.
Stryfe Mutant Substantial Psionic Power: Stryfe has a chance of X% to gain an extra 1 charge whenever he receives Telepathic Charges from any source other than this ability.
Stryfe has a X% chance to activate his Special 1 Invisibility whenever his opponent glances at a Basic Attack. This effect lasts for 3 seconds. By converting a percentage of your telepathic charges to persistent charges, X, you gain the ability to use your telepathy even after the battle has ended.
Magik Mystic Darkchyld (Passive): Whenever Magik fills a bar of Power, there is a 25% chance that she will spend the next 3 seconds in a limbo-like state. After completing two bars, your odds improve by 12.5%, and after completing all three, they improve by 25%. Signature Level currently in effect adds X% to the odds.
Amazing Spider-Man: 2099 Science When a Burst of Physical Damage is triggered, Ruptures have a chance of X that they will not be consumed. While your opponent is suffering from the Wither debuff, your Combat Power Rate will increase by X%.
Gather Obsidian Cosmic Cull Obsidian’s Rout Buff has an enforced 15-second cooldown after it has been used, allowing for its reactivation during this time. Cull’s aggression is rewarded with a Fury Buff, increasing his Attack by X for 5 seconds whenever Rout goes into cooldown. The duration of this buff increases by 0.5 seconds for each hit that was landed while Rout was active.
Guardian Tech While Guardian’s Armor Up effect is active, Alpha Weapon gains the following bonuses:
Efficiency Plus X In Blocking
Protection from External Forces X
An Increase of X Percent in Resistance to Bleeding
X Resistance to Critical Effects
An Ultimate Symbiote Mystic Using symbiomancy, the target opponent is subjected to a stagger passive effect at regular intervals of X seconds. The next time an opponent’s buff is activated, Stagger will immediately cancel it out.
She-Hulk Science She-Hulk studies her foe exhaustively and drains them of their strength, allowing her to inflict a Passive effect on them that lowers a specific stat by X% depending on their Class.
You Are Captain Marvel Cosmic Captain Marvel is granted an Indestructible Buff of equal duration (in binary) while Binary Ignition is active. There is an X second cooldown before you can use this ability again.

When Captain Marvel takes damage from a Special Attack, the Indestructible Buff and 50 percent of his Energy Charges are depleted.

Apocalypse Mutant It’s a matter of survival of the fittest, so when Apocalypse isn’t duking it out, he sleeps in his Rejuvenation Chamber. For every battle his team won while he slept, he will regain X health at the beginning of his next battle. You can multiply this by two!


Complete your team with strong champions who can excel in their positions.

Champion Class Skill That Stands Out
Darkhawk Tech Upgrades from Null Space: Darkhawk’s Raptor Armor draws its power directly from Null Space, vastly enhancing the Armor’s primary capabilities.
The Voodoo Doctor Mystic Brother Daniel: When Doctor Voodoo uses a Special Attack, Brother Daniel will possess either Doctor Voodoo or his opponent, switching between them as the combo meter fills up.
A View (of Aarkus) Cosmic False evidence accepted:
Aarkus has a chance to Purify one of each non-Damaging Debuff on him whenever he takes one. It’s limited to once every X seconds.
Rampage of the Incredible Hulk Science When Hulk (Ragnarok) or his opponent reaches X% Health remaining, the crowd votes on who they think did a better job. They will give you the thumbs up if they think you fought well. A thumbs-down indicates that the fighter does not think they performed well in battle. Hulk receives a Passive benefit for each decision he makes.

With a Thumbs Up, Hulk’s health will regenerate over X seconds.

When you give the thumbs down, your opponent gets X Attack for the rest of the round.

Blade Skill Vampiric Immortality: When Blade’s health is below 70%, he can use his healing factor to restore X Health at the cost of 30-50% of a Bar of Power per second by holding Block.
Iceman Mutant With the help of his Cryokinesis, Iceman can bring the temperature around him down to zero. As a result, his opponent will begin the battle with Coldsnap active, taking X Energy Damage over 12 seconds and being unable to Evade attacks. In addition, Iceman can quickly reassemble his Ice Armor, regaining full functionality in just 3 seconds.
A. Emma Frost Mutant White Queen: While in Telepath Form, if Emma Frost would take damage equal to or greater than X percent of her Max Health from a single source, she will instead take that damage in Diamond Form for 3 seconds. Activating this ability takes precedence over checking Armor and Resistances.
Until a short time after Emma Frost finishes her Special Attack, the opponent takes control.
Surfer in Silver Cosmic With the help of the cosmic energies, Silver Surfer’s buffs all have an increased effectiveness of between 5 and 50%.
Introducing Spider-Man: Stealth Suit! Skilled Increases the effectiveness of Fury passives by X% thanks to S.H.I.E.L.D. technology.
Sentinel Tech With this Analysis Upgrade, Sentinel gains 20 Analysis Charges whenever the target uses a Special Attack that is identical to one it has already used.
Red Hulk Science Second Attack: General Ross is getting ready to step over the line in the sand, and he’s armed to the teeth with X Heat Charges to start the fight; with each charge he uses, he gains X Physical Resistance.
Each Heat Charge also increases resistance to Incinerate Damage by X%.
The Hood Mystic Dealing in the Dark: With Dormammu’s advice, the Hood masters the use of his demonic tools. Whenever the Hood’s Invisibility is cooling down, his basic attacks have a X% chance to Steal 10% of his opponent’s Power and he is immune to being stunned.
Gambit Mutant Ragin’ Cajun: Le Diable Blanc has his flak jacket upgraded for longer durability and his Prowess buffed to increase his Critical Damage.
This is Jabari Panther. Skill The Hunt lasts for an extra X seconds if you’re a Ghekre’s Chosen.
As long as the Hunt is active, whenever Jabari Panther would gain a Huntress Charge, she instead gains a Counterpunch Charge that lasts indefinitely. For every X signature levels you earn, your maximum charge increases by 1.
When you Block an Attack, you can spend a Counterpunch Charge to become Unstoppable for X seconds, but you’ll lose all of your charges when the Hunt is over.
Carnage Cosmic Carnage’s bloodlust is triggered by the sight and smell of blood, and as a result, he gains a temporary buff to his attack power whenever he causes a Bleed or Armor Break on his opponent. Depending on how close Carnage is to the Bleeding or Armor-Broken opponent, the Power Gain can grant up to X% of a Bar of Power per second.
Guillotine Mystic Ancestral Power: For every four Ancestral Souls Guillotine possesses, she gains a 10% chance to absorb X% of damage done as Health. Take a minimum of X% Health, regardless of your current Soul count.
Star-Lord Tech Star-Lord is a skilled tactician; as blows are traded, he studies his opponent’s techniques and adapts accordingly, increasing his Attack by X for each hit of the Combo Meter, up to a maximum of X hits. For each tick of his opponent’s Combo Meter, Star-Lord’s Block Proficiency increases by X.
Wasp Science With Quantum Evade, you have a flat 20% greater chance to shrink in size and launch a Counter Attack when under attack. After a successful shrink, Counter Attack can be used again 60% less quickly.
Sabretooth Mutant Raging Heart: Under Fire

