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Do you want to increase your success in Destiny Child by equipping the best possible units? This is the most recent power ranking for Destiny: Child.

Want the strongest units available in Destiny Child to increase your chances of victory? This is the most recent power ranking for Destiny Child.

The gacha mechanics in Destiny Child are among the best in the industry.

The game’s large pool of units and well-balanced mechanics make it satisfying to put together a squad that excels in your preferred playstyle. However, a problem arises from the game’s meta diversity and the sheer number of units available.

Which units should be retained to form the best squad? For newer players, a tier list can be a huge help in making this choice.

Find out which units are the best for PvE with this helpful tier list. Despite the ever-changing nature of gacha tier lists, having a good grasp of the game’s current meta will prove invaluable when putting together your team.

Destiny Child – A Quick Introduction

The 2016 mobile game release Destiny Child. SHIFT UP Corporation and NextFloor are responsible for creating the game. SHIFT UP Corp. and LINE GAMES Corp. are the game’s publishers. The mobile, iOS, and PC versions of the game are all playable.

Destiny Child PvE, PvP, Raids, World Boss Tier List 2020 - Gachazone

The game incorporates gacha elements into a trading card format. The player’s goal is to amass a team of playable characters to use in battle against other players. The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes. Since its initial release, the game’s popularity has skyrocketed, and it now boasts a sizable following.

New content is added regularly to the game, which keeps players interested. Following this brief overview, we will now proceed to our ranking of the Destiny Child games.


Unit Role
Chang’e Attacker
Dana Tank
Mona Tank
Neptune Support
Salome Attacker
Saturn Attacker
Pomona Healer


Unit Role
Astraea Healer
Bastet Attacker
Bathory Debuffer
Eve Attacker
Maat Healer
Thisbe Support
Thanatos Attacker
Siren Attacker
Syrinx Healer


Unit Role
Abaddon Attacker
Ayane Attacker
Athena Defender
Bes Defender
Deino Healer
Demeter Healer
Daphnis Attacker
Khepri Attacker
Leda Support
Hildr Attacker
Freyja Attacker
Tiamat Debuffer
Tamamo Debuffer
Rita Debuffer
Krapmus Attacker
Elizabeth Attacker
Pantheon Support
Jacheongbi Attacker
Mafdet Attacker
Nicole Attacker


Unit Role
Aria Support
Eochaid Attacker
Tyrving Attacker
Leo Support
Cain Attacker
Banshee Debuffer
Eshu on Skis Support
Lisa Support
Giltine Support
Rusalka Healer
Failnaught Support
Moa Debuffer
Frej Attacker
Kubaba Attacker
Miku Support
Durandal Support
Ziva Attacker
Anemone Support
Serval Attacker
Davi Attacker
Hades Tank
Pallas Support
Bari Attacker
Isolde Debuffer
Calypso Attacker
Annie Attacker
Olga Debuffer
Medb Attacker
Metis Healer
Myrina Support
Cleopatra Attacker
Midas Debuffer
Katherine Debuffer
Iphis Debuffer
Luna Support
Kasumi Attacker
A. Rose Marie Defender
Makoto Healer
Brownie Support
Ailill Attacker
Raccoon Defender
Wodan Support
Eshu Tank
Jupiter Debuffer
Epona Support
Mars Tank


Unit Role
Nirrti Debuffer
Honoka Healer
Mammon Defender
Naias Support
Hestia Attacker
Keino Defender
Rin Healer
Lan Fei Debuffer
Morgan Attacker
Verdelet Support
Billy Debuffer
Sytry Support
Diablo Tank
Brigid Tank
Ganesha Support
Werewolf Support
Babel Debuffer
Catherine Tank
Ashtoreth Attacker
Luin Debuffer
Doryeong Support
Pan Debuffer
Neamhain Debuffer
Venus Healer
Nine Debuffer
Limos Debuffer
In the name of Daoine Sidhe Defender

Destiny Child PvE, PvP, Raids, World Boss Tier List 2020 - Gachazone


Unit Role
Red Cross Defender
St. Nicholas Debuffer
Horus Debuffer
Thetis Debuffer

Using this ranking, you can put together a team that excels at each of the specified tasks.

Destiny Child – How to Play the Game as a Beginner?

Complete the Devil’s Fiesta Questline:

All existing players have been locked out of the Devil’s Fiesta Questline. After completing the quest, not only do you receive a plethora of rewards, but you also receive a child ticket. One day, you can complete all of the Questline missions without even accepting the search.

However, there are certain days when you must perform certain tasks. Those can’t be completed in advance. Everything you need to get ready for the Devil’s Fiesta is listed below.

Gain 25 levels.

Get 100% on Story Mode Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.

