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If you want to have more fun playing Evertale, use the best units available to you. The best units and elements in Evertale are showcased in this tier list.

The epic open world role-playing game Evertale takes inspiration from the ubiquitous gacha genre.

The game satisfies players’ need for competition with a robust player versus player (PvP) system, in addition to providing a fantastic single-player experience.

We ranked the best Evertale units to buy and invest in so that ambitious players can make informed decisions. Follow this blueprint to create a winning party from the get-go.

Please take note that this list only includes SSR rare units because their strength far exceeds that of any other unit.


These are the top-tier troops available. Each one can single-handedly transport the entire group. These units are extremely versatile, and there are few strategies that can be used to counter them.

Unit Element
Ludmilla Light
St. Joan of Arc Light
Constant Rizette Dark
Norza Storm
Fornaxos Fire
Without End, Ludmilla Fire

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In terms of power and versatility, these units are almost on par with S-tier ones. To really shine, though, they require a strong supporting cast.

Unit Element
Shirra Earth
Bahamut Earth
Rolotia Earth
Kirin Light
Rizette Light
Elmina Dark
Merdain Dark
Vonn Dark
Cyrus Dark
Kaidaros Water
Alira Water
Altaireon Storm
Shiori Storm
Kisara Fire


These units are solid on their own, but they really shine when part of a strong group. If you find units like these, keep them; they’ll be useful in a wide variety of party configurations.

Unit Element
Voraxion Earth
Lucius Light
Artemeia Light
Le Fay Dark
Diabolos Dark
Astrid Water
Finn Storm
Maxima Fire
Akatsuki Fire
Druke Fire


These machines excel in specific special cases. These require extensive preparation and funding to power up, so beginners should steer clear of them.

Unit Element
Vesh Earth
Alice Light
Nagi Water
Grenzor Water
Imran Storm
Rashanar Fire

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Fail to compete with the rest of the units on this list. They should only be used in a pinch when you really need an extra unit for your party.

Unit Element
Oumei Earth
Rei Water
Yuki Water
Orzachron Storm


Not included here are the F-tier SSR units that make up everything else. In order to excel in PvP, you should not acquire them.

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Battle system: Ins and outs

Your combat squad size is limited to a maximum of eight units. The first four of your units go into battle with the enemy, while the remaining four form a reserve. A reserve unit will immediately replace a forward unit that has been reduced to zero health.

The three main things you can do in a fight are catch, pass, and use skills. You can catch monsters with the catch command based on a percentage chance. Putting the monster in a state of low health increases the probability, which may sound familiar.

The pass option allows you to bypass your turn. You can’t always wait for your units to build up their strength before launching a devastating attack.

Your unit’s turn order and spirit points may be impacted if you choose to use a skill. Your troops will each have special abilities that correspond to their element. You should try out different combinations of units until you find one that works well together.

How turns work

Turn-based mechanics play a significant role in battle. The turn order of your combat units will change as a result of your decisions. A turn order is required for every skill. If the turn order cost of using that ability is high, you’ll have to wait longer until it’s your turn again. The enemies all use the same system. It is possible for enemies to make several moves before your next turn if you aren’t careful. Each ability clearly lists how many turn points it requires.

Team spirit

In battle, your entire unit can earn points for showing team spirit. Every skill has a corresponding cost or gain in spirit points. If the skill has a negative point value, using it will drain team morale, while a positive value will boost morale.

Units can’t constantly spam their best attacks due to the team spirit mechanic. You’ll need to make snap decisions about which units to strengthen with their strongest attacks. This means that your overall strategy matters.

Managing your story squad

Your unit’s abilities can be categorized in accordance with its weapon preferences and elemental leanings. Like Pokémon, Evertale employs a rock-paper-scissors system to evaluate a unit’s efficacy in battle. The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each component:

  • Fire is powerful against air but incapable of penetrating water.
  • Water is powerful against flames but vulnerable to winds.
  • Hurricane: strong against rain but not wind.
  • Wind is powerful during a storm, but it can’t put out a fire.
  • Light is an effective counter to darkness while being inert to all other forces.
  • Black is impenetrable to light but has no effect on any other properties.

Your team should be constructed in a way that maximizes its protection from a variety of threats. The elemental affinity of each unit is displayed on the status screen.

You can’t just bring in every powerful character and monster in the game to fill out your team. To encourage you to maintain your battalion’s rank, a cost system prevents this from happening. The cost of adding a unit to a team is predetermined, and it increases as the unit is armed and armored.

A leader must be appointed for each new battalion squad. While any unit can be chosen to take on the role of leader, very few actually have the leader skill passive. To get the most out of the passive skill bonus your leader provides, you should always experiment with which units work well together.

Collecting monsters/characters

Catching and evolving your monster pals

You can try to catch any monster as many times as you like (up until your party is wiped out). Reducing the monster’s health to around 25% will improve your chances of capturing it. Shaky grass is where the most interesting monsters are hiding, so that’s where you should focus your attention.

Your monster allies have the potential to evolve into more powerful monsters, but first you must collect experience points so that they can do so. Any monster you wish to evolve must be included in your battle squad.

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Keep your Soul Stones (the game’s premium currency) if you want to buy new characters. With a Soul Stone, you can call forth a banner, giving you access to increased rates for featured characters. There are two types of banners: those that are available permanently and those that are only available for a short time. Keep in mind that the summoning of certain banners will cost you Soul Stones.

If you want to make sure you get an SR unit, you should only ever summon with 1000 Soul Stones at a time. When compared to SSR units, SR units are still quite powerful. Summoning in large numbers is encouraged because any SR unit added to your team will boost your account.

More Soul Stones will need to be obtained, but this will take time and money. You can use up to 30,000 Soul Stones at the Lucky Fountain for additional rewards. You can earn more by consistently completing routine daily missions and story quests.

‘Gotta catch ’em all’

Evertale is a great option if you’re looking for a mobile RPG collection game with Pokémon-style gameplay and the chance to collect your favorite anime characters. Now that it’s time to go and “catch ’em all,” you can download the app from the Play Store widget down below. ’ ​​​​​​​