If Sabretooth is Heal Blocked, he will gain a Passive Regeneration stack that, over 30 seconds, will heal 20-60% of the damage he took from the hit. Ability Accuracy for Fury and Regeneration effects is permanently increased by 60% to 100%. Sabretooth loses Regeneration stacks gradually if he does not make contact with the opponent for more than 5 seconds.

Octopus Doctor Tech Expertise in the Classroom:

In terms of physics, you should drain all of the power you gain and steal 10% of the power you use.
Through the use of chemistry, you will inflict Direct Damage equal to 100% of your health gain and Lifesteal 20% of your damage.
While active, your Biology will grant you the standard Breakthrough Armor Up and X Armor Penetration.

Mojo Mystic Big Mojo Energy (Passive): If Mojo has at least 5,000,000 followers, activating his Anti-Life Field grants him a Fury Buff that increases his Attack Rating by 1756.51 for the duration of his Anti-Life Field.
Luke Cage Science The first time Luke Cage takes damage in a fight, his bulletproof skin allows him to become Indestructible and ignore all damage for X seconds. There is a 45-26 second cooldown before this ability can be used again.
Thor Cosmic When the Thunder God is stunned, Ragnarok (Passive) causes him to become enraged, increasing his Attack by 30% for 4.5 seconds. Furthermore, his Stunning attacks shred enemy Armor, decreasing it by X percent.
Smack the Monkey Skill Hit-Monkey passively reduces the opponent’s defensive ability accuracy by 40% while they have less than 25% health or are a #Mercenary.
Temporary Closure Due to Storm (Pyramid X) Mutant The Wrath of Ororo Munroe occurs when Storm’s health drops below X percent of her maximum.
There is a red goblin in the house. Comic Bonding for Strength: Norman Osborn and the Carnage Symbiote have formed a potent symbiotic relationship.
Although Panic is Present:
The Symbiote buff generated by Special Attacks is 1 Health but has X% less Power.
Sasquatch Mystic Sasquatch, Old Beast of the North, has a 70% chance to passively regenerate 5% of missing health over 20 seconds when below 40% of maximum health and is hit by a Contact Attack. Maximum of three layers.

When using Wrath of Tanaraq, Sasquatch’s Defensive Combat Power Rate drops by 70% when struck by Special or Heavy Attacks, and he becomes Passively Unstoppable during these types of attacks.

Crossbones Skill Brock Rumlow has a chance of X percent to shrug off a Debuff and turn it into a Fury effect, thanks to his grueling HYDRA training. Against Mutant Champions, the chance drops by 15%, while facing Science Champions raises it by 15%.
To Punish in the Year 2099 Tech Last-minute upgrades to Punisher 2099’s arsenal in Retribution 2099 give him a new Nano-Tech Automatic Effect and an extra X percent charge in his Nano-Tech Battery at the start of every fight.
If your opponent fills up their Power Bar, you can Power Lock them for 8 seconds by draining X percent of your battery.
Spider-Gwen Science Gwen’s critical hits have a X% chance to deal double damage while in Hunter Spider Mode, thanks to her enhanced Weave ability. When Gwen is in her Trap Spider Form, a critical hit has a X percent chance to weaken enemies, reducing their attack by 20% for 7 seconds.
A Classic Version of Black Panther Skill With a chance of X, T’Challa’s fists transform into cat’s claws, carving infinite lacerations in his foes for 7 seconds and dealing direct damage equal to X percent of your Attack.
Terrax Cosmic In a battle, if Terrax has less than one Power Cosmic at the beginning of the match, Galactus will grant him two. At the beginning of each battle, Terrax activates his Rock Field and unleashes 66% of his full power.
Miles Morales’ Spider-Man Science If a Spider Can Do It, So Can You!