Get 12 runs in at each event dungeon.

Spend a total of five hours a day (every day) investigating the first zone.

Put the Underground to the test thrice.

Put in 18 appearances at the Devil Rumble Player vs. Player Event.

Put a helpful Gacha to use seven times.

Promote one kid to S Class.

Children Ages 4 to 40.

Uncap the abilities of your two kids.

Gain 35 ranks in a single ability.

Unlock the hidden Tutorial:

Beginners rarely come across tutorial quests, despite the fact that they offer a large number of rare rewards. You can find these in “My Room,” and if you go through them all, you’ll get a free “5 Star Child Ticket.”

Use the ‘Challenge Go’ button to be instantly transported to the area required for this quest.

Complete the story in Normal and Hard Mode:

We suggest playing the game on normal difficulty at the outset. Following the established path to the end of the story will net you a large quantity of consumables like crystal, stamina, gold, and onyx.

The greater the difficulty of the story quest, the greater the potential rewards. Keep in mind that Chapter 2 is where you can find the rare Crafting Material drops. Your children will learn and grow the most from these.

We suggest switching to Hard Mode once you’ve completed the game on Normal. You can use these to qualify for Mona Rewards. The formidable challenges should not be used for farming. They are only difficult in order to grant access to a small number of special rewards, and completing them is not recommended.

They are only useful for obtaining a small number of unique rewards, and completing them on hard mode is a waste of time and money when compared to grinding easier quests.

Complete your Daily Quests:

You will be given new quests to complete every day. You should be especially wary of the following:

Lisa’s Tasks: 950 Crystals, 65,000 Gold, 3,300 Onyx, and a Blood Gem.

Free Summon Every Day Plus, occasionally, you’ll get ten free summons.

About 300,000 gold, 250 stamina, and some armor fodder can be found buried underground. It’s tricky, so try not to make the difficult difficult.

You can earn about 211200 coins from attempting the Labyrinth each day, making it a crucial early-game activity.

Early Game Team Compositions:

Focusing on the main storyline is your primary objective in the beginning of the game. You’ll need a harmonious balance of personalities for this.

Dana and Mafdet, two of the game’s most interesting protagonists, are immediately available to players. Here are some songs that are great for the beginning of the game:

Elysion = Assault

Leda – Backing

Melpomene: a Helping Hand

Affront: Quirinus

Protection from Mayahuel

Compete in Seasonal Events:

There are weekly seasonal events available. There is always something happening. Even if you feel like the situation is above your head, you should still try to be a part of it. They always have incentives for taking part. Players who are just starting out can earn special rewards for their participation. Here is a timeline of important dates on which to keep an eye:

“Ragnarok” Break

Emperor of the World

“Narrative Labyrinth”

Try to Farm your Equipment as Early as Possible:

Equipment farming entails performing routine tasks and killing specific mobs in order to obtain rare gear. This requires that you always carry out your underground duty on a daily basis. Prioritize high-quality items (such as those with a B or A grade) and get rid of the rest.

However, you can use them as fodder, which is when you combine multiple inferior items in order to create a single superior one. Near the Ragna Store, where there are many Ragna Chests, is the best place to set up the farm. The drop rates for an A-class or even B-class item are incredibly low, so you should never use gold to farm equipment.

Farming up character slots and skills is a common use for gold. Therefore, it makes little sense to blow it all on first- or second-tier commodities. The best time to spend gold is late in the game.

Updated PVP Tier-List, January 2021 (explanation inside) :  r/DestinyChildGlobal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a character’s tier and their role?

Characters are assigned roles based on their strengths in combat, while their tiers reflect their overall power and usefulness. A character with a focus on healing, but who is otherwise weak, would be assigned to the support role.

2. How often is the Destiny Child tier list updated?

The tiers are revised whenever there is a major balance patch that affects a character’s overall strength. Something has changed in the game, either the game itself or a character, or both.

3. What do the tiers mean?

The tiers simply indicate how powerful a character is in relation to the others in the game. They are not infallible, and you should always trust your own judgment when picking a team.

4. Why the S tier is at the top?

The S tier is the highest because it contains the game’s most powerful and useful characters. If you want to win, you need to pay attention to these individuals.

5. What are the criteria for this Destiny Child tier list?

Characters’ overall strength and utility in combat served as the basis for this tier list. This includes their attributes, abilities, and combat effectiveness.

6. Why do players use tier lists?

Players can use tier lists as a resource to prioritize which characters to acquire. They can also be used to compare the effectiveness of various teams and identify the game’s top characters.

Final Words

For the time being, that is all. This Destiny Child power ranking is provided for your convenience. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or suggestions, and be sure to return for updates. You’re welcome for reading this!