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For as long as the genre has existed, Battlefield has served as its mascot. When you initially start out, it can be a little intimidating.

When you play “Battlefield 2042,” you’ll be amazed by the sheer number of weapons you can choose from, thanks to the game’s futuristic gameplay.

Because we’re here, we’ll have a slightly different set of weapons than in other Battlefield games. Your best bet for dominating the field of combat in Battlefield 2042 is to consult this “Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List”.


It’s time to weaken the best weapons in the game thus far.

The low frequency band should be taken into consideration. At a distance of roughly 5 meters, the MP9 is excellent (16ft).

Weapon Class Tier List | Battlefield 2042|Game8


This weapon was terrible when the game initially launched, but after multiple revisions and improvements made throughout the first month of 2042, it’s now in an excellent position. It deals a lot of damage, has a good amount of control over the weapon’s recoil, and can be customized to fit your playstyle.


Bloom reduction has made this weapon far superior to the AK-24. For close-range combat, this is one of the better weapons to equip with the SMG set-up (Shortened Barrel, Close Combat, Cobra Grip). As a result, the PP-29 has slipped to the bottom of the lists.


Most adversaries can be killed in two shots with the SVK, no matter where you strike them on the body or how distant you are from them. For all that it could be a DXR shot away from outgunned, you can’t deny that SVK is one of the strongest weapons in the game. Keep it adaptable by using a quicker fire rate for close-range confrontations and rely on sluggish, heavy-hitting fire for long-range battles.


The K30 is one of the strongest SMGs in the game now that its bloom has been reduced. The recoil/bloom issues were a problem until fixes were applied, but now this rapid-fire SMG can annihilate foes at close range. Longer distances are out of its purview, but that’s not why it’s there in the first place.


A recent patch significantly improved the PKP, as can be seen here. You should start utilizing this pistol and unlocking some of its attachments now because it is going to dominate the meta over the next several weeks. Using McKay or Sundance to reach a higher ground and then prone for mow down foes is our preferred method of play, but this weapon’s high damage output along with its respectable range make it an ideal choice for holding objectives.


With just a few minor drawbacks, these firearms are excellent alternatives to the best in the business.


The PP-29 can already be found in Battlefield 2042. Slightly less effective than when it first appeared, this deadly tiny SMG was formerly one of the best weapons in the game. A huge magazine, fast-paced action, and minimal “bloom” make this a great SMG for close-quarters combat. Although Bloom is expected to be addressed in future updates, for the time being the PP-29 is simply the finest weapon in the entire game.


For those looking for an alternative to the Marksman, the DM7 is an excellent choice. Because of this, we’ve placed it in the B-tier instead of the SVK, which is more consistent at taking down foes. A combination of the kick when firing and the SVK’s huge damage output likely contributed to its popularity as a “run-and-gun” weapon.


Because the NTW was nerfed to the ground, the best sniper in the game (the game only has three). With the DXR, you can fire at a high rate of fire and instantly end a life with a headshot. The NTW’s demise is regrettable, but such things do happen.


If you’re looking for a good assault rifle in 2042, we think that the SFAR-M is one of the best. Even though the weapon’s handling value is poor, we found it to have a high rate of fire and a lack of recoil and kick. Using the proper equipment, of course (we like the regular Fusion Holo, Frag on your launcher, the Extended Barrel, and the High Power Drum for extra bullets and damage.) In all seriousness, give this rifle a shot.


While this burst-round Assault Rifle isn’t obtained until late in the leveling process, it’s well worth the effort. It’s a head-shooting weapon. You’ll make those nice shots whether you’re 200 meters away or running into someone around the corner because of the way the gun kicks after you shoot. This one is really potent, and it seems to be unaffected by the game’s bloom troubles.

Best AC-42 Loadout in Battlefield 2042 - Pro Game Guides


When utilized incorrectly, these weapons can put you at a disadvantage.


This sharpshooter was powerful in the first few weeks, but it was eventually nerfed because some players complained about the damage it inflicted on vehicles. Because that’s the last gun you can get through leveling up, it took some time.


Due to its lack of comparison to other marksman rifle models, the VCAR has been given a sliver of recognition in this list of the best marksman rifles. Before it becomes a feasible option, you’ll need a large number of attachments. The basic weapon isn’t up to snuff.


The PBX SMG is a worthy honoree, and it should not be neglected. A decent small shooter, even if it doesn’t measure up to more powerful guns, such as the PP-29 or a fully-equipped K30, the gun will still help you achieve your goal of 2042 completion.


It’s hard to tell these firearms apart. They’re a lot of fun to use, but their effectiveness pales in comparison to that of weapons at a higher level.


Weapons that are guaranteed to put you at a disadvantage, there are considerably better alternatives.


Using these weapons in their current state is a terrible idea.

Top Tier


In Battlefield 2042, the LCMG is our go-to weapon because of its ability to do it all. If you’re confident enough, you can even take on snipers with its raw power and ability to rip adversaries apart from a safe distance away.

If you’re looking for more information, check out our guide to the best LCMG loadout.


Shockingly long range, the PP-29 SMG. In terms of performance, it’s on par with Assault Rifles, and the ample supply of ammo is a welcome bonus.

Please check out our PP-29 loadout website for further information if you’d like!


At close ranges, the K30 is a savage. A much like other shooters’ Vectors, the K30 has a ridiculous rate of fire and damage that isn’t awful at all. It has a tremendous time-to-death potential.

We’ve also put together a detailed guide on the best K30 loadout, so take a look!


The MP9 is the best SMG in the business. The MP9 is exactly what you’re looking for if you like the K30’s close-range damage output but prefer a weapon with a somewhat more controlled rate of fire. It is a devastating weapon that wipes out opponents in a matter of seconds.