If Miles completes a Spider-Challenge, his Attack Rating will increase by X for 12 seconds. In addition, he is no longer limited to completing Spider-Challenges just once during the course of the fight. Nonetheless, you can only gain 1 Spider-Sense Charge per Spider-Challenge.

Toad Mutant Gain an unending Passive Prowess that, when a personal Stun or Poison, or the Stun from the Parry Mastery, is Purified or fails to trigger due to immunities, increases Special Attack damage by X%. You can only have a maximum of 10 stacks.
If a Poison fails to activate due to immunity, at 10 Prowess you can expend all of your Prowess to inflict a Passive Stun for 2 seconds. A Special Attack will not be halted by this effect.
If the Passive Stun was triggered by a Tongue Attack, its duration would be increased by X%.
Machine de guerre Tech If War Machine’s health falls below 20%, it will empty its remaining ammunition and buff its defenses and attack for the next 12 hits by up to 90% and X%, respectively.
Bishop Mutant Prescience: Your starting bonus is determined by how full your Power bars are.
Antivenom: Duck Cosmic Symbiosis Apotheosis: Aberration effect starts with X% charge and the following Special Attack boosts thanks to twisted mutations.
Special 1 siphoning damage increased by X%.
Increased by X% in terms of time, Toxic Armor’s effects last even longer.
After completing Special 3, you will gain X% of an Aberration charge.
The Woman Who Disappeared Science Disappearing Act: At the outset of battle, Invisible Woman transforms into Invisibility; the battle continues uninterrupted. Every time Invisible Woman is defeated, she has a 50% chance of becoming invisible.

A Force Field recovers 5% of its initial value whenever an opponent misses.

Ragnarok Thor Skill Rekindled Fire: Lightning The Attack Rating of God’s Wrath has been increased by X.
Furthermore, your opponent loses X% of their Ability Accuracy for every Shock debuff they have.
Vision Tech The Vision, the only known Synthezoid, can synthesize X Power on occasion while fighting.
Morningstar Mystic Morningstar’s weapon, the Soul Link, creates a connection to her opponent’s soul, allowing her to draw strength from their energy while draining it from them.
Odin Cosmic Guardian of the Nine Realms Odin receives a 10-second buff matching his opponent’s current buffs whenever his opponent is knocked down and Odin is also knocked down.
The utmost number of stacks per person:
Infuriating buff that adds X to your attack rating.
Armor Rating Increased by X thanks to the Armor Up buff.
Increase your resistance to physical damage by X with this buff.
Increase your resistance to energy by X with the Resist Energy buff.
Suppression of Critical Resistance Strengthen, gaining X Critical Defense.
Venompool Cosmic There is a X percent chance that every six seconds, the symbiote known as Venom will tap into Deadpool’s wacky mind and bestow some random benefit on him for a limited time.
Sersi Cosmic While Sersi’s Glancing buff is active, Glanced hits grant a Regeneration buff that heals X% of damage taken per Transmutation over 3 seconds. This effect is based on ancient molecular control. This ability goes into effect before determining whether or not Armor and Resistances are in place, and it cannot be triggered by blocking. Overpowered Transmutation buffs have no effect on this skill.
Acquire a Force When Sersi’s Fury or Glancing Buffs wear off or are nullified, you gain a buff that gradually refills X% of a Bar of Power over 1.50 seconds.
God-like king Groot Cosmic King Groot’s unyielding might comes from the fact that whenever he enters Cool Down, he immediately begins focusing on rapidly repairing his cellular damage, gaining the Regeneration Buff and regaining X Health over the course of the Cool Down.
Ikaris Cosmic Energy Backblast: Whenever an opponent uses an effect on Ikaris to which he is immune, Ikaris suffers an Energy Vulnerability Passive, reducing his Energy Resistance by X for 10 seconds. Stack limit of ten
Gwenpool Skill The main character in Gwenpool’s comics never dies, so her Plot Armor prevents her from taking more than X% damage from Special Attacks. At the same time, her increasing combo count causes her opponent’s defensive abilities to be less effective.
Hawkeye Skill If Hawkeye scores a Critical Hit with an Arrow Shot, any Bleed Debuff he or she has triggered is upgraded to a Critical Bleed, increasing its damage by an amount equal to his or her Critical Damage Multiplier.
As an added bonus, the opponent’s Physical Resistance drops by X for every Bleed debuff.
As Elsa Bloodstone Skill Huntress of the Competition: Critical Hits with Hellfire Rounds deal an extra X damage when fighting Science Champions. Each critical hit with a Behemoth Buster does an extra X damage when used against champions of size Large or Extra Large.
When facing off against the final node of a Quest, Elsa gains X Critical Damage Rating.
The Black Widow’s Evil Roots Skill Training in the Red Room: Sabotage debuffs become more effective, dealing an additional X percent Direct damage when an ability fails to trigger.
Lengthen the effect of Sabotage Debuffs by X percent.
When Widow’s Insight is active, debuffs caused by landing hits are delayed for X seconds.
Kraven Skill While the opponent is rooted, Dash Attacks have an Unblockable Trample Passive that can only be avoided by Well-Timed Blocks.
Bleeds dealt to an opponent while they are rooted deal critical damage equal to a multiplier of X% of Kraven’s Critical Damage.
Centurion Silver Tech Lock-On has been upgraded, making Silver Centurion’s Shock and Plasma debuffs passive and increasing their duration by X percent.
As a result of the X increase in Locked-On Block Expertise,
Patriotic Fighter Tech Improved Arc Shield (Passive): At the outset of combat, the Civil Warrior will have access to two Armor Up charges, each of which will increase his Armor Rating by X for two seconds. While blocking, he is also immune to X% of Special Damage. Gain an extra 30 percent of your maximum health when facing off against Mutant Champions.
Thing Science Invincible Willpower While the Heavy Attack Recharges

For the next 5 seconds, the Thing has activated Protection, reducing all damage taken by 70% and adding 1% for each Rock Stack. Using this power again for the next 20 seconds will put it on cooldown.

