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In Mordhau, not all weapons are created equal. Use this Mordhau weapon tier list as a guide to understanding the relative strengths of the various weapons found in the game.

Mordhau is a melee game where you fight using your wits and create a character however you like.

Choosing your weapon is the biggest (and arguably most important) choice you will have to make. You can choose from a dizzying array of lethal implements in Mordhau’s arsenal.

You can save time and effort by using our tier list to quickly determine which weapons are best for you. Have a read through to find out more.

What is Mordhau

The current Mordhau craze in the gaming community is entirely warranted. After all, this is a special game with superbly implemented fighting mechanics. Swordplay, knife throwing, and even playing the Lute (which you can hit people with, mind you) are all great fun, with the exception of a few minor bugs. The mechanics are easy to pick up (with a wide variety of options including deflections, attacks, stabs, and mirrored attacks), but they will take a long time to master. And that’s where all the excitement lies!

With Mordhau, timing is everything. For this reason, you need to time your blocks and deflections to the millisecond to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable. It’s easy to see why Mordhau has become so popular, as this makes battles more chaotic and unpredictable. The development team is small—there are only 10 people working on the game right now—but they’ve accomplished a lot. If there are bugs, it’s okay because the team can fix them quickly. If you want an honest assessment of developers, look no further than Triternion.

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Graphics are vivid and bloody, just what the doctor ordered for a medieval hack-and-slash. The slashing is, to put it mildly, graphic; in fact, you can hit, kick, and otherwise ‘hurt’ the tutorial’s immortal instructor and he won’t bat an eye. All the players’ cuts are on full display, which is both awesome and a little bit……ew. Whatever the case, using emotes actually increases the sense of immersion.

A Mordhau battle isn’t complete without the endless yelling of the rush to battle. Together, laughter and that are the best medicine. It’s hard for me to draw any other conclusions from this discussion than that Mordhau is incredibly entertaining, relatively easy to get into, and grounded in reality. Follow the Mordhau trend and take a rock and a quarterstaff into battle.

How Combat Works

You could say that Mordhau’s combat is the game’s main draw. Not a medieval combat simulator, but the weapons and attacks feel reasonably realistic. Attacking unarmored foes with a sword is preferable, but clubs and hammers are devastating against armor despite being much slower.

The mouse is used extensively in battle. Swings and blocks are managed by the primary mouse buttons, while jabs and stabs are handled by the scroll wheel. Even more so, the way in which the mouse is actually moved is crucial. The more you can time your swing with a flick of the wrist, the wider the arc, and the more foes you can potentially hit.

Test out a variety of mouse movements and attack styles to see what works best for you. Since specific parts of the body can be targeted, this is the case. In order to throw your opponent off guard and attack their legs, you should begin your attack from above.

What Weapon to Use in Mordhau

It will be up to the individual to decide which weapon is best suited for use in Mordhau. It’s recommended to invest some time in character creation to explore all the options. Knowing what to expect on the battlefield and having an idea of what you might like to use are both benefits of doing so.

After giving each possibility some thought, dive right into testing them out! A sword or other blunt weapon could be useful while you get your bearings. A bow may look cool, but it takes practice to learn how to use it effectively. When starting out, it’s important to learn the different combat mechanisms so you can pick one that works best for you.

Mordhau Weapon Tier List


You won’t find better weapons anywhere else in the game than these. Due to their strength, they make up the bulk of the game’s meta.

Weapon Description
Halberd The halberd’s strength and range make it a useful and adaptable weapon. With its piercing damage, it can be used to poke at enemies from a safe distance. Its wide-ranging assault is also effective against groups. The slow speed is the only real drawback.
Zweihander The zweihander shares the halberd’s high damage and decent reach. It works best in battles against multiple opponents rather than a single one. The zweihander is cumbersome and slow to swing because of its length and weight.
Needles and Knives When used by a trained professional, a throwing knife can cause serious injury. They aren’t the primary weapon around which a build can be based, but they do make excellent additions to any composition.
Eveningstar When raw power is more important than speed, the eveningstar is the way to go. A single blow to the head or a few well-placed shots can end the lives of its foes. Due to its agility, a poke-and-dodge tactic works very well in a one-on-one confrontation.


In addition to being powerful, these weapons are also very versatile. When wielded by a competent player, these weapons can even compare favorably to those in the S-tier.