With this loadout, you’ll be ready for any situation with your MP9 in no time!

High Tier


The SVK is a powerful marksman rifle that can act like a sniper under the correct conditions. Fast enough to get those follow-up shots to finish off your opponents, it’s a heavy piece of equipment. It’s a versatile, all-purpose middle weapon.

Our best SVK loadout guide has further information on how to get the most out of this weapon!


Battlefield 2042 open beta players will have access to the SWS-10 first, and they’ll need to be on top of their game to get the most out of it. Headshots may be used to take out foes without them even realizing you’re there (something we’re continuously getting murdered by).

The greatest SWS-10 loadout, including secondary weapons, throwables, and everything in-between, can help you get the most out of your sniping abilities.


In Battlefield 2042, the M5A3 is your go-to assault rifle. In the event you’re unsure about what to do, this is the weapon you should choose. ARs have a problem with bullet spread, which makes them a little unpredictable, but they still perform an excellent job.

Battlefield 2042 best M5A3 loadout and class setup | Rock Paper Shotgun

Check out our M5A3 loadout page for more information on the weapon. It’s also a lot of fun to use!


The AK-24 occupies a unique market niche while being a powerful weapon. This weapon has a tremendous amount of range if you outfit it with the right loadout and when you play your cards well, it can annihilate even LMG users.

Take a look at our recommendation for the best AK24 loadout for more information; it should assist you in determining your build!


The PBX-45 is a good, conventional SMG that’s a little more mobile than the K30. SMGs are a godsend in Battlefield 2042, where they’re incredibly useful. To get the most out of this weapon, avoid engaging in long-range battle.

If you’re interested in further specifics, we’ve got a page dedicated to the best PBX-45 loadouts. You know you want to, don’t you?

Mid Tier


An enormous weapon, the DXR-1 is ideal for wreaking havoc over the landscape. DXR, on the other hand, isn’t going to help much if you’ve already mastered the SWS-10. Both can deal substantial damage at a distance, and both can be customized to improve their accuracy. The DXR’s handling is a little sluggish and its rate of fire is a little slower.

But it’s all fine. The greatest DXR-1 loadout is available from us, and we’ll use it to help you succeed.


The AC-42 is an intriguing piece of equipment to say the least. Unlike the other ARs in the game, it fires in bursts and has excellent accuracy. Burst fire, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone, and we found it a little difficult to employ on the battlefield.


The MCS-880 is an unusual weapon. We haven’t yet found a good use for this shotgun, despite the fact that slugs rather than buckshot can extend its range. As a result, it has a hard time keeping up with ARs and LMGs at range and is outclassed by them close-up if you miss your shots.


The PKP-BP is a traditional light machine gun with significantly more potent projectiles than the LCMG. The problem is that it doesn’t work as well in practice. You’re better off with the LCMG in most instances, despite its poor handling and less dependable accuracy stats.

If nothing else, it’s a great one to play around in, especially with the best PKP-BP loadout!


The DM7 is a serviceable weapon, but it lacks the SVK’s sense of security. If your LCMG can slaughter adversaries from kilometers away, then the niche of this weapon is relatively limited. However, we’ll have to wait and see if it becomes as popular as the Warzone DMR was!

If you still have a hankering for more, check out Gfinity’s ultimate DM7 loadout guide!

Low Tier


Even though the NTW-50 is at the bottom of the list, it isn’t because it’s a poor weapon! It all depends on the circumstances. The NTW-50 is an anti-vehicle rifle capable of destroying automobiles up to a distance of 1500 meters (according to the game). In typical gaming, it’s just too heavy and unstable to utilize.

If you have a group of friends who all have similar goals, you could be the one in charge of destroying all the vehicles.


We have a soft spot for the cheeky marksman rifle. A weapon like the VCAR just doesn’t meet our needs in terms of versatility. Due to the weapon’s low damage and high rate of fire, it’s best used at close range, but you’ll need a very good trigger finger to make it worthwhile.

12M Auto

Because it’s a fully-automatic shotgun, it should have a significant advantage when used at close range. The problem is that it doesn’t quite meet your expectations, and you’ll be killed off by more SMG users than you’d care to admit.

This weapon is great fun to use, so check out our best 12M Auto loadout if you want to give it a go!


Everything about the SFAR-M GL falls short of expectations. Its firepower is the strongest among assault rifles, but it lacks a fast rate of fire and range values to match, making it essentially a less powerful version of an LMG.. However, it comes with an underbarrel grenade launcher as standard, which is a nice perk.

SFAR-M GL loadouts can be found on our website if you’re determined to give it a shot.

GVT 45-70

This lever-action rifle is an old-school piece of equipment. Because of the GVT 45-70’s poor rate of fire and limited ammunition capacity, it will be difficult to inflict significant damage on your adversaries. Real snipers or marksman firearms should be used.

Best GVT 45-70 Loadout in Battlefield 2042 - Pro Game Guides

Keep in mind that new weapons are always being introduced to the game, so don’t worry if this isn’t quite enough for you right now! The Battlefield Portal is always there for you to satisfy your cravings.

For your convenience, we’ll keep this tier list up to date with the latest and greatest firearms.


What is the best weapon in Battlefield 2042?

LCMG. The LCMG is a favorite of ours. The absence of recoil makes it one of the greatest weapons in Battlefield 2042, period. It’s got everything you want from an LMG, but it’s also mobile and easy to use.

What is the best AR in Battlefield 2042?

  • AK-24.
  • The SFAR-M GL is here.
  • AC-42.
  • M5A3.

What gun has the least recoil in Battlefield 2042?

The LCMG and PP-29 are two low-recoil early-game guns, however they may require additional attachments in order to be useful. Even in Battlefield 2042, the PP-29 is regarded as one of the greatest first-guns to pick up.