When Thing is Stunned, Unbreakable Spirit will activate as well. When the Opponent’s Basic Attack or Special Attack would deal 300% or more of the defender’s Attack Rating in damage, Unbreakable Spirit will go off. Ability cooldowns are disregarded when this trigger is activated.

Protector of the Blood Red Science Increased Stamina in Combat: The Ablative Shield’s Max Stamina increases by 1 for every 40 Signature Levels you obtain. You can gain a maximum of 5 points. As with Well-Timed blocks, there is a 100% chance that they will not cause a decrease in Durability.
Joe Fixit Science Mr. Fixit is a master gambler who always comes out on top thanks to his passive construction of “Double Down.” For 7 seconds after each roll on Gambler’s Ruin, he will have two of his poker suits instead of one.
Excellent Man Science Mister Fantastic, the Battlerealm’s Smartest Man, has an increased Offensive Power Rate by X% for each Careful Study Passive on the Enemy.
The already-impressive chance that Mister Fantastic has to Evade any Unblockable attack increases by a flat X percent. This increases by X% for each unblockable hit the opponent initiates, up to X% for basic attacks.
Anti-Venom Science Anti-Venom’s passive regeneration stacks up to recover X% of the Attack Damage taken from a non-critical hit over 20 seconds; this effect is cancelled if the Klyntar debuff is purified.
For every X hits on the Combo Meter from either Champion, the Personal Debuff’s effect strength is increased by X%. Each additional hit on the Combo Meter amplifies all non-personal Debuffs by X%. There is a limit of X hits before the effect stops having an effect.

Best Champions Ranked March 2021 - Seatin's Tier List - Marvel Contest of Champions - YouTube


These heroes are merely adequate, and you’ll need to construct your party around them in order to take on the endgame content. If you can’t find better ones, replace them.