Weapon Description
Greatsword A greatsword’s awesome quality is its lack of complexity. It can deal a lot of damage, attacks quickly, and has a good variety of moves. If you’re new to Mordhau and want to get your feet wet in the combat scene, the greatsword is a great choice.
Maul A maul’s usefulness is balanced by the risks associated with using one. Because of its short range and average speed, it isn’t very effective in combat, but its devastating one-hit kill potential more than makes up for these flaws. The maul’s unpredictability makes it a poor choice for new players, but it can be a devastating option for more experienced players.
War axe The war axe is comparable to the maul in many ways, but it can be wielded at a slightly quicker rate of attack. If you need a weapon that can take a beating but still keep on ticking, this is it.
Axe of battle In comparison to the war axe, the battle axe can reach further, but it isn’t as powerful. Also, it’s slower, so it all comes down to personal preference.
Messer If you’re looking for a greatsword without the speed, the Messer is your best bet. However, if you’re able to land your blows precisely, this weapon is much more potent. You should get some experience with it first, because it is not beginner-friendly.
Pole axe The pole axe can be used to safely sweep large groups of enemies or to poke single enemies from a distance. The halberd is a superior weapon, but this weapon is too similar to it.

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There are some limitations to the effectiveness of these weapons. You can be successful with them, but the learning curve will be more time-consuming and difficult.

Weapon Description
Spear The spear’s length makes it ideal for launching harmless prods. However, the rest of its moves are terrible. When a spear user only has one effective move, their opponents have a better chance of anticipating and countering them.
Rapier The rapier, like the spear, relies heavily on puncturing blows to advance the offensive. This fast weapon is great for newcomers, but it cannot keep up with more advanced units. The rapier’s lack of utility is why more skilled players don’t opt to use it.
Falchion The falchion has characteristics that fall somewhere in the middle. Damage, range, and velocity are about average. Because of its straightforward set of controls, this weapon is ideal for newcomers.
Sword of the Executioner The sweeping power of this sword has become its trademark. At first, you may find it difficult to use, but once you do, you’ll be able to swiftly slice through large numbers of foes. If this weapon were more adaptable, it would be ranked higher.
Cleaver The cleaver has a short range but is a fast, slashing weapon. However, the cleaver does not allow for sufficient space between players, which is crucial in more intense matches.


These weapons are fairly standard, so using them effectively will require skill. There are obvious holes in their defenses that can be used to your advantage.

Weapon Description
 Mace Maces are powerful weapons that can be used to dispatch foes in short order. However, it is very difficult to hit enemies due to its short range and sluggish animations.
Billhook The billhook’s unconventional attacks will undoubtedly catch their opponents off guard. However, the billhook is unable to compensate for all that unpredictability, so it does very little damage.
Assaulting one another with axes From a safe distance, these long-ranged projectiles can do a lot of damage. The problem is that the opponent can easily “read” your throws and priming animations because they take too long.
Brief spear When crafted properly, the short spear is a devastating weapon. However, you can’t switch strategies midstream; rather, you must be wholly invested in the construction. In large-scale battles where you have the advantage of surprise, this weapon shines. On the other hand, a spear or halberd is the weapon of choice in a one-on-one duel.
Readying the blade For its low price and quick attacks, the arming sword is a viable substitute for the longsword.
Bardiche The bardiche is difficult to master, but it pays off for experts. It deals damage on par with the best the game has to offer. Be aware that skilled opponents can easily avoid the bardiche’s telegraphed attacks if you decide to use it.


The meta for these weapons has almost completely collapsed. Even when used by skilled players, they pale in comparison to other weapons.

Weapon Description
Axe The axe is a serviceable weapon with a limited repertoire of attacks. However, the weak damage makes the lack of complexity a disadvantage. You’d be better off with a sword or a falchion.
Estoc You can think of the estoc as a rapier that moves at a snail’s pace. The unique feature of this weapon is that it can be used while mounted, allowing the user to charge at enemies while skewering them. In spite of this, mounted units are still at a disadvantage in Mordhau, so the estoc isn’t all that impressive.
Dagger The dagger’s short range and speed make it an effective stabbing weapon. While quick pokes are useful for intimidating your opponent, most players prefer the slashing motions of a cleaver.
Longsword The longsword is an essential tool for a one-on-one duel. The longsword is generally considered to be too simplistic by players who would rather use one of the more advanced options on this list.


Worst weapons you can use at this time in the game. Unless you’re a seasoned pro looking for a challenge, it’s best to stay away from them.

Weapon Description
Warhammer The Warhammer’s apparent weakness belies its menacing appearance. You should use it if you like how its move sets alternate, but otherwise you should avoid it.
Stupid Person’s Sword The bastard sword ranks last because it has the lowest overall quality among swords. Since its animations are similar to those of other swords, you should use those instead.
Sword, short It’s a bastard sword, only it’s shorter. Similarly, it’s the same as the dagger, only longer. Avoid spending money on this weapon.