Champion Class Unique Talent
Ronin Skill Ronin gains Evasion for 2.00 seconds on their next attack while at 7 Cruelty Passives. When Ronin successfully avoids an attack, three Cruelty Passives are removed. If you successfully evade, you won’t gain any Stance Abilities.
Gain a Fury Passive that increases Attack Rating by X for 12 seconds whenever a Ronin successfully avoids an attack.
A Tale of a Young Squirrel Girl Skill Squirrel Girl’s Combo Meter is always filled to 40 at the beginning of a fight thanks to her “Tippy-Toe Level Up!” ability.
When an Instant Bleed is dealt by Tippy-Toe, there is a 70% chance that any Bleed Debuffs on the target will instead be refreshed.
Rogue Mutant A Critical Success on a Life or Power Steal increases the amount of the enemy’s psyche that is absorbed.
Jubilee Mutant Princess of Pyrotechnics Deal a jolt of X Energy Damage to the Opponent whenever one of Jubilee’s personal Debuffs on them ends.
Deal X Energy Damage in a burst whenever your opponent removes a debuff.
What a thrasher it is in the night! Skill With the passive ability “Board to Death,” a Heavy Attack has a 35% chance per active Gadget Debuff to inflict Taunt, reducing the target’s Attack by 40% and increasing the chance to activate their Special Attack by 70% for 10 seconds.
Masacre Skill Mascare’s dedication to his work earns him the following enthusiastic punishments:
During attacks, your attack rate is increased by (X – X)%.
The Critical Score is (X – X).
“Winter Soldier” Skill EMP Upgrade: Bucky’s bionic arm has been upgraded, allowing him to deal 15% more Critical Hit damage and draining X% of his opponent’s maximum Power with each hit. It drains more health when a critical hit occurs.
The Daredevil (Hong Kong Version) Skill Morally Questionable Murdock Boy or Model Teenager? Upon leaving this mode, you are guaranteed to receive a stacking Rage Debuff that lasts for 17 seconds.
While in Stick’s Apprentice mode, attacks for 0.20 seconds reduce the amount of damage an opponent can take from Passive effects by 100%.
Korg Skill While Korg has Rock Shield active, any Medium, Heavy, or Special Attack that successfully hits him deals an additional X Physical Damage. If the opponent’s hit deals Energy Damage, this ability does not go into effect, and mutant champions take 25% less damage instead.
Korg has a 65% chance to recover from Debuffs while Rock Shield is active, and he gains one Rock Shield charge for each Debuff he avoids.
Former Black Widow Skill Black Widow’s strikes are subtle and calculated, reducing the chances that her opponents’ abilities will be triggered by 80%. When facing Science Champion players, this chance increases by 15%, while it decreases by the same amount when facing Mutant players.
Killmonger Skill Effect of Reverberation: – Vibranium Armor reflects damage back at the attacker. When Killmonger is Struck or Blocks an attack while wearing Vibranium Armor, Reverberation is activated for 8 seconds, dealing damage back to the opponent. If activated while Killmonger has enough stored Power, he can deal Physical Damage equal to 60-140% of the original attack. There is an 8-second cooldown after using Reverberation.
With Reverberation and True Strike active, Killmonger’s attacks deal double damage and increase his Attack Rating by X-X.
Taskmaster Skill Taskmaster’s ability to intuitively recognize patterns in combat makes it harder for even the most powerful of his foes to use their abilities effectively against him.
Adds 4 seconds to the duration of any concussion debuffs you use. With each successful use of Exploit Weakness, Taskmaster inflicts his opponent with a Concussion Debuff, decreasing their Ability Accuracy by 10% for 6 seconds and resetting the duration of any previously active Concussions.
If Taskmaster simultaneously applies five Concussions to an opponent, the effect of those five Concussions becomes a Passive effect that reduces the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 50% for 15 seconds, counts as five Debuffs for Taskmaster’s other Abilities, and cancels the cooldown on Exploit Weakness. Taskmaster will not suffer from any further Concussion Debuffs while this effect is active.
The Elder Logan Mutant As a result of his battle scars, Logan has a 61.7% chance for each of his 0 Damage Passive Bleeds to increase in duration by 400%. In each fight, Logan’s first Special Attack gains an Attack rating of X.
Sauron Mutant Gift of the Doctor: After the fight has begun, if your opponent attempts to inflict a Bleed or Incinerate effect while you have the Degeneration Passive active, you will instead inflict a Passive version of that effect, dealing X damage over 2 seconds. Raise one’s Passive Power of Prowess by a constant 10%.
Marvel’s Wolverine (X-23) Mutant With Frenzy, Wolverine (X-23)’s assassin training kicks in and she becomes focused on finishing the fight whenever her opponent has three or more Bleed stacks or she has three or more Cruelty stacks, increasing her Critical Rating and Critical Damage Rating by X.
Cable Mutant Cable’s immense mutant powers are limited by the need to constantly suppress the techno organic virus. Each time Cable fills a bar of power, the virus’s strength decreases by 5%, giving him a 40% chance to gain 16.5% Power over 10 seconds.
Psylocke Mutant When Psylocke’s opponent has no Power, her psionically enhanced strikes can disrupt their nervous system, reducing their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 65%.
The lower your opponent’s current Power, the higher your bonus Critical Damage Rating up to X.
Mr. Evil Mutant Engineered Perfection: After each victory, Mister Sinister steals the genetic code of the defeated Champion, granting him a new Passive ability for the duration of the quest based on the Champion’s Class.
Raccoon Rocket Tech Rocket’s fur flies with its passive Furocity ability, which increases its Critical Hit Rate by up to X% after it scores ten consecutive hits with a Combo.
Vulture Tech Vulture can start the fight with an abundance of Chitauri Energy thanks to an upgrade to his suit that converts excess heat into power; this upgrade also allows him to absorb the Incinerate Debuff, allowing him to use it to replenish his Chitauri Energy if it is applied to him.
Assembled in Iron Man (IW) Tech With 15% Health or less, Iron Man’s Model 50 suit will activate an emergency protocol once per fight, granting 8 stacks of Molecular Armor instantly to create a hardened exterior.
With 15% Health or less and while under the effects of an Armor effect, Iron Man’s suit generates 6.6% Power per second and has a 100% chance to Auto-Block attacks without using Armor. This Automatic Block activates Parry.
Psycho-Man Tech When an opponent’s Ability fails to activate while they are under the effects of one of Psycho-Man’s Concussions, the Microverse Overlord applies a Heal Block Debuff that lasts for X seconds.
They are Power Locked for 6.00 second(s) if they have been Heal Blocked for at least 0.5 second(s). Psycho-Man gains X% of a Bar of Power whenever the Opponent heals while Heal Blocked or gains Power while Power Locked, with the amount of Power gained or lost scaling accordingly.
The Quack of Howard Tech If Howard has a Class Advantage in a fight, he can use his renowned Quack-Fu to achieve the following benefits.
Critical Hit Protection of 40% of Howard’s Armor Value. Incoming debuffs have their duration reduced by 1.3 seconds instead of the usual 100% due to your base ability’s accuracy of 115%.
Yondu Tech Yondu’s ability to sing in the upper registers of the human voice allows him to exert fine control over his yaka arrows, a traditional weapon in the Centaurian archery tradition. When an opponent uses a Special Attack, their Attack is reduced by 30% for 5 seconds for each Debuff effect they are experiencing at the time of activation.
Kang Tech With his neuro-kinetic suit of armor, Kang can achieve an Armor Rating of up to X, depending on how much Power he has stored.
Sentry Science Molecular Restructuring: Sentry has a chance to gain Indestructible whenever he suffers a Combo loss, and Reality Warps last throughout the entire match. The Sentry has a 100% chance to become Indestructible for 0.3 seconds per Reality Warp when he loses his Combo. If Sentry is hit with a Debuff, then Indestructible will not activate.
If Sentry’s Health is greater than zero at the start of a fight, the Reality Warps from the previous fight will be carried over.
Yellowjacket Science Invasion and Seizure:
If Special 1: Power Sting is used for its full duration, it has a 100% chance to end with the target stunned for 2.10 seconds.
In addition, you will have 5 Core Charge when Petrify is lifted.
A third special, Power Sting, has a one hundred percent chance of being automatically reapplied after being activated. Each time this occurs, the odds decrease by 0%.
M.O.D.O.K. Science If M.O.D.O.K. has already defeated an enemy of the same Class, the effectiveness of its Master Plan – Blocking and Auto-Blocking is increased. Defeating a Class grants a Force Field an additional 128 Block Proficiency, and subsequent battles against that Class grant an additional special Block bonus:

Mutant Champions are 16% less vulnerable to Special Attacks.
Injuries to Tech Champions increase their maximum Power by 5%.
Cosmic Champions: Each unique enemy buff reduces your damage taken by 5%.
As a Mystic Champion, whenever you take damage, you gain 5% of your maximum Power.
Champions of Science have their damage reduced by 5% for each distinct debuff they suffer.
As for the Skill Champions, I don’t see the point. They don’t even have superpowers!

Ebony Maw Mystic Whenever an opponent fails to land an attack, they take X to X damage over 1 second from a Degeneration Passive.
While the enemy is affected by the Falter debuff, Ebony Maw’s Ability Power Rate increases by X to X% and their Auto-Block Ability Accuracy decreases by 100%.
Man-Thing Mystic Man-Thing’s Attack will increase by X to X for 10 seconds if its health is between 50% and 100%, thanks to the power of the swamp. Any time Man-Thing’s health falls below 50%, it has a 100% chance to activate a Regeneration Buff, restoring X to X Health over 10 seconds.
The Supreme Commander Science If an opponent’s ability misses due to his immunity or reduced Ability Accuracy, the Overseer gains one Gamma Power and deals a burst of X Physical Damage. That amount of damage scales solely with the attacker’s base attack. There is a 1 second cooldown on this effect.
Countering a Heavy or Special Attack by Attacking the Opponent While They Are Recovering Every attack does X points of instantaneous physical damage. There is a 1 second cooldown on this effect.
Abomination Science Irradiate: Making physical contact with the gamma-irradiated body of an Abomination has a 25.03 percent chance of poisoning the target, reducing their Health recovery by 30 percent and dealing X Direct Damage over 12 seconds.
Phantom Biker Mystic Avenging Spirit: Complete a 5-hit Combo with a Medium Attack; Judgment of Corruption: 65% Chance
As a secondary effect, Ghost Rider’s Attack is increased by 25-100% for 7.5 sec.
Mephisto Mystic When struck, Mephisto’s Aura of Incineration is activated and he begins to burn with rage.
Mephisto has a 5-14.98% chance to emit an incendiary field around him for 4 seconds whenever he is attacked, a reaction that is sure to inflame his foes. Increased by 120% for strategically placed blocks. Modifications to the accuracy of Passive Abilities have no effect on Mephisto.
Purgatory Mystic Losing a fight while engaging in a Demonic Rampage or using a Special Attack results in instant capture of the Opponent’s Soul and damnation to Hell for all of eternity. Mystic, Cosmic, and Skill Souls now last 35% longer. The Tech and Mutant Souls both gain a 10% boost to their power.
Ronan Cosmic The Supreme Accuser issues an edict, increasing the target’s Attack and Stun durations by X percent if they have used any beneficial effects.
Nova Cosmic Nova, the Human Rocket, gains up to X Bonus Attack Rating for Medium Attacks, proportional to the distance covered in the most recent successfully executed dash.
If you have 75 or more Nova Charges, the Parry Mastery will activate when Nova uses its Auto Block ability. Special Attacks are immune to interruption by this effect.
All buffs have their duration increased by 80%.
Super-Skrull Cosmic Capable of maintaining its own power, Super-Skrull receives a Power Gain Buff equal to 3.55 percent of a Bar of Power every second while in Cosmic Energy Overload.
Annihilus Cosmic While Annihilus’ opponent’s back is against a wall, he or she gains 1 passive aptitude effect called “Tremble Before Me,” increasing the effectiveness of Annihilus’ Fury, Armor Up, and Precision buffs by X%.
Marvel, Captain Cosmic During the duration of Binary Ignition, Captain Marvel receives an Indestructible Buff that lasts for X seconds, increasing his or her overall durability to the binary value of infinity. After a rest period of X seconds, you can use this ability again.

When hit by a Special Attack, Captain Marvel loses the Indestructible Buff and half of his Energy Charges.

Symbiote Spider-Man Cosmic When Spider-Man uses a special attack, the alien symbiote gives him increased Spider Senses and increases his Evasion by 40.01% for 8 seconds.
Heimdall Cosmic Every time Heimdall receives a True Strike Buff, he has a 100% chance to activate a Precision Buff increasing his Critical Rating by X for 10 seconds.
Gamora Cosmic Assassination: There is a chance of X that Gamora’s Godslayer blade lands a killing blow, dealing significant Critical Hit Damage.
To paraphrase, “Ms. Marvel” Cosmic Energy storage results in an attack boost of X percent. Blocking also absorbs some of the energy from attacks, which Ms. Marvel can use to recharge her Power Meter.


There’s a good chance that these heroes will be removed from the metagame soon. This means that it’s best to abandon them as soon as possible.