Let’s start with the courses. After logging in for the first time and finishing the brief tutorial, you will be rewarded with 2,500 gold. You can then use this gold to outfit your fighter with better weapons, armor, and accessories. There are plenty of beginner classes to help you level up, but once you reach a certain point, you’ll want a fighter specialized for you. Despite its lack of unique features, the character designer is very useful.

Each player starts with 16 points to spend however they like. You may not have enough points for defense or skills if you invest in stronger weapons, and likewise, you may not have enough points for weaker weapons if you invest in stronger ones. Developing an effective class on your own does require some planning, but it’s not particularly taxing. In fact, I’ve made a new class called “Old Man” who can play the lute, throw knives, and use a quarterstaff despite being old, bald, and wearing almost nothing.

I think it’s brilliant how they’re handling role-playing game elements. The complexity of your class doesn’t have to be high for you to feel accomplished in its creation.

The craze for Mordhau continues; let’s talk about game modes. Two of the three options currently available are major hits. Even though it has been in development for a while, the Horde game mode is still the least played. There’s a mode called “battle royale,” in which 64 players are dumped onto the map and must fight to the death using only their bare hands (okay, you have shorts). Like any other battle royale game, the objective is to collect useful items and remain the lone survivor until the end.

Frontline is one of the most well-known game modes. You’ve made it to the big time! Each of the four maps is a satisfactory size, and it can easily accommodate two teams of 32 players each. Each map is divided up into different areas that can be taken by either team. You win when your opponent either runs out of points or when all of the zones under your control are under your control. Each map features interactive elements (ammo crates, cannons, catapults, etc.) that give the game a sense of vitality.

Be ready for conflict wherever you spawn in! The matches are short—typically 15-30 minutes—but action-packed. The thing is, it’s not easy to capture a zone and wipe out all the enemies in it.

Similar Games

Mordhau’s gameplay and presentation are most like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Players’ first experience with a large-scale medieval fighter that relied on strategy, large battles, and team fights was in Chivalry. However, even For Honor is similar in this regard, though the game’s mechanics and other components have been updated.

Nonetheless, try either of these two if you aren’t as intrigued by Mordhau as the rest of the fandom. But hear us out: the Mordhau fad is very much for real! Everything about Triternion is fun, except if you’re looking for something more realistic. Still, it’s a fun game overall. This is why:

Can Mordhau Become an Esports Title?

Almost everyone agrees that Mordhau has a great deal of untapped potential in the esports industry. Take Rainbow 6 Siege, for example; it’s a lot of fun, but only if you know what you’re doing. The conceptualization of Mordhau makes it more than a little intimidating to dive in and learn the mechanics. For the same reasons, casual observers might find Overwatch difficult to grasp.

In this context, the name Mordhau frequently comes up as a reference to a bygone era of gaming. That’s why it’s so easy to get good at the game; skill is the only factor that makes any two players significantly different from one another. Specifically, let me explain:

Increasing your protection slows you down, making it harder to move and use weapons. It’s unlikely you’ll survive if two opponents launch simultaneous attacks against you; you simply won’t have the resources to deflect both of them. They might not be able to stop you so easily, however, if you opt for a light defensive item load and quick weapons.

Mordhau’s point system allows you to do the same with your arsenal and your expertise. The development team seems committed, and the game itself feels well-balanced (with the exception of bows and arrows, which are a bit weak at the moment but can be made stronger with practice). And think of the strategic battles that would ensue between two 32-person professional Esports teams! Regrettably, this does not constitute an electronic sports game.

For a long time now, community-driven Esports have been (at best) inefficient. To realize Mordhau Esports’ full potential, the development team must want it to succeed. If Triternion doesn’t use this game to break into the eSports market, then no amount of depth in the game’s strategic options, customization features, audio design, or gameplay will matter.

Fans want it, and there’s potential for success; now it’s up to Triternion.

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Being a Good(or Bad) Knight

Even though you’ll have to kill a lot of foes in Mordhau if you want to survive and prevail, being a good knight requires more planning and organization. Sure, it feels great to smash someone’s block with a mighty swing of your hammer, but that means nothing if you aren’t contributing to your team’s success. Therefore, it is crucial to stay with your group and collaborate.

Getting around as a group makes it easier to capture points and boosts your team’s score. In addition, if your team is close by, you can take a step back to recover while they rush to help you.

The last piece of guidance to becoming a good knight is to pay attention to the tutorials. You can learn just about every facet of the game from these. They are packed to the gills with information and describe the battles in minute detail, among other things. Please do yourself a favor and go back over that information.

The name “Mordhau” is quickly gaining notoriety online. Amid the chaos of medieval warfare, have you managed to immerse yourself?