Champion Class Superior Capability
Red Skull Tech For a prolonged period of time, you can maintain Heavy Charging and generate X% more power per second thanks to the passive properties of the Cube Affinity.
Phoenix Cosmic Once per battle, whenever the Phoenix is about to be knocked out, she instead gains invulnerability for 2 seconds, uses up all of her Phoenix Force charges, and heals for X% of her maximum health. This ability is passive. When that happens, she’ll have one more charge in her Phoenix Force.
WWII Captain America Science Safeguard (Passive): While your opponent is under a beneficial effect, your chance to Perfectly Block all damage increases by up to X percent.
Classic Daredevil Skill Daredevil’s radar sense allows him to dodge projectiles with a success rate (%) greater than that of Spider-Man.
Goldpool Mutant With the ability to regenerate health twice as fast, double-regen playtime is double the fun.
American Chavez Mystic By activating at least three distinct Dimensions, America Chavez gains the Supercharged state and the benefits listed below.
Infusion of Dimensional Energy enhanced by X%.
If you use your Special 2 during a Heavy Attack, you’ll gain an extra stack of the dimension you used.
Substance Venom’s Agent Skill At the start of the fight, and whenever Flash’s Max Health drops below 50%, he suffers a momentary loss of control over the Venom symbiote, resulting in increased attack by X. This is known as Klyntar Rage. Once he’s hit five times, the effect will no longer take effect.
Klyntar Rage grants Flash an increase of X to his Critical Damage Rating for the duration.
Beast Mutant Beast’s current fighting style determines which chain combos he can perform.
If you’re fighting in Freestyle mode, you can deal up to X% of your Attack in Direct damage per blow by landing a Medium hit followed by a Light, Light, Light, and Medium combo. If Beast finishes the combo, his Critical chance will increase by 25% for 5 seconds.
In Acrobatic Form, if Beast blocks an attack and then uses a Medium, Light, Light, Medium combo, Beast’s maximum Health will be restored by up to X% per move, where X is determined by Beast’s Signature level. When a combo is successful, the target takes 50% less damage from attacks for 5 seconds.
There will be a 5-second cooldown before you can begin a new combo after an unsuccessful one.
Nightcrawler Mutant Thanks to his Neyaphen ancestry and X-Men training, Nightcrawler can switch into combat mode 0.3 seconds sooner than the rest of the team. When he deals a Deep Wound, his Attack increases by 15%-35% for 7 seconds.
Storm Mutant Conduit: As her opponent’s Power Meter fills up, Storm’s lightning strikes become more powerful, dealing up to X additional Special Damage.
Drax Cosmic Fascinate: Fury has a fixed 12% chance to increase The Destroyer’s Attack by X for 6 seconds after each use.
Ultron (The Original) Tech Ultron (Classic) releases more Nano-Inhibitors, decreasing his opponent’s Offensive Ability Accuracy by 28.04% per stack, for each Armor Up active that is effective.
This is the Green Goblin. Tech As a result of Green Goblin’s access to Oscorp Weaponry, he now has the means to set off all of his Bag of Tricks at once with a single detonation of the Super Bomb.
While the Special 3 attack still has a chance to activate both the Super Bomb and Pumpkin Bomb effects, the probability of activating the Super Bomb increases from 15% to 34% per bar of Power, and causes all Bag of Tricks effects to trigger.
Successful One; Winner; victor Cosmic The Champion’s full potential as The Primordial Power is released during his Primal Fury when at least one of his Fury Buffs is active. That’s a 150% boost to the effectiveness of his Armor Break. In addition, he becomes Unstoppable and immune to Basic Attacks from his opponent for 5 seconds whenever he activates 2 or more of his Fury Buffs.
For each active Fury Buff and while his Unstoppable Buff is active, he heals for X% of the damage taken this fight per second, outside of the amount already healed by this ability, while attacking or defending on the final node of a Quest. There is a cap of 5% Health per second that can be restored with this ability.
The Champion not only heals their Health, but they also have immunity to the effects of Fate Seal, Heal Block, Petrify, and anything else that alters Regeneration besides Poison.
Air-Walker Cosmic Every 8 seconds, the Herald of the Destroyer will apply the Dark Tide debuff to the target.
Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel Cosmic Morphogenesis: Ms. Marvel is getting the hang of this competition thing, as evidenced by an 8-second increase in the duration of her Fury and a 10% increase in the potency of its effects.
Superhero: Black Bolt Cosmic Battle simulations as provocation This moderation on the part of Blackagar Boltagon. It’s possible that he’ll get a permanent Cruelty or Fury Buff every time he takes a Critical Hit. Every time he scores a Critical Hit of his own, he has a 6.50-second chance to gain the Fury or Cruelty buff.
A X Attack bonus from Fury Buffs.
When you equip a Cruelty Buff, your Critical Hit Rate will increase by X.
Electro Science Electrostatic: As the Power of both players increases, the atmosphere becomes charged, potentially increasing Critical Rating by up to X points.
Hulk Science HULK RAISE: When Hulk takes damage, he becomes enraged and gains an attack bonus of up to X, proportional to the amount of Health he has lost. When he gets mad, you won’t like him very much.
Civil War Black Panther. Skill Black Panther always starts a fight in his Reflective state because it’s a habit of his. For an additional 0.75 seconds after using 1 Armor Up effect, Black Panther’s Armor has a passive X% chance to absorb the impact of a particularly heavy attack.
Elektra Skill Tighten Up: When an opponent’s Health falls below 25%, Elektra’s Final Strike will now activate. When Elektra’s opponent is within Final Strike range, she deals X more Critical Damage.
Punisher Skill Pain Resilient: The Marine Corps. Viet Nam War. Gangsters from Italy. Frank Castle has trained himself to withstand extremely severe pain, giving him a X percent chance that he will activate an Indestructible Passive that will render him invincible for 8 seconds in the face of a potentially fatal blow. One per battle only.
Loki Mystic ASCENDANT: While Loki has less than one Power Bar, he passively generates additional Power over time, making him arguably the most powerful sorcerer in all of Asgard.
Loki gains X% Power per second through sorcery and deception, but only if his pressure is less than 1 bar.
Mordo Mystic Because of his Mystical Barrier, Mordo is immune to 80% of all Energy Damage from attacks and debuffs.
Marvel’s Doctor Strange Mystic When an enemy buff takes effect, the Sorcerer Supreme immediately counters it with a counterspell. Proportion of successful spellcasting: 85%
“Thor” (Jane Foster) Mystic Thor (Jane Foster) unleashes “That Which Smashes” with Freyja’s (the All-Mother) blessing and Mjolnir’s (the All-Powerful) might, causing certain Critical Hits and X Critical Damage Rating against Stunned foes.
Mangog Mystic Sin grants Mangog a chance of X% to gain 1 Hatred whenever an opponent’s Stagger effect expires normally. While Unstoppable Mangog’s passive ability is active, it repairs 20% of all damage taken from hits immediately.
Increase your Attack Rating by X points per point of Hatred.
Increase your critical hit rate by X points of damage for every point of hatred you have.
Dormammu Mystic Dormammu’s Soul Leech allows him to tap into his foe’s very being by harnessing their abilities. After an opponent’s buffs wear off, Dormammu has a chance of 100% to Degenerate them for 130% of his attack over 10 seconds. If it has been a while since this ability was used, its likelihood of activating will rise.
Iron Fist Mystic Aim: The Iron Fists have a X% chance per activation to reduce the target’s Armor Rating by X due to their repeated strikes to pressure points.


These heroes are currently the worst in the game and should be avoided at all costs.

Champion Class Unique Talent
Iron Man Tech If Iron Man’s health falls below 15%, he will activate Arc Overload, which will temporarily increase his Armor and Regeneration by X% and restore his health.
True Patriot Tech If Iron Patriot’s health drops below 10%, he will use his Arc Overload ability, which provides a massive burst of power in the form of increased Armor, Regeneration, and Power Gain of X%. After that, his suit goes out of commission, rendering him defenseless against further attacks.
Better than Iron Man Cosmic If Iron Man’s Health falls below 15%, he will activate Arc Overload (Passive), which will temporarily increase his Armor and Regeneration by X% and restore some of his Health.
Ant-Man Science The Pym Gas Control allows Ant-Man to subtly change his size during combat, increasing the chance that incoming attacks will glance by X percent. The critical chance, damage, and accuracy of offensive abilities are all reduced by X percent on glancing hits.
Historically Speaking, Spider-Man Science In addition to Spider-Man’s inherent stealthiness, his enhanced agility, diminutive stature, and spiderlike sixth sense make him X% less detectable by would-be assassins.
A Classic Captain America Science When Cap’s health is low, he can take heart from Last Stand, an ability that increases his chance to Perfectly Block all damage by up to X%.
Deathcry X-Force Mutant When an enemy is poked in the duodenum, they will bleed out permanently, taking X Direct Damage over the course of three seconds.
Thanos Cosmic Thanos the Mad Titan, who has been granted near immortality, passively lowers his opponent’s base Attack by X% (as a boss in End Game, this equates to a 63.05% reduction in Attack).
Groot Cosmic Groot, the Gentle Giant, has had enough of fighting and the pain it causes his friends, so he brings two charges of pacifism to the fight. Furthermore, each stack of Fury he acquires by rejecting his amiable nature has a chance of activating a charge of Cruelty, increasing Critical Hit Damage by 25%.
Invincible Giant Mystic Colossus invokes Cyttorak’s might, becoming invincible and immune to harm for X seconds.
Juggernaut Mystic Invulnerable: For the next X seconds, Juggernaut is completely immune to any form of harm. Nothing can stop him once he gets going.
Cyclops Mutant Amount of Critical Damage Increased by X thanks to Expert Calibration of Beams. If Cyclops’ Combo meter reaches or exceeds 20, his Beam Attacks will become passively unblockable, and his Armor Break effects will last for an additional X percent longer.
Sun Knight Skill Synodic Tide: Either your or your opponent’s Combat Power Rate is increased by up to X%. In this case, it repeats every 6 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the MCOC tier list?

The Marvel Contest of Champions tier list is a ranking of all participating champions based on their all-around combat effectiveness. In fighting games, tier lists are frequently used to indicate which characters are generally effective against one another.

2. How is the tier list made?

All champions are ranked from strongest (S) to weakest (E) on the MCOC tier list. This ranking is based on how well they perform in team fights, both in terms of dealing and taking damage.

3. Who is the MCOC tier list for?

The tier list makes an effort to include all skill levels, but it is written primarily with newer players in mind.

4. How do I use the MCOC tier list?

The tier list was created with new players in mind as a helpful reference. Using this tool, you can determine which hero is the best fit for your playstyle. If you’re just starting out, you should definitely give it a look.

5. Who made the MCOC tier list?

Veteran players of Marvel Contest of Champions collaborated to compile the MCOC tier list. We have participated in countless multi-player matches and make an effort to stay abreast of the ever-evolving meta to ensure that we are always at the top of our game.

6. How often is the Tier List updated?

Every time there is a significant update to the game, the tier list is checked and revised. Therefore, be on the lookout for new information!

7. Why do players use the MCOC tier list?

Players can use the MCOC tier list to quickly see which champions are the best in the game. It is also used to find potential new champions to test out.

MCOC Tier List: Champions Ranked (February 2023) - Gameinstants

Final Words

Tier lists in the Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) are used to compare and contrast the relative effectiveness of different champions. The greater a champion’s strength, the higher they will appear on this list. Since there are more than 203 champions to choose from in MCOC, it can be challenging to figure out which ones are best for your playstyle and goals.

We’ve compiled an MCOC tier list in the hopes that it’ll aid players in making educated decisions about which characters to focus on leveling and using in battle. Please let us know what you think if you have any